Democrats Target Bill Barr in Phony Abuse of Power “Hearing”

With the November elections fast approaching, high-ranking Democrats desperately attempt to impugn the integrity of U.S. Attorney General William Barr before he exposes wide-sweeping abuses of power by the Obama-Biden administration.

“Ever since I made it clear that I was going to do everything I could to get to the bottom of the grave abuses involved in the bogus ‘Russiagate’ scandal, many of the Democrats on this Committee have attempted to discredit me by conjuring up a narrative that I am simply the President’s factotum who disposes of criminal cases according to his instructions,” A.G. Barr stated. “Judging from the letter inviting me to this hearing, that appears to be your agenda today.”

Democrats and their friends in the fake news media have been forced to work overtime trying to mislead the American public about the previous administration’s bad acts. Some have gone as far as to say that Joe Biden and his son, Hunter, did not engage in influence peddling with China.

But the former vice president’s son was flown on Air Force One to meet communist finance officials and was later showered with wealth and investment upwards of $1.5 billion in a company Hunter Biden was invited to join. Establishment media liberals can say these facts are “debunked” all they like, but A.G. Barr is ferreting out the criminal intent used by the FBI and DOJ at the behest of Obama and Biden.

“Democrats, led by Chairman Jerrold Nadler, have been obsessed with attacking Attorney General Barr precisely because he is exposing the Obama-Biden abuses,” a 50-page House Judiciary report states. “This allegation is absurd, especially in comparison to the actions of the Obama-Biden Justice Department, first led by President Obama’s self-described ‘wingman’ Attorney General Eric Holder. The Obama-Biden Justice Department investigated journalists, targeted legitimate businesses disliked by the Obama-Biden Administration, and flouted Congressional oversight. Most notoriously, the Obama-Biden Justice Department weaponized its law-enforcement apparatus against the campaign of Donald Trump.”

Trump Campaign official Carter Page is suing the Justice Department for illegally wiretapping him and deliberately leaking misleading information to the media. It has been well-established that disgraced FBI chief James Comey engaged in strategic leaks and high-profile agents sidestepped agency protocols to secure surveillance warrants under false pretenses.

Since Barr empowered Assistant U.S. Attorney John Durham to run an independent investigation into the Russian hoax, disturbing revelations have surfaced. Perhaps the most terrifying for Democrats is the disturbing notes from a White House meeting that included Obama, Biden, and partisan FBI officials. During that covert gathering, Biden reportedly put forward the idea that the FBI could entrap former National Security Advisor James Flynn after he backed Trump. According to the real-time notes taken by fired FBI agent Peter Strzok, Biden suggests they use the ”Logan Act” to punish Flynn.

Previous reports indicated that agent Strzok and his lover in the DOJ, Lisa Page, had simply gone rogue. Explosive allegations of Obama-Biden administration abuses now include Deep State FBI operatives undergoing training sessions for the purposes of impeaching Trump should he win the election. The most recent evidence indicates a concerted effort on the part of Democrat agents. FBI agents and DOJ lawyers held “mock briefings” to develop strategies to ensnare Trump Campaign officials and set up phony grounds for impeachment if they lost the election.

“I want to believe the path you threw out for consideration in (FBI deputy director) Andy (McCabe)’s office — that there’s no way (Trump) gets elected. But I’m afraid we can’t take that risk,” Strzok reportedly wrote. “It’s like an insurance policy in the unlikely event you die before you’re 40.”

As Durham completes the Russia hoax origins investigation, Democrats are increasingly hostile because its pre-election release could upend their plans to regain the White House. It appears Biden was in on the hit that plunged the country into turmoil and wrongfully targeted Americans.

In case you missed it, here are some of the greatest hits from the so-called “hearing”…

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17 responses to “Democrats Target Bill Barr in Phony Abuse of Power “Hearing””

  1. This whole event was a joke. The Dems followed their strategy perfectly, but the people of America all saw what they were doing. Adults playing children’s games. This is why our country is cratering – this is embarrassing.

  2. AG Barr “hearing” was no different than the “impeachment inquiry” Adam Shiff conducted.
    Same Same only AG instead of POTUS.

