Dems Want to Charge Trump’s Defense Team With a Crime for Doing Their Job

The other night, President Donald Trump delivered what may have been the finest State of the Union Address in history — possibly the finest presidential speech since Lincoln. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi made her party look like bitter jackanapes by tearing up the transcript after Trump reached out to Americans of every ethnicity and creed. On the very next day, Trump was acquitted of all charges in the second part of the impeachment trial.

Trump was won victory after victory. His approval rating is higher than ever, and the man appears untouchable.

But we know that the Democrats are not going to stop trying to take this president down. They don’t care if they have evidence of wrongdoing. They don’t even care if they have just cause. They only care about influencing low information voters and creating smears that could last long enough to snatch the power they crave.

Now, it appears that Democrats may go after Trump’s defense team for the high crime of defending an innocent president. Earlier this week, North Carolina Law Professor Michael Gerhardt said on a panel on MSNBC that he believes Democrats should seek to bring charges against Trump’s lawyers, including former NYC mayor, Rudy Giuliani.

According to, Gerhardt said, “I think what we are seeing as well is that the lawyers who presented his case in the Senate basically misled or lied to the Senate. And so at one point – at some point, we are going to see ethics charges brought against these lawyers for making false statements, which we now all know were false.”

CNN host Poppy Harlow then asked Professor Gerhardt, “Do you think the D.C. Bar is actually going to hold Pat Cipollone, for example, to account for this?”

Gerhardt responded, saying, “I think what we are seeing as well is that the lawyers who presented his case in the Senate basically misled or lied to the Senate. And so at one point, we are going to see ethics charges brought against these lawyers for making false statements, which we now all know were false.”

From a legal standpoint, this is laughable. Even if the President was guilty, the idea that a defense attorney could be prosecuted for defending a client who he knew was guilty would be like taking a hammer to more than 200 years of legal precedent. If the Democrats chose to pursue this course, and succeed, unlikely as that may be, the precedent it would set would discourage defense attorneys all over the country from ever again defending suspected criminals.

It would bring the legal system to a screeching halt.

The reason this is worth discussing is that we know full well the Democrats have no reservation when it comes to wrecking traditions, institutions, or anything else that may stand in their way.

They are, after all, in favor of abolishing the Electoral College, national monuments, our national borders, and the very idea that America is for Americans.

Gerhardt concluded by saying, “We are going to see ethics charges brought against these lawyers for making false statements.”

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36 responses to “Dems Want to Charge Trump’s Defense Team With a Crime for Doing Their Job”

  1. Well if you by that line of thinking, aren’t they really talking about all the LIES and CRIMES committed by the Democrats and their Nazi-socialist style of handling the hearing in the house and action during the trial in the senate?

    • But, have you forgotten?
      As long as the ends, justify the means?
      Democrats ALWAYS get a pass.
      Breaking laws? No problem.
      Shredding The Constitution? No problem.
      Fake news everywhere? No problem.
      Name calling/personal attacks? No problem.
      Violence? No problem.
      Racism? No problem.

  2. The Democrats need to take care of business for the citizens of the USA and work with President Trump and stop all of this impeachment garbage or all the Democrats need to be removed from office!! Enough is enough Polosi, Schiff, Nadler and the left wing Democrats are vengeful and discussing and the lawyers did not commit a crime they did their job! I’m so ashamed of the Democrats right now and will never vote for them again!!

  3. The democrats have lost their minds this is disgraceful and disgusting they need to work for their bosses the citizens. The biggest liar is SCHIFTY did anyone see his investigation all where his witnesses none from republicans. The biggest joke ever how about the real problems. Go to work stop the shit

  4. The Democrats are nothing less than Unhinged Lunatic’s, Progressives who want to have control of all aspects of government until the end of time. I sleep incredibly well knowing Donald J Trump occupies the White House.

  5. Gerhardt has NO idea what he is talking about! . . . And, ANYONE who comes after POTUS Trump’s lawyers will have to LIE about the facts. Then this turns into a CIVIL law matter AS WELL AS a CRIMINAL matter for PERJURY, crimes against POTUS Trump’s lawyers, which would potentially subject these lawyers to DISBARMENT, if not PRISON terms.

  6. I want the Dems to not just “claim” Trump’s lawyers lied – anyone can say that – but give some SPECIFIC examples, which they will not/cannot provide.

    Just more CRAP from these petulant, sore-loser, crooked politicians.

  7. I agree with C. Watson. They always accuse but they never ever give examples of what they are accusing Trump or his lawyers of doing. They can’t because they are the liars @nd cheaters.

