The ‘Cheat by Mail’ Scheme Practically Encourages Voter Fraud

Earlier in May, President Donald Trump threatened to cut funding for states participating in what he called the “cheat by mail” scheme — that is, providing absentee ballots to anyone who asks for them for whatever reason.

Democrat-controlled states have been pushing for a vote-from-home rule going into the 2020 general election. By doing this, voters would not be subject to prove they are properly registered like they normally would, and ballot theft would be almost impossible for law enforcement to detect.

In other words, Democrats across America are practically inviting election fraud to occur. Of course, they’re citing concerns over the global pandemic to justify their actions. Well, the facts don’t add up.

Think about this: ask any Democrat politician if they believe voting is an essential activity in America. Unless they want to be compared to a 20th century dictator, they’ll answer in the affirmative. So, if voting is an “essential” activity like buying groceries (which you can still do in states with lockdowns), why is voting any different?

This is a transparent attempt to subvert the will of the people and cheat the Democratic Party into victory. And who can blame them? Americans aren’t exactly thrilled with the party encouraging cops to arrest them for taking a walk in the park, so this might be the only way they can expect to win. On this point, we can’t help but agree with them…

Here’s Anthony Brian Logan with more details on the “cheat by mail” scheme.

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36 responses to “The ‘Cheat by Mail’ Scheme Practically Encourages Voter Fraud”

  1. I’m all for Mail n Voting …
    A Up to date Photo I D stapled to everyone and postmarked by October 28, 2020.
    Then we can check so they don’t come in and vote again …
    Simple … The Democrats get their way … sort of …

    • Does not work as anyone can mail in a fake PHOTO ED. Drive through voting can work with photo ID shown to poll worker with record of proper registered voters to be confirmed. but need more polling places set up and safe from cross contamination.

      • To RNC Chairwoman, Rona McDaniel, Dems., are going to steal the 2020 election in November. This is Joe Kennedy 1960, they will Richard Nixon trump. The Supreme Court and the Attorney General must get on Pelosi’s case.

      • Also; mail-in ballots show on the envelope the party voted for. A crooked poll taker can easily toss the votes they don’t want into the trash and they’d never be counted. The only way mail-in ballots would make sense is to have the voter gat their ballots notarized by a licensed notary who verifies their Identity, then stamps a certified seal on the ballot that it has been verified, and no party information listed anywhere on the outside envelope.

  2. Voter fraud is real. You are right that some people in Philadelphia got arrested for ballot box stuffing. 38 states require Voter ID already & Nancy Pelosi’s $3Trillion theft package bill she’s proposing BANS those states specifically from identifying anyone for any reason concerning voting. Pelousi seems to call heroes the people she is paying off – illegal aliens, lobbyists, the arts that she cochairs.So yes indeed dosedimdumdems want to suppress fair measures to ensure voting, probably for their illegal alien pets since so many former democrats have done #walkaway in recent years. They really have a very small actual voting base left; they have done NOTHING as far as working for their salaries we pay them to encourage anyone to vote for them. The Impeach Coup wasn’t work it was lunacy & most democrats took it as a vacation, one guy was caught playing virtual golf during congressional session while the viscious perpetrators of the coup raged on. And so many former democrats walked away from that party in disgust!

  3. If anyone has doubts about voter fraud just study LBJs first election to the senate in 1948, ballot box 13. He even bragged about all the dead people who voted for him. Democrats have been cheating at elections for years as anyone who has worked during elections can tell you. The first time I worked as an election judge I was shocked to learn that all election judges have keys to the ballot box.

