Sleepy Joe Biden Unable to Handle Rigorous Schedule of a U.S. President

Pre-election concerns that President Joe Biden lacked the energy or focus to keep pace with the rigors of a president have proven true. During his first month in the White House, Biden’s tardiness and mishandling of critical issues such as the Middle East and Texas crisis have been nothing short of negligent.

Perhaps dreaming of an Obama 2.0 administration, the Biden Administration engaged in pre-election overtures to America’s worst enemy, Iran. Officials continue to hold back-channel discussions with the world’s leading sponsor of terrorism.

But in the Oval Office, a doddering Biden failed to contact the nation’s most loyal and long-standing ally in the Middle East, Israel. It took Sleepy Joe nearly a month to call Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Although the fake news media has attempted to downplay the obvious error, the Israeli leader appears none too pleased with Sleepy Joe’s plan to re-enter the foolish Iran Nuclear Deal.

“Whoever supports our policies, I’m with him. And whoever endangers us, for example, regarding a nuclear Iran, which is an existential threat to us,” Netanyahu said. “So, I oppose that, and I don’t care if it’s Democrats.”

“Sleepy Joe” failed to react to the Texas crisis in the homeland as 4 million people were without electricity and many had no water. The storm caused upwards of 30 deaths, and hundreds of desperate residents suffered carbon monoxide poisoning, trying to stay warm in idling vehicles and bringing propane grills indoors.

“Jill and I are keeping Texas, Oklahoma, and other impacted states in our prayers. I’ve declared states of emergency, authorized FEMA to provide generators and supplies, and am ready to fulfill additional requests,” Biden tweeted towards the end of the crisis. “Please heed the instructions of local officials and stay safe.”

Sleepy Joe may have slept through much of the crisis. He didn’t even call Texas Gov. Greg Abbott until Thursday, Feb. 18, one of the last days of the deep freeze. Aside from the outlandish Twitter propaganda that made Sleepy Joe almost appear presidential, the White House admitted they only sent 60 generators to help 4 million suffering Americans. The establishment media has yet to detail how 60 generators would be divided up to support 4 million people.

Sleepy Joe never left the D.C. swamp, where he has been a fixture for his nearly 50-year career in politics. Days after power and water were restored to the majority of Texans, the Democrat continued to stay in his warm, cozy White House residence. Although notoriously liberal publications such as the Washington Post praised his “Low-Key Approach” to the crisis, it’s abundantly clear he lacks the clarity of purpose to respond in a timely fashion.

Even Democrats such as Texas state Rep. James Talarico have criticized the non-response. The Democrat went on the record during the peak of the crisis, saying the only federal assistance he even heard of was a FEMA truck carrying water getting stuck. Republican officials have been less kind.

“This has been something like the Dark Ages here in Texas. I mean, people are burning their furniture and their fences for warmth and for heat,” GOP Congressman Colin Allred reportedly said. “They’re finding older folks literally frozen to death in their beds. When the president has toured — seen the damage, spoken to the people who were affected — I think that makes it a little bit hard to say, ‘Well, I’m sorry, you’re going to be on your own.’”

Sleepy Joe’s delayed response may win praise in D.C., but everyday people suffered the consequences, and it will happen again.

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47 responses to “Sleepy Joe Biden Unable to Handle Rigorous Schedule of a U.S. President”

  1. The world know Joe Biden should of Retired in 2017.
    He could of Retired as VP to 44,but not this Greedy Individual.
    He determined to push his senile self to the brink.
    Camala will take over,Joe is too old and Dementia is closing in.

    • Don’t get too excited, this was the plan right from the time Biden was chosen by Obama and Soros to be the Democratic party, then have him voted in as President and he is Obamas brown nosed puppet and ” robot ”
      Obama is behind all of this so that he can carry out his 3rd term. He is the puppet master, and he is the one who is pulling all the strings. Harris will become President, and Obama will be nominated as Supreme court of the USA. The rest is history, the USA will become one of the biggest Election Fraud in the years to come. They will stack the Courts with liberals who could not care a hoot about us taxpayers. All of this immigration is Obamas plan, China is Obama’s plan and so is Covid-19
      Personally, a civil war is the only way out of this mess, and now they will confiscate our guns so that we cannot revolt against them. We will not be able to ” bear arms ” like the Constitution states. God help us all !

