Gov. Gavin Newsom Wants Californians to Snitch On Each Other

Far-left California has seen COVID-19 hospitalizations rise by 16% in the last two weeks alone. Not surprisingly, Governor Gavin Newsom’s response to the crisis was to go all-out totalitarian, mandating that masks be worn both indoors and outdoors and encouraging locals to snitch on businesses and one another.

The governor not only implored local citizens to act as the state’s “eyes and ears” and report companies that didn’t adhere to proper safety guidelines, but also threatened to use OSHA to punish workplaces that fail to adhere to the state’s guidelines.

“Read up on these guidelines,” the governor said. “When you go to a restaurant and it’s clear that they’re not practicing what we are preaching, report them. Give us the tools to enforce.”

Governor Newsom’s demands are overbearing and ridiculous for several reasons. First of all, a top health official in Los Angeles has already pointed out that the recent crowded protests are one likely reason why COVID-19 is continuing to spread throughout the state. Naturally, the governor isn’t willing to stop these groups. Protestors and rioters were not only congregating in large groups, but often staged demonstrations without masks. In fact, even LA mayor Eric Garcetti recently appeared at a protest without any sort of facial covering.

Additionally, national experts on respiratory protection have pointed out that wearing masks isn’t the best way to prevent the spread of COVID-19. There is no scientific evidence that wearing a mask can protect a person from the spread of the novel coronavirus. Moreover, it can be counterproductive if those wearing masks gain a false sense of security from doing so, and therefore fail to adhere to other social distancing guidelines.

Newsom’s so-called solution to preventing the spread of COVID-19 makes it clear that he is far more concerned with virtue signaling than actually protecting Californians from the pandemic. There are more than 150,000 homeless people throughout the state who are most likely not adhering to basic social distancing guidelines. Large groups of protestors are allowed free rein even as other groups are prohibited from meeting together.

The governor’s move to encourage citizen “snitching” and force people to wear masks will ruin life for millions of people in the state. But, let’s be honest — California wasn’t in much better shape before the pandemic either.

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7 responses to “Gov. Gavin Newsom Wants Californians to Snitch On Each Other”

  1. Yeah, Hitler did exactly the same thing in Nazi Germany telling school children to turn their parents in if they spoke bad about their Dear Leader or his policies!

    Herr Gavin has arrived!

    • Castro’s Cuba has neighbors snitching on each other. They also have people who act like block captains spying on everyone to make sure they follow the “rules”. This is a preview of what America will be like if we are stupid enough to adopt a socialist/communist form of government. So, you misguided liberals, is this how you want to live? Is this what you want for your children and grandchildren? It might surprise you to learn that Hitler’s Nazis were really left wing socialists and not the right wing fascists that the socialists would like you to believe.

    • Pretty much every totalitarian government has done this usually waving the promise of some reward around to entice people to make accusations (true or not) against each other in order to receive that reward.

  2. It is Congress that needs to be snitched on. How many realize that our individual rights are being illegally removed one at a time? Wake up America.

  3. u get what u vote for democrats and u keep doing it when is this country going to wake up an find that u have a president that loves this country and is trying to make this usa the best in the world look at where all the trouble is in America its where democrats run the states they don’t care about us they want power look where we were before the virus sit your butts down and research what the truth is the media is worthless and does nothing to report the news fake news does not tell u the truth you want. we can say goodbye to this country if the democrats win and as far as the black life matters u are stupid all lives matter get the real facts on black on blacks white on blacks and then blacks on whites murder and u may be think that joe Biden can run this country u got to be kidding sit down and research all the laws he has got change the programs that has been passed the judges that have been appointed look at the facts.god bless America and all that love this country if u don’t love your country then pleasedont let the door hit you in the butt as u leave the good old usa

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