  4. The traditional voting program was and will be subverted by the demoncratics, so who in their right mind would dare to believe that the proposed program by the cyclops (Nancy) would be any different. Cyclops must be praying to the devil because all of her activities/proposals emulate the actions of the devil in disguise. Nancy had so many face lifts that her butt hole is stretched over her forehead, i.e. CYLOPS. The citizens of this country are not as stupid as Nancy wants to believe. Yes, we have groups that use the government as a life line because they are too lazy to work, save and be productive members of society, but then again, that is not only our country. We also have some proud citizens whom are not given a chance by the likes of Nancy and the demoncratic party liberals. We have a person responsible for our house of representatives who has never paid an employee in the real world, therefore how can she possible understand the real world. Nancy has no compassion for the people, only herself, to satisfy her obligations to the money folks whom eh owes so much.

  5. Why does anyone still think that the Democrat party is anything other than a criminal enterprise any thing that they come up with is designed to destroy the rights of the people they allegedly represent. The only solution is to remove them from office in November. It is said that water seeks its own level and the Democrat party is a collection of the worst corrupt people in the country with an unindicted criminal for a presidential candidate

  6. Of course voter fraud exists! There are ample cases of voting fraud throughout our history. Hell, absentee ballots from our boys overseas get lost and get found in closets after elections are over! “Postal carriers” have ditched all kinds of mail!! You want to trust that your vote will be counted lawfully? Show your face and your ID! Indigents should be given a chance to vote, absolutely! But there are more secure ways to accomplish that! There is more security around logging onto a web site than there would be “voting by mail.” Counties have registered more votes than people in past elections. “I don’t want to stand in line” is the most common complaint I here about people wanting to vote by mail. If you can’t respect the process and its importance, you should go live in Venezuela or China for the time it takes you to gain back some sanity about the importance of our right to lawfully vote.

  7. NC voted for Voter ID twice – both times our illustrious Governor vetoed it! This is a disgrace. During this whole “pandemic” thing, they tried to change voter law to where he can unilaterally change voter law to make it mail-in with no ID required, no witness required, and he has refused to clean up our voter roles (almost 1 million ineligible voters still on the roles – no chance for fraud, there right?). That’s why he doesn’t want to reopen us. That plus the fact that they want to stop the RNC Convention from happening. Cooper has to go! Soros-funded tool that doesn’t give a hoot for the people – it’s all about the “agenda”.

  8. Addition to my last update – he doesn’t want to reopen NC because he would have the power to implement the voter fraud rule (mail-in vote with absolutely no checks and balances) if we are under a state of emergency.

  9. Lie, cheat, steal, push Granny’s wheel chair off the cliff, it makes no difference to the DNC when it comes to seizing power from American citizens. In many if not most cases dead people are not removed from the rolls of registered voters. It’s like the old Chicago saying “vote early and often”. Send in an army of illegals using fake names for which there is no ID because it isn’t required. Dems have been fighting against picture ID forever and this is why. The culmination is within their grasp. Imagine if you will a Democrat dictatorship. The DNC’s wet dream, a real American’s nightmare.

    • We ow have some very determined people in Congress. Devin Nunes CA, Jim Jordan OH, Josh Hawley MO, Jim Cotton AR(?), John Kennedy TN (?). Nunes was the one to discover the Mueller fake and the FISA lies. He has gotten slammed for all the stuff he has found out. There are more and they are not backing down. We now have an Attorney General who is strictly “rule of la”. And, yes, we have biased. partisan judges who legislate from the bench. Time to clean up the judiciary. The Democrats are involved in more crimes than are known. The Senate Judiciary Committee want subpoenas for the Hunter Biden mess. Ukraine indicted the Burisma owner implicating Hunter Biden for a money laundering scheme. Another post says Ukraine now has found that it was larger than supposed taking in $BILLIONS and Americans are involed.

  10. I guess too much honesty has rubbed off of WWII parents onto their Republican children of that era, and we fail to fight fire with fire in an emergency such as we have staring us in the face in the coming election. Worse…we brag about how we would never do such a thing as cheat for our choice of president! I say, “Why not fight fire WITH fire?” If cheating is available and easy for Democrats, then it must be for us Republicans too…so why not make use of it? This is an emergency after all! To hell with honesty and integrity this time around. We cannot allow a mentally challenged candidate to be taken advantage of by being a pawn arrow in the Democrats’ quiver. We all know what is being planned for Uncle Joe: After he would be elected, he would step aside, his handlers citing dementia as the reason. The Republicans would howl “FOUL” but it would be too late and the court would refuse to hear the case. This is the one thing about which I resent today’s Grand Old Party…they roll over and give up. And the Dems know it!!!

