CHAZ UPDATE: Seattle’s Antifa Caliphate Ends with Murder

Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkin must have lofty political aspirations in the Democratic Party. Why else would she allow a domestic terrorist organization to seize control of a section of the city and establish a caliphate on American soil?

The radical left long ago seized control of the party, making anarchy and cancel culture its brand. It was inevitable that as terrified citizens within the Seattle caliphate hired professional security to protect their lives and property, someone would eventually get killed.

“The decision to board up the precinct — our precinct, our home, the first precinct I worked in — was something I was holding off. You should know, leaving the precinct was not my decision,” Seattle Police Chief Carmen Best told the rank-and-file after the mayor ordered her to hand it over to thugs.

Antifa criminals were seen brandishing semi-automatic rifles and brazenly telling police officers they cannot enter the “autonomous zone.” Reports of extortion, assault, and sexual misconduct were rampant. Still, Mayor Durkin supported the takeover as Antifa solicited members with firearms to hold the caliphate.

“We’ve got four blocks in Seattle that you just saw pictures of that is more like a block party atmosphere. It’s not an armed takeover,” Mayor Durkin told CNN. “But we have block parties and the like in this part of Seattle all the time. It’s known for that.”

This block party included makeshift barriers, armed guards denying certain citizens access, and extorting money from white Americans. Being ordered to stand down and watch the section fall into lawlessness was demoralizing to Seattle PD.

“You fought for days to protect it. I asked you to stand on that line day in and day out, to be pelted with projectiles, to be screamed at, threatened, and in some cases hurt. Then to have a change of course nearly two weeks in — it seems like an insult and our community,” Chief Best said. “I’m angry about how this all came about.”

Two separate shooting incidents took place in the Seattle caliphate within 48 hours. A pre-dawn attack on Saturday, June 20, reportedly left a 19-year-old man dead and another critically wounded. Police responding to the murder “were met by a violent crowd that prevented officers’ safe access to the victims,” according to reports. Police officers were forced to retreat from Mayor’s Durkin’s “block party” without securing the streets or coming to the shooting victims’ aid. The fire department had to be called to transport them to the hospital. In a separate shooting, a 17-year-old suffered life-threatening wounds.

Given the Democrat mayor failed to keep the people of Seattle safe and kneeled to domestic terrorists, President Donald Trump ordered her to restore order or face federal intervention.

“Radical Left Governor @JayInslee and the Mayor of Seattle are being taunted and played at a level that our great Country has never seen before. Take back your city NOW,” President Trump tweeted. “If you don’t do it, I will.”

Although she demonstrated complete and utter disregard for law and order, she apparently feared the political optics of troops on the ground. Seattle police were ordered to take back the neighborhood and expel rioters. The same thugs they handed it over to.

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32 responses to “CHAZ UPDATE: Seattle’s Antifa Caliphate Ends with Murder”

  1. Trying to appease the domestic terrorists can never work because (like with all forms of welfare) no matter what you give them, it’s never enough unless and until you send in our army to give them a generous dose of full metal jacket.


  2. Antifa criminals were seen brandishing semi-automatic rifles and brazenly telling police officers they cannot enter the “autonomous zone.” extortion from white people, assaulting, and sexual misconduct are rampant by these Terrorists. Still, the Nazi-socialistic Mayor Durkin not only supported the takeover but financed Antifa solicited members with firearms to hold the caliphate.


    • Excellent comment. The main criminal here is the mayor, and even she is taking orders. Calling this a ‘block party’ is such a joke. Who out there believes liars like this?? The real need is for the public to wake up from their deep stupor and quit listening to the MSM.

    • 30 years ago I told everyone that free would never be enough too appease the parasites. 1993 I told everyone if that black sitting on stage with 4 other blacks. Ever got power the USA WOULD HAVE WW111. THEN I SAW IT ON OPRAH, REMARKED IF EVERYONE KNOWS WHAT I KNOW HE WONT BE PRESIDENT.I WAS RIGHT 2 OUT 3. WE HAVE A MARXIST/NAZI ANARCHY. CREATED BY THE DEMOCRAT S,. SOROS,,OBAMAO,. AND ONLY ONE WAY TOO ERADICATE IT.

