Obama Jumps Back into the Spotlight to Promote Race-Baiting Book

The establishment media spent eight years protecting former President Barack Obama — because if everyday Americans knew how he really felt about you, he’d never hold political office.

Excerpts from his memoir called “A Promised Land” paint a portrait of a man who hates America and believes others are as bigoted as the former “community organizer” who was elected to the highest office in the land.

“It was as if my very presence in the White House had triggered a deep-seated panic, a sense that the natural order had been disrupted,” Obama states in his race-baiting book. He then tries to attribute President Donald Trump’s 2016 election to racism. He states that Trump “promised an elixir for the racial anxiety” of “millions of Americans spooked by a black man in the White House.”

Obama conveniently sidesteps the fact that millions of White Americans voted for him, twice. Without support from the country’s diverse population, he couldn’t get elected to the U.S. Senate, Presidency, or even dog catcher for that matter. The liberal media was wise to cover his tracks and not divulge the fact that Obama was the first president to hate the country and its people. “A Promised Land” reverts to wide-reaching racial attacks on conservatives who do not share his political views.

“Through (Sarah) Palin, it seemed as if the dark spirits that had long been lurking on the edges of the modern Republican Party – xenophobia, anti-intellectualism, paranoid conspiracy theories, an antipathy toward black and brown folks – were finding their way to centre stage,” Obama wrote.

Although this is much the same drivel coming out of Hillary Clinton’s mouth on a daily basis, Obama doesn’t just despise conservatives. Saying a Black president “spooked” millions makes it abundantly clear that Obama harbors a deep-seated prejudice against White Americans. Many recall the words of former First Lady Michelle Obama saying that she had never been proud of America, at least until her husband became president. Apparently, the Democrats are proud no longer.

Prominent Black political voices are already pushing back on Obama’s recent attempt to create racial division. Candace Owens — a popular African-America political commentator and BLEXIT movement leader — lambasted the racist book and the bigoted, anti-American agenda during Obama’s two terms.

“It felt like we finally had arrived at a place in this country where we could put the past in the past. Barack Obama became the president of the United States because White Americans supported him. And rather than show some unity, rather than show some respect for this country that gave him literally everything he has, he turns his back … and says, ‘Look at this despicable country. It’s broken,’” Owens said. “He is the first president that has ever sat in the White House and come out … hating America.”

Democrats and their colleagues in the liberal media continue to perpetrate the lie of systematic racism in America. The first Black president indicts himself — not America — with his race-baiting book. It’s clear in Obama’s latest narrative that he’s a bigoted outlier who was unworthy of the Oval Office.

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84 responses to “Obama Jumps Back into the Spotlight to Promote Race-Baiting Book”

  1. Obama and his wife need to take a trip to a desert island far away from the United States. We don’t need anymore your bull-crap. We don’t need you anymore,GET A LIFE THE BOTH OF YOU SO WE CAN ENJOY OUR LIFE FOR ONCE WITHOUT YOU!!!!!!

    • The opportunity for Obama to have impacted positive change for the African American community as well as Hispanic and Asian and others was & should have happened from the beginning of his time in office. 8 years of service we had wars, Iran deal funding terrorists, Benghazi under his watch. He did have the support of the people, we didn’t know much about him, but we wanted fresh ideas and good leadership to later find out he hated America then later billions to a country who chants “Death to America”. We’ve heard what he has said. Baiting for racial divide is not and will never be what this country needs. Our people as a whole and country need to heal from politically induced wounds. We are tired that a few elitist think they have the magic wand to run the people of this country. This is why we choose a government for the people by the people. Small government is what we need. Less Pelosi, Schumer and the like. They must do their job and realize they are paid by the people. They must get their self importance out of the way as it’s causing diminished productivity.


