Polls: Joe Biden is NOT Mentally Competent Enough to Serve

Zogby Analytics took the bold step to poll potential voters concerning Joe Biden’s mental state and a majority believe he suffers dementia.

It’s the question on everyone’s mind, but few have been willing to talk about the elephant in the room. Is Joe Biden’s diminished mental capacity the sign of early-onset dementia? And would Congress have the political will to use the 25th Amendment to remove him should he win in November? Everyday Americans need to have an open and transparent conversation about the presumptive Democrat nominee’s undeniably failing mental health.

According to polling data, 55 percent of voters said, “it was more likely that Vice President Biden is in the early stages of dementia, while 45 percent think it was less likely.” Among Independents, 56 percent state that “Joe Biden had early-onset dementia” and 77 percent of Republicans agree. But the stunning poll numbers are that 32 percent of Democrats believe their candidate cannot adequately serve due to dementia.

The fake news media has run out of ways to shrug off Biden’s gaffes and mistakes. They have included repeatedly not knowing which state he was campaigning. Although his schedule ranked among the least strenuous, the 77-year-old was roundly given a pass by left-wing media outlets. Fictional accounts of his time as a Senator and Obama’s number two were laughed off as being a colorful storyteller. But the silence was deafening when Biden kept telling audiences he was running for Senate and later Vice President. Joe Biden’s falling mental health is no laughing matter.

Supporting that claim, 60 percent of voters 18-24, and half of seniors agree that he suffers a significant cognitive decline. Among his base union voters, 71 percent believe it’s likely he is spiraling down with dementia.

A recent 30-second YouTube political ad demonstrates Biden’s inability to form correct sentences. In it, he says, “I’m coming directly to you for ask a quick favor.” One has to wonder how many takes and edits it took to whittle the message down to a single flub. During the lockdown, Biden sheltered in a basement and was unable to sustain live stream video interviews. His handlers had to switch to pre-recorded messages to hide the fact his answers were not on point and sometimes incoherent.

Democrats don’t want to admit Biden’s failing state is a problem because they believe he has the best chance of ousting President Donald Trump. But are voters prepared to allow his handlers to run the executive branch?

It’s also not impolite to talk about Joe Biden’s mental health because the American people are effectively vetting him for a job. Can a man who doesn’t know what office he’s campaigning for run the country?

Pollsters at Rasmussen recently penned an article that took off the gloves and discussed Biden’s dementia without pleasantries.

“It is neither necessary to scientifically determine whether the former vice president has dementia. On the other hand, you don’t need an astronomer to know that the sun rises in the east. If you have encountered dementia, you know Joe Biden has it,” the Rasmussen Report states. “And finally, there are the voters. As a citizen, you have no business casting a vote thoughtlessly or less than fully informed. Deliberately casting a vote for someone clearly suffering from dementia, or turning a blind eye to it, or being simply unaware of Biden’s mental state, is inexcusable.”

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69 responses to “Polls: Joe Biden is NOT Mentally Competent Enough to Serve”

  1. Joe Biden should be removed from candidency for the November election of President!
    He is suffering from dementia and that’s very sad. However, feeling sorry that he’s ill doesn’t make a good case for voting for him for President! He is not capable of holding this position and those who are still accepting his attempt to run for the position are doing neither him nor the country any favours! He must be told to step down!



    • I pray for his wayward soul. He was to forced to run so others can rule behind the scenes. I don’t know how any Democrat can sleep at night for their evil deeds!

    • I believe the Democratic leadership are going to choose Mr Biden’s running mate and that it will be a Black,Woman, Socialist. After the election, they will declare Mr Biden incompetent to remain in office , due to his dementia. At this point, the Vice President will take over and they will have their Socialist Government they always wanted but felt they couldn’t get in elections.

      • You are 100% correct. The socialist party tried for years to make it on it’s own and couldn’t. Then they capitalized on the ignorant partisan party voters and took over the democrat organization. As Gruber stated upon getting the ACA passed….”They could not have gotten it through if not for the stupid voting publc”.

  2. The Naz- socialistic Democrats want to put a sickly weak-minded people in to run America into a New World Order of a 3rd world socialistic manure pile country where the can a ruthless Dick-tatorship and try yo remove all rights from we the people. Our rights to worship, our rights to gather, our rights to personally defend yourselves against their violence.

