Poll: 1 in 4 Americans Think People Should be FIRED Over Political Beliefs

A scary new poll by the Cato Institute and YouGov discovered that nearly one in four Americans believe that one’s employability should hinge on that person’s political beliefs.

According to respondents in the poll, a person who opts to donate his or her own hard-earned cash to the “wrong” political party should be fired. The findings come even as some individuals have lost their jobs for making politically incorrect comments on personal social media pages.

Just in case these stats seem a little far-fetched, consider the real life examples we’ve seen very recently.

Justin Kucera, a popular teacher at Walled Lake Western High School, was given a choice between resigning and being fired after school officials discovered he used his personal Twitter account to retweet President Trump’s call for reopening schools. WizKids ended its business relationship with game board designer Robert Burke because he made a Facebook post encouraging people to stay at a healthy weight, pray to God, respect the flag, and trust the police.

Unfortunately, “cancel culture” has been around for some time. What is new is the growing support for the movement and the ease with which a person can lose his or her job. What’s equally terrifying is the fact that many people, instead of fighting to retain their basic First Amendment rights, are simply changing the way they operate to hide their feelings and beliefs from others.

The poll found that a whopping 77% of Republicans and 59% of independent voters have political opinions that they are afraid to share in a public setting. Not surprisingly, it is mainly young people who are eager to get people fired for supporting the wrong ideas. This sets the stage for a pretty bleak future for the First Amendment.

Conservatives have felt for some time that they are being targeted by virulent liberal activists who are eager to stamp out any traces of conservative thought. The recent YouGov/Cato Institute Poll makes it clear that there is indeed widespread support for this sort of targeted discrimination.

While a Cambridge University professor was recently promoted after stating on Twitter that “white lives don’t matter,” conservatives or even moderate liberals are in danger of losing their livelihoods for saying that the current president is indeed “our president” — and being obese isn’t a healthy lifestyle choice.

Featured Image by Larissa Puro/USC Institute for Global Health

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31 responses to “Poll: 1 in 4 Americans Think People Should be FIRED Over Political Beliefs”

  1. Well this polling is only strongly requesting liberal voting participations

    because I know this polling isn’t being given the US Republican voters

    ❤CHRISTrumPence and all their US TRUMPlican Lawmakers US2020Reelected Landslide
    Amen & Amen❤

  2. I am very opinionated on politics but NOBODY
    should lose their job because of their political
    stance as long as there is no violence involved
    Conservatives are not the ones who think you
    should lose your job.

  3. To “quote” someone famous and informed: “I may disagree with what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.”

  4. Just another stupid liberal who thinks conservatives can’t see through their ass-n-nine antics and fake opinion polls. Dear God these people have no fuk-n- clue as to what is happening all around them. A lot of this stems from the people we are going to leave this country to. IDIOT MILLENNIALS

  5. Another asinine thing democrats/liberals do to silence Republicans/conservatives. No one should be allowed to do that, it is discrimination! Of course, that doesn’t matter to these people!

  6. Complet and total takeover of the by the Socialist Anti-Americans, so her what you do: After telling these Idoitic morons to go to hell;
    1. Remover all children from these Anti-socialistic schools that push QUEERS and TRANSSEXUAL TEACHING AND SEX CHANGE FIR CHILDREN.

  7. Please remember, we still have freedom of speech, so stand with President Trump and pray for courage.If you lose your job, when standing for President Trump, then take it to court, against prejudice.Americans still have the right to defend themselves and their beliefs. Our nation needs to know that America is at a crossroads, in which, Biden is the hope for the Socialist Utopia. However, as you look around at the destruction, they are causing in America, the reality is, that it is violent and dangerous. It is the pattern in Islamic or Socialist nations, that we’ve seen before. The Socialist Democrats have reported false covid numbers, destroyed cities, and pushed the communist propaganda, while blaming everything on President Trump. Americans need to be informed, revealing that Biden is appealing to defund police, and flirting with the Muslims by quoting the Qu’ran, which he learned from his time with Obama. A vote for Biden is a vote for Obama’s Socialist agenda, that he put into play during his term. The destruction of our laws and defense make America, an easy target for their dominance. We can’t wimp out.