      • This jerk is not a black man ..He is a mulatto. We haven’t had a black man as President yet. All he is a trained traitor since he was 18.He was supposed to ruin this country .. And if he hadn’t been so involved with giving a trillion dollars to terrorist countries. Who gave him back billions as kickbacks. He would have succeeded … He shouldn’t be allowed to even live in the US he is such a treasonous traitor … The dimwit democrats aren’t voting for Biden or the evil witch ..Joe will do what ever Obama says .. Obama rules the Democrat party …. He, Soros and Bill Gates are the ones who brought the virus from WAHUN CHINA into the US in December 2019 … First to. Make trouble for Trump who has did a great job all by himself …He got doctors and scientists on THIS virus in just a few days .. Even Obama couldn’t have did this… .Kick them put of the country. Or execute them ..One.or the other …..i don’t care. They deserve.it …

      • It is beyond me why this Ass Hole is still around. Why are people even writing about this racist pig! Yes he hated America and so this his Ugly wife!
        If all liberals had doe their homework back in 2008 he would not have been President! and the same thing has happened with Beijing Biden! No one did their homework and so many just wanted a woman to be VP! Nevertheless she was a Black Woman but a very sick Black Woman. Clinton was a very sick White Woman, and that is why we did not vote for her. Trump was our savior and we did not know how much he was saving us form, until Biden and the Whore of Babylon came into the picture, AOC, Omar, and the rest of the Swamp and Squad were so visible. You liberals, I hope you are satisfied, you mentsl midgets!

        • If he only knew what people REALLY think of him, his big ears would turn red. This guy has certain clueless people snowed. He is a Legend in his own mind. I can’t stand the sight of him. He is the WORST President this country ever had. He spent 8 years selling the American People out. He spied on Trump and is getting away with it. He has that smug, condescending stupid look on his face. his wife is just a big phony like him. I also think that he was NOT even born in the USA

    • IF bo & hilary were prosecuted & executed for their treasonous law violations for past 12+ years there would now be 98% less problems that destroy U.S. Constitutional Freedom & Rights ! For sure no dem leaders commie attacks on U.S. Liberty !

    • I agree 100%. Obama spent 8 years expanding his race baiting and creating a breech between citizens and police, which escalated during his 8 years in office. He pandered to Iran, pushed Obamacare knowing it was a scam , lost more Americans in the war than any other President, claimed he destroyed Isis ( a lie), and was responsible for Benghazi. He created 65,000,000 unemployed and left black Americans 40% worse off economically, than when he took office and promised amnesty to millions of illegals. I’m sure I forgot some of his failings, but he was the worst President we have had, at least during my lifetime, and he and Michelle should get out of our lives. Now we have Biden and Harris, who are nothing but an extension of Obuma. God Save Us.

    • Thanks, Ross, well said. He should have been jailed as a traitor by letting Clinton remove classified info from a secure location to mysteriously disappear, and the Ben Gazi incident where he tried to sacrifice 142 American citizens to Allah.

    • Both are traitors & bo is a questionable U.S. Citizen but for sure his 78 U.S. law violations are crime facts in 8 years of deceit !

  2. This race baiting anti-American commie is the reason for the divide in this country and he should be brought up on charges.

  3. The worst president we ever had should go away with Hilary . I can’t stand them any more. They are both self serving , America is better off without them.

    • Does this racist forget that when he was in college he liked entertaining older white men. That michael let his junk show on ellen when he was dancing. No information regarding kids which we adopted. His membership at ‘down low club’ that he & rham attended. It was a gay club for men of reverend wright. What a POS this President was. Worst in history!!!

      • Whoa, where did you get this? A first on the actions described in your comment. More people need to know, what is your source, please.

        • Where have you and linda been? this stuff has been circulating around for quite a few years, I assumed many people knew this, but his fans don’t care and probably wouldn’t believe it anyway.

        • If you are one who listens to Leftist owned media, they’ll have you believing that Obama is the Messiah.
          You’ve had blinders on, he is a traitor and terrorist! I believe that he was placed into office.
          His goal was and continues to be The Shadow Government, in which he is destroying America. He is a Muslim Marxist Infiltrator and creator of BLM. I hope that you realize that BLM has nothing to do with black lives, but is a MARXIST TERRORIST ORGANIZATION.
          The man is a demon host.

  4. If I was given a copy I would put it my bird cage. He was the WORSE president a country could ever have. His book is probably all LIES. He needs to keep his big mouth shut. I don’t like liars.

  5. The last sentence says it all-Obozo is a bigoted outlier who was unworthy of the Oval Office and also a very incompetent person who was way in over his head in his abilities.