    These Nazi socialists have burned down cities, assaulted our elderly, raped our children and grandchildren in the streets, looted our homes and business, and have murder our citizens just because they felt like it.

    Is this what you want? Is this how you want to live? Are you so willing to give up your rights to Nazi-socialistic democrats? Or do you want to keep your Rights, keep your Freedom?

    If you do then we the people need to remove all Nazi democrats out of every office from the city, state and federal government offices across this Nation, and take back Our Rights, and take back Our Cities, and take back Our States and take back Our Nation from these Nazi-backed democrats Terrroristd – Antifa and the BLM. They are not protestors but TERRORIST paid by the Nazi-Democrats in the Federal Government.

    You see how they are today running cities and state and the House in DC. They have shown their true color and it is not the RED – WHITE – BLUE, but total RED FOR COMMUNISTS.

    • Agree with you. The so called democrats, -antifa and BLM, muslims and non-muslim arabs and nazis cooperate and want to destroy the US totally and then start WWIII.
      All freedom loving Americans should start to fight them NOW

    • Think China for a moment, Biden has a special relationship there. The Chinese know they can run Biden over but first they must get rid of trump so they bring out their own WMD, Coronavirus, and spread it far and wide before travel restrictions slow it down, too little to late. America’s record economic growth under Trump falls apart, as planned, citizens turn against him, as planned. Suddenly Trump falls far out of favor and in stunning fashion loses to Biden. China wins

  3. #2: While many people are still thinking of voting for Joe Biden in the November election, one can only hope that American’s voters are intelligent enough to know that Joe Biden is not capable of holding the post of President of the USA! Those that feel sorry for his plight must realize that they are noing neither Joe Biden nor the country any favours by voting for him! Sad as it is, it is a fact that he is incapable of holding the position!!

  4. This is sad. I agree with the above comments so I’m not going to repeat what they said. I am going to say shame on his wife and family for parading him around like they are. I would not want my husband, father, grandfather treated like that. The Dems are using him hoping he wins so whoever his VP is can take over. Still don’t know who that is. A running mate is usually announced way before now. God bless you Joe. I hope you get the help you need.

  5. You can see where his wife is at..she’s not focusing on his health she’s only thinking about the white house… he is humilateing himself..sad how the use him..his health should be the priority

    • Just imagine how they want to treat US citizens in general if this is the way that they treat their “showcase” (?) candidate…IF they should win the election – just imagine how they will treat each and every mentally or physically impaired person in the country…I don’t want to live under THAT kind of scenario-come-true! Please, democrats, reconsider and rethink your REASONS to vote for democrats…they WILL do the same to each of us in time.

  6. Our enemies, the Communist Chinese Party and the Soviet Socialist Russians, are laughing in their boots, just sitting back and watching the U.S.A. destroy itself from within, without firing a single missile at us, or loosing a single soldier. The biggest threat to the United States is its left leaning, liberal, socialist controlled news media, that most Americans listen too.

  7. Our country is going to hell in a hand basket. I hope and pray the decent people of America take our country back. Our hope is the election.President Trump will do his best. Actually I hope God returns and take believers to heaven.

    • Linda and all, I totally agree that something needs to clear this all up. HOWEVER absolutely NOTHING will be done until – UNTIL “the people” DO SOMETHING!!! Instead of just talking, texting, posting, WE must get out and work for the Trump campaign, influence others with FACTS and publicly i.e. “letters to the editor”, posters, flags, declarations of loyalty to USA, and kindly (no violence) lead others to the reasonability of how to save the USA…part of that is referring to this country as the UNITED STATES and not just “America” because that is actually reference to THREE continents – North, Central and South American continents…including Venezuela, Brazil, Peru, , Paraguay, Uruguay, Argentina Bolivia Chile Colombia Ecuador French Guiana Guyana Paraguay , Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua and Panama…none of which are governed as the US is governed with rights for everyone!