  11. This The political problem how to fix it
    All federal elective offices should be one term only the one term only The term should be 6 years, now to make 6 years work, you would need 3 people in each office. The senior person would be finishing 6 years, an out of office. The 4th year person would move up to the 6 year position and the two year person would move up to the four year position and a new person would be elected to the two year position so each person which serves 6 chairs starting with the election to 2 years in the lower office 2 years in the middle office at 2 years in the top office. would require a change in the House of Representatives as a as it is today representatives are assigned to states my population this would need to change. I believe if all states had 4 representatives that is 3 persons in each office, being a total of 12 and now they would not be like it is today.
    I believe need two party system yes in disarray and not working for us. Also, we need to do away where the two-party system. if you want to have a party system that’s fine, but it has no meaning and politics or the way the government is run, if you are representative of the people you represent the people not some damn party. If you are a senator You represent the state and not some party, as do US Congress completely and disarray and a nonfunctional. it is time or a change now we the people need to make the change.
    The change should be all elected offices be filled by 3 people the senior the middle and a junior, each of these persons will serve 6 years, 2 years each level of that office, the office levels is junior, middle, and senior. Now come on people as you read this pass it on to your friends and neighbors let’s get behind a change in our government.
    I serve 47 years in the US military an only to see this country go to the dogs! Come on we are better than that. we can do it as Trump says this “make this country great again” I’m not asking you to back Trump he is what he is. He is trying to make a change, But I do not know the kind of change he is after or trying to do. but I do believe if we put term limits on all elective offices, we can make a difference.
    I ask you where you can go to work for 6 years. And have 100% of your salary or the rest of your life, an on top of that the best medical that there is. Only in the US Congress let’s put a stop to that if you’re in elected office, your medical will be the same as Social Security nothing more Medicare, your retirement will only be security society. Which would pay you when you reach retirement age if you want more you must buy it like everyone else or 401K or something similar
    With the taxpayer have been taken on a ride, and paying too much taxes or too many years, it is time for our representatives in Congress to understand this. Also as you give a political donation to a To a candidate to office that candidate put from 20% the 80% of your donation in his personal pocket let’s put a stop to this. Only you and I can do this THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU well ladies and gentlemen brothers and sisters this is what i have to say I hope you understand what I’m trying to say and carry the ball on. thank you and let’s make this change

    • Norman ignorance and stupidity are pesky things too. Subverting the will, that is desired outcome by making it easier to vote is without question the democrats plans for voter fraud. Make it easier for who ? That is the question and why do we need to make it easier? It should be harder while understanding the importance of your choices. Are dims to dumb to figure it out as it is ? Are they to stupid to figure out how to get an ID ? and you libs are all too willing to site studies that we are supposed to openly recognize and believe just like the Russian collusion crap. Use a little grey matter and think , why would dems be against voter ID to prevent fraud? A. Because it’s the way to cheat and they loose without it. Dishonesty is the way of the left and all criminal minded.

  12. “Subvert the will of the people” by making it easier to vote??? Such nonsense.
    Voter fraud is a myth perpetrated by the right-wing to argue against vote by mail. Ask the several states that are already doing it. Ask also about the Trump commission to investigate voter fraud, which was led by Kris Kobach, America’s king of voter suppression. What happened? The commission was disbanded because they couldn’t find evidence that voter fraud was a particular problem. Opps! Hey, right-wingers, facts are pesky things.
    A couple of studies were done a couple/few years ago, covering something like 10-15 years (I don’t recall the specifics now, but you can get the idea), and found that out of some hundreds of millions of votes cast something like 130-140 cases of voter fraud were identified. So yes, you can find an anecdotal example here and there, but it’s infinitesimal and certainly not an argument for voter suppression, including vote by mail.

