Progressive Democrats Plan RETALIATION Against Trump Supporters

Several prominent left-wing figures including sitting members of Congress have made statements suggesting that Trump supporters be “held accountable” as we transition to the next administration. Some posts, statements, and suggestions are more benign in nature, simply refusing to support unity once Trump is out of office, with statements along the lines of “You don’t ask for unity with your abuser.”

Many of these statements feel more like a call to arms rather than the unity Democrat Joe Biden claims to want. Especially with terms being bandied about like “truth and reconciliation commissions.” Unfortunately, these ideas, while alarming to those on the right, are getting little in the way of condemnation from the left. In fact, the mainstream media is jumping behind these statements one hundred percent with MSNBC’s Chris Hayes who Tweeted “The most humane and reasonable way to deal with all these people, if we survive this, is some kind of truth and reconciliation commission.”

Blue Checkmark Trey Graham even called for “Truth and reconciliation proceedings. And tribunals for Trump admin officials who won’t participate/are found to have lied.” If you think this sounds ominous, it does. The bottom line is that “truth and reconciliation” is becoming a bit of a battle cry from the left in light of Biden’s presumptive election.

So, what are truth and reconciliation commissions? From the Twitter-verse, it sounds like they mean different things to different people. The Inquirer describes it as high-profile hearings deigned to expose truth rather than punish people so that the country can find common ground to move forward. Unfortunately, that isn’t what is being discussed by ordinary citizens on Twitter — or the talking heads on mainstream news networks.

The problem with this, is that it comes down to “whose truth” is revealed. We already know that the Biden camp is sticking to disproven stories about Trump “not condemning white supremacy” or Trump conspiring with Russia.

So, what’s the real problem?

Too much remains in the air. The runoff election in Georgia could grant Democrats control of the House, the Senate, and the White House — meaning there is no stopping these commissions and the havoc they could create.

The bottom line is that the very idea of truth and reconciliation commissions to retaliate against Trump supporters continues to further divide the country. Of course, the very suggestion is blatant violation of all understandings of the U.S. Constitution.

Are these commissions in the works? Will they affect regular people who voted for Trump? Will they affect small campaign donors? The left is already going after law firms representing Trump and asking for lists of supporters.

The future is impossible to predict. What we do know is that it is more important than ever for the Senate to hold the Georgia seats in question to prevent the left from following actions such as these.

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49 responses to “Progressive Democrats Plan RETALIATION Against Trump Supporters”

      • Why would any Christian Republican want unity with the same Leftist Democrats that refused unity with our Terrific God Annointed President Donald Trump. These Crazy Demon Possessed Negative Force of people will be Chastised by God The Father. So scum of the earth give it your best shot. I only fear God. Us Republicans and Christians must stand together to MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN 2nd term. God Bless America sung by Kate Smith. YMCA.

  1. Trump won in a jaw-boggling/ mind-dropping 410 electoral votes-landslide.

    Check out

    (He even won California!!!)

  2. When I was growing up there was a saying about communists, “The only good communist is a DEAD one.” The saying hasn’t changed today either…….

  3. Yes, I remember that saying. I was a kid, but growing up & seeing communists up close in two countries made me agree. Communists are the underclass of humanity.

  4. When they come clean about all the lying, cheating, illegal acts of spying, ballot tampering, intentionally calling for riots, manipulating the black population, taking money from communists and the list goes on, I will come clean that I voted from Trump twice.

    • We must do the right thing always. Trump was the winner way before the election. People have been fed up with what little the Democrats have done for all our people of every color, race and country. What units us is a love for our fellow human being. That is who we are as citizens of the Constitutional Republic of America. The bigotry has come from the Democrats, they incite violence, hate and disunity with their rhetoric. They like to play party of the people when they have plans to isolate us so that we don’t discuss what is really going on and their plan. Those who support the Biden/Kamala must open their eyes as you are being duped. Socialism is not what our country was founded on. It’s not some sort of Utopia for all. NO, they want total control of you. Why do think they want the House, Senate and the Presidency, pack the Supreme Court with Liberal judges? Why do you think the election was stolen? Trump did not fit their narrative so they are trying hard to bulldoze him down. Why do you think Pelosi and Schumer refuse to work with
      President Trump. It’s control and power. So they will try to dictate our lives and how we will do what they say. They hate to hear that we know GOD is in control and no matter what He will work all things out for our good.
      These people don’t live their lives any better than we do. We have the capacity to govern our own lives as we have been doing. What has changed? Nothing! Were it not for the power and greed of upper echelon employees in government willing to take what we have worked for, redistribute to others (some who refused to work) while they continue living in luxury.
      We have contributed to organizations that have helped the impoverished, provided clean water, homes, clothing, food and school supplies for children. We can continue that. We don’t need big government because all resources will go into their own pockets and no one will benefit. With all this we must give our hearts to the Lord in repentance as He holds our future. God Bless America the land of the free. you all have a blessed Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas celebrating our Lord’s birthday.