  2. Really. I’m glad you’re really realizing this. I’m sorry Joe Biden is at the age where he just wants to say home go to bed early get up early and enjoy the day. American people cannot suffer at the hands of Joe Biden it’s time to MoveOn

    • True, Elizabeth. It is like this statement ““Please heed the instructions of local officials and stay safe.”” I am just surprised he did not end it with “And, have a nice day.”

    • We need Trump back SO BADLY! He was a REAL President in every sense of the word. He took care of things quickly and WELL. He was America FIRST all the way, not this crazy regime that is America LAST all the way!! Nancy Pelosi got her way by setting up impeachments against the Greatest President that ever lived, but he was acquitted of course because he didn’t do anything wrong. So she decided to get him another way, AFTER she stole the Presidency from him, to setup a riot against the White House and frame HIM for it! SHE was the one that set the whole thing up and needs to be IMPEACHED and GO TO JAIL for it! Pray that she is exposed Patriots, and that justice for this witch is finally done!

      • You are absolutely right. We need President Trump back. Only one month in office it is obvious Biden cannot do his job. The Dems orchestrated the whole election knowing full well Biden would be out and Harris would takeover with Obama and his buddies directing her. Sad time for our country.

      • I totally agree with everything you said! Wake up America! We desperately need President Trump back! He absolutely did a Great Job for America! Too many voters fooled once again! Now we will all pay!

        • I totally agree with everything you said! Wake up America! We desperately need President Trump back! He absolutely did a Great Job for America! Too many voters fooled once again! Now we will all pay! I agree totally with the comments that everyone has said! Our only hope is in Jesus! He is coming very soon! Make sure you are ready!

      • Obiden said he feels he has already been president for four years now.
        Feel to me also that it has been four years.
        So shouldn’t since his four years are up we hold another election now?
        Let just make sure this time there is no wide spread cheating.

  3. Stay tuned folks. With “Fingers” Biden in control, things are going to get a lot worse. Can’t wait to hear the ludicrous lies the MSM are going to use to turn a pig’s ear into a sow’s purse .

  4. Criminals don’t change their spots. Vengeance and hatred are always in the forefront of the guilty…and that includes Pelosi and the Mafia gang that illegally shoved him and his despised running mate into the white house. They will NEVER be the heads of state to most of us republic-loving citizens, and, since he was illegally put there, I see no need to obey his dictatorial “orders” (most likely signed by his wife and placed in front of him by his “handlers”). The Washington Mafia members dont give a whit about us, only their own selfish, greedy positions and are allowing our antagonists free rein in overtaking the world, INCLUDING the USA


  6. The TRUTH is —- BABY BIDEN didn’t legitimately win. His lack of EVERYTHING remotely required of a president is obvious – the scotus unjustice Roberts is a coward and should be removed from office immediately. America’s present dangerous and unhealthy situation rests SOLELY on Roberts’ shoulders. Roberts is responsible for failing to save America but instead he let the evil, destroying commie lib group take fraudulent control of America’s destiny and Roberts is despised for this.

  7. So What’s the Answer to this Dilemma? Is it already time for Heels Up Harris to take over the “Helm” or is Nutsy Pelooser Prepping herself? America knew Beijing Biden wasn’t up to the Monumental Task and now that everyone is Admitting it,

  8. He’s a brain damaged sock puppet, but Texas did this to themselves by not having a plan B when they disconnected from the national grid.

  9. Sorry Joe your prayers are a hollow offering given your track record. Lets see what happens when California catches fire this year like it always does and time your response to that disaster. Bet it is a less than a second of hesitation.
    You are the president (although in my opinion not legally) of the entire country and your response should be equal to all.
    There is a reason the election had to be tilted toward you and now everyone is finding out why.

  10. Wake up AMERICA…look at your constitutional rights that are being taking from u thru this ridiculous lock down…now no help comes when disaster strikes…how long will we sit back and take this abuse?

  11. I believe Fraud Biden was coerced into running for president in the first place. The DEMONrats had their plan laid out, which in part, included Fraud Harris. They want her as president, period, and this was the only way they could place her into office, as she is not exactly warmly received by most. That is the reason the cheating and cover ups were so massive. In order to complete their Totalitarian plan and future New World Order, this plan had to work for these evil monsters. Now the plan is accelerating like a runaway freight train, and she will be president in the very near future.
    May God help us!

