Liberals Tout Study Claiming People Who Oppose Masks Are Sociopaths

The Times recently covered a study that “discovered” that people who don’t want to wear masks are likely to have “antisocial disorders.” What’s more, anyone who “trivializes” the risks of COVID-19 (i.e. refuses to embrace Draconian lockdowns, won’t wear masks in public parks, questions government authority to shut down small businesses, etc.) is automatically showing signs of a “dark triad of personality traits”, including Machiavellianism and psychopathy.

The study was conducted in Brazil, but eagerly covered by mainstream media outlets in the United States. Really, its just the latest effort to label anyone not hysterically worried about catching COVID-19 or passing it on to someone else as a nutjob.

While journalists are happily promoting the study’s claim, those who take a closer look will notice two glaring omissions. First of all, leading medical professionals the world over give masks mixed reviews. Some say wearing them is entirely unnecessary, while others offer nuanced guidance, noting that the time spent next to an infected person also plays a huge role in determining who will or won’t get the novel coronavirus.

The CDC pointed out early on in the pandemic that wearing a mask isn’t more important than washing hands regularly and staying home if sick. People who don’t wear masks all the time when visiting indoor facilities are not nutjobs, but often those who have done their own research and realized that wearing a mask isn’t the only way or even necessarily the best way to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Left-wing politicians who are doing everything in their power to force people to wear masks at all times don’t even abide by their own mask-wearing guidelines.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was recently caught on camera visiting a hair salon. Her mask was around her neck instead of on her face.

Just a month ago, Rep. Maxine Waters pulled her car over to harass a couple of police officers who happened to pull over a black man. Surprise, surprise — she wasn’t wearing a mask as mandated by the State of California.

Earlier this year, Virginia Governor Ralph Northam cuddled up to local beachgoers for selfie shots without wearing a mask or asking the people he took photos with to put one on. Failed Democratic presidential candidate Beto O’Rourke has been photographed jogging around town without a mask.

Will the mainstream media decry these “sociopathic” politicians? Not likely. They’re too busy targeting regular individuals who prefer not to have government nannies tell them what they can and can’t wear in public.

The idea that non-mask wearers are “sociopathic” is not just bizarre, it’s also downright dangerous. In a free nation, people should have the right to think for themselves, do their own research, and then decide how to best protect themselves and their loved ones from disease.

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12 responses to “Liberals Tout Study Claiming People Who Oppose Masks Are Sociopaths”

  1. I have written my representative,senator,governor and president about these very same things and they will tell me they agree and I have done this many times but they don’t seem to want to do anything. We as the sovereign people need to let them know everyday how disappointed we are with them in their weak efforts to serve the people they elected.

  2. ALL people do this, LOCKDOWNS or NOT . . . The bible says the HEART is DESPERATELY wicked, beyond correction – who can KNOW it?” (retranslation), and this includes ALL people, especially when someone gets ANGRY enough. What a STUPID study! People know when they are getting SCAMMED, and all these TYRANNICAL measures are SCAMS to attempt to TAKE away our GOD GIVEN rights. One Enlightened And WARY Patriot. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  3. Well then this proves it! Sociopaths have more brains then they do! Consider me a sociopath that refuses to allow you people from controlling me and taking away my personality and doing the devils work hiding the fact we are in Gods image and he wants to hide this! We will win against their plans for a hostile takeover of our country!

  4. I asked anyone will a PETS if they believe that their pets breathing the same air we human do? None wanted to debate about it! Because they were Biden SUPPORTER! But had a silly look on their face walking off! Animal still LIVING AND BREATHING THE SAME AIR WE HUMAN ARE BREATHING! SO WHY HASN’T ONE DROP DEAD? THIS IS A POLITICAL SCAM!

