Mexicans Want Illegal Immigrants Deported

The previous goodwill of the Mexican people has run its course as criminals and desperately poor migrants from Central American and Africa flood the country siphoning off jobs and resources.

The lure of open borders, sanctuary cities, and perpetual welfare provided on the backs of hard-working American taxpayers has resulted in an overwhelming number of migrants traveling through Mexico. The massive caravans have exploited the Mexican government’s willingness to feed, clothe, and house migrants that are in their country illegally. The U.S. southern neighbor has now grown weary of exhausting its resources when its own people are not enjoying a standard of living even remotely similar to its northern neighbors.

A recent Op-ed sanctioned by even the left-leaning USA Today about first-hand accounts indicates that Mexican citizens are expressing the same type of displeasure as the Trump Administration over illegal immigrants.

“The sentiment was unmistakable from everyone I casually asked during my seven-day trip to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico: We need to take care of our own first,” Elvia Diaz wrote. “Sound familiar? It’s the same nationalist sentiment often heard and harshly criticized here in the United States.”

Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador is pushing to raise the country’s minimum wage by 16 percent. That would bring it to $5.10 per day, according to reports. The notion that hard-working people earning so little would have to pay for illegal immigrants and criminals passing through their country has resulted in 60 percent of Mexican citizens rejecting migrant incursions.

“There is increasing push back from (Mexican) communities and from the people who are being most affected directly by the growing number of Central Americans, and you see that on the two borders, but also along the route,” Mexico research expert Eric Olsen said. “Mexico is not well-prepared to receive potentially tens of thousands of Central Americans.”

Liberal resources such as the Washington Post have acknowledged the change in sentiment. As one would expect from a biased media outlet, it tried to negatively spin their position.

“The perception that Mexico — a country that has sent millions of its own migrants to the United States, sending billions of dollars in remittances — is sympathetic to the surge of Central Americans,” but Mexicans are “turning against the migrants,” the Washington Post stated.

Such elitist liberal reporting fails to grasp the real-life challenges of people who often do rugged manual labor just to make ends meet. Field reports coming out of Mexico where migrant caravans massed show outrage from locals.

“There’s too many people,” Mexican protester Josefina Arangure said of a 3,000-strong caravan. “We won’t be able to control it. A lot of people are going to stay and get jobs, others are just going to commit crimes.”

According to polls taken across the country, 93 percent of Mexicans are against giving illegal immigrants residency. That sentiment far exceeds the backlash over illegals in the U.S.

After the Trump Administration implemented the “safe third country” rule effectively denying asylum to migrants who pass through Mexico, upwards of 55 percent of Mexicans favored of deporting all migrants before they mass at the U.S. southern border. And, a majority support President Obrador’s move to deploy the country’s National Guard to its southern border to turn back thousands of migrants trekking north.

Even before the safe third country rule and “Remain in Mexico” policies were put into practice by the Trump Administration, only a slim percentage of asylum applicants qualified. Most are exploiting the system to get inside the U.S. and disappear with millions of other illegals. The practical application of the current rules requires asylum seekers to apply in both Guatemala and Mexico, among others, and get a negative result before asking the U.S.

Mexico’s immigration czar Francisco Garduño recently vowed to curb illegal immigration by upwards of 60 percent after receiving a mandate. He denounced what he called migrants using his country as a “trampoline” to land in the U.S. Since Mexico moved to crack down on the resource-draining thousands of migrants, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security reported a 28-percent drop in apprehensions at the border.

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