  6. Sexually curious george and his tranny were the worst thing that the cia ever planted.
    I dont believe for one split second that that racist piece of garbage was ever legally elected to the seat that he never deserved.
    I live in SW Michigan and knew what he was about since the 90s.
    He was nothing more than a drug addled sissy with a big, hateful mouth.
    When they announced he and big mike were running, I knew exactly what was going to happen.
    New decks of race cards were being printed by the millions just for them.
    they need to be jettisoned into space

  7. the obamas are dirtbag traitors to America; b.o. was sponsored by soros and $10 million to obtain a degree from harvard; and after screwing the citizens for 8 years he somehow left the W.H. with a personal wealth increase of $40 Million….how does one accomplish that on a $450 K annual salary….by selling out America

    • He actually was worth well over a. Few billion .. He was getting 40 snd 50 million back when he would give a TERRORIST country. Over a billion dollars !! just like Pelosi does !! He has / had. Accounts in the Caymens and Spain …
      . Obama gave Iran 160 billion dollars over his term. Then his last week in office he gave Iran another 1.6 billion in CASH !!!!
      .Flew it over there late at night .. .. congress said they don’t know where he got the.money because congress never. Approved it .. He wanted to break us financially .. If Biden gets in Obama has gave him the plan on how to financially ruin us .. In just a couple.of years they will try and.put us in the NWO then in the 4th year They plan on selling us to CHINA ..They will have big monies in their pockets coming in to them for two generations … We will have 5 Chinese for every. US citizens .. We will be their slaves .. I don’t know where to go to get out of here …


  9. Berry Sortof is being stroked and mocked in case he can’t figure that out. If I was in dire need of bathroom tissue his book would take a backseat to corn cobs.

  10. Barack Obama is about the last person that I would consider suitable for Congress or any other position of value! He is a bigotted, anti-semitic, hateful man and should be altogether removed from any position in Congress or any other similar position

  11. Obama was the least qualified president ever he got voted in on the colour of his skin because most of the other people voting forum were so stupid they thought that he was really gonna help him Biggest problem as you still got his dumbass involved in politics where he was never qualified to be. He and his wife are the 2 trashiest pieces of shit ever being net property at 16:00 Pennsylvania Avenue

  12. More oral butt-gas from the most arrogant, pompous, pusillanimous, peacock of a president, this country has ever had the misfortune of knowing! If the morons who voted for him & the butt-licking press had bothered to find out just exactly what this idiot meant by ‘fundamental transformation”, they might have seen he is nothing more than a card- carrying communist! Remember, America, when a “progressive” tells you anything, think 180 degrees opposite & you’ll have the truth. Rick

  13. Phuck you Obama! Black people are not the stupid sheeple you think they are.
    They are waking up and realizing they have been lied to for decades by the democratic scum!

  14. He didn’t do anything for his people, and stole money from the American People. His partner in crime taught him well that would be Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton.

  15. Wow! I found the treasure trove. I absolutely agree 100% with all of the statements made. If the illegal alien had been jailed with Clinton 4 years ago for his corruption and treason to the nation we wouldn’t be in this election mess. In CA. the black communities hated him because he condones bad behavior and the obvious response by law enforcement.

  16. Obama and His Big A– wife, should go to Nigeria, Never to return, I have had 8 years of his Bull s— We cannot take it anymore, All former Presidents after terms left many to not be heard from again, He wants to destroy America Further than he has already, He has us down on our knees now, His # 2 Man is going to run our faces into the ground along with out American way of life, Socialism in hanging over our heads, Obama is there to give it a big push, Along with his hates the White Man Wife, I am an 82 year old Vet, Been around and thru Hell, But I am not prepared to sit around and watch Obama, Biden, Harris Drag us thru the Mud again, What will happen ?? Only God Knows, But we must see the end of this Trio, SOON ! We cannot live thru four years of this again, All our forefathers fought so hard for is going down the drain

  17. Who goes to Japan and apologizes to them when Japan bombed Hawaii on 7- December – 1941 first? Answer = Obimbo
    Who goes to Vietnam, to the Ho Chi Min Trail and lifts the Ban of weapons that Vietnam can now buy from the United States? Answer = Obimbo
    What a waist. And his Wife is the Ugliest Witch of all the world. She has so much makeup on her that everybody’s afraid to look at her when she gets up in the morning and when she goes to bed. And she buys all his and her and her daughters clothes at the Goodwill Stores.

