Son of Judge in Jeffrey Epstein Case Murdered

As a whirlwind of theories floods the fake news and social media, it’s increasingly difficult to look beyond the fact that an unprecedented number of people who pose a threat to the Clintons die under suspicious circumstances.

After federal judge Esther Salas took over the financial elements of the Jeffrey Epstein case, high-profile men’s rights attorney Roy Den Hollander reportedly attacked her home, murdering her son and wounding her husband. This comes as the latest twist in the Epstein sex trafficking case that ties disgraced ex-President Bill Clinton to the infamous Lolita Express.

“The FBI has identified Roy Den Hollander as the primary subject in the attack that occurred at the home of the Honorable Esther Salas,” according to the FBI’s Newark office. “Den Hollander is now deceased.”

Hollander, the alleged gunman who would later take his own life, reportedly disguised himself as a FedEx driver before opening fire on the judge’s family. Judge Salas, who was appointed by Obama, oversaw other cases that had potential links to Epstein. One such case involved a lawsuit brought by Deutsche Bank investors who were troubled that the company was not monitoring nefarious clients that included convicted sex offender Epstein.

Epstein, the second-highest profile prisoner in the American prison system, was found dead in his New York jail cell. Suspicion has plagued the investigation and methods used to protect and monitor the man who had been on suicide watch, could point the finger at Royal family members, and Bill Clinton, among many other powerful and wealthy people.

“Jeffrey is both a highly successful financier and a committed philanthropist with a keen sense of global markets and an in-depth knowledge of twenty-first-century science,” Clinton said of the sex criminal in 2002.

The remarks came after Clinton rode the Lolita Express multiple times during his stint in the White House and as recently as 2002. While many speculate that he engaged with underage sex slaves, recent photos and investigative reports indicate he carried on a torrid affair with one-time Epstein girlfriend Ghislaine Maxwell.

“(Bill) and Ghislaine were getting it on,” a source who reportedly witnessed the relationship said. “That’s why he was around Epstein — to be with her.”

To date, Maxwell is being held under close guard but has openly stated she expects to be killed, infected with COVID-19, or silenced in some fashion. Clear links are being drawn between high-profile people such as Bill Clinton and Prince Andrew and the money trail could prove fateful. Other conspiracies present Hollander as a crazed women-hater who was reportedly diagnosed with cancer and had a specific ax to grind with the federal judge.

“Death’s hand is on my left shoulder … nothing in this life matters anymore,” he reportedly wrote in a manifesto. “The only problem with a life lived too long under Feminazi rule is that a man ends up with so many enemies he can’t even the score with all of them.”

Law enforcement reportedly discovered identity information in Hollander’s vehicle of New York Chief Judge Janet DiFiore and are following up on links to the killing of California attorney Marc Angelucci. Few would disagree that the body count continues to mount with ties to the Clintons and Jeffrey Epstein.

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19 responses to “Son of Judge in Jeffrey Epstein Case Murdered”

  1. The Clinton’s, and other powerful man probably other POLETICIANS . Be sure the bird in PRISON sang already those monsters, Socialist corrupted to the core Clintons and their cult Hollywood will do anything to stop it!!

  2. I can’t find Bill guilty of having mucho sex with many ladies as come on, he’s married to cooked Hillery.

  3. I don’t think Slick Willie cared about Crooked Horse Face Killary finding out who he slept with, she is the dangerous one. She just don’t want his actions affecting her plans on becoming the President of this great nation and she STILL thinks she can be President. She and slick Willie has been corrupt since their days in Arkansas.

  4. I’m 73 and can spot a fake a mile away. Hilary is a fake and a dangerous criminal. Bill is a dangerous criminal

  5. Hillary visited Epstein’s Island 8 times, she/it likes little girls.
    If they are not held accountable this sick activity will never end.
    Although there is an extra hot spot in Hell with their names on it.

  6. I don’t believe Dem’s truly intend to run Biden, Killary is the devil behind the senile do nothing, 47 year politician that say’s he is finally now going to do something. What a joke. This posturing by the left certainly appears to have all the elements of the final attempt of their coup. Russia , Russia, Russia didn’t work, Impeachment was a freaking joke. They have already robbed the American people of what could of been the first 4 years ( although impressive none the less by our President ). I pray my American brothers and sisters are prepared to act when their mail in voter fraud comes into fruition. Killery is mobilizing the anarchist on the left in preparation and full knowledge of the treachery. I would remind my fellow veterans that we swore our oath to the constitution not a party or person or even country. That paper is what stands between anarchy .tyranny, fascism, racism, and our family’s, our children and our children’s children. S.P.O.R.T.S.

    • Once I gave training for new employees at a large company.
      I started with rule number one ,”don’t trust anyone. “My last
      advice was, “remember rule number one.”

      • “He who dares not offend cannot be honest.”


        funny I had posted a quote from Paine on media a day or so ago !!

  7. According to you folks there is not a person who died in America in the last 30+ years that weren’t linked to the Clintons. A mother loses her son to a anti feminist attorney and somehow Hillary & Bill did it. Hopefully she won’t have to see these nasty lies and conspiracy theories.

    • Way to Go Clyde, jim is obviously intoxicated on his own farts and not thinking clearly. Maybe he would be more honest about the whole thing if he weren’t so afraid the Clinton’s will Kill Him !! Ha ,

  8. Since the Clinton’s best friends are DOJ and FBI. Why not haul them all in for questioning. There must be many song birds who are ready for a solo or lifetime reward on the hill.
    What are they all getting paid for? Just to join the ranks of
    Deceivers? If a person is innocent of accused crimes, then exonerate them. Someone, without a doubt is guilty of pulling
    The trigger or pushing someone underwater to drown. Where
    are the expert investigators hiding? Once upon a time Crime
    Did not Pay”! Now, the criminals become billionaires! The Millionaires. Carry their water! What gives or takes?

  9. Dead men tell no tales. Recently a Wilmington, NC, Professor, bit the dust. He had then audacity to attack Cooper and the Democrats who are supposedly leading Trump, Tillis, and the GOP in NC.

  10. Boy the dems sound like a mafia outfit. Kill and or be killed, scary way of lawless living. Not for us. Clintons may have had a hand in the Epstein suicide . Imagine hanging yourself from a bunk bed. Now everyone should try that and find out how difficult tht is. No beatings, no drugs just your normal healthy self. Impossible.

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