  8. I believe the Democrats are involved in yet another manipulative effort to get the Obamas back in control so that they will continue to wreak havoc with their lies, their “poor little forever deprived race cards antics to guarantee votes, and use the Clinton/Soros ill begotten monies and favors due, while continuing to keep their Deep State Cronies still in lucrative, powerful, tax payer supported, government positions.
    Then comes the kicker: Michelle Obama or Hillary Clinton, will be selected as the VP running mate and will probably be a shoe-in with all the mail ballots the Democrats are ranting for. Oh, by-the-way, after a few months in office “slow Joe Biden” will be found mentally incompetent and GUESS WHO BECOMES PRESIDENT??? And the beat goes on and all the 16+ years of corruption under the Obamas, Clintons, Soros, and all of those solicitous, appointees in federal and state offices of government will jump back on board and Socialism, Dictatorship, and the sleaze balls who condone it will thrive. But alas, God will still be in control and time is growing short. GOD BLESS AMERICA
    and that will just fall into place again

  9. God help us all if stupid uneducated people think for one minute that sleepy Joe has the mentally to keep us safe and worst of all his vp pick will even be worse it is getting to be very sad the way the demos are trying such dirty tactics to keep president Trump from winning again put on your big boy pants and act like you are an American! You should be ashamed of yourself. Intelligent people are laughing at you!

  10. Since he’s such a long-term, habitual liar, VP Dementia Daddy Joe Bribe’m/Biden has simply forgotten how to recognize reality, folks! What VP China Joe really needs to do is put Rep Maxine Waters on the ticket as his VP! Then, overcoming Maoist China’s COVID 19 wouldn’t be such a struggle for us Republicans! Super summer, rightists!

  11. Joe Biden is still just a candidate, so the Socialist Democrats would be better served to declare Joe Biden unqualified to run, thus the Party can pick another candidate and running mate from their Pre-election Convention. The Party can claim they did not know Joe Biden was suffering from dementia when he was put on their ballot. This might require new ballots for the 2020 ballot, but is far simpler than using the 25th Amendment to remove a sitting President. If new ballots can not be printed in time, just require all Democrats to write in the Democrats’ new choice on their ballots. I feel it insulting to Joe Biden to have him run for President when the nation knows he is mentally deficient.

  12. Anyone who has had the misfortune of dealing with a relative suffering from dementia or the onset of Alzheimer’s decease must realize the symptoms Sleepy Joe is suffering from. For the sake of this man and the country we must not allow Joe near the White House. This condition will only worsen over time and any undo stress further complicates the condition. Are the people supporting Biden that determined and deranged that they believe this is a better option than Trump? I suggest you seek mental help and have them explain what the next four years could look like with Biden in the White House. Look no further than the “Squad” to see there agenda and the ruination of the USA.

  13. And what president, if not Biden’s dementia, should stand at the head of a crazy country, which itself destroys its culture, its history; members of Congress who crawl on their knees and roll over the floor of the Capitol in a powerless attempt to stand on their own feet – Pelosi, Sсрumer, and others; the mayors and governors of which massively kill their old people in the nursing halls – Cuomo and de Blasio? Yes, the president of an crazy country must be an crazy president – Biden.

  14. Concerned responder and a person concerned about having the left wing attempt to run our country through an incompetent sick person that is unable to use his brain. They purposely are trying to get him in there so that they can run our country. We should do everything in our power to make sure the left-wing has no opportunity 2 ever rule on policies in our country. Never been so concerned about what are governments trying to do. Furthermore we need to vote Schumer pelosi and all the other left-winger is that hell out of there and get back are free country and become Americans again.

  15. The ONLY reason Biden and his family are allowing him to be humiliated and viewed as a bumbling old fool is because they know that if he gets elected all investigations into Hunter Biden will end. Makes me wonder exactly what it is they trying to keep hidden. Just how crooked is the whole Biden clan?

  16. The democrats prefer a Biden with dementia. If they can convince people to vote for him out of some sort of soft pity, they’re all for it – that’s one of the reasons he’s polling higher than Trump even though he’s never been through a rigorous interview. Their hope is that through a hyped resurgence of COVID-19, further lockdowns / a tanking economy and a higher level of DNC / Antifa controlled mayhem they can batter Trump without having to expose Biden’s rapidly diminishing cognitive abilities.

    A managed level of dementia is much better for the DNC and much easier for Pelosi, Schiff, Schumer, Oc-Cortez and the other uber-left stooges to control the narrative if Biden’s body occupies the chair.

    Use the 25th Amendment? Now way! If he makes it to the oval office they would prefer him to completely brain dead.