    The problem with “OUR CONGRESS” is Political Discrimination.

  3. Typical democrat behavior…… they are truly the biggest scam in America…… or what’s left of America as we know it thanks to the atrocious leadership of democrat mayors and city council folks….. what a disgrace the democrats have become!

  4. Democrats engage in projection, basically everything they accuse others of, they are actually doing it. Barr is investigating their party, they are trying to get rid of him. That’s abuse of power. Your country is in serious trouble.


  6. We MUST TAKE BACK OUR CONGRESS! You democrats are a joke! A other kangaroo court with circus like events!
    It sure is gonna be funny to watch them cry again when Trump win in a landslide! HUGE!

  7. Is this a HEARING or an INQUISITION? . . . There is a difference. The Democrats are running EXTREMELY scared of what the AG is doing – EXPOSING them for the LIARS and TREASONISTIC Traitors that they are. The Democrats know that some of their HEADS will ROLL . . . And RIGHTLY so. One Observant Patriot. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  8. The start of the real fall of the justice in America why’s are theses people not been prosecuted for their treason actions against the president and the American voters.
    Let’s not forget the attempted Democratic coup to overthrow the president and overturn the 2016 elections and the undermining the presidential election and a corrupt democratic congress faultiest allegations at a cost in the millions taxpayers money with nothing more than a mockery of justice and the abuse of power and greed and nobody has been prosecuted WERE THE HELL IS THE JUSTICE. Let’s take a good look at the past four years
    (1) The security breach E-Mail of then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and the FBI and the DOJ and former President interferences?
    (2) The Muller inquisition wasting millions and a mockery of the verification of evidence the Dossier report that was fabricated by unknown democrats? Alongside the violations of the law and the constitutional rights of THOSES that were railroaded and wrongful convicted.
    (3) The impeachment proceedings that was a media circus. Under the democratic leadership of Adam Schiff and the unknown whistleblower that never appears witnesses that had nothing to do with the impeachment proceedings but their agendas. Alongside THOSES close door hearings and the questionable democratic agendas?
    (4) The Nancy Pelosi disgraceful antics and totally disrespect of the president during the state of the union address.
    (5) Now the Democratic Congress inquisition into the Attorney General Barr?

  9. Bill Bar is just another way to take the heat off of the dems rioting TERROR*STS…ANOTHER FAKE hearing…Another slap to All Americans, black, white, asian and many other races and colors…..STOP the republican IN PERSON and keep congress as honest as we can…Vote out the ANTIAmerican congress..that are there now…..

  10. As noted by many on this posting site, this is an old tactic of the dim wits. But it seems they are myopic in their redundancy of actions. Vote em all out in this election and know the new candidates of that party are worse than the old ones. Vote accordingly. If you like the chaos of the dim wit enclaves today then good luck.

    Can’t wait for the trials to begin on the lawyered up bad actors. And that should include Bozo, his administration as well as the bureacracy stooges. Charges of sedition, treason should not be off the table because the actions are in that category.

    Bozo was never a real president. We must unseal his hidden records and then the real truth of the whole NWO/dim wit crimes will surface. He was a kenyan citizen whose mother registered him in Hawaii after the birth but born in Kenya as Grandma and half brother said and definitely mooslime. And he was the worst president since the repubic democracy was formed!

  11. I have never seen as much disrespect from grown, supposedly smart individuals, as was present during Bill Barr’s hearing.
    I hope those who voted for these disrespectful morons watched and saw what morons they voted into office. It was so obvious that the entire democrat participants had differently been rehearsed on what to say to keep Bill Barr from explaining the facts of what has been taking place. They were all about, we’ll ask the questions and you are to keep you comments to yourself, telling Mr. Barr, basically I don’t want an answer, I just wanted to make accusations to make it appear you are crooked, asking for their time back as soon as Mr. Barr started to answer their question. It was a sham, as the leader Nadler showed what an ASS he really is while allowing this sham to go on and would not allow a 5 minute break for Mr. Barr to go to the restroom. Everyone of these morons need to be voted out and charged with conspiring to frame Mr. Barr.

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