Joe Biden Gets a Pass for Meeting with Foreign Leaders

Former Vice President Joe Biden, who has already been falsely declared by the media as the president-elect, is already talking to foreign governments about his planned agenda as president, perhaps putting the United States in jeopardy and creating a national security issue.

According to Ben Rhodes, a former top foreign advisor and speechwriter for President Obama, Biden has already begun actively discussing his foreign policy agenda with foreign leaders. Is this even legal? According to Joe Biden himself, it wasn’t when he accused Michael Flynn of doing the exact same thing during the Obama transition period after President Donald Trump won his election in 2016.

Rhodes told MSNBC Monday that no matter what legal challenges Trump’s team launches; none will change the outcome. Biden will win and is already acting like the definite election winner.

“But here’s the thing. This is going to happen anyway,” Rhodes said of a presidential transition. The Trump people seem to be talking like they have some agency here. We’re going to have the pageantry already of the president-elect announcing his advisory board. He’s going to start announcing cabinet secretaries. The center of political gravity in this country and the world is shifting to Joe Biden,” he continued.

“Foreign leaders are already having phone calls with Joe Biden, talking about the agenda they’re going to pursue January 20th,” Rhodes admitted. “If that reality hasn’t sunk in yet for some people in the White House, it will sink in when they have to leave on January 20th. And they’re going to be in for a rude awakening here.”

Others, however, including President Donald Trump, think otherwise. In fact, many are questioning Rhodes’ comments and have alleged that Biden is potentially violating the Logan Act, that criminalizes unauthorized communication with foreign governments by American citizens.

The law states that:

“Any citizen of the United States, wherever he may be, who, without authority of the United States, directly or indirectly commences or carries on any correspondence or intercourse with any foreign government or any officer or agent thereof, with intent to influence the measures or conduct of any foreign government or of any officer or agent thereof, in relation to any disputes or controversies with the United States, or to defeat the measures of the United States, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than three years, or both.”

We are all familiar with the Logan Act because Michael Flynn, Trump’s first national security adviser, was accused of violating the law during the Trump transition period when he engaged in discussions with then-Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak. Those discussions came after the Obama administration-imposed sanctions on Moscow for election interference.

Ironically, it was Joe Biden who suggested that during the transition of the final days of the Obama administration that investigators should use the Logan Act to arrest Flynn. Welcome to the Democrats way of governing – hypocrisy, lies, and deceit.

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44 responses to “Joe Biden Gets a Pass for Meeting with Foreign Leaders”


    • Well we have 1 justice system for the “Clintons”, 1 for the “Obummers”, now 1 for the “Biden’s”! Well now have a “3” Tiered Justice System! Shouldn’t it be “3 Strikes Your OUT”?

  2. He thinks he is president now because of his dementia coming on. Next he will be a jailbird, but for real. If he gets in as president don’t expect to hear anymore about his favorite crooked son either. The rug will look real lumpy with all this sweeping. How crooked can this election get. We will never know full extent by any news outlets. I will never believe the media again. EVER!!!!

  3. I don’t trust any politicians or any mainstream media! The election hasn’t even been certified as of yet…. I pray for us all here in the USA & the no matter what happens ❤️

  4. Okay, great issues! Now for the real question.
    Where is John Durham with the charges to put these coupe de tate seditionists under arrest?

  5. Media should be required to report equal time to both parties.
    The truth from both parties should be presented
    Their true views
    When the media reports lies and fake news , we can go search the video of the person not being truthful or false now saying they did not say that.
    They are recorded every time they speak to the public.
    Come on we know when they are reporting false news! The media just thinks we are a bunch of idiots!
    Surprise! We are not!
    You who write for the media are the ones who have lost all integrity.
    Have you sold your soul for money or fear of losing your job or do you really go along , that it is ok to report false news
    Getting a newspaper use to be a great privilege
    Now it is what fake things are they reporting today
    What they have done to our great country with fake news is a terrible thing
    Other nations I am sure see our media for what it is they are doing.
    May GOD have mercy on our souls and bring back truth to our nation
    Truth is what will save America
    Pray for Truth to be revealed!

  6. I posted this yesterday on fb.

    Reported that Biden spoke to the Pope, the head of the Vatican GOVERNMENT, and others and they discussed climate, immigration, etc. Biden is not the certified President. The Logan Act says such discussions break the law. At this time Biden is a private citizen with no portfolio at least until the vote os certified. John Kerry did it when advising the Iranian Goverment on the deal made and not even an investigation. General Flynn was investigated for talking to the Russian ambassador before Trump was inaugurated but after investigation was found guilty of lying, not for violation of the Logan Act. BUT, Flynn WAS INVESTIGATED.
    Whether Republican or Democrat, the law is the the law. I spent 24 years defending our Constitution and congressional laws and I demand that equality must reign when people of either party break the law or my past efforts serving our nation were futile.

