BIZARRE: Joe Biden Nibbles on His Wife’s Finger During Campaign Event

Former Vice President Joe Biden confused supporters and critics alike when he appeared to briefly nibble on his wife’s finger during a campaign stop in Iowa.

The bizarre display of affection (maybe?) came when the Democratic presidential candidate’s wife, Jill Biden, stood behind the podium to introduce him. The speech itself appeared pretty generic for a Biden campaign event. At one point during the speech, Jill stretched out her hand toward her husband, and that’s when the 77-year-old former VP appeared to put his mouth over her fingertips.

The strange display garnered a plethora of responses from the media. The Washington Examiner compiled a list, which included the Independent Women’s Voice.

“You don’t have to do this Joe, you really don’t,” the IWV tweeted.

For many, the incident serves as just the latest evidence that the aging Joe Biden is too mentally compromised in his old age to sit in the Oval Office. Critics reacted similarly when he said parents should have a record player on throughout the night to improve their children’s vocabulary. Other infamous gaffes from just this election season alone also include him saying how much he enjoyed being in Vermont during a media stop at a New Hampshire town.

Naturally, Biden is not without his defenders. One of them is Lis Smith, an advisor for fellow Democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg.

“Moments of humanity and affection are allowed in politics. And they are rare,” Smith wrote on Twitter. “To the folks tweeting this out like it was ‘weird’ or ‘bad’- I truly hope your next holiday weekend was better than this one.”

Whatever your take on this is, it was definitely an odd moment — but far from Joe’s worst. His affinity for sniffing the hair of young girls still takes the cake.

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14 responses to “BIZARRE: Joe Biden Nibbles on His Wife’s Finger During Campaign Event”

  1. Yes, let’s not be so critical and biased about this incident. Look on the positive side – at least “Uncle Fondles” sucked on his own wife’s fingers and not some young girls’, or the fingers or body parts of another man’s wife.

    Imagine the controversy if Uncle Fondles was in line at a royal reception for the Queen of England and as she extended her hand for a handshake Uncle Fondles (not being able to restrain himself) grabbed her hand and commenced sucking on her fingers.

    Yes, this fetish could really get embarrassing. Finger sucking on his wife is not so really bad as it could be. I can just see a picture of that in the National Enquirer with the headline – “Uncle Fondles Biden Sucks on Queen.”

  2. He becomes less electable by the day … in eleven months (whoever the opponent is), expect a landslide for THE PRESIDENT not seen since the days of IKE laying the wood to the unfortunate Stevenson.

  3. Uhhh . . . This would be our future POTUS? . . . Really?!? NOT! – I DON’T think so! I can’t imagine him as our Commander In Chief holding the NUKE button! . . . Team Trump and his allies 2020 – KAGA (Keep America Great Again).

  4. Joe Biden has always been a nothing and will only get more so. He has been living off the american tax payer most of his working life and has accomplished nothing for the country. He should go live in a retirement home.

  5. You don’t have to be brilliant to see something is going on with Biden. He definitely has som sort of dementia. His actions are a real sign that something is not right. He stumbles over his words, what he says is going back decades. He remembers things in the distant past more than now. Record player , really!!! He is not up to being president at all. Get real people!!

  6. COME ON!! IM a DEVOUT TRUMP SUPPORTER, BUT THIS IS JUST LIKE THEY ARE DOING TO TRUMP. MAKING SOMETHING OUT OF NOTHING!! DAMN, he JUST bit at his wifes finger playfully because she was swinging it wildly in front of his face!!!!!!!!

  7. Why should old JOe be any different than Obumo. Remember Obumo in the Rose Garden with the deserter mother and father. Obumo running his hand up and down the mothers back…… yuk

  8. Having witnessed with two siblings their descent into dementia it is apparent that Joe is well on his way. It would be an act of compassion to convince Joe Biden to drop out and go home . President Trump will destroy him in the debates even more than any one of the other clowns running

  9. The Democrats have to know they are in trouble if Biden gets the nomination. The Gaffe Machine barely knows what state he is in at his rallies and town halls. Anybody want to challenge me at pushups. What a dope. Why do you think they are trying to impeach Trump. Nobody can beat him.

  10. He is a likeable man who has done his best to serve the USA. To my knowledge, he had a treated cerebral aneurysm or similar. He clearly has age related memory and intellectual impairments seen commonly in the older population. Add in this treated brain lesion and this should disqualify him. I think Democrats would be wise to thank him for his tireless service to the USA, However, his election would be disastrous for their party.

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