  17. Don’t you see-The Socialist Dem party KNOWS that Biden is not a strong candidate and that’s why they are wanting a VP like Kamela Harris, an Obama backed candidate or Warren who is a socialist to take over when Biden is pulled due to his dimentia AFTER THE ELECTION. Biden will just be a puppet until then.

  18. Dem politicians want a dem to win. They don’t care who or their mental state. They know Biden would be a foil for their agenda.

  19. The demoncrats used every trick in the book to unseat President Trump! Nothing worked! So China gave them a powerful bio-weapon to use! The world be damned! So what if a few people die! China can always make more! The Biden’s owe China mega money? China wants something in return! The rise in cases is somehow contrived! Don’t know how but it is! Now the demoncrats will demand the country close down again! Throwing us into a deep recession! God forbid Biden wins! Miracles happen! Biden saves America! Making everything wonderful except we will pay higher taxes, lose our 2nd Amendment, pretty much be a country like Venezuela! With one exception Soros, Gates, & many others in the Swamp will benefit! We deplorables will suffer greatly! We will be under the thumb of a government worse that Lenin! Or as bad as Stalin! We must rally & step up to keep our country on the right path to freedom!

  20. If Biden wins it’s possible he could resign immediately and let the VP take over resigns. That may be their plan. If he doesn’t resign he’d have to be certified “nuts” and the long process of removing him via the 25th amendment begun. Any of the VP’s Biden seems to have in mind would be dire for the country. So, stick with Trump.

  21. A Vote for Biden or any other Democrat is a vote for the Secretary General of the UN and Chairman Xi of the Chinese Communist Party.

    This country has allowed itself to be defeated from within just as Mao said it would 70 years ago. This nation has been indoctrinated into Communism by its own leaders, news media liars, teachers and universities little by little over all that time. Half of this nation is Communist and is too ignorant/stupid to know that!

    If this nation allows itself to be conned into that mail-in ballot swindle then this nation deserves its fate. The Democrat/Communist have bought this country with its own money and the empty promises of Free Stuff that it will never see.

    A vote for Comrade Biden and his shadow President will help seal our fate.

  22. He has all the signs of beginning dementia and will not be able to serve. For sometime it has been reported that the VP elect will actually be who is running for president. Thus should not be allowed. Biden should be disqualified, They another candidate can be named

  23. I coined Biden the “Drooler” because his mental function and capacity are obviously in decline. He will be fed with a spoon as he sits and “drools” wondering, who that is, feeding him.
    Not suprisingly, all individuals identifying themselves as liberal or, democrat, are suffering from the same type of mental illness. A lack of sense and a bounty of stupidity have made it necessary for all of these individuals to reach their demise. And I mean, ALl.

  24. Pretty sad—when Biden is the best the Dems can offer—-but —of course –if elected he will just be a puppet for ????perhaps Obama—who is a puppet for ??? Soros??Gates???—–all big money donors who wish to destroy the USA—-????etcetcetc—–I we are seeing —on a daily basis –our wonderful country ——rushing towards communism——in spite of all the efforts our great President has done –and is doing—-I feel bad for him—–!!!!!—–I am tired of talk—If i had my way—-all our borders would have been closed long ago—–that includes ships, air, —-nothing in nothing out—–all our troops would be brought home—-to be directed to gather up all people not supposed to be here —–confine them til measures are taken to send them back to wherever they came from—-our US companies overseas for whatever the reason(cheap labor?)——-sell their products to the rest of the world—and make plans to come back to the US——NOTE the US employees would be stuck over there—–If they choose to stay in China –or where ever they are——well, then, apply for citizenship etcetc in that country ——any country that made aggressive moves against us—-immediate response of military action—-NO COMMITEES–INVESTIGATION, ASS KISSING ETCETCETC—jJUST ACTION—–

  25. Joe Biden was never be chosen by the corrupt left-wing Democrats to serve as President of the U.S.A. even if he does win the election November 3rd… Biden is nothing but a deranged Democrat placeholder for some other undisclosed corrupt socialist/communist Democrat that will continue Obama’s dream of “transforming” our United States into a “new communist style of autocratic communist form of government” and a national sanctioned unarmed nation of “subjects”, or national slaves… We will no longer be “citizens of the U.S.A.” They must be stopped at ALL COSTS–even if it means Patriotic American Citizens taking up their arms against government tyranny and suppression as outlined in our Declaration of Independence, Bill of Rights and U.S. Constitution. Living free and independence is worth fighting and even dying for to guarantee and insure our patriotic hard working American descendants can live without fear of our own Government and Federal Armed communist enforcers…

  26. The idiot hard-core democrat voters will vote for a democrat rock as long as it is a democrat. They don’t use common sense because they hate Trump so much. They want to turn this country into a communist country. I’m afraid – very afraid.

