Nationally-Ranked University Offers Course on “How to Overthrow the State”

Far-left colleges and universities have offered a range of ridiculous course options over the last few years. However, Washington and Lee University’s move to offer a course titled “Overthrow the State” marks a new low.

The course can be found listed on the Washington and Lee University website. As for the contents, it’s what one would expect from a far-left radical program. Students in the course are supposed to imagine themselves as the head of a revolutionary movement attempting to overthrow an existing government to forge a better society. After they’re done fantasizing, students are assigned tasks such as writing up a manifesto and creating an essay on how to rewrite history and “confront memory”, whatever that means.

It’s hard to imagine how a university could think that a course like this is a good idea. How is a “future revolutionary” going to find a job upon graduation? True, there are plenty of rioters he or she could join, but rioting isn’t a professional career.

Does the course bother to point out that overthrowing a sitting government involves a lot of bloodshed? The Russian Revolution, the Communist takeover of China, the French Revolution, and Castro’s insurrection in Cuba all resulted in mass death — even after the state was seized.

What happens to people who won’t go along with rewritten history? After all, there will always be people who prefer things the way they were. What about basic First Amendment rights such as free speech, freedom of religion, freedom of association, and freedom of the press? Portland protestors are already blocking journalists from filming protests; what happens if these wannabe revolutionaries gain power and control the entire nation?

The course states that it will cover Mahatma Gandhi, a non-violent Indian leader who led India to freedom while simultaneously urging his followers to treat British officials with respect. Will the would-be revolutionaries even bother listening?

Teaching young people how to overthrow a government is, to put it mildly, an extremely bad idea at a time when tensions are already high as they are. The mainstream media is essentially green lighting blatant lawlessness in places like Portland. One has to wonder if those who designed the course are really totally clueless, or actually attempting to start a bloody revolution that could destabilize the entire nation.

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34 responses to “Nationally-Ranked University Offers Course on “How to Overthrow the State””

    • Washington and Lee University was a FINE Institution I am in shock that the Unversity offeres such a course. If I would have to make a decision to what Universiity to send my child, it sadly would NOT BE Washington and Lee University today. There are many important courses to offer but cerainly NOt one on how to overthrow the

  1. Must balance this with courses on Civic Duty; Love of God, Country and Family; All Lives Matter; The Necessity for Law Enforcement and the Basics of Policing; The Free Market System and Why Slavery Has No Place In It; The Ugly Face of Victimhood And Welfare: Slavery V2.

    It’s a free country after all.

    • “It’s a free country after all” We would like to love to STILL believe this, wouldn’t we? But i can guarantee you, not one of the courses you mentioned would never even be considered because of how leftist have taken over our entire education system !From Kindergarten and up….
      Day by day I am watching our great nation, and all it once stood for, disappear before my very eyes!! And we seem helpless to stop it..

    • Toto Mortel: Yes; it is a free country [so far], but, with that, also comes the responsibility to thwart any form of Communism [Socialism, Fascism, Marxism,etc] and PROTECT our Judeo/Christian form of living; that includes Supporting Capitalism and freedom of religion, that have made our country great!
      This “University” CANNOT continue to poison the minds of our youth with courses such as this one. I would think that this should be considered subversion, at the least.

  2. Just when you think it couldn’t get any worse, here’s comes ANOTHER story how doomed the next generation and our great nation is! And just who are teaching these courses? Members of the BLM and Antifa??? Heaven help us all!!

  3. Professors teach socialism as if it was some utopian ideal. We need to audit virtually all social science classes in colleges and high schools for this terrible trend. Socialism has never worked. Check with Europe. While they have some socialistic programs, they will tell you it doesn’t work. Greece, Spain and Venezuela are the best examples of socialism. All bankrupt.

  4. It’s unfortunate that kids are afraid of a failing grade if they don’t cheer on the instructor and course matter. Parents need to educate their children of such things and to let them know it’s ok to drop a class like that.The school may argue that it is a course that “ open the mind.” In reality though it is an attempt at indoctrination Of evil.

  5. Welcome to the soon to be shit hole lib Commie China pedophile 3rd World Cntry if Dems racist puppet Biden and (biden crime bill 1993) Chameleon Kamala(plays a black or Indian when it’s convenient), steal the election thru voter fraud (we must insist on
    voter I’d). I hope you’ll know that his VP pick will actually be president and senile Sniff your hair Biden will be put out to pasture! You know the the game plan, retire the Senile Biden and replace with VP. Globalist Soros and his minions the Deep S. NAZI Commie Satanist lib party corrupted to the core, MSM Fake news, Antifa, BLM, CIA, FBI, Activist Judges, SJW, Hollywood Rats, Twitter,Facebook,YouTube, All the useful idiots, treasonous RINOs are responsible for this rioting, looting and destruction throughout the cntry. This treasonous act should not go unpunished! It’s about time these Deep S. rats are held accountable! Patriots,we need to save the US from turning into another Commie shit hole just like all the other lib run states!

