Did Bernie Sanders Just Become Irrelevant?

He may be the darling and the great hope of far leftists and millennials, but Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders has virtually no path to the White House after losing another string of primaries to former VP Joe Biden earlier this week.

As the nation copes with financial and health challenges because of COVID-19, Sanders has begun to fall further behind — and he’s getting angry about it. Sanders has snapped at several news reporters, and is said to be considering dropping his campaign efforts. In recent days, the Sanders campaign has already stopped expensive Facebook and social media advertising, as the senator continues to fall behind.

Last week, Biden dominated the primaries that were held in several key states, leaving the once-favored Sanders behind.

Despite some missteps on the campaign trail (including stating he was running for Senate and calling a young woman a “lying dog-faced pony soldier”), Biden began a hot winning streak when he powered to victory in South Carolina.

Next, on Super Tuesday, Biden edged out Sanders, the only other clear front runner, in Texas, North Carolina, Virginia and six other states. For many, the choice was clear, Biden is a far more moderate candidate than Sanders with more realistic goals and views.

Biden captured moderate and African American voters, while Sanders continued to receive support from his key demographics – extreme liberals and young adults. Biden has received some other boosts to his campaign as well. Last week, Michael Bloomberg, who out-spent every candidate on the roster, endorsed him. Bloomberg is also a moderate.

As the most recent returns came in, it was clear that between them Sanders and Biden were the front runners, edging out Bloomberg and the only remaining female candidate, Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren. Both Sanders and Biden were well positioned going into the most recent group of primaries, but Biden emerged the clear winner, even claiming Warren’s home state of Massachusetts.

The unexpected landslide victory in South Carolina came after a disappointing start for Biden, who faltered in the first primaries. His strong showing in the South was echoed in the midwest, and Biden won states he did not even personally attend events in, including Warren’s Massachusetts. The victories also came in the light of heavy spending by the Sanders campaign, which aggressively advertised in the northeast.

In light of Bidens sweeping victories, speculation has begun forming around the Sanders campaign, particularly after the team suspended social media advertising on Facebook and other outlets. Sanders snapped at a reporter this week when the journalist asked if he would be withdrawing from the race, stating that he was dealing with a nationwide crisis — referring to the COVID-19 outbreak.

There is no official word from the Sanders team yet, but as Biden continues to take an impressive lead, the Vermont senator’s chances become more and more slim.

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15 responses to “Did Bernie Sanders Just Become Irrelevant?”

  1. Please leave the country and take every damn one of your shithead followers with you! This is America not Russia you Socialist commie!

  2. communism wiil never prevail in our country those that want to live under a dictator shlould just take ther money and go there the country will take their money and share it or keep it and you will starve or die good luck to all the bernie followes

  3. It is the American people that needs to vote the far left out of government.I am all about charity and I do what I can but I will never vote for socialism. I have never been one not to give to lend a helping hand but at some point they have to stand on their own be responsible for their actions and stand on their own there are jobs out there.We need fair taxes under the law .Socialism is not the answer

  4. Joe Biden is as crooked as a dogs hind leg look at that ass hole son who got kicked out of the military and making babies then leaving the woman to take care of it. Joe is so out of touch with reality he will probably name hideous Hiliary or Michelle Obama as his running mate then the shit will hit the fan.

  5. Bernie Sanders is a classic example of how our public indoctrination centers ie. Public schools, have failed our citizens. One only has to look briefly at the failed states that have embraced socialism to realize how utterly destructive it is to individuals. Venezuela is happening RIGHT NOW. A walk back through history easily reveals the rest. Our system of governance gives Everyone a chance, however as individuals it is up to us to take advantage.

  6. Sanders should have conceded long ago; however, he is holding on till the last possible second because strategically if he can wait it out, Biden will either be arrested for his criminal activities or it will be exposed that Biden is mentally deficient and unable to govern. Biden may win the nomination, but will never make it to the actual election in November. If Sanders can weather the storm until then, he will become the nominee by default. The writing is on the wall.

  7. I wish he would run as an independent. I don’t understand how as a senator he’s an independent but when running for president he suddenly wants to be known as a Democrat. The DNC has sabotaged his campaign twice now.
    If he runs as an independent, maybe it would teach them a lesson.

  8. Crazy Bernie was always irrelevant. Just another fat pig feeding his face, all his family, at the public trough. Real toilet treasure along with his wife Lame Jane. Too stupid to know when he is getting corn holed by his ASS party buddies.

  9. All the followers of crusty old Bernie have been duped. He has always been involved with seeking the office of the president for one reason and one reason alone..MONEY. He knew he didn’t stand a snowballs chance in hell of being elected from day one. He is exactly that which he rails against. Like all dumbocrats he accuses others of being exactly what he is. ALL dumbocrats believe the government should be responsible for them from cradle to the grave whereas Republicans believe they should WORK for what the receive. It has always been that way and will never change. Prtesident will be re elected in the largest landslide in history and you can take that to the bank.

  10. oz
    don’t be so hard on ole Bernie. You have to admire that right piano hand punching up and down in a circle.
    Blame his wife. Besides, he sucked AOC in and exposed what a slime ball she is.

  11. Bernie looks crazy especially when he starts getting irritated.He starts waving his arms, bugging his eyes out and turns red. He recently had a heart attack so I think he should get out of politics. He should know there are no freebies someone has to work. Biden has dementia so he needs to hang it up too.
    Trump 2020

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