      • No Fred, he’s not an idiot, he’s just informed. Sounds like you have some catching up to do. I’ve been reading, researching, and gathering information for years, and we know what the Dems are up to. Why have they not condemned the rioters, Antifa, and BLM. Recently, a major leader, a lady in BLM, said they had been trained in Marxist ways, and their main goal was to get President Trump out of office, preferably before the election. Why would she say that on National TV if it’s not true??? She has probably been demoted by now. If they get him out of office, they can continue what was started many, many years ago…to turn our country socialist, and have a One World Government. They thought they had that with Obama, and he did take them pretty far. That’s why Hillary HAD to win, to carry on the barrage. Why did she think she was guaranteed the win??? Why did everyone cry, and promise to impeach Trump BEFORE he even took office. We have never seen the like of the way they acted when Hillary lost, in any other previous election. WHY was it so distressing. They knew they could vote him out in 4 years. So ask yourself…WHY??? There is something bigger going on that many people don’t know about or that wouldn’t have happened. They have put every imaginable obstacle in his path, and he still managed to get many good things done. I’m not saying for sure they had anything to do with starting the pandemic, but they sure wouldn’t let a good crises go to waste. They accused Trump of the same things the Dems were doing, only he DIDN’T do it. We have records of that. What is the answer to all these questions? That’s what we have to ask ourselves and do our own searching, because many people won’t believe what they hear from someone else until they themselves, research it. If you don’t research it for yourself, then maybe you shouldn’t vote, By the way, when Obama was elected, he was not my candidate, but I did pray for him that he would be a good leader for our country. I DID NOT going on a crying binge, and try to force him out of office from before day one. Do you know anything about the Deep State, and how many in the Obama/Biden Administration, including Obama and Biden, were illegally trying to sabotage President Trump before and during his presidency? That’s all getting ready to come out, so pay attention and ask questions. There’s so much more, but I’ve used enough of my time trying to explain this to you. I hope that you will try to understand that there’s another side to “their” story.


    • FRED Mandujjano– ?Manejando? Maneja esto.
      Only another imbecile like Biden would think like you do. Have you been checked for having a live brain , ever? Cause you appear toe BRAIN DEAD. Your kind could never jump high enough to kiss Don’s butt.

  28. I agree with all the above comments! If Biden wins the presidency, this country will turn into a third world nation. China & Russia are standing by gleefully clapping, waiting anxiously to see who the brain-dead man will pick for a running mate, to help him get to the winning line. I am sure it will be someone OBAMA would want to take over the presidency. Wake up America!!!! In spite of everything being thrown @ President Trump. He is holding “tough” against the haters of the U.S.A. We will come out of this with President Trump leading. To those two-faced so called Republicans, you are finally being forced to come out and be seen. You can easily be replaced in the next election. PLEASE DO NOT THROW YOUR VOTE, EVERY SINGLE VOTE WILL COUNT!!

  29. continued from above——-I have a lot of other ideas —–all along the same lines of making our country self sufficient within our own borders——removing subsidies—–allowing our agriculture community to operate without millions of rules, regulations, of how what when and where to sell their products —–for damned certain STOP PAYING PEOPLE TO DO NOTHING——-our agriculture community —which incidentally —unfortunately is largely owned by foreigners,—China for one —-why in the hell would we let them buy ANYTHING in our country—–???sure is working out well—-isn’t it????I am not done with my ideas—–but you surely see where I am coming from—and YES—–I know —–just what I have mentioned —would cause a big sudden hurt in our country_(by the way –all that money that we send to every country in the world—-??????—-Guess what —???—IT WOULD STOP)——–so without the USA in the economy—-JUST CONSIDER___HOW IT WOULD AFFECT THE WORLD??????—–Canada and Mexico—–could be a lot more cooperative that they have been——let us see how they would make it on their own——at least this corona virus (will not rant on that)—has brought it to the attention of many Americans—–that we are solely dependent on China and other countries for medicines, medical equipment, and many other things——I reckon those of you who read this—-will think I am just a nut—-!!!!I am old, remember an America—–where one could start a business, go freely where ever one wanted to go speak ones mind —great debates and discussions—-express opinions—-go to the airport just to watch the planes or take a flight without being personally invaded