    • Brenda: Yes!!! And it must be stopped. I am not aware of this university, but if it receives ANY government support, that must cease NOW!

  6. The course is not a requirement to graduate or obtain a degree. The students should just not sign up for it, but they’ve already been indoctrinated in high school, or even junior high, to believe America and capitalism are bad… well if things are so bad here, why do they stay? They can go live in Venezuela or Cuba. Don’t they know their cushy lifestyle is because they live in freedom and a capitalist country? How stupid can ‘educated’ people be?

  7. The leaders of these universities AND the PROFESSORS teaching this should be sent to FEDERAL PRISON to serve as LENGTHY SENTENCE for SEDITION and TREASON as per the U.S. Constitution. This is HIGHLY ILLEGAL. One Enlightened and WARY Patriot sounding THE Alarm. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  8. It is both: the people who “designed” the course ARE clueless about what is really important and ARE actually attempting to start a bloody revolution that will destabilize the entire nation. It is intentional because the Lie-beral DEMONocrats are counterfeit Americans and have crossed over to the dark side and have went off the deep end. Realize that globalists, communists, marxists, antifa, kkk, Lie-beral DEMONocrats, the “education” system, bankers, and mainstream media are of the same syndicate. Their Pied-Piper is the evil spirit.

  9. My mother used to say about 60 years ago that there is nothing worse than an educated fool! Looks like Washington and Lee are hoping on producing a whole bunch of such fools. It would be better to just close the place down. Difficult times always bring out the worse ideas imaginable. Doug

  10. If the course is basically historical, that is one thing. Otherwise, I find it difficult that anyone (probably a parent) would pay for this kind of propaganda hogwash!

  11. These professor are they AMERICANS CITIZEN? If not they need to be removed and send back to the country they came from! We don’t need anything from a SOCIALIST COUNTRY in our! They can’t follow the laws here then leave! No university shall be teaching stuff that doesn’t belong in our COUNTRY! Washington and Lee need to LOSE THEIR FEDERAL FUNDS MONEY!

  12. The President is starting to act by defunding schools that are teaching Project 1619. The people need to be alerted to the indoctrination of our children. Local, state Reps need to speak out more to isolate these universities from our children.

  13. “Students in the course are supposed to imagine themselves as the head of a revolutionary movement attempting to overthrow an existing government to forge a better society.”
    What makes them think it would be a better society? If they already know everything, why are they students?

  14. The dogs know exactly what they are doing. They should be charged with insurrection, if not treason. Of course the slithering snakes will say it is only an academic exercise, but anyone with a functioning brain knows their slimy motive.

  15. Typical libtard dogma. These professors are talking to students that are clueless on geography and their countries history. Federal funds need to be chopped to these schools of lower living.

  16. call Congress and tell them no money is to be given to Universities/schools that advocate overthrow of our way of life. 202-224-3121. Whitehouse switchboard.

    • I just checked the University page and this article is way out of line. This is as bad as the Democrats are doing with the twisting of the narrative. I hope people read my rebuttal. Here is the name of the class on the website: How about that…teaching history. This writer should be reprimanded.

      How to Overthrow the State: Historical Lessons from the Global South” — one of 15 introductory writing sections offered on a wide variety of topics this Fall Term — was distorted, sensationalized, and turned into political fodder on blogs, television, and social media.

      • What’s not to understand? How to Overthrow the State. Is that someone else’s State, or our United States? You tell me….

        Instead of defunding the police, we should be defunding public education. It is so infested with leftists, maxists, progressives, socialists, whatever you want to call them. They are communists. It’s time to turn our education dollars over to private charter schools.

  17. Overthrow a state?
    Why? For what purpose?
    Legally? Or violently for treasonist reasons?

    South American style Incorporated into North America.
    This is A revolutionary tactic from the USA “history” they want to abolish!!!
    The “South America” natives want to be like “OUR” ancestors in the Southern United States.
    Only there’s no Abraham Lincoln down there.
    Dictatorship & Slavery all over again
    So VOTE to go back in time 2020 HR.

  18. Federally defunding will not stop the” beggers ” ,

    ie: Non-profit org & or go fund me abuses.
    ✓ the tax statements, just because BBB before, not now. 501(c)(3) means 2% of your “total” income donated can be deducted, not not $10-20.00 here or there.

    That’s only one reason for “tax breaks” “credit” etc. Corporations (Groups) not individuals.

  19. In other “news” Breaking: Liberal journalist has problem with Sweeden Laws about prostitution,
    Rewording narrative to include rape.
    Prostitution is legal in Sweeden to prevent the spread of “AIDS” which the journalist didn’t research or Report about.
    Just like a politician running for office, I have to take a week to research that for my answer was a response.

  20. It sounds like they are teaching Alinsky’s “Rules For Radicals”. Alinsky was one of Obama’s favorite professors.

    Obama was using the above mentioned booklet as if it was a cookbook while he was in office. Rule #1: create a national healthcare system to make the citizens slaves to the government.

    Everyone needs to read this booklet.

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