Nancy Pelosi Just Can’t Control Her Radical Caucus

In a recent “60 Minutes” interview, Speaker of the House Rep. Nancy Pelosi tried to put down Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and her allies by claiming that they make up fewer than half a dozen people. However, her dig spectacularly backfired when the interview pointed out to her that the progressive Democrat representatives in Congress number far more than five people.

Rep. Pelosi’s embarrassing gaffe led liberal icon Michael Moore to state that Rep. Pelosi’s “tired, privileged ways” were over and call for her to leave Congress and put leadership in the hands of newcomers.

The truth is that Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is a member of the Congressional Progressive Caucus, a group of nearly 100 House representatives. When this fact was pointed out, Pelosi claimed to be progressive as well. It was an odd assertion given the fact that the Speaker clearly doesn’t like these people very much.

Speaker Pelosi has mocked the Green New Deal, calling it the “Green New Dream” and patronizingly stated that it was one of many ways that the Democrat Party might try to help protect the environment. It is also no secret that Pelosi is far more interested in saving the Affordable Care Act than replacing it with Medicare for All.

It’s obvious that there is no love lost between the Speaker of the House and AOC. In recent comments to the press, Pelosi dismissively told reporters that it is far more important to have votes on the House floor than Twitter followers. It was an obvious dig at Rep. Ocasio-Cortez, who to date has nearly four million followers on Twitter.

The dismissive comment on Rep. Ocasio-Cortez and her supporters was intended to make it clear to voters that the Democratic Party is united with only a few exceptions. However, the truth is that Pelosi has made the divisions in the party far more apparent than they were before.

First of all, her comments have insulted the progressive base. Second, it gives rise to the suspicion that the Speaker doesn’t really have control over freshmen Representatives in her own party — she doesn’t even know who all of them are. Third, the 60 Minutes interview has made it clear that senior Democrat politicians still don’t have a positive view of the progressive wing of the party. While numerous Democrat presidential candidates are embracing progressive causes such as the Green New Deal, free public college tuition and Medicare for all, Democratic Party stalwarts like Pelosi aren’t interested in changing the status quo too much.

It is no secret that the Democratic Party is extremely divided, and likely to become even more so as Sen. Sanders continues to rise in the polls. Even so, Pelosi’s recent interview has done even more damage. While many progressive talking points are outlandish, unrealistic and potentially devastating for the United States should they ever become law, the fact remains that Rep. Ocasio-Cortez and her allies number more than just five people.

There are nearly 100 Democrat House representatives who officially identify as being progressive. Additionally, a growing number of Democratic senators are embracing progressive causes in the hopes of earning extra votes from far-left voters. The truth is that the progressive wing of the party is not going away — but growing.

~ Liberty Planet

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24 responses to “Nancy Pelosi Just Can’t Control Her Radical Caucus”

  1. Chaos, corruption, miss management, political miss-representation is what Pelosi, Schumer stand for, the new fresh people in congress are no better, nothing is getting done, house and Dem. Senate in disarray and confusion, what is wrong with the people of America, look to Britain, France, Canada and anywhere else, a soon to be Cal., NY, Illinois shit house is coming your way.

  2. The men are no better, but the women, it is pussycats, kittens, Hijabs, curchiffs, and intersectionality, I can understand Gillibrand is upset at the men, but you are in league with them.

  3. You women complain about sexuall miss conduct about the men in politics, but you fail to mention Bernie, Harris, Old Uncle Joe the sniffer Biden, at the debates, are you willing to tell the Sniffer of sexuall stimulation to keep his hands to himself or else.

  4. Remember Old Uncle Ambassodor Joe the Penis cock Kennedy, Teddy, and all the rest, but to the female Fitalles, I do not here a word about Big Bill the horn dog Clinton blue stain dress man. Mrs. Gillibrand, old hairey Harvey the Jew boy Weinstein go this day, when will you start your day as a serious candidate with out intersectionality.

  5. Michael Moore to state that Rep. Pelosi’s “tired, privileged ways” were over and call for her to leave Congress and put leadership in the hands of newcomers. Newcomers as in turning Congress over to muslism bitches that are Anti-American and with loving ties to TERRORUST GROUPS. This is TREASON at it worst and the people of America should be stating this to their congress personal demanding it stop or replace the congress with TRUE AMERICANS

  6. Pelosi is the example of why term limits are so important. Career politicians are not helping our county, they are just as dangerous as our advocacies. The Democrat Party isn’t the Democrat Party any more they should rename themselves the Communist Democratic Party [CDP]! Not one of them want to help our country move forward positively and do what they are paid to do. All they want to do is line their pockets and ruin our country.

  7. In reality, the Democratic Party should split off into two parties. Socialist-Progressive & Democratic. Second: Only a handful of politicians will ever agree to term limits. Perhaps if we remove their paycheck beginning with their 3rd term [allowing only expenses, an office & healthcare] that might tamp down the number who attempt to maintain a lifetime in office…people like Kennedy and Dingle seemed to think it was a lifetime mandate, handed down in the family will.

  8. Hilariously stupid promises, but that is how the destruction of Democracies have always occurred, and why the “Founding Fathers” insisted on a Republic, instead of a Democracy. But the Democrat Party has taken advantage of the American people, and have duped them into attempting to change our Republic into a Democracy, by destroying the “Electoral College” and making the election of the President & Vice President into a popular vote only.