  30. Joe Biden DOES have dementia. But, he has been mentally incompetent for years/his whole life!
    Reason, fact, logic, honesty and truth have no place in his mind.

  31. America should be worried right now. The democrats have no intention of Joe Biden being president. They will declare him unfit if he wins. Who is his running mate going to be ? Whoever it is that the Democrats pick ,not Joe Biden ,he is their puppet. Whoever is chosen as his voice will either be worse than him or will Nancy Pelosi step up and become president if the dems win . It will change the course of our country forever. Be very careful it could be Hilary who takes over .

  32. Aside from dementia, he is incompetent. He’s weak. He’s a liberal that supports abortion and homosexuality. And he is seriously considering Kamala Harris for VP. A Biden administration would be a disaster for America.

  33. Former VP Biden is being used by those who wish to gain control of these Great United States of America to destroy everything it represents. The poor man is a zero to them, and they don’t care about his diminishing mental capacity or even his public dignity. Whenever he emerges from his seclusion and I hear and see him I feel as if he were a child being allowed to participate in a school play with an innocent smile of anticipation. How can they do this to him, and his closest relatives allow it? I will not vote for him but I am a Christian and he is a human being deserving of respect, and his own are gravely disrespecting him making him believe that he has what it takes to be President of the United States! Shame on them!.

  34. The Democratic Party and Joe’s family is doing a dis-service by letting this action continue. This is actually elder abuse to let Joe think he could win the election. Does his wife want to be a resident in the White House so badly that she doesn’t care how that is obtained. If she really cared for her husband’s well being, she would stop this. The Democratic Party needs to rethink who their candidate is. I have a few friends who are experiencing early dementia, this is exactly what it looks like.

  35. My biggest concern is he will pick one of the minority race women as his VP mate and once he is in office he will either retire or be found to be mentally ill and removed from office at which time the VP will become President.
    This will be the end of the U.S. life as we know it. If you think Obama caused racial problems just wait until someone like Kamala Harris or one of the other potential VP candidates moves into the Oval Office.

  36. I feel real sorry for VP Biden. The Dems are using him as a puppet. If by chance he wins the election, His VP will take over. This country will no longer be great. Trump needs to be re-elected in a bad way or the American people will be doomed.


  38. Of course Biden is SENILE he is to be the filthy lying puppet for the power hungry dishonest democrats- 80 year old ugly witch Pelosi, BIGGEST lier Schiff SOCIALIST Kamala Harris and carp face Maxine Waters,all power hungry monsters. There all from a state that was beautiful before them, today look at the filth in San Francisco & Los Angeles do they care hell no you stupid democrats wake up you will only be used. CHINA is comming. Fred L Mandujaino you are so stupid bet your like sick Biden can not even wipe your OWN…..

  39. I do not know if Joe has dementia or if maybe he had some sort of mini strokes or something. What is for sure is that there is something terribly wrong with him. He is not fit to handle being President of he US.
    He better be ware of who he chooses for a vp because if by some miracle he becomes president it won’t be for long. The socialist left and communist democrats will either get him infected with high dose of covid-19 virus so he dies or they will just have him assassinated so the vp can take over. BEWARE JOE guard your back from your own platform. They are the ones using you and will bring harm to you.

  40. Why can’t we insist that Biden gets tested
    Now. This is a disgrace to our country
    They have to be stopped
    Stand up people go to the polls and place your votes for the right choice TRUMP

  41. I can not understand that Joe Biden’s wife wants to be First Lady so bad that she lets him carry on ! Power and prestige must be so important to the Democrats that nothing else matters. IF, and i repeat IF Joe is elected he will be a puppet President then,and God help us, his V.P. will have to take over after couple months.

