Bill Barr Suggests Targeting Social Media With Antitrust Violations

U.S. Attorney General Bill Barr as signaled support for taking legal action against Big Tech companies that routinely silence conservative users and content creators.

Conservatives have been coping with social media censorship since Donald Trump announced his intention to run for president in 2015. Even as early as 2014, people were complaining of being “shadowbanned” on platforms like Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, and others.

Shadowbanning is a process where the target appears to be able to post material as usual but only they are able to see it. Shadowbanning can be done in a way where only a poster’s core followers and friends can still see posted material, but posts are kept from the screens of potential new visitors. The worst cases of shadowbanning make it appear that the poster has simply ceased to share content and information to their followers.

In those most extreme cases, the victim usually discovers the fact that they are being censored within a few days or weeks. But much more subtle forms are also used. In the majority of cases, users are simply banned from platforms altogether or have the work demonetized. When this happens, the victims are invariably told they violated a rule against violent or offensive material when the material contains only political opinion and news commentary.

Project Veritas recently reported on the claims of Facebook whistleblowers who have brought forth video and audio evidence of Facebook employees openly bragging about deleting conservative content. These Facebook moderators freely admit to deleting conservative material, calling it hateful and violent. They even use the term “shadowbanning,” which social media executives have long told us is imagined by “right-wing conspiracy theorists.”

While this is going on, the Anti-Trump Left continues to freely post images of the President being brutally murdered, or statements from BLM activists making proclamations about Jews that one would expect to hear at a KKK rally or in the writings of Adolph Hitler.

In all of this, President Trump has been slow to respond. He has offered moral support to those who are being banned, but little else has been done to stop the rigging of our culture by the demagogues of the Left.

Now, Attorney General William Barr has stated that “social media ‘starting to censor’ conservative views is ‘problematic.’”

While we are glad to see official recognition of the problem from the nation’s top law enforcement official, we have at least two complaints. First, social media “started to censor” our views years ago. Second, using a term like “problematic” seems to suggest Barr’s comment may never be more than just a comment.

Barr went on to say, “You can take down stuff that is unlawful and you can take down stuff that does not accord with your terms of service. But you have to make your terms of service clear. You have to have a reasonably-based reason for taking material down.”

Barr also commented on the selective manner in which they silence material, saying, “[…] they are being more selective, and they are starting to censor different viewpoints. Antitrust laws are one way to challenge companies that engage in “monopolistic practices.”

In the meantime, many conservative content creators have turned to alternative platforms to promote their message.

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4 responses to “Bill Barr Suggests Targeting Social Media With Antitrust Violations”

  1. What we are witnessing is wholesale censorship of contrarian views and values. This is a requisite step to Totalitarianism. It doesn’t matter if the “perceived” Left or Right bans the observations and commentary of online contributors. It is the banning and not the platform wherein the danger lies. History has long proved the value of free speech. As it has the dangers of proscribing alternate thinking. The few rule the many by ensuring that the many remain dauntingly divided, duplicitously distracted, and gullibly pacified. Wake up, people! Wake up!

    • Exactly for Totalitarianism to work all facts contradicting the “official” information about something (propaganda that supports them) has to be suppressed to keep people from thinking for themselves on the issues.

      We have seen this recently where mainstream media spouts clearly false information on a subject.


      The man who was attacked by some “protestors” using boards as weapons when he was LEAVING the area yet he was the one arrested for defending himself. The media labeled him the criminal insisting he just “opened fire on PEACEFUL protestors this is easily contradicted by looking at the actual facts.

      The media putting the accomplice to a criminal that severally injured an officer and was continuing his attack using his 350ish pounds of weight as a weapon until the officer was forced to shoot him. The accomplice of course lied followed by the media putting people who were not even in town when it happened on air as witnesses to the event parroting the accomplice resulting in a riot that resulted in deaths and major destruction of property when based on actual evidence and REAL witnesses who were actually present it was ruled self defense.

      There is a long list of these incidents going back to at least and possibly even before the incident with Rodney King where the media looped the video to make the incident appear worse than it was so again there was a riot when JUSTICE was done based on the actual facts instead of the media hype/propaganda about the incident.

      In the latest one with Mr Floyd the media and protestors did not even wait one day before acting as if nothing was being done with the officers who were fired the same day and paperwork already started for their arrest and prosecution much less until after the trial etc.

  2. The media has to be held accountable to tell the truth and all sides of a story that it reports to the public. If they do not do that, it is simply LYING and KNOWING THEY ARE LYING. We are not allowed to do that so why should they?

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