    • Yes it is a political scam it’s time People wake up and stop believing the lie. This is a test run for communism in America. They think we are all stupid but we are not. The demoncratic party has gotten so evil they now want to take over our country and destroy it and control all the people. But what these idiots don’t know is they think they will be the ones who control the whole world in this NWO but do you think the UN is going to allow that? The answer is no they will probably take them out once they set communism up here in America. But today the same as yesterday I do not fear these idiot traitors and tyrants you may ask why! I don’t fear this corrupt government because I have GOD ALMIGHTY on my side and that I will not let anyone take from me I bow down to no man. The only one I bow down to is the LORD CHRIST JESUS. People I ask you all to turn back to GOD and his Son this is the only way to save America power of prayer. Start reading your BIBLES and sing to GOD as he asked us to do. Do not be afraid and stand up and protect your GOD given rights. And the things he had givin you, your family. See I will fight for my rights and my country blm and anquiffa are evil communist terrorists who when caught cry like the children they are. So people stand strong get to GOD and remember always protect your family and home and your rights to live free. TRUMP 2020 MAY GOD BE WITH US ALL IN AMERICA

  5. I totally agree that this whole thing is an absolute hoax brought about by some really evil people! AND wearing masks is totally ridiculous!!! Didn’t have to do it during the Swine Flu outbreak and shouldn’t have to wear them now! Also, if they say that we are sociopaths for not wanting to wear masks that obviously Nancy Pelosi is a sociopath as they have her on camera in the salon (won’t call it a beauty salon because Nancy she is NOT a beauty.) Those calling us that don’t want to wear masks sociopaths is a joke, and if they want to see a sociopath maybe they should take a look in a mirror!

  6. Living freely as intended is a God given choice, same as those who choose to wear a mask. Nothing more nothing less. The different research shows mask as ineffective if you have ambition to even look it up. Social distancing is more effective. It is human nature to question what your being told and not act like sheep and follow blindly. Pushing an evil agenda means you need people brainwashed to believe everything they’re told, as in a cult. If I don’t interfere with your choice you don’t interfere with mine. “ You are not your brothers keeper “.
    Be safe and take extra precautions if you feel you need to but leave others alone.

  7. It is an amazingly complicated mess!!!

    But, just tell me; how complicated is it to explain the demented minds that continually harass, burn, loot, and kill innocent people . . . .

  8. People who refuse to wear a mask know it’s all BS! It Demoncrats still trying to oust President Trump. I’m retired nurse and I don’t wear a mask when out and haven’t curbed my going to public places. I’m also elderly with several health issues and still Covid free. Your chances of getting it are no higher than getting the flu(N1H1 ETC.)

  9. No masks were required during the Measles or Mumps outbreaks. Nor the Chicken Pox. Or the all the various Flu outbreaks over those decades. It wasn’t until this “Novel” virus that these Lock ups and stupid mask requirements came about. As it is, most all of us know that 95% of the so-called Covid deaths were actually the result of some underlying health issue! I agree that what this country has gone through in the past 5 to 6 months is a test to see if this country will allow itself to be converted to communism. An election is coming up folks. It is time to tell these socialist Ba—— an emphatic NO, and to vote them out of office. Not just this November, but in 2022 as well.

  10. I choose to wear a mask when I go out, but its my choice. I don’t feel the need to demand it from my fellow patriots. Now given that Pelosi and the rest of the marxist, socialist lefties demand it, yet she and the rest of the loonies don’t wear one when they are in close contact with groups of people or her hairdresser, that is hypocritical. The audacity for her to claim “setup” makes her a coward as well when the owner has a right to expect those same policies to be carried out in her salon where SHE pays rent, not Pelosi. Clearly what’s good for the goose is not good for the gander. I’m sure Pelosi is happy to have this woman lose her livelihood while she and her nephew Newsom each get a low interest million dollar loan for some finance institution and Newsom liquor store that were intended for small businesses to help get them through the covid crunch. These people are filthy rich, they don’t need these loans but they saw an opportunity and they took it. I know many politicians do that sort of thing. The only sociopaths are the leftist Democraps. If the Democrats get elected for sure it will be rigged and we can kiss what can be a better America goodbye. We don’t say perfect but better. Biden & Kamala the sorriest pair to run for office. Higher taxes, less or no police, cater to BLM and other like organizations and no back bone. Yeah!????? Last but not least Soros the (old goat) whom gets his 2 cents worth of fame by paying all these cronies a dog biscuit to do his bid. Why is he here? He hates our way of life, ” leave!!”. Disgusting that’s what they all are.

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