  42. I am not a Doctor but it appears through age, as most of us will, lose memory and begin to dilapidate. He is at that stage. The Democratic party is relying on putting the right VP for Joe because after the election and it happens that JB actually won, shortly sometime thereafter will declare him incapable of holding the job of president opening up the VP as his accessor. So, weigh the impact if the VP was strategically chosen for this placed for this very reason. And this could mean having either Harris or Obama, or Hillary as president all of which have a terrible history or zero expertise. And if the Democrats control both the House and Senat then there is no safety net of our liberty.

  43. Biden’s handlers–read that the DCN, BLM, ANTIFA and extreme liberals–are just using him because no other face has a chance to beat President Trump in November. The DNC has pulled and will continue to pull any maneuvers and tricks that will give them an opportunity to undermine the Trump administration and, they hope, give them the victory in the next elections. From BLM to ANTIFA, to hipocritically calling for social distancing, and whatever the tune of the day might be, their ‘Simon says’ game has worn out very thin with the help of the the so-called informative and evermore hypocritical news media. The DNC hopes to get Biden elected and continue to pull the strings of their puppet, because, if Biden wins, soon thereafter they’ll invoke the 25th Amendment and will declare him not mentally competent to hold the Office of the President. At that time they themselves will admitt it because it is part of their plan to replace him with a more radical and liberal candidate, whom has no chance at all now to even compete for president. This Biden replacement will be THE HANDLERS’ CHOICE as s/he will be another puppet, whom will have the benefit of becoming the President by default, with the potential for election and hopefully re-election, giving the Democrats, not two but three consecutive terms in power. Obama’s two terms were no enough to quench their thirst for power and corruption, so they need three consecutive terms to consolidate their power and maybe, just maybe, accomplish something for the nation. Like I said, poor Biden is a puppet who’s strings are controlled by his handlers, and the DNC’s string are controlled by radical leftists, rich and poor alike. To accomplish this, they are counting on radical and terrorist groups, fanatical blindness, and of course the ignorance of the people. But here is a piece of reality; the American people are not ignorant nor stupid, and are tired of getting their intelligence insulted by the Democrats and the fake media. 2016 IS PROOF OF THAT AND 2020 WILL REITERATE THE REAL WILL AND POWER OF THE PEOPLE.

  44. If elected (which he WON’T), he’ll be a PUPPET for the LEFT . . . Literally, by signing off EVERY LEFT Wing wish list DISASTER after DISASTER. This is something that the U.S. CANNOT afford. One Wary Patriot. Team Trump and his allies 2020.


  46. Biden has dementia. Both my parents had and also other relatives. He is 77 years old this is NOT early onset! I knew he had it since beginning of March. It is a very sad time when his family allows him to make a fool of hisself running for office.
    I feel sad for him. He has my vote to get out of the public view. Why would these Democrats allow him to look like such a fool. These are cruel people. They have one agenda to stop Trump from winning. That way they can run Biden a man who is incompetent and willing to do whatever they want done.

  47. If the Socialist Democrats were to win, be afraid, VERY AFRAID. IT CAN MEAN THE END OF EVERY US CITIZEN’S FREEDOM. The Democrat Party is abusing Joe Biden. Anyone who has listened to Joe Speak out knows he has dementia. My mother had dementia yet at least she could form whole sentences and be understood up until she passed away.

  48. Of course Joe has dementia at the very least. And probably the start of alzhiemers. That’s why they want Michael O’bama for his running mate. They want another gay in office so all of our rights are taken away. Except of course those of the gays.

  49. I will enjoy voting for President Trump!! Biden cannot remember what he is running for which is gun Confiscation as well as Socialism and Leftist Communism!! No thanks!!

  50. I don’t think Joe has dementia I think he’s acting. If he really did they would have been called out for using him. It’s a hoot that they could even try to pull this off. It’s insane to me!! What does it matter anyway they won’t win with any of them! I’ll leave it at that….nothing more to say. It’s just dumb.

  51. I believe they really don’t think Biden will win. It;s their way to continue lie after lie about Trump,because they have nothing positive for our country. All they want to do is tear this country down until it’s a 3rd world country. They have no allegiance to our country and the Constitution. They act like 2 year old’s who didn’t get the toy they wanted. Temper tantrums in adults is ridicules.

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