  8. Call is socialism, marxism or communism, it’s all the same thing. If members of the LGBTQ community think it is their salvation, they are wrong. Vote Blue and that is the future. Vote Red and hope we can resolve this situation.

  9. Well, I think that Liberals will get the schitt beat out of them during their rioting and Burning!!! Now do I get fired???

  10. Of course, the MAJORITY of these people who believe this are NUTCASES who should be LOCKED UP in the INSANE ASYLUM – ASAP. One Enlightened and HILARIOUSLY laughing Patriot. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  11. This utter nonsense is what occurs, when F+ students stand on the Dais………….They have a Right to Speak, as does everyone else. However, the First Amendment does
    not guarantee a Right to be Heard. In earlier times, these misbegotten Ones were given Detention Time after School and/or a trip to the Principal’s Office.

  12. The silent majority needs to stand up and be heard echoing across this nation right is right and wrong is wrong and there is no in between. If our LORD GOD YAHOVAH Is for us who can stand against us. Pray, have faith, stand up, trust in GOD, He will see us through this.

  13. democraps have reduced our right to speech by allowing groups like blm and antifa to overule our voices ! its time to gitt rid of them antiamerican groups , and let normal americans speak! mabe thats what we need some nazi lessons taught to these thugs rioting and burning things down ! show what the nazis would do to these thugs !,they dont know their history let them live it now ,since american law dont apply to them , ! consetration camps would work fine for them ! and the parents of these thugs should be included !

  14. Barr hearing today clarified the stance Democrats hold when told by Barr that they are ok with federal buildings being destroyed by the thugs and nothing in response. They didn’t want to hear in regards to killings. Clearly the democrats are planning to rig the elections as Hillary and Waters claim Trump is going to try to do. Hillary just can’t get over her loss. Trump landslide win!! People back to work, children back to school, covid 19 protections / information, true democratic governance & upholding the constitution for every citizen regardless of color, race, gender, holding accountable those opposing us & our way of life. Ilhan Omar so against our country, why not go to Somalia and fight for the rights of girls having genitalia mutilation. Millions of girls are being butchered Ilhan Omar!! Where is your voice in support of them??? That’s who she should be defending and speaking out against to the UN. The stupidity of destroying our country that you enjoy the freedom of living well (now a millionaire) though unmerited. Ilhan go live in Somalia and Tlaib go back where you came from since both of you are so disgusted with this country.! .

  15. I agree with all of you!!! No one should be ashamed or fired for their believes and yesterday was really awful that they wouldn’t let Barr speak the whole thing was just about the Democrats lying out of their teeth trying to change the way American feels and yes mail in voting is a huge issue and the issue with changing people from republican to the Democrats at the polling centers is terribly illegal it’s a beautiful country with beautiful people

    • We got to watch out for voter fraud as this happenedtps://www.cnn.com/2020/06/25/politics/new-jersey-attorney-general-announces-voting-fraud-charges/index.html

  16. Okay, so 1 in 4 say you should be fired from your job because of your political stance. Anybody see the way this story is written? Instead of 1 in 4 say you should be fired, it should say 3 out of 4 people believe you should NOT be fired. It’s all in how you word it. Think about how much different the comments would have been.

  17. Another poll that is not right or true. The pollsters are raging liberals and that is all there is here. I believe those voting are selected and the questions lead the results we see in this lying poll. I have done polls and though they can be good it seems all the generally posted polls today are the same BS we saw in 2016.

    And that says it all. If the polls were done correctly and this BS steering the pollsters do was done correctly the public would see there is indeed a landslide coming for the dim wits. We are all fed up with this liars club and insane asylum called the DNC. And they are believing their own lies. Big mistake DNC, the truth is gonna hit you in less than 100 days. And Biden nor the dim wits running will be in office in 2021. We are cleaning out the cesspool and removing the crap in it.