  5. We must stand as we have been and maybe even stronger. If not we give up our Nation without a fight. I’m only sorry I’m old and disabled. But I can still pray and do every day. GOD is still and always will be on His throne.

  6. First. bring it. I’m sure we’re all shaking in our boots. Your a bunch of losers, just like the lying, criminal, rotten father that you had to steal the race to get him in. Joe.
    Now let me see making lists to do harm to the people who voted in the election, to put the BEST President this country has ever seen in office. Are you listening to this, you commie, S.S.followers of the left Swamp and the real Hitler, Joe Biden. Who isn’t President elect, you all lie as easy as you a breathe. I hope your all proud of how your bringing up your children, lie, cheat, and threaten your way through life. LOSERS!!!
    So let’s all sit back and watch the show, we all no the ending, but, I can’t wait to see all the people who voted for these losers, climb back into their holes. Merry Christmas and GOD BLESS AMERICA….

    • Truth and reconciliation commissions are a very well known way the commies have to prove that every person that doesn`t think as they do is execrable. The final reports of these commisions are -all the time- crude lies against the public order and God believers
      In my opinion they should never exist

  7. I can’t wait for these Commie CS’s to start their retributions. That will bring on the Civil War and we can finally purge these deviants permanentley.

  8. If anyone were to be held accountable for not being truthful it would be the democrats! Every word out of their mouths are lies.

  9. Lock, Load. aim and FIRE! . . . Break in MY house, and it’s OVER. We who bear ARMS fear NO ONE, especially from the likes of AOC. Leave us ALONE and we’ll do FINE. One Enlightened Patriot. Team Trump And His Allies 2020.

  10. Socialism is rising it’s Ugly head in the whole DSocialist Devilrat Party. This sounds exactly what would happen in any Communist controlled country. They now feel with Blackhearted Biden near control they can do as they want to the ones who love America’s Freedoms not Communism. We the Patriots will never fall to these commies as we will arise up and fend them off come hell or Putin’s and the CCP’s communist waters.

  11. All i have to say on the matter is bring your best and a shit load of bodybags.
    This will never end like you think it will. Even if you bring your commie buddies from china, you will be destroyed.
    This is America. Land of the free. Home of the stomp your sorry ass into the mud.
    these commicrats need to be, and most likely will be, hanged in the streets, then left to rot.
    We have been silent for far too long.
    We dont want a civil war, the leftist losers do.
    Just remember, that when all is said and done, you brought this on yourselves

  12. Haha! Do these delusional democrats think THEY are the only ones making purge and elimination lists???
    The only factor that matters? Is WHICH SIDE will be better able to follow through. Hint… It AIN’T them!
    Half of those leftist fairies don’t even know what a cleaning rod is for.
    Ever seen a democrat load a magazine? Haha! Luke watching a gorilla beating a can of hash with a rock! Lol
    These commies need to be very… VERY…. careful moving forward. Antagonizingbthe side that owbs alnost 90% of the guns is some stupid shit…. Their mouths are writing checks that the contents of their shorts cannot deliver on….

  13. The Japs were sorry that they “awakened a sleeping giant” History in some fashion does repeat itself. What happened when hard working peaceful citizens were pushed too far? *The Boston tea party, *the formation of minute men who took up arms when they have had enough tax oppression & in short order kicked the sh*t out of the British & our independence was achieved. Should the democratic radical left take over, the sleeping giant will once again awaken, morph into minutemen, & history WILL repeat itself. Advice for those of us that are too old &/or infirm to participate, sit back & enjoy the “fireworks”
    Viva la freedom!

    • BLM. That stands for Buzzards Lives Matter where im from. There are miles of woods that probably havent seen a human since the Indians were hunting here. Lots of places to put bodies. The buzzards and coyotes gotta eat too

  14. We should have done the Truth and Reconciliation on Obama supporters! But, since we have more integrity and class than the left does, we acted like civilized people and tolerated the entire agonizing 8 years!

  15. The Democrats have been pushing socialism for the last 12 years. Obama STYLE. SO get your shit together all hell will break loose. The Democrats will pay the price for their sins. They are so keen deep in with China they won’t be able to get out. So say a little prayer, Left your head, ama and fire. May Hod be with us all.

  16. All we can say is BRING YOUR BODYBAG! At first we will wait until you show up. Then you just might turn tail and run! Just don’t forget to carry the dead one we kill on the front roll. You see most Patroit AMERICANS know how to shoot, but they need real target to threaten them to calm their nerve! And you NAZI COMMUNIST SOCIALISM GROUP ARE A THREATENED TO OUR FREEDOM AND LIBERTY!