    • It wasnt Piglosi that owns 60% of Dominion. It is Fiensteins husband that is the majority stockholder. Piglosi husband has shares and so does the Clinton foundation. Saw last night that Special Forces raided and siezed their servers that were kept in Germany. The building they were housed in belongs to Obummers former SOD. General Something?? So now if Pres Trump has the servers then they should be able to tell when the vote rigging was initiated and by who. Also read they have been spying on the House and Senate through Dominion also. Hopefully now the heads will start to roll.

  7. Democrats had better start fleeing America especially those involved in their coup!
    America is sick and tired of their corruption and treason!
    Democrats must all be ostracized from this great country regardless of which party prevails!
    Even a blind man can see democrats are thieves murderers arsonists cheaters liars and guilty of this coup they have perpetrated for these past 12 years!
    Obama has proven you can’t educate out a black man’s tendencies to commit crimes! What a shame the black race had almost overcome prejudice and once they got a black man elected president he committed treason, now racism is back to the levels of pre civil war! Ironic isn’t it now a new civil war is here and blacks got screwed again by their conduct and the democrats throwing them under the bus yet another time!
    Now democrats have proven they no longer are credible enough to be called human!
    Pelosi owns 60 % of dominion the software used in our voting systems wow !!!
    That alone proves she and her fellow democrats have cheated in this election!
    Even had they not put an algorithm within their voting machines to change vote from trump to Biden which they did! They cheated for the speaker of the house Pelosi should never own the machines that elects her or any member of her party!
    As the truth comes out America will find democrats have been fixing elections for over 2o years and it will be uncovered Obama cheated to get elected as well as Pelosi shit nadler waters and all other democrats!
    America will discover California and New York have been robbing Americans of their votes as well!
    It’s easy to know democrats have been cheating their entire lives!
    You ask how?
    No Americans would vote for any democrat based on their behavior alone
    All Americans have see. Just this past 4 years is democrats obstructing government, committing treason , corruption and lies !
    No American would support or vote for that unless they were corrupt as well!
    Trump and most likely every republican running for senate or the house won their election!
    The only way a democrat could win anything would be to cheat! For by now no Americans can stand a democrat! Democrats are the excrement the devil poops !
    America is a country based on Religion and Freedom!
    Democrats are communist atheists without value and only support their narcissistic perversion and the devil!
    Hollywood made a porn movie with children!
    The media is owned by China and the democrats!
    Our forefathers gave their lives along with our great military to preserve America and what it stands for!
    It’s time for Americans to respect those sacrifices and obliterate democrats from their worthless existence!

  8. Biden is not a disappointment, he is a worthless 47 year politician who never has done anything but manipulate the system for personal gain. Stop and think! What has he done for the people of America? Nothing! Kamayla Harris ! What has she ever done to deserve a position as the Vice-president?
    Her only accomplishment has been causing terrorist remarks against Donald Trump. And you think these are the people to run our country! They are the beginning of the end for us the American people.This election had to be over shadowed with corruption caused by the democratic party.

  9. The American People have been duped by this “joe biden” election; he will attempt to turn this country to what Bernie Sanders and George Soros want….a nation w/NO HEART, NO FEELINGS, NO RELIGION; until WE THE PEOPLE get a gripe and REVOLT AGAINST this type of life and Living (if you want to call it that). People just do NOT want to believe this “nice guy” would do that; well I can tell you ALL …..this “NICE GUY” you voted for is the biggest liar since OBAMA came into being; and ?THAT was the BEGINNING of the end for this NATION. THE USE OF “BLM” WAS A SLOGAN TO RIAL THE BLACK POPULATION INTO ANGER….can I blame the “Black Population” ….NO I CANNOT…for years the Black Population has been put down/jailed/ ignored/lived in poverty/killed for unconscionable reasons….BECAUSE THEY WERE BLACK. THIS IS WHAT HAS LED to the people in Power currently; THIS WAS THE WEAPON THEY USED; FEEDING ON THE SITUATION OF THE “BLACK POPULATION”….”USED” is the operative word because they have NO PLANS TO CHANGE A DAMN THING….being put off; denied; forgotten about is what WILL happen per usual. WE NEED TO LOOK AT EACH “AMERICAN” AS A PERSON……”NOT A COLOR”!!!!!!!!