  13. ABL: You are absolutely correct with the need for Voter Photo ID to keep our elections secure and FREE. I was a Republican Precinct Committeeman for several years here in Arizona. As a Credential Member I was needed even at local elections to check Party Members ID to insure the election/nomination of future candidates was proper and correct. There is another type of fraud that can be found. A few States permit “Proxy Voting”, that is the
    Voter uses a piece of paper with the real Voter’s signature on it in order to voter an additional vote. Many of these Proxies are fraudulently made to commit Voter Fraud. It has to be stopped and can be by both Parties to Enact Bi’Partisan Legislation to require a photo Voter ID to secure any election Nationally.

  14. To me, this is the biggest problem we have out there. There must be something done to ensure the rights of citizens to have their vote securely counted! It’s the right way and only way. Voter I.D. was always practiced properly as long as I can remember until the Democrats came along three years ago. Now we don’t know what tricks they go to to get their way. They can’t be trusted, so we need some type of Legislation to vote properly. It is unfair and corrupt to have this in the back of our minds. They are pushing so hard you know they are planning it. Something must be done now, or before it is too late and they figure some other way to ensure a cheat!

  15. I understand that The Democrats and the DEAD LOVE “cheat by mail” They both vote for the SAME Democrat . . . Over and over again! One Wary Patriot. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  16. Voting by mail cannot be allowed, because this is a clear fraud invented by Pelosi, Sсhumer and other Democrats – this is called – seizing power in a fraudulent way. If these bastards explain this fraud as a pandemic, then, in my opinion, it would be more honest to postpone the elections until the end of the pandemic.

    • George Soros is pushing this mail-in ballot scheme like it’s a matter of life and death. You know if he is pushing it, it can’t be good. I went to Walmart, the feed store, and Home Depot yesterday (it was raining) and there was a single file line into one open door at all 3 stores – when 2 -4 people came out of the store, 2 – 4 more people would be allowed in. About half of these people were wearing masks, but they were all 6 – 8 feet away from each other. Now; if people are perfectly okay with standing in a line to be let into a store to buy goods, or just browse, then why wouldn’t it be any less bothersome to line up to cast your God and Constitutional Right vote? I can see it for our military who are overseas and can’t be home to vote, our disabled who can’t get out because of their disability, those who have jobs in another state or country that can’t get back in time, and those who live way out of town – have no transportation, and just can’t get there. These are legitimate excuses for mail-in ballots. The rest of us who have 2 workable legs and a needed car, have no excuse to not line up to cast their own votes.




  18. Of Course the Demomarxists will cheat–it is who they are. Why do they cheat? They cheat because they cannot do the job HONESTLY.. Everything they do is DISHONEST. I cannot believe that Old Joe is all they have to offer the USA. He can never fill Trump’s shoes. During this Pandemic President Trump went into WAR MODE. I cannot even fathom the death rate had he not acted. Had he known the secretive and lying Chinese had in effect launched a Biological war on the USA and most of the world when they purposely sent their Virus infected Chinese citizens around the world to seed the virus. Why do you think their Bat Man and Bat Lady virologists were poking around in Horse shoe Bat caves collecting the bats, their urine and feces 600 miles from their Biological WEAPONS Lab in Wuhan? After they had made a designer virus–How could they test the efficacy of the Corona19 virus to kill any and all infected.. They allowed enough of the designer virus to escape and infect Chines citizens who they sent all over the world. Now they know that the elderly with other problems are the most prone to die,, they will design the next pandemic attack to kill off the babies, children and working age folks. The productive elements of our society are the next on their list.