  17. We hope that GOD will be the one who drop the evil DEMONcrat down! Pelosi is 80 years old, Water is 80 years old, Schummer is pushing it! Lot of DEMONcrat who got elect by playing the RACE CARD will remember they are RACIST AGAINST GOD OTHER PEOPLE! No they can’t claim to be CHRISTIAN PEOPLE! Bible tell us to LOVE OUR NEIGHBOR AS WE LOVE OURSELVES! In a way you are NOT to call other people evil people! Which you PHONY RACIST DEMOCRAT DO EVERY ELECTION YEARS! SHOW YOUR HATE FOR GOD OTHER CHILDREN! SO LIKE BIBLE TELL GOD CHILDREN PUT ON THE ARMOUR OF GOD TO FIGHT THE WOLF IN SHEEP CLOTHES!

  18. This has been the plan all along. Soros and company paid the trolls and unemployed thug wannabes that will do what they are told to start a civil war in this country to usher in the NWO. These are the real deplorables that Clinton talked about.

  19. The truth is that the far_left don’t really what retaliations l supposed to fear what this scum can do. I am an expert in retaliation so when your ready bring it on.

  20. Goodness.. dems spend more time on getting even, phony witch hunts, etc than they do fulfilling the duties of the jobs they were hired to do. They seem to not realize just how really fed up, ticked off and disgusted with them and their actions millions of Americans are. Need to get real Dems people are on to you now!

  21. Excellent! Thank You. We will continue to pray for Righteousness. “In God We Trust”. I love Trump for all he’s done and ALL he continues to do!

  22. Just the fact that it appears certain “groups” will be involved in the Horrors they propose shows us we were right all along. Do they really thing we will stand by, be abused and agree with them. Sounds like the mantra of the pro aborts when they kept talking about free choice re abortion. I kept saying for decades the only choice they wanted, in truth, was theirs, not ours and theirs. Are they so foolish that they are not aware they will quickly deplete their own people and that when they find out their own loved ones will not all agree with their tactics they will be further exposed for what they have been pushing for for decades which is cruelty, selfishness, violence and death. and by their own doings.
    Those of us who respect life will not stay idly by. If they don’t support the police, etc. and they call 911 who do they think will respond? Shame on them.

  23. Don’t forget to bring alot of body bags … you will need them . Tho art slave to god , kings and desperate man… death be not proud . You been warned

  24. Amen Donna~ I can still remember her singing that while I was a child. We will stand together, and God Bless America and our greatest President ever, Donald J. Trump. God Bless Him and his family, and I pray this election will be in his favor, and if not, we will vote again for him in 2024~

  25. Yeah. Bring it bitches!!!

    Only problem is….the last time America had to deal with a communist party we sat on our asses for years before we finally entered the war to deal with the genocide. We like to wait and see how bad it can get before we act! I’m ready to act right now! Who’s with me?

  26. It sounds like what we heard about the Accountability Commission in Pakistan and Iran. Should the United States be reduced to the status of dictatorial regimes?

  27. These democrats are now calling for unity when they harassed, terrorized, bullied, lied, cheated and systemically treated President Trump and their supporters like garbage! Now that you clearly cheated on the election and think that you will be in charge of this country for four years and in charge of the American people through you socialistic and communist rule, you must be dreaming! Nothing about the democrats have been civilized, good, honest, unbiased or even non-racists! Your Antifa and BLM crowd and your communist squad along with your defund the police committees are not even inline with what our constitution is all about! So, if you think you are going to threaten over more than half this county, you have another thing coming, We, the real American people, are no longer going to be silent, nor will be be laid back and allow this to happen to our great America anymore! We are WOKE! We will not be pushed around, or lied to, or bullied or cheated out of our constitutional rights anymore! We will see to it that the swamp and it’s followers will be exposed and held accountable for the greed, lies, crimes, coverups, lies, corruption and the treasonous behavior that has gone on for way too long at our expense. So, try and run your corrupt government as you democrats have always done, we, the decent and good people of this great United States of America, will be here to combat and defend this great nation from your tyranny! May God bless America and our great, wonderful President Trump,
    now and forever.

  28. Democrat’s you want to start this war and conservatives/ Trump supporters will finish this war and you will not like it. We do not want this but you keep pushing for it.

  29. If any group has a legitimate reason for retaliation it is the American people! Fortunately we would rather use our energy to better our country thereby helping our fellow Americans instead of pushing revenge and spite. I never knew egos could get remotely this huge. These people are not in office to play got cha, you’ll be sorry, etc. They are no longer just trying to push us into a civil war they are now aggressively shoving us to a war most Americans do not want! There are a lot of really ticked off and fed up folks who will fight for our country…… for themselves and their loved ones in future generations as well!

  30. In God we trust, and our voices have risen to the heavens. Do not be fooled into thinking this is passive posturing. God promised to restore Israel to the land that was given to their ancestors. God used President Trump to accomplish this, and He blesses those that have a heart after His own heart. Greater armies than that of Soros’ socialist swine have been ran down and destroyed by the hand of God.

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