    If you do not like the people in office, vote em out. This poll is a joke and dim wits are delusional and reality is gonna hurt like a bit*h!

  18. I think it is time to start organizing so we can help protect our children and our parents and grandparents i’m calling ALL US patriots to start organizing in case the unthinkable happens these Criminal Democrats Are Doing in saying anything that they think will help them in the election and there’s a good possibility like President Trump said that they’re going To try and rig the election if you notice everything that the Democrats say that the Republicans are doing it is exactly what the Democrats are doing there’s just enough evidence to see if they’re working on trying to steal an election And if you remember they have been attacking this president ever since he comes down escalator if you are honest with yourself look back at what he has done To turn around the country he said his campaign gob gob gob and that is exactly what he did criminal politicians have been selling out their country for years When they close up cities in town and ship the job overseas that is selling after country and I said treason but the Democrats are trying to throw up so much smoke that your attention is taking away from what they are really doing President Trump not only cut regulation And Texas did these companies want to come back to United States and that is cutting off the money flowing to the criminals but when the jobs and businesses start coming back in these countries that have been buying Companies and putting Americans out of work well I am not going to live under the Karen name the Democrats are putting up it is time for President Trump to shut down the media that are spewing lies out right lies It is time for the media to be exposed for the treachery and treason to this country it is time to organize there has been Too many Americans that have died keeping this country free it’s not perfect but you show me another country that’s better and if you can do that you should go to that country in this Black Lives Matter and antifa disrespecting our flag Our country and disrespecting the men and women of our military and our police if you wish to remain free and employed We must stand in spite of these criminals remember this country does not belong to the politicians this country belongs to the American people in this town when these criminal politicians are discovered They must be shut Shut down immediately the criminal activity in the politicians of this country must come to a stop and this is the right time to shut it down And get rid of these criminals there are the ones that are Hello dividing this country like Obama did not only in the eight years he was president but he just recently eulogized a man and used it for political speech you tell me if I’m honest Man goes into government And he comes out with millions of dollars he is a criminal all of these criminals need to be carried out into the shady square and tired and feathered and then put their ass in prison For lying and cheating the American people God bless the USA God bless the Trump administration and God bless our patriots patriots you must organize Who are the sake of our country

  19. That is what lawyers are about.
    Not a big fan of those sharks, but in certain situations they are indispensable.
    That situation happens to be one of them.

  20. Millions of us Americans are sick and tired of the democrat stupidity , but we will keep silent until the election and then reelect Trump by a landslide.

  21. Okay, first. Use punctuation people! The commentator with the loooong run on sentence, I have no idea what he/she was really trying to convey. Okay, a bit but come on!
    Second. The time for the courts is past. When the Supreme Court upholds abortion as an essential service during a pandemic but declares a 1st amendment right to attend church isn’t really a right, you know we’re screwed.
    Third. This mail in voting. Now vote harvesting in Nevada, complete with filling out votes for dementia patients you have no relation or relationship to or with. Combined with illegals voting, voter registration political affiliations being changed, ballots being changed, “emergency voting rules” being changed and/or enacted by democrat governors changing how candidates are chosen in primaries…the left has already stolen the elections.
    The left is not about to allow another 2016 to happen. The DNC, google, Facebook, twatter (yes, I intended that) have all sworn to ensure a blue wave.
    Soros, a Nazi collaborator who should have hung after ww2 is dumping multi millions into elections down to county levels.
    Teachers have been indoctrinating children for the last 20 years. Our history has been slowly erased, replaced with a false narrative, giving rise to the violence you see on the streets, giving voice to the lies told about the president. Those of us actually educated as to history can see the parallels between the brown shirts and antifa, the democrats and the Nazi party.
    The only question is; do you have the stomach for what’s to come and what needs to be done? Can you handle removing the traitors occupying the house and senate?

  22. This is the democrats plan , shut you up and back you down into a hole so you are afraid to voice any opposition to their plans to control you and the rest of us . Let’s show them this November

  23. Any business that caves in to the demands of the culture mob and fires an employee for their political beliefs should be boycotted.

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