  8. it certainly is a travesty that we can only hope does not catch on to the point of a democratic president there will almost seemingly have to be an all out civil war to stop the communist with in our own country from ramming the socialistic ideals down the american peoples proverbial throats. for goodness sake chew on that for awhile its not a joke but the democrats are

  9. This man is the same MORON that said that he would have brought witnesses in to prove his innocence if he was Trump. As a legal professional he knows he is talking shit because he also knows that the burden is to prove your charges and as they did not,even with illegally gained evidence (which is not admissible)they could not prove there charges so there is no reason legally,ethically,or morally to drag out this proceeding.

  10. Pelosi and her gang of lieing criminals need to be stipped of their various offices, censured and fire them. Or better than that, Impeach them for the bogus impeachment of Trump and we know the outcome was correct in that he has acquited. His Attorneys did a great job for the President and backed up what they were saying. Pelosi and her cheating, corrupt, lieing idiots did not, REPEAT DID NOT have any evidence to prove their bogus impeachment of Trump. Even Mueller said there was no upstruction, no no conspiracy, no NOTHING to do the impeachment. That is what the Freaking Demos didn’t want to hear, so they proceeded on and illegally I might add with the impeachment. Every thing they tried to come up with backfired on them, and I mean everything. Bug-Eyed Shifty Shift seriously needs to be investigated for his membership and part owner of the Not For PROFIT MEN’S RETREAT where they instruct men how to massage young women and little girls. He needs to shut the hell up. He couldn’t talk if he couldn’t lie. At the time Pelosi brought their so-called Articals of Impeachment, they had not evidence and wanted the Senate to do their work for them. They have wasted time and a ton of monies and they failed in everything. Their so-called impeachment was illegally done, everyone knows that. They hate America and they Hate the American People. Ahh back to Pelosi, ripping the SOTU speech was horrid and in doing so they vilified the 100 year old Tuskegee Pilot, not to mention the death of one of our military, and the little 9 year old who was awarded a scholarship to whatever University she chooses, That in an of itself is horrid.enough. And yes, I know she will not stop because she wants to remove Trump. It would not surprise me if she hasn’t already started impeachment against Trump, an Pense. And again it will be no evidence found. They need to stop acting like spoiled two year olds and get the job done they were voted into to do. If they cannot do that then they need to refund to the American People, their salaries from day one, their retirement with the government and not get paid anything until they start working for the American People. They aren’t our Boss, WE ARE THEIRS and they should work at the pleasure o the American People., not vice versa. If they keep up their vile ways, I say a class action should be put in motion against Pelosi, Schumer, Shift an,Nadlar and Maxine Waters,

  11. These people are out to destroy our country and our way of life. They want to be the dictators who will implement their insane agenda and be the great deciders of all policy. They must be stopped. We have to support President Trump loudly and clearly. The silent majority can no longer be silent

  12. All this time that has been wasted now for 3 years and wee the people paid for they should have to pay their salary back to the American people.183.000.00 a lot of money that could have went to the homeless or the hungry. The worst part is it is going to continue just because they don’t like Trump.

  13. The Democrats are desperate to hide their corruption. They are desperate to stay out of prison. That’s why they are attacking this President so badly. That is why they are trying to get rid of them before the truth of their misdeeds comes out. This is a war – and they are trying to take him out in the hopes that they won’t lose. Praying the truth comes out and the corrupt are held accountable. Check out “Ukraine: The Final Piece” on YouTube.

  14. Gerhardt,. How about you go ahead and make your case that you are so self ashurd that you have a case. Stop being a blow hard and step up. Gutless self import no body wanting his demo pals slapping him on the back as though he’s a true last scholar.

  15. Are politicians above the law!!! Members of congress should know the laws. So when a member decides that the speaker is in charge of impeachment, therefore she can do anything she wants because the constitution has no rules for impeachment. Wrong all member of congress took and oath to “protect and defend the constitution”. This should limit their actions if they follow their oath. She knew that the power of congress is only granted to members of congress when they pass a resolution by house rules giving them that authority, so she violated her oath and the constitution. Should she face the consequences of her actions

