FACT: Outraged Democrats Have NO Recourse Over Trump’s Iran Actions

Though U.S. Democratic lawmakers are outraged over President Trump’s failure to inform Congress of his intentions to strike against a top Iranian military commander, there is little they can do about the president’s actions or neglect to inform them.

As the members of Congress returned from their holiday recess, Democrats began discussing their attempt to quickly pass legislation to bar Trump – or any future president – from striking against Iran without first obtaining approval from Congress.

Sunday night, Speaker Nancy Pelosi said the Democratic-led chamber would introduce and vote a War Powers Resolution this week that would force the president to stop military action against Iran within 30 days.

In addition, a similar resolution was introduced in the Senate Friday by Democratic Senators Tim Kaine and Dick Durbin. “Every member of Congress should vote and then be accountable for whether another war in the Middle East is a good idea,” Kaine told the Senate Monday.

However, Republicans are in control of the Senate and appear to be dedicated to their party and the president, so it is highly unlikely any of the legislation from Democrats will gain enough support to become law.

There is no indication when the chamber will debate the issue.

Iran and the U.S have been in a war of words since Friday when terrorist Qassem Soleimani was killed in a U.S. drone strike at Baghdad airport.

On Sunday, Trump threatened to target Iran for any retaliatory attacks they made. Iran then indicated it was resigning from commitments to the 2015 nuclear deal with six major powers.

President Trump broke precedent by his failure to inform congressional leaders before he ordered the attack on Soleimani. Instead, he decided to classify his formal notification to Congress about the attack on Saturday.

On Wednesday, the Senate received a classified briefing on the Iran situation from the Trump administration officials that included Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, Defense Secretary Mark Esper, CIA Director Gina Haspel, and Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Mark Milley.

The War Powers Act indicates that the president must inform Congress within 48 hours of introducing military forces into armed conflict abroad. The act also bars a president from committing armed forces from any foreign action lasting more than 60 days without the approval of Congress.

President Trump posted remarks on his social media account on Sunday indicating that his posts would serve as notification to Congress that the country “will quickly & fully strike back” if Iran attacks any U.S. person or target, and that he had no legal requirement to inform Congress.

Congress has some power over the president in this area, but not much. The main power is its control of federal spending. The House could pass legislation that bars the president from spending taxpayer money on a conflict with Iran. Resolutions, however, are non-binding.

They can also refuse to pass bills the White House supports as well as playing a game to block the president’s nominees.

Due to the Democratic-led House impeachment efforts, the president’s party has shown dedication to him, which leaves little chance any efforts of Democrats to control his plans to deal with Iran will be successful.

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26 responses to “FACT: Outraged Democrats Have NO Recourse Over Trump’s Iran Actions”

  1. Demoncrats keep falling on their faces with their efforts to evict Trump….. the real crime is their actions: THey are endangering the country, our military and our people with all of the actions they have committed in the past three years. Time to vote them out

  2. If it was obummer they would not say anything, but because of their hatred for Trump they are attacking him for saving Americans lives. Go figure.pelosi is not capable of defending Americans with so much hatred in her heart for Trump. You are no true Catholic, you do Hate! Trump!

    • I read somewhere that she had been excommunicated by the Catholic Church. But going by her actions she is probably a Secret Ussr or Cccp supporter but more likely follower of Islam.

  3. I thank President Trump and his faithful employees in their efforts to protect our Nation. Their job is not an easy one; every time he does something great for us he is lambasted by the left and criticized. Shame on you Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Shummer, Adam Shiff, Jerry Nadler, and the rest of your cohorts who have no concern for our USA. Their only concern is maintaining their own power, no matter what it takes. Unlike Nancy Pelosi and her disgusting hipocrisy, I do pray for the safety of our President Trump and his family and all those working to MAGA. So, keep up the good work guys, it is appreciated greatly by those of us who love our USA

  4. Pelosi needs to find a nursing home. She has done irrefutable damage to our country. I have zero confidence in her and her minions! What country is she advocating for? She talks the same rhetoric As our Advocacies. Perfect example of why we need term limits. If she is the head of the Democratic Party, they must enjoy being losers.

  5. Democrats can’t do anything, but they can whine, whine, whine. Will they ever grow up? And the news media will continuously carry their whining.

