CNN Has a Tantrum After Hosting Greta Thunberg on Pandemic Town Hall

by Jan Ainali

Did you know that, in addition to know everything there is to know about climate science, 17-year-old Greta Thunberg is a pandemic expert as well?

Regardless of the fact that neither of those things are true, network executives at CNN apparently can’t tell the difference between a teenager using a political cause to cut school and a time-honored expert on viruses.

Seriously, the shilling for ratings by CNN here is so obvious that it’s almost painful.

Earlier this week, the so-called “most trusted name in news” decided to air a town hall event on the global coronavirus pandemic. The network has been highly critical of the Trump Administration’s response to the outbreak of the virus, typically condemning the president for pushing for a hasty re-opening of the economy.

It should be noted that all of the other panelists featured had some connection to public health. Mysteriously, Thunberg — who has no academic credentials at all, because she’s in high school — found herself in the lineup.

Naturally, the reactions on Twitter were nothing short of priceless. Donald Trump Jr. had one of the coldest hot takes.

Trump Jr. wasn’t the only one to get a dig in on CNN for this. Coverage of the event devolved into a debate on what the point of Thunberg’s appearance was.

Let’s get the obvious point out right now: Greta Thunberg is not a thought leader on the left — she is a useful symbol. Considering her age, we’re going to give her the benefit of the doubt: there’s no way she’s privy to how callously networks like CNN are using her simply to prop up their credentials with progressive audiences.

CNN personalities weren’t too happy for being called out like this. Anderson Cooper appeared particularly peeved by the social media mockery.

Here’s Tim Pool with the details.

Featured Image by Jan Ainali

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30 responses to “CNN Has a Tantrum After Hosting Greta Thunberg on Pandemic Town Hall”

  1. She should open up Funeral Establishment, one thing she would find out, is that and even including CNN, would be dying just to not have to deal with her. Any complaints she could just wrap em up and drop em in, never to have to worry about that one asking for advise that she is not qualified to give.

  2. Greta should be an immediate replacement for Jeff Zucker as CNN Prez.. She’s the smartest thing walking earth, instantly recognizable globally, a singular ratings juggernaut, already has the elitist dictator eyes, smirk and general hate of any others not of her beliefs and she’s further left of LEFT to keep the current 97 CNN viewers. I see a proxy item calling for ‘Greta the Great‘!

  3. They use her to “reach other “KIDS”… grow up and follow their idols….
    She’s a DEMOCRAT and these kids, “think”, she’s smart, because she’s on
    NO BUSINESS being on the NEWS, “”AT ALL””!!! She’s an UGLY kid, to boot,
    and kids see that image, and think, “if she can do it, I can do it”!! “JUST ANOTHER
    NO DOUBT, “HER RICH LIBERAL DADDY” is behind it.

  4. Unfortunately for the commie hosts if CNN Greta has more intelligence than they do. At least she’s on a 9th grade level and I would say collectively that they are stuck around the second grade level. She’s coming after your jobs commies.

  5. There are no words to describe the ignorance and stupidity of CNN putting this child on a panel for anything. So I won’t even try.

  6. cnn suc*s…..fake news, fake everything, even teenage mental case……..LOL so STUPID…and cooper go back to your boy toy..just because your momma was rich and that got you jobs, doesn’t mean you know ANYTHING about ANYTHING…..just mor leftist trash with money…..

  7. Poor Greta and Joe Biden have something in common. Their families are letting them make fools of themselves. And the dems are sucking it up. I think this says something about the dems intellegence.

  8. Cooper’s tantrum proves he on the same intellectual level as this little girl…..she’s not smart enough to see they are using her but I don’t think it’s working out too well for CNN and other FAKE NEWS MEDIA outlets for they as yet have not figured out that we can see right through their LYING, CORRUPT, BIAS BASED (so-called) NEWS ……THEY ARE PATHETIC AND NOW IT SEEMS EVEN THE YOUNG PEOPLE HAVE FIGURED THEM OUT FOR WHAT THEY ARE!