  18. I first noticed that our country was changing and not for the better when he started his first term. Major divider period and he is the one who started the cops are bad crap. I wonder if he really was elected, especially the second term as dems have long been known to cheat. And no, race has nothing to do with it! Benghazi really was the final straw for me!

  19. He should not be aloud in the White house, to do what what he did his best for 8 Friggin years. Trash America. He sucks and so does Michelle or who ever it is!

  20. BHO is a disgusting intellectual who spent his years through college under the influence of alcohol and drugs. Never getting his finger nails dirty, he then became a community organizer spewing his radical socialist ideas to desparate people that had been held down by the Democrat party. He fooled his party to elect him POTUS twice. He’s now rich and loves to blame the minority plight on white people

  21. he is nothing more that a attention street whore politician , best thing to do is IGNORE his demo-communist rhetoric and never take your EYE off of him and the crowd he hangs with , they to are out to put RUIN to the USA , and only for their own good. He and if wife are FRAUDS and CORRUPT. They need a CEASE and DESIST COURT ORDER.

  22. Obama is the most devious, destructive, and divisive person in our country. We need to ignore his brilliant rhetoric and stop listening to his empty speeches and preaching. He manipulates for his own purpose – and always will. America gave him the opportunity of a lifetime, and he used it to divide the people. Reject this fraud.

  23. You all are sooo right. What a f**k up he is/was/will ALWAYS be aling withbugly, big ass wife. BUT…. remember. HE HAS TO FACE GOD in the final hours and last days…. THAT WILL BE GLAD TIDINGS OF JOY TO SEE HIM SENT TO HELL WITH BIDEN, CROOKED HIL AND KAMALA. PRAISE JESUS….

  24. Candace nailed the description of Obama, dispicable creature. Putting down white people when he’s half white, definitely a Racist.

  25. God is using this time to bring out all the corruption in our government. So it is no surprise Obama has poked his head out!! This will come to an end and it won’t be the greatness that the communist democrats are looking for. They have sure made their corruption known already. All of the things Biden and his family have done that would otherwise be treason in this country everyone that charged Pres. Trump for that he never did they are turning a blind eye to with Biden and everything has already been proven. Even his quid pro quo that he was so proud of to the media why has no one jumped on this? We need to start impeachment right now so if he is sworn in we can move forward with it. We pay his salary so we have the right to fire his ass and all that are corrupt in our government. We are not paying for corruption I’m Not!!!!!!!!!!

  26. Between now and 2024, Obama and his CO- conspirators have much more destruction planned for the country and the enslavement of the entire world population under global communism as their agenda is rolled out to full fruition.

  27. We MUST DO SOMETHING NOW!! Biden, Harris, and Pelosi CANNOT be allowed to sell our country out to China! I can’t believe what corruption has taken our country, from the media, to all of the judges dismissing the charges of voter fraud, to all of the democrats making millions selling out our country. Clintons and Obamas are traitors and should be executed! Obama is gay and ugly Michelle is actually a man. What a disgrace that they inhabited our White House! President Trump was our last chance at taking back our country and the corruption will win is we don’t do something NOW!!

  28. Obama’s plan is coming to fruition now. His “ stooges”,Biden and Harris are the Trojan horses to get him back in power! They do as HE says, HE is running the show! This has been a planned coup since BEFORE he left office, the hammer/ scorecard program was used to get him elected by changing votes, so—- he stold two elections! He is beyond evil, and big mike protects him as a bodyguard! They are SO fake it is nauseating! His arrogance, condescension, perverse sense of entitlement are truly disgusting! They hate President Trump because he knows who and what they are. Michelle can’t stand the fact that melania Trump is beautiful, smart, classy, well educated, a real LADY, where as Michelle is a wanna be! One is a pig( moochelle) one is a fine woman( melania) and that chaps moochelle’s backside to no end! She can’t compare to melania, because she is a fake! They should both be sent back to Kenya, where they belong! They are not Americans! God save President Trump, God Dave America!!!

  29. We all Americans people, we the people’s , we all know the truth, why aren’t we doing anything to left nut drinker , we just let the left nut do or say anything they want ?

  30. Band the left nut Sorrow out the USA for good, like England and other countries, then you will see the left nut sinker fall down . It time to do it and do it right ! If a poison snake come to you cut the head off and chop to pieces !!!!!