  3. …and to think Sleepy Joe is the answer to all this.
    We are now finding out what we have always known. The 44th admin was complicit in this revolution and even though OUR beloved 45th President through a friggin building in their machine, they have ramped up the takeover in the form of a coup.
    Shame on their enablers the MSM.
    Sign me up to put them down.

  4. All President Trump needs to do in EVERY city where this crap is happening is REQUEST all of us old “VIET NAM VETS” to assemble and put an “END” to these rioters and looters and then send in the Coroner and refrigerated semi trailers to clean up the mess.
    I’m guessing that it would only require one maybe two city’s getting cleaned up and order restored and the rest of theses so called anarchists pukes to turn tail and run when they see their fate on the nightly news.

    • I tip my hat to you Sandman. I am from the Vietnam era and lost friends there. Also lost my fiancee. I believe in the Vietnam Vets and know you would do whatever is necessary to take our country back. Love to all of you. Thank you for your service in the past and your dedication to keep this country free.

  5. Finally sanity is returning to Seattle, but at no thanks to it’s Mayor or Governor. It never should have happened, but this is what radical leftist behavior brings; Nazi style occupation and totalitarian rule. Obviously, the terrible lessons of the earlier half of the 20th Century have still not been heeded by so many self-styled revolutionary morons of the 21st; disgusting and reprehensible. Yes as a Democracy we must allow protest, but the second it metastasizes into lawlessness, it must be stopped. If it means armed police, the National Guard or the Military under order of the Insurrection Act, so be it. I believe the BLM mob is a movement paid for by seditious actors who want to overturn Trump and this country…and then reshape it to suit their radical agenda. The majority rules in America and the majority doesn’t want a violent, lawless mob ruining it.

    • Seeing this, it needs to be emphasized how much restraint President Trump has exercised and how frustrated the left must be. They have acted like aging Hippie Children and allowed the Communist Agitators to have a free reign to try to destroy our cities. If he was really the Authoritarian Dictator they portray him to be, he would have crushed this in the beginning. Just like with COVID, he allowed the proper structures to respond. He forced them to live up to their responsibilities and he offered help if they needed it. He did not step in and fix it without invitation. This frustrates them because now this mess is in their laps and they cannot blame it on Trump. The time, however, is rapidly approaching where he is going to be able to declare martial law and simply sweep up the agitators and file Federal Charges against them so locals cannot set them free. See, if you act like children, you will be punished like children.

  6. The first action should be take back the city by whatever means necessary, Give them an alternative to surrender then those remaining need to be eliminated by whatever it takes, body bags are cheap. Then remove the Mayor and put her on trial for treason in allowing this with her blessings to happen. give her life in Prison, Firing squad, or whatever Washington State laws allow.

  7. It’s very doubtful that this will mark the end of the ugliness and hatefulness that Seatle has been showing of late! One has to wonder where the police were, and how it became possible to destroy and wreak havoc without anybody attempting to stop this horrific behaviour! Why this was allowed at all is unknown but one has to wonder just what the people that run the city were thinking of!
    Why didn’t Seatle’s mayor, Jenny Durkin do anything to stop it? Why didn’t she call lin the police? What was she thinking? It’s shocking and unbelieveable to think that those that were in charge of the city did nothing to prevent all that happened! It’s clear to me that Seatle needs a stronger, more capable cohort to look after the city!

  8. Glad they are finally cleaning house…… It should have been done – right after the BLM – Morons started trying to take that area over. Clean House sooner, so any individual that wants to start doing that crap – Gets a Full Blunt of what needs to be done to any type or kind of traitor(s) or really terrorists.!! Just get rid of the Waste of Space People – we don’t need them in our American Society.

  9. Money talks,,As long as these traitors are funded, they will never stop..It is easy to be stupid, even easier if you are paid. The head of the snakes must be removed and all of their assets confiscated..That money should then be used to rebuild what they have destroyed.. It’s time to stop dragging things out for political reasons.Our country is being torn apart. Stop it NOW!!!

  10. I’m sure you have all heard of “Remember the Alamo!” Well, remember November 3, 2020! Do your duty. Our national existence depends on it. Do not elect any more Democrat extremists into positions of trust, e.g., U.S. senators, U.S. representatives, governors, mayor of cities, county boards of supervisors, city council members, and sheriffs. Remember November 3! We want to see a clean sweep to let the Democrats know that they went too far in destroying our country. From a Vietnam Era USAF Captain, rocket engineer, and Veteran of 78 years of age. It is time to reclaim our government from the children.