  9. CNN has now officially become the Cartoon News Network. Perhaps next week their first panelist on economic recovery will be Scooby-doo.

  10. Is she the future of mechanical beasts. Put batteries in her and she be ones an expert at everything. She even knows more than peloshit. Except with peloshit, she doesn’t need batteries. Peloshit has diarrhea of the mouth.

  11. Adults of today do not have a mind of their own. It may be cool to be Political Correct, but this Political Correctness is destroying their ability to reason. Political Correctness is simply the ability to attempt to make others think as you think and accept no other way of thinking. When you can make people think as you think, you have gained another political weapon. Every new person added to your agenda then becomes a movement. It does not make you right, but it does gain followers. Hitler new this well, thus he was able to influence Germany to think as he does. Those who thought as strong as Hitler made him their Supreme Leader. Hitler became Germany’s savior. Sadly, Hitler was evil, thus he lead Germany down a evil road to oblivion. Had he not been evil, Germany may have become another Rome or Hitler another Alexander the Great.

    We can argue Good and Evil, but the real issue should be what is good for the human condition? Should people be able to reason what is good for themselves or do we need others to reason for us. I for one argue that people do know what is good for themselves and should be able to make their own decisions: good or bad. From the moment the United States became a sovereign nation, the US Constitution gave it’s citizens their choice to decide their own fate. The only limitation was that although citizens have the right to choose, they were not allowed to infringe on the right of other citizens to choose. The government defended this right with Rule of Law. Rule of Law achieved through majority legislation.

    In the US today IS THIS TRUE TODAY? It is not. The Political Correct Liberal Right is telling the citizens what they believe is the only choice for US Citizens. This means Rule of Law will not protect you. When those we elect. using Rule of Law. tell the people the President they elected to office is not acceptable and not their President, they are saying your choice is not acceptable. They are taking the people’s choice away because of Political Correctness. When society takes away any human’s right to choose, this is pure evil. The rights(freedoms) all US Citizens should share no longer apply. How can this be fixed? Simple: Demand our elected officials follow Rule of Law as the US Constitution demands they do or remove them from office. The citizens have two choices (both backed up by our US Constitution) to remove those we elect. Vote them out of office or remove them by force. Citizens may argue they can not legally remove a person from office by force, yet they are wrong. The Second Amendment was put into our US Constitution to bear arms to protect citizens from a evil government. The Second Amendment states: A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a FREE STATE, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed. The key words here are “free State”. It has nothing to do with criminal acts with guns and everything to do with oppression from a evil government. When politicians use Political Correctness to infringe upon your rights as FREE CITIZENS OF THE FREE STATE these politicians are TRAITORS TO ALL WHO VALUE THEIR RIGHTS AS FREE CITIZENS.

  12. CNN is like an ice cream flavor of the month…That’s what they go with and if no one like’s that it will melt fast and they can deny they said it…I’m thinking she has a syndrome….Maybe down…She’ 17 going on Pelosi , cracker’s….

  13. When you continually do stupid things, have stupid people as your “journalists”, put on air incompetent people with blatantly biased agendas, pander to one way of thought, you have CNN. They have come to define IDIOTS!

  14. One of two things: I propose either to replace the СNN manager with the prodigy Greta Tunberg so that there are no tantrums around the pandemic, or – replace Dr. Fauci with Dr. Greta Tunberg, as she is a more competent pandemic expert.

  15. Kinda like Hunter Biden….promoted to a position that they know nothing about. The Lie-beral DEMONocrats in action…..the syndicate of fake, hate, negate, depopulate (abortions), and DOMINATE !

  16. Watch “” if you are interested in knowing why the “Talking Heads” say the very same thing!

    They tried to kill co-producer, Liz Crokin.
    They tried to kill CIA whistle-blower Kevin Shipp’s family. (He’s in the documentary.)
    They just killed good guy patriot & whistle-blower Phil Haney.

    The “White Hats” are fighting evil. They know if Trump wins a 2nd term, many will have to answer for their illegal… seditious acts.

    VOTE TRUMP 2020!

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