  31. Ugh this puke and wife? Do not belong anywhere near our government. They are corrupt traitors who hate america, are backed by old corrupt Soros and his billions. All should be in prison along with the treasonous Clinton’s who tried to dismantle Trump for 4 yrs. We need to get rid of all of them including Mr dementia et al!

  32. AFTER….. LOOKING DOWN at All the Comments….. GOOD ON ALL OF YOU.!!!! I couldn’t have said any of those Comments before mine (Here) any Better. All of You Above Me Are TRULY and SURELY – Good and Faithful AMERICANS, who have their STUFF TOGETHER.!!!! Again – Good On All of You and Sure Glad to Keep Seeing Comments of the Like, due to they do Tell the Darn Truth about the “MISERABLE OBAMA’s” …… Hated them back then and still hate them – NOW.!!! I wouldn’t even send them to a Deserted Island – that is Too Good for THEM – TWO.!!!! I would only want to see them….. Fall Off the Face of this Planet and then they would be Gone Forever.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So, Sick and Tired of Seeing Their Names ….. Seeing News Articles on Them……. IF, the News Organizations – Had ANY KIND OF SENSE….They would STOP printing any articles about them…. But, then the News People don’t have Any Sense – Either.!!!!!!!!!

  33. Many white folks voted for Obama. Obama , is a racist. Obama left the world on fire. Trump came in and put the fires out. I refer to Obama as the ” boy king”

  34. Qbama=Rev. Wright=Al Sharpton. Until people wake up and seriously start to listen and analyze what these race baiters are saying and trying to accomplish, we are headed for destruction of the country. It’s our choice – choose wisely.

  35. What has Obama done for the black community? All that show is the same thing happened in Africa! Divide it! The book of his father was a book of HATE FOR AMERICA! Even his father family said he was a LIAR AND A PHONY! We all know that the DEMOCRAT BROKEN ALL THE RULE ON WHO CAN HOLD THE PRESIDENT SEAT OR VICE PRESIDENT SEAT! Only to see COWARD IN THE REPUBLICAN PARTY IN STANDING UP AGAINST IT! Because Obama was a black gay man! I for one don’t believe anyone is a JESUS FOLLOWER WHO VOTED FOR HIM! OR ANY DEMOCRAT! It plain and simple in the BIBLE you are breaking the LAWS of GOD which is the TEN COMMANDMENT! No I am not judging you! You are being judge by the higher calling everyday! There is no need to blame other people for the choice you make in life! Because if you were not self centered you would open your mind. I have heard from people in their thirty and forty who claims their mother or grandmother say the DEMONCRAT PARTY IS THE AMERICA PARTY! WELL TODAY IT NOT! It more of a SOCIALIST and COMMUNIST party! Doesn’t take a fifth grader to understand what they are doing to the country! Obama only credit is he should be the first president executed by FIRING SQUAD! Helping the enemy aganist our country. The FOUNDING FATHERS would already put a bullet in his head!

  36. Obama has a silver tongue and fooled half of Americans to believe by putting a fake black man in our highest office would heal some old wounds. It is sad that there were so many great black men who love and respect our Country did not run against this Marxist silver tongue liar. there is an old saying “YOU CAN FOOL SOME OF THE PEOPLE SOME OF THE TIME BUT YOU CANNOT FOOL ALL THE PEOPLE ALL THE TIME”. OBAMA will go down in history as the worst President in American history when all he did to hurt our Great Country is revealed. Obama is truly the MANCHURIAN PRESIDENT who banked on the fact most Americans were just too busy working & raising their families to research who Obama really was and what he believed in. Most Americans did not think about Why would Obama have his College records sealed after attending his first college and WHY did he &
    Michele quickly leave the church he attended for many years run by a very hateful raciest black man. Obama left because he was very aware that if it was exposed that the hate that was preached in that so called church would ruin his chances of becoming President. Why did it take almost 3 years to produce a birth certificate that any AMERICAN could produce in a few days or a week? The one thing Obama is excellent at is fooling much of the American public about is his relationships with George Soros and his son Eric and their billions. Why Soros is allowed to live in our country is a mystery when he is not allowed to live in in a few others where he and his Marxist behavior and money has caused problems. Obama is still fooling much of America of who he really is but we can only hope History will show how much he hurt the Country true Americans respect and LOVE and are working hard to make better everyday.


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