  16. Mr. Garhartd. You must have graduated from The University of No Class- translation UNC, can you understand that. So you think Trumps attorneys need to be investigated, EH. What hole or planet did you fall out of? Seriously? Pelosi and her gang of liers, crooks, etal which includes her. You must have stayed on Franklin Street too long, That is the dumbest thing I have ever heard. One. First of all the only liers in this whole fiasco are the democrats. They had No Proof none whatsoever of wrongdoing by Trump. Don;t you think it was odd that Pelosi wanted to rush the impeachment papers to the Senate side and then it took her almost 2 months to get it there, sans any findings of wrong doings. They wanted the Senate to do their work for them. They were ill prepared, I know it, the American People knew it, and you should have known it as well. Think about it. The Attorneys for Trump back up anything they said with proof of no wrongdoing. The Demos could not find one blasted wrong doing by him, not even Mueller. They didn’t care about the impeachment, all they cared about was getting Trump out of Office, then they wanted to impeach Pence. That backfired on them as well. They wanted to take over the Presidency, put Pelosi in As President just so a they could tear this Country Up by a demo that passes it on to the next Demo. By the time Pelosi got through as a sit in president, there would not be anything remotely left of this Beautiful Country we have.. I’d like to help you you but I don’t know what hole you fell out of.. My suggestion to you is start thinking for yourself, not the crap spewing out of these corrupt, lieing idiots. they are a mean and vile people. Or do you hate America as well, If so, pack your bags and leave this country or you can crawl back into the hole you came out of. With people like you, who needs enemies.Question if you please which is..Are you one of the Professors at UNC that never taught the faux class, the football and basketball students never went to and they passed with flying colors in that so called non class? And to think someone like you are teaching our young people. Now that is scary.

      • Lending an assist, UNC unfortunately, is not the only left leaning institution of higher learning in America.
        With the exception of Hillsdale College in Michigan, and maybe a few others, ALL institutions of higher learning receive various percentages of their educational budgets from the Federal Education bucket.
        Therefore, they owe an allegiance to mandates put forth from and by the Feds.
        It is safe to conclude just about ALL of our institutions of higher learning, and even the public education systems, have become liberal oriented re-education systems for the Progressive, America hating Trolls.

  17. The North Carolina Law Professor Michael Gerhardt is on Crack Cocaine!!! What in the hell is he doing being a Professor of Law?! The University of North Carolina needs to evaluate this contumacious, impudent, perfidious, and prevarications of our system of laws!!!

  18. The Dems are nuttier than a pecan bar. They obviously reject the principle of “Innocent Until Proven Guilty” and prefer the old Soviet Union style where the defendant is “persuaded” to sign a confession that is prepared by the persecutor and then stand “trial.” And then be sentenced. Remember this: If it can be done to anyone then it can be done to everyone; it can be done to you.

  19. “When Are The Republicans Going To Start Going After ALL These Democrats?” “The Democrats Are The Criminals And The Republicans Sit On There Asses And Doing “Nothing”!” People Better Wise Up There About To Lose There Freedom!

  20. Yes, the democrats are insane but it also disappoints me greatly that some of the Republicans didn’t even stand up for our President. That I cannot understand.

  21. we had some one on t.v. the other night explain corruption in washington. he said a person elected to congress may serve 10 to 15 years and then retire as a muti millionaire, they want to get rid of trump because he is exposing these crooks that go in take money and serve only them selves.

  22. Why don’t the Democrats get back to work? We the people r paying them with our tax money, all they r doing is wasting time n money. Maybe if they would talk about what they r planning for our country it would help to get votes back.Many of my friends r turning against DEMOCRATS.

  23. What are the Democrats trying so hard to hide. It must be something really bad to go to the lengths that they are going. And amazingly our President is still getting more important things accomplished than most previous presidents. God Bless you Mr President!!

  24. Mr Gerhardt Said These Lawers Lied And Made False Statements I Would Ask Him To Show Proof Or Be Sued BY The Said Lawers For Lieable

  25. Seems to me they need to start with abusive prosecutors who lie and make up false incriminating evidence……they too are lawyers.

  26. A Radical Left Wing Law Professor sets out to punish those with whom he disagrees. Congratulations to the well know snakes of the Plaintiffs Bar and College Professors (them that can do, those that can’t teach!)

  27. The Democrats, I call Demon’ocrats due to their behaviors. I also know that unless the shit hits the proverbial fan collectively they will not give up. Ego, greed, control, self importance, and loss of one’s soul is the price each will pay unless they permanently change their ways. I also know know changing their ways individually and collectively will not be easy. However, I do know who can help make that happen. If a person is very evil and God knows nothing can help that individual save their soul He assigns special angels to take that person to the central sun to be turned to dust. When this is complete, the person ceases to exist and their name is erased for eternity as if they never lived at all. Yes, this is harsh, however, it teaches a needed lesson for all of humanity the difference between right and wrong or good and bad. It also ends the suffering of that individuals soul. God births each soul into being and as His child he cannot allow an innocent soul to feel sorrow and pain for what it was not designed to control. The soul is healed and birthed into being hopefully in a kind family and a kinder world.

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