  12. Well, I guess biden’s handlers, whoever that may be, have decided that it’s time for him to go so they are putting on a show to convince us of that. We don’t need to be convinced we already were before they decided to use him because harris couldn’t get in on her own. These people do not care about the people or this country. All they plan to do is tear what is left of this country apart and rebuild it to their liking. Their liking is a country without us, a one world government under the UN. They have been talking about depopulation for a long time and that is happening now. We must all bow and thank the elitists. Thank them for changing our country and changing our culture by removing historical statues, raising hell about defunding the police, sending in their little trained hoodlums to destroy cities and private property, tearing our Bill of Rights apart and causing so much chaos in our lives. They have everyone terrified about what they will do next.

  13. To everyone that helped the Harris/Biden campaign to get into power, I sincerely hope you see your error, regret it, and are working to correct it. Anything less is shameful.

  14. We The People need to hold Biden’s Administration ACCOUNTABLE, up to including IMPEACHMENT . . . There is NO excuse for ANY of this from an INEPT, WORTHLESS ADMINISTRATION who is NOT going by the U.S. Constitution that WE the PEOPLE DIDN’T vote for, and is TYRANNICAL in NATURE. One Enlightened Patriot And WARY As Well. Team Trump and His Allies 2020 – MAGA (WE’RE NOT going away!).

  15. We knew it was coming. Biden’s “presidency” will not survive 2021. And then the VP will step up and do what she does best; say anything anyone wants her to say. Someone earlier in these posts said it best for me: “God help us all.” I continue to pray that little prayer every single day.

    • Sandy – When you say “do what she does best,” I took it another way 🙂 So Mrs. Giggle/laugh is already acting president. Maybe she has a better way to “talk” to the foreign leaders? We are all in for a horrible train wreck, which has already started.
      I am truly worried about my grandchildren – most of them have good heads on their shoulders, but they are also at a stand still. G-d help us all. The Democrats got what they wanted, and now it’s buyers’ remorse; but the rest of us have to suffer. At 79 years old, I am afraid of whatever time I have left. What’s going to happen when my husband with Alzheimer’s gets worse, and when I cannot work any longer. And what happens to everyone else who did not ask for this?

  16. The headline was: “What those close to Sleepy Joe are reportedly saying about him”. So what are THOSE CLOSE TO HIM saying?

  17. Obama is exercising his third term from his shadow government. Biden is not capable of all the executive orders he wrote so quickly. Kamala was chosen by son of Soros. Only God can move to remove all of this evil!

    • Well said! I couldn’t agree with you more! Donald Trump was the very best President America has EVER had.
      It was a sad day in America when Joe Bidens saggy bones stole the White House!
      The Patriots who love America and President Trump will have to suffer along with the indigents who were dumb enough to vote for this monstrous administration! I’m quite sure no one wants to pay the price for gasoline that rises everyday and of course have to live with all the other disastersous decisions “good ole Joe” made in the first month sitting in the drivers seat signing all his executive orfers just because of the hatred the Dems all have for Donald Trump!
      It’s amazing how those in power ignored the plea to take charge and see what happened in the 2020 election. People whom I respected and thought loved America were intelligent enough to want to “do the right thing” and’ save America’ so to speak.
      Of course I could say much more, but I’ll sadly I’ll refrain..

  18. Joe is not the problem, he is like a little child doing what ever mommy pelosi and daddy Schumer tell him to do who by the way are given instructions from grand pa Siri’s, his inept baby sitter Kamala tries to keep him safe but alas she can’t even handle her on blunders, this corrupt occupation of the nations governing body has openly exposed the nation to danger, immorality, and ridicule on a global level, we need Trump back and a complete purge by impeachment or the pretender and his henchmen , not difficult to know who they are just get any careing citizen they will point them out, Congress both rep and dem it is on you to step up and honor the oath you made to this nation before the eyes of witnesses and before God , you know what is taking place is not good, We the people simple ask you to love America!