  10. If this is the case, why isn’t John Kerry in jail for going to Iran during the Trump administration. It was no secret and of course he was justified by the main stream media. They stated he was trying to salvage what President Trump undone for good cause may I add. He should be behind bars, and all President Trumps impeachment lies was a coup gone sour and they are still not held accountable for it. Why? This is all crazy. They were all part and they are walking around just to do more damage. Biden colluded with another country and a attorney was fired because he had the guts to investigate criminal activity. They should have been in jail already. How was Biden even able to run for President? Something has to be done here. Those in the Supreme Court that don’t see this as illegal needs to go to jail themselves. The military has every right to arrest and throw them in the jail with a bound so high they could not get out.

  11. No they will not kill him they will state he is unfit to serve due to dementia an KAMALA will be president in 6 months or less.

  12. We know the law has been broken but why do we have to wait for Durham, Wray or Barr to get off their lazy ass and do the right thing. Why do they get paid if the job is never done. We need Gomer Pyle running behind Biden screaming citizens arrest! Not every judge is in the Domrstic Terrorist Democrats pocket! They can write an order to have Biden arrested in the Logan Act! He is going to put our Country at risk and our military back in the line of fire. Not to mention he will use the taxpayers money to send cash to the Terrorist by planes as he and Obama have done before to kill our military. Thank you democrats for trying to destroy this country it’s not going to happen as long as real Americans are alive.

  13. Question? When President Trump win by default because of Dominion machines having errors, I’m guessing probably over a million dead people voting nationwide, will anything happen to people responsible? Anita19 I agree 100% with your comment. Thom18, I heard that too, Biden’s dementia will flare up so bad he’ll be hospitalized, on our dime.

  14. My sentiments exactly. Where does it start and when does it end. But Karma does come around. Hopefully sooner than later. God’s children need to hold onto their faith and pray without ceasing. HE is true and faithful. Trust in HIM and go boldly before HIM with your petitions . Do not fail, do not falter…

  15. Everything the Lie-beral DEMONocrat demons do is illegal. They ignore our laws and it’s done on such a massive scale, and we have so much corruption in our justice system, (thanks to Gorge Sorrows (George Soros)); that we have been overwhelmed. Joek Obiden and ALL the Lie-beral DEMONocrat demons should go back to where they came from…HELL !

  16. Either attorney general Wm Barr, or POTUS, should convene a grand jury, and
    press charges before the election is certified. hunter biden has been selling
    access to Joe Biden while VP and after; and will continue selling access to
    Joe, even if he is elected as President. Totally untenable and must be

  17. he should not be given access to our secrets. He is not president yet. An besides he might sell them to the people he is already talking to. He is so senile he may not keep them secret. I am sick of the hypocrisy of our nation., I love my country but I fear our government..

  18. I served this country until I physically could not, now I wonder why!. Thomas Jefferson said the country would need to be protected by blood, maybe it’s time to let the kind have the West coast as their own country and leave us alone. The list of crimes is to long to list, but start with the first admendment, how is politically correct legal? If they don’t like it here send them elsewhere, we will not change. The left only wants to copy country’s and policies that have failed

  19. I just don’t understand why whether democrat, rupublican, independent isn’t concerned about “VOTES NOT COUNTING”. Shouldn’t “everyone” be concerned about voting fraud????

  20. May God arise and defend the USA for HIS name’s sake. Let Him expose all who hate the USA and put a stop to their evil agenda in Jesus name!

  21. Illegal is illegal. Biden can’t get away with his illegal conversations with foreign governments. And I have no doubt that the Democrats orchestrated an illegal election…they had plenty of time to set that up, from the moment that Trump get elected in 2016.
    No “briefings” to the crook…and speaking of “crooks”– Hillary should not escape prosecution for her traitorous actions.
    Let’s see some muscle from those damn Republicans!

  22. The utter complicity of voter fraud and corruption/violence by the democrats have many of us thinking about abandoning the US and leaving America. We are not so great anymore when we allow the socialist democrats to brazenly take over America. Democracy for all is a thing of the past. Such utter corruption and violence will be the new norm if Biden takes office. We will become the laughingstock of the world and be ripe for our enemies to plunder our nation. Satan is running rampant among those who purport violence and corruption, furthering the demise of America. Shame on those democrats who want to win at all costs. I no longer want those subhumans in my life. And subhumans they are. They have willfully and knowingly turned their backs on God. As Christians we are taught to love everyone, turn the other cheek. Not anymore. We need to stand up for our beliefs and fight for truth and justice. May God have mercy on those Democratic souls.

  23. Don’t give up yet Bible prophecy say’s God has this and Trump is Gods chosen president . He came out of left field . GOd know what he’s doing . He has more work to be done. If he is for you who can be agaist you . God wants us to have faith in this one . He is the only President that stood up for israel. Prophecy says there will be a December surprize. Blessing everyone

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