  19. I never see Republicans trying to change our voter laws, it’s always democrats scheming to change things to enhance their gaming the system. If you can go to the grocery store or Home Depot, how hard is it to social distance at a precinct where an ID is required, a paper ballot given, filled out and put in the box to be counted.

  20. Voter fraud is a Livermore thing. The really scary part is how the Republican’s as usual aren’t putting up a fight. Not one bit of one. Attorney General William Barr won’t investigate Barack Obama, or Joe Biden. I haven’t seen one mind you. Not one Republican stand-up and defend the President. However, I am getting email, after email from Republican’s afraid they are going to lose power in the election. Well when you did have the House, Senate, and White House. What did you do? I’ll tell you. Nothing. You were trying to help the Democrat’s get rid of the President that’s what. Now it might come back that the Democrat’s will do the same old thing. Lunch you ignorantly half witted Republican’s right in the mouth. I have never seen a political party with So many good stances be so stupid. And it’s not like the Democrat’s have never done this before! They do it every single time. The Republican’s are constantly trying to get along, and the Democrat’s are constantly punching the Republican’s in the mouth. I am a Conservative, while I hate the Democrat’s. The Republican’s loss me off with their always trying to get along bullshit.

  21. Voter fraud is a legitimate thing. The really scary part is how the Republican’s as usual aren’t putting up a fight. Not one bit of one. Attorney General William Barr won’t investigate Barack Obama, or Joe Biden. I haven’t seen one mind you. Not one Republican stand-up and defend the President. However, I am getting email, after email from Republican’s afraid they are going to lose power in the election. Well when you did have the House, Senate, and White House. What did you do? I’ll tell you. Nothing. You were trying to help the Democrat’s get rid of the President that’s what. Now it might come back that the Democrat’s will do the same thing. Punch you ignorantly half witted Republican’s right in the mouth. I have never seen a political party with So many good stances be so stupid. And it’s not like the Democrat’s have never done this before! They do it every single time, all the time. The Republican’s are constantly trying to get along, and the Democrat’s are constantly punching the Republican’s in the mouth. I am a Conservative, while I hate the Democrat’s. The Republican’s piss me off with their always trying to get along bullshit.


  23. Democrats cheat and have cheated for years . Voter fraud occurs with votes from dead people, poll workers changing votes, “losing”votes and then there was the travesty called “The Mueller Investigation”. That fiasco was brought to us by the Dems and was an expensive and useless two year investigation set up by the Democrats to try to prove Mr. Trump was guilty of working with Russia. That was a very expensive failure compliments of the Dems. So the question is not will the Dems cheat with mail in ballots, the question is how widespread will it be. Voter fraud is an insult to everything this country was founded on and we must have voted ID and voting at an approved polling place!

  24. Each ballot should be BARCODED. All local theaters, ballparks, places that have ENCLOSED TICKET BOOTHS should become Legal Ballot PollCenters. Voter with LEGAL ID need to have their ID scanned (like the bank scanners) & the ballot barcode scanned & then dropped into “secured box”. One Box At A Time, say limit number of ballot content to 500/ box. Once a box is full, the respective Barcode Scanned List should be Enclosed Inside the full box to verify content.
    The Ballot collection booth location is protected, (And there are LOTS of these booth collection locations, enabling “social distancing”, reducing crowding & enabling speed to Voting in Person). Voter is masked. Ballot ID & ballot collected safely & “secured”. (But I’m sure the Dims will find a way out too !!!)

  25. PS to Nanci04 Earlier comment.
    (OBTW where are you folks in 754PM zone?) However,,,

    How can the Voter be assured of our ballot being “counted”?

    The Barcode Scanned List enclosed inside the “secured” ballot box need to be scanned, respective ballots counted, and List rescanned to assure that votes have been counted. Once that box is completed, the respective box is MARKED COUNTED & stored/destroyed respectively. The Barcode Scanned List is Signed & CoSigned and then sent via “secured mail” to Secretary of State, and the respective DNC & RNC Voting officials.

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