  11. This so called mayor should be dragged out of City Hall and included in any lawsuit against the city for allowing this debacle to occur, and believe me the lawsuits are forthcoming. Ordering the police to stand down was a HUGE mistake. Taxes will be raised and all the people of Seattle will end up paying for it. The State of Washington deserves absolutely no funding from the government, Why should the rest of the country be held liable for their poor judgement? Simply put, it’s another Democratic nightmare. You reap what you sow.

  12. Sadly, Rule of Law would stop ALL OF THESE RIOTS, but these rioter and those who support them would rather be Political Correct. Why do we have policing? To protect and serve US Citizens and even non citizens. Even our Law Makers refuse to follow Rule of Law and change the definition of “illegal” as they see fit for political gain. These are people we elect to comply with, support, and defend our US Constitution. They take their Oath of Office to remind them of their responsibility. It they refuse to comply with out constitution then they become traitors to ALL AMERICANS. Rule of Law unites us and Political Correctness divides us. Our US Constitution does not give our Law Makers the right to decide who is correct and who is not. I agree that Black Lives Matter, but we can single out Blacks in America for Political Gain. People DO DIE in the realm of policing. A victim is still a victim regardless of their skin color. Rule of Law must be inclusive for it to function properly.

  13. The lack of leadership in Seattle (mayor)and the state of Washington (the governor, to be specific) was/is stunning. Even the police chief tried to suck up to the Antifa nuts until the word came down to the “mayor” to get her ass in gear. Now she says she’s angry how it all came about, but to be fair she “had to follow orders.” Hmm…where have we heard that before? Nazi trials, perhaps?

  14. I once had a liberal friend who said I was antisemmetic for calling the left demonazis. He refuses to speak to me now. I wonder how he will rationalize this?

  15. Barack Hussein Obama should never have been president as he was not born in the USA. He is a traitor and committed treason. He set out to destroy the US and we are still seeing all the fallout of all that he did in his eight years of terror on our country. He should be locked up and never be allowed to see the light of day ever again. He was all about getting our country destroyed. He did everything he could to make us the weakest country in the world. He along with his puppets make him the worst President of the United States ever. He needs to go away quietly. He had his law license revoked. Why would he be even suggested to serve as a Justice on the Supreme Court. He should never serve in public office ever again. Look at Chicago! What did he do to even help that city? He has 3 homes he can go spend time in or go play golf. We pay for his security, which I feel should be on a term limit since it is he, his wife, his children AND her mother! Really? He is a disgrace to our country to say the least. He needs to go away quietly and I cannot say that enough. He can live at Martha’s Vineyard in privacy with his family. He does not need to keep popping up and putting in his two cents worth. Just like Hillary Clinton. They should be locked up and throw away the key for what they have done. Where is justice? Look at the charges that were never brought before the legal system in all that they did that anyone else who did what they did would be serving life in prison? How do they get off so freely? Who are they paying to keep them from being drug through the mud? Once again dirty politics. Now we will watch them do their best at mail in voter fraud at its finest.

    • Well which is it , he wasn’t born in this country or he’s a traitor ?
      In case you didn’t know you have to be born in this country to be a traitor to it, according to the Law.

  16. The fact that this situation was allowed to continue is what I consider a dereliction of duty on behalf of the Mayor and Governor. Their inaction is criminal in and of itself. They are responsible for the mayhem that has been allowed to exist and every crime committed during its occupation. Lawsuits will ensue and State taxpayers will be held responsible for the payouts that will be incurred. This is not responsible governance.

  17. Antifa and black lives matter can leave quietly or they can leave feet first but they must leave !!
    America is for Americans !! Black or white or brown blue green or yellow or red but Americans who support the constitution!! Any others must be removed by all necessary means !! Against all enemies foreign or domestic !!!
    If you swore to you must uphold for life !! Otherwise you are a liar a coward or both !! Reminds me of most politicians !!

  18. Until all/most of the liberal Durkin’s in politics have been voted out and their liberal DA’s removed this will be the norm. That is until a modern day civil war breaks out.

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