  19. This is truly a sad situation we’re now in.we all were aware Biden had some Dementia but we’re not aware it’s was like this,he isn’t normal anymore having this one or that one telling him to do this or that proving he is the President but a old dude seeing himself as one only. Do not for one instant think Ovomit saw it and also saw the opening to step in as Biden was a heavy backer of Ovomit for 8 years and would listen as he did as VP so he starts telling him this must be done or that like this or that. I’m truly not so sure that Biden in his dementia infected mind isn’t still the VP to Ovomit as we was over those 8 years and is listing and doing as he had been doing. This makes us having Ovomit from his closet the President for that 3 rd term he couldn’t get that he so Bradley wanted. We’re all aware this election was rigged but most hated Trump from all the msm was indoctrinating the public with Trump lies is in cahoots with big business, yet knew the Biden’s were in deep with the CCP and the Ukraine his kid was and only due to the fact Joe Joe was the VP of America. People, those who were totally overtaken by the msm fell victim to this and went against Trump voting for Joe Joe but for no other reason than the indocternaion they were receiving and the fact what little Joe was saying from his basement he was going to do for America, which hasn’t came true so far but left out this was being guided by Ovomit as we’re now seeing the actions Ovomit has done in the past coming back to haunt us it’s not a new administration but a continuing third term of Ovomit thru a old fool with dementia being guided not being a Prue President. This is the Obama Coupe he dreamed of as Trump lost to rigged computers,paid vote counters and. Socialist filled msm. Folks were in for one hell of a ride in these four years one that might just be the end of America as we know it replaced with a America adopted from Venezuela and that will be our end. Gun control now Joe’s big deal,illegals commIng in by the droves,taxes on the increase and high unemployment all back to the Ovomit era nothing in MAGA. Damn I’m old and yet I could see where America was headed but people were voting with the wool pulled over their eyes and now we will pay heavily for it.

  20. Joe Biden should be removed because he is incompetent, Kamala Harris should be removed because she incites and encourages violence, Pelosi should be removed because she is Insane, The list goes on and on!

  21. For four years, every breath President Trump took was scrutinized and criticized,China Joe is padding about the White House in robe and slippers watching things crash and burn.Turn the tables and imagine Trump on national networks stating that blacks and Latinos don’t know how to connect to the internet or that the vaccine was not available until he came into office while having been himself vaccinated weeks prior to that?
    The insane are indeed running the asylum. Let’s not even think about the sh#tstorm to come when cameltoe Harris gains total control. I cannot believe this man is the potus! Such a wretched individual and a screwed up family. Apart, of course from the highly educated and peer revered-DR. Jill. Do we recall the single digit IQ whoopsie Goldberg stating that Dr. Jill should be made surgeon general? Brilliant!

  22. The Manchurian Candidate is now in full operation doing exactly what his handlers want him to do. DESTROYING FREEDOM! Destroying America!

  23. That’s old news. We all knew Biden couldn’t handle the job, physically or mentally. In terms of doing the job, it’s obvious Trump could run circles around Biden, physically and mentally.
    When Biden challenged Trump to a fight, it would have been fun to see old Joe get his ass kicked.

  24. And this is a surprise to Who??? We all knew he was mentally incapable of handling anything let alone our country. I am so scared of what he/s going to do next to our country. I am so ashamed of all the stupid people that voted for this LOSER. They will be dragged down with the rest of us, but they are toooooo stupid to know that.


  26. Just read an article where real journalist and doctors from Australia and Norway say he has mid level dementia. They then destroyed the useless media in the US for coddling him and told them they are a disgrace to the profession. Seriously other countries see the whole thing yet imbeciles here in America don’t?????. WTF???????

  27. President Trump took less than four years…… undo what Obuma did to this country…… Biden will do more damage in months…….than Carter, Clinton, and Oboma did in twenty years total……..and if by some dire chance………Harris should get the job………it will take her just days ……….to finish destroying America………

  28. Why are these fools allowed to destroy the country who are they afraid of every republicans outcry should sounding around the world Remove the Democrats the people are sounding the alarm but nobody’s listening….???????!!? It’s falling on empty heads evil evil the devils playbook. They hate Jesus Christ and like evil in Iran they hate us to COME LORD JESUS…..

  29. Job Killer Joe Asleep At The Wheel when Texas was socked in and no power. May Job Killer Joe’s Dummycrat Party lose power at mid-terms.

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