    The Democrats have already changed the selection of US Senators to state elections, instead of state appointments by the state governments, that was mandated by the “Founding Fathers” in our US Constitution, which had always ensured state sovereignty, but that state sovereignty has now been partially destroyed by the popular vote election of those state’s US Senators.

    All this has caused the rise of socialism and communism in the USA, instead of the system that has made the USA great, capitalism and free enterprise, with the people’s property rights and individual freedoms guaranteed by a constitution, that does this by limiting the power of the federal government, and had given most governmental power to the states, by guaranteeing their sovereignty over that of an all encompassing federal government, which had kept the power in the hands of the people by making it local in the states, instead of the federal government.

    Now in order to keep their federal power over the sovereignty of the states and the lives of the American people, the Democrats are offering policies and agendas that will financially destroy the USA through the federal government’s very bad financial policies, that over-ride the common sense of the local state governments.

    What will be the cost of “Free College” for all people? Take the total debt of the “Student Loan Program” and multiply it by at least ten, which will be added to the national debt every year. What will be the cost of “Medicare” for all? Take the deficits caused by the existing Medicare program and multiply it by a thousand, and add it to the national debt every year. Then in a failed attempt to pay for these programs, the Democrats will raise taxes on the rich, corporations, and entrepreneurs by 70% to 90%, causing a real business exodus from the USA, putting tens of millions of people out of work, and moving most of our factories and businesses to foreign countries, and most of those who can’t move will go out of business through bankruptcies.

    This is what the Democrats are offering for the “Free Stuff” that they are proposing and promising, which will last no more than the two years, that it will take for these policies to destroy the US economy, US dollar, and the rights and freedoms of the American people, through the complete destruction of the US Constitution, and an oligarchy socialist or communist government taking over in order to quell the riots of the once free American people.

    So vote for the Democrats to get all your “Free Stuff”, and forget the old truthful mot that “Nothing in life is ever free, somebody always has to pay for it”, and when those somebodies escape the USA with their businesses and wealth, there won’t be anyone left to pay for the Democrats’ grandiose promises to a gullible and stupid American population.

    • They will just borrow it from China or Russia or North Kora Japan and then not repay the loan so they can RE-PO THE USA.

  9. With leadership like Pelosi, Schummer, AOC, Schiff, Tlaib, et al, why would anyone claim to be a democrat? I would be embarrassed!!! Whatever happened to the quality represented by Harry Truman?

  10. The Democratic Party is a Rubber stamp for all those Fringe Political Parties that could not have obtained any votes except by deception. That they call themselves “a Progressive Caucus” exposes that fact. The Democratic Party is committing fraud by combining those fringe Parties to deceive Americans into thinking that there is a larger number of Democrats versus other Parties. They realize that many Americans vote the Party not the candidates. Should Democrats come to their senses they will realize that a fungus has taken over their Party and intends to convert America to a Venezuela style oligarchy.

  11. If AOC is considered the leader of so called Progressives then I would suggest that what has been known as “progressive” has either been hijacked by or rather exposed as the American Communist party.

  12. She doesn’t have control over her Party, over the 3 freshwomen who are creating such cahos in the Party. I would say she should resign, but it is so much fun watching her make an idiot out of herself, especially when she sputters and stutters and can’t remember what day, month, year or even who the President is!

  13. All Your replies are the real deals for what is going on with Democrat under Pelosi, I wonder what
    they are thinking about what they doing. Remember what God told the Adam, and Eve. “You will eat the sweet
    which comes from your forehead, and you woman will labor when giving birth.” so do Pelosi is thinking?.

  14. Do you remember aoc telling us she will print all the money we need for her greenie debacle? Does she have a brain at all??

  15. As you all have likely heard, we as parents are supposed to leave this world a better place for our children, than it was in when we arrived! The way things are shaping up lately, this is looking more and more like that this is going to be highly unlikely. It’s probably not going to affect me all that much, as I will be turning 85 yrs. old in June, but some of my children and all my grandchildren will have to pay a heavy price for the way the world ls in then! It seems like some of our Senators and Congress people are trying to do what’s right, while some of them just don’t seem to care. The rest of them are trying their very best to make the USA a communist controlled, third world type of nation. So sad! By the way, we do at least nave a President that is trying his very best to pull this country back together and MAKE ANERICA GREAT AGAIN! Thank God for that!!!!!

  16. What we see happening in this country, and the world for that matter, is just the sign of the times as mentioned in the Bible. It boils down to, Good vs Evil … God vs Satan. Compared to what’s coming down the pike from the far left of the Democratic Party, Nancy and Chuck will look like all American, God fearing church people. … But big changes are coming in this world. The Bible speaks of the return of Jesus Christ for those that believe in Him. Actually removed from this world. I would suggest that for those of you that don’t believe this, get the movie “Left behind” and post it where you can see it. It will give you an idea of what is going to happen and how this world will be until the Second coming of Jesus Christ and the setting up of His new world government. These aren’t my words, I didn’t just make this stuff up. This was written in the Bible many centuries ago. … Yes, we should be concerned about what happening in this country. We should vote for the God fearing politicians. We should work to make life better for our fellow man, but above all, we should get our own house in order. The Bible teaches that only the people that believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and in His words will be saved. Exciting times are a head for believers, others, proceed at your own risk but please, don’t be “Left behind”. …

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