  6. Question, Why are the democrats seemingly in Iran’s back pocket? Looks like they suppose this country more than America.


    • Thank u for your service. My family is rolling in their graves.
      God BLESS the USA proud to defend our Republic. Keep the guns dump the babies

  8. As usual, the “Demon”crats once again try grabbing at anything to hinder the performance of the President for their own distorted ideals and agendas. It’s a total joke to actually trust Congress to act quickly (other than trying to impeach) in a dire need to carry out a military operation in order to save American lives. Demoncrats have put all of our lives in danger through neglect for the past 3 years, they accomplished nothing!! As a veteran, I applaud the President and his administration for the great work they have been doing all while being constantly attacked and hindered by senile Pelosi and the mob. They are all very fortunate that the very Articles of the Constitution that they are bent on destroying, protects them from being ousted with extreme prejudice!

  9. It is amazing that Dems just keep doing these stupid things knowing full well they will go no where. Are they so blind not to see how all this just keeps making them look at fools while pushing more and more voters away from their party? Voters already see what they have been trying to do and just get more and more disgusted every time. Republicans are now using Dems own tactics against them and they have voters support. By the time the 2020 elections get here every Democrat and Rino Republican who is up for reelection will be doomed. All thanks to Pelosi and Schiff.

  10. The lowest branch of the government Pelosi shummer with the propaganda media are made to look like their running the USA . We really want to know who their boss is that s hell bent on taking president trump down at any cost . The Democratic s are looking DUMB showing how fake they are and unamerican . Along with the past administration s deceit . We need justice to prevail. Believe me all these democratic representatives don’t represent the majority of people at all its a shame

    • Terry, you know who their boss is. It’s George Soros. He is the head globalist and is hell-bent on destroying this country and any country that will not accept socialism. Remember, socialism is for everyone else to live under, but not for the socialist.

  11. Dewy, you missed it, a nurseing home for Pelose is not adequate she would make the others sucker. A mentsl institution would be better. She would fit in with the other residents and would have no affect on them. She may even give them something to laugh at.

  12. Pelosi is a drunken sot with dementia and ill-fitting false teeth. She cannot be trusted with anything sensitive, such as military strike plans. Her “dung beetle quartet” cannot be trusted with anything at all. What they can all be trusted to do is to betray America to our enemies. Their loyalties are to Iran, NOT to the USA.

  13. When you consider the make up of the “squad”, specifically Omar, Talib, Pressley and AOC; Would any sane person trust them with sensitive military information? At least two of these (if not all) four have demonstrated a desire to support the Middle-East rather than the U.S. Like it or not there is but one Commander in Chief in this country who took a vow to Support and Defend the Constitution. The President, like it or not, has been vested with the responsibility of leading the US military actions. There is only ONE Commander in Chief not 435 (?)

    Nancy if you want to be in the “Big” spend the money and run for President!

  14. Why don’t we REMOVE SENILE Nancy Pelosi from CONGRESS? She is a TREASONISTIC TRAITOR who will “sell you down river” for a vote or POWER! It’s time to send the “OLD nag” to the glue factory. She FORGOT what country she is supposed to serve, and it ISN’T IRAN! Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  15. Pelosi is getting mote senile by the day. The 4 squats set the trap and she fell for it. Now with this impeachment sham failure the 4 squats will call for her to step down and try for the speakership themselves. Pelosi would not have fallen for this trap in her younger days, but now she is not so competent.

  16. All they have succeeded at doing is spending the taxpayers money for what???? It sucks to be a Pelosi supporter along with her cohorts.

  17. This is all a great play by the looney liberal Democrats, to get media time.
    They are not stupid or dumb, however.
    They are preaching to their base, while further dividing the country.
    Meanwhile, Trump was right when he said, “You’ll get so tired of winning.”
    But, he was speaking to the Democrats.
    BTW? It was the Democrats, who reneged on the Paris Peace Agreement, with Vietnam.

  18. This Congress has done nothing that shows me they are supporting the majority of the American citizens. My personal stand on this for elections is “if you’re in now, you’re out at the next election!” We need a new Congress!

  19. Thank you, PRESIDENT Trump…you are a very powerful man…not afraid of what people think…I have always supported you and still do!
    You are a true American

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