The Strange Parallels Between Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton

Regardless of what the mockingbird media says about President Donald Trump, the defining hallmark of his presidency is record low unemployment rates for all demographics of people including the ones that he is accused of hating for no clear reason. Arguably, depending on your political priorities, it could also be his refusal to start new wars and his efforts to end nearly decades-old ones. Either way, that’s pretty danged good.

Now, to understand why deep state Democrats hate him so much, why they reward the media for parroting that hatred, and why they will stoop to any low to smear him — you only have to understand that those two hallmarks of his presidency are costing them money and power. To be clear, deep state Democrats make money through desperation state-side and slaughter internationally. If that doesn’t make them evil, we don’t know what does.

But the point is that Democrat presidential candidates are handpicked to be pliant and DNC-obedient in order to further the progress of the movement to deprive working-class Americans of their jobs, their dignity, their freedom, and to send them off to wars to die in pointlessly. Trump is working against that agenda, and that is why they hate him.

Hillary Clinton was and is a criminal who stood over Bill Clinton as he set into action plans and policies that took jobs away from Americans, levied heavy regulation on industry to make this country weaker, and sold her influence to our foreign adversaries for millions if not billions.

Right now, at this very moment, as the FBI confirms the fact the Hunter Biden is under criminal investigation over what has already been confirmed by documents in his emails and files on his hard drive — we cannot help but notice a number of similarities between Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton.

In the exact same way as what we saw in 2016, with Clinton’s email scandal being covered up by Democrats and by the media, so now are they trying desperately to conceal Biden’s crimes from the public.

Just like in 2016, we’re being told that the story of Biden’s corruption is fake news, that Trump is the one who is colluding with Russian powers. Just yesterday, Tucker Carlson reported on-air that files showing Hunter Biden’s guilt and Joe Biden’s complicity with that guilt had been sent to a legal analyst in California by Fox News — and that those files disappeared in the mail. The carrier said they looked for the documents but could not find them.

This is what a cover-up looks like, and it is very similar to the same kind of shenanigans we saw in 2016. The only difference is now we have the files. They are public.

The Democrats cannot hide anymore, not unless Never-Trump Republicans and federal law enforcement people are complicit with their anti-freedom, and ultimately anti-human agenda.

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38 thoughts on “The Strange Parallels Between Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton”

  1. Only parallel I see is they are both losers who have figured a way to fund their lifestyle with taxpayer dollars.

  2. They are BOTH compromised and probably have the same “Deep State” people in place. DC needs to be sanitized for OUR PROTECTION.

  3. I appreciate your views. I am always struck by the truth of God’s word when reading how lost people behave. It is a sobering reminder that we all leave this world either in our sins or forgiven, if we availed ourselves of the free gift of eternal life through Jesus Christ. Can you imagine striving your whole life to steal, kill, and destroy God’s creation only to find yourself in hell forever? We are in a spiritual warfare. Time is short. People are deciding where they stand in this dark vs light battle. And there is no fence to stand on (Satan owns the fence). God’s word (truth) tells us that in the last days the spirit of deception would be so strong that, if it were possible, even the very elect couldn’t be saved. We know the Bidens, Clintons, Pelosis, Obamas, Bushes of this world are evil, but what about the hidden masses among us, the infiltrators? They are our co-workers, neighbors, even family members, and most, if not all, are in the occult. That is the truth that often gets left out because people don’t want to hear it. There is no evil globalist cabal Democrat Left without the occult. They worship Satan/Lucifer/Ba’al and are very secretive about their beliefs, but, as Trump says, their symbolism will expose them. My point is, we can report how bad these people are all day long, but if we don’t season it with WHY they do these evil things, then we’re just recounting their sins. They are not going to change, ever, unless their eyes are opened to the truth they are going to hell and will be tormented in actual fire forever and ever. Hell is real! So, how do we get that truth across as well? By his including more of what these evil people actually believe, which is what is collectively driving this globalist cabal towards a NWO in preparation for their world leader to come on the scene, known as the Antichrist. Anyone discounting these truths about what all this battling is really about is on the fence. And as I stated earlier, we know who owns the fence.

      1. All who you mentioned are indeed trying to bring our nation down, but the reason they are so hateful is because Satan knows his time is short and is working overtime to destroy us and our great nation.

      but truth will always prevail!
      Question: Have you thought about eternity ?
      if not now is a good time to start ( you know it’s forever )

      1. You don’t believe in the words of the Bible? Guess you have refused to read it! Because from the beginning to the last chapter of REVELATION it REAL! Man can change anything but he can NOT CHANGE GOD WORDS!

  4. What bothers me , The Media, Twitter, Google, Facebook, Youtube, Iran, China, and George Soros , are all a part of this, backing the Socialist (Marxist) DNC , trying too take over our United States of America, destroying our Republic, destroying our Constitution of the United States and our “Bill of Rights”, and I pray too “GOD”, that the American People, know enough too go after these “Traitors and Treasonists”, and put them in Prison for a long time, besides re-electing President Trump !

    1. Praying is all we got left! Only thing is trying to change the mind of those wolf in sheep’s clothing! People who CLAIMS THEY BELIEVE IN JESUS! BUT FOLLOW AFTER THE DEMONCRAT PARTY! Like the Bible says GOD KNOWS HIS CHILDREN! If these people stop VOTING FOR THESE POLITICAN WHO ARE ATHEIST AND UNBELIEVER! We will not hear from them! But this DEMONCRAT PARTY HAS MILLION OF DOLLARS COMING FTOM FOREIGNERS GOVERNMENT TO HELP DESTORY AMERICA! There is only two COUNTRY that has people that BELIEVE in JESUS CHRIST! THAT ISRAEL AND AMERICA! But it look like America is falling into the TRAP SET BY SATAN!

  5. This time in history clearly has revealed that there is a global elite, including the aforementioned ones in this article and that we are truly the last barrier to the evil goals of those who want a one world government. They want to reinstate the feudal society system and our constitution and “we the people” are what stands in the way. That’s why they’re doing whatever it takes to achieve that goal. This election has more far reaching ramifications than any before. Vote red and pray God protects His own.

  6. i ‘ve said from day one biden and clinton are two of a kind the more thy can screw the country the more they make for themself,as far as that goes stop blaming the virous on the presdent he didn’t caus your cohort china did. no one can stop it you democrats are happy about it stop usesing it against him it’s not working and we are sick of hearing about it.

    1. All of this is just an example of the liberals who should be in jail! Corrupt Biden and his corrupt son, Killary for the Benghazi murders, Obama for his lies, and corruption in the WH back 2008-2016, Soros the BLM instigator. These are terrorists and he is the leader. ISIS was not any better or worst, and we have rid them for the most part. We can do the same with Soros and the BLM
      If all fails, bring on the civil war, where we can clean out these mangy mutts! We are sick of Cuomo, Newsome, Pelosi, Schumer, Nadler, Adam Schiff and the rest of the Swamp and Squad!

  7. Junie, I understand what you are cautioning us to. I believe God said in the end times good will be seen as evil, evil will be the rule and seen as the way, of righteousness.! God HELP US, we Christians need to pray for our President and his cabinet, our nation and our families. God loves our country, He blessed us , I believe He will allow Donald Trump our President to win again in 3 days!!! 2020

  8. We can pray that God hands is in this ELECT. And we can put on the armour of God to battle them. It up to US if we are going to stop them from STEALING the election. God will be there if you show you are fighting to survive! Praying is not the only thing we are to do! We got to fight just as those did in the Bible. This is an attack against GOD WORDS AND LAWS. Vote for Trump if you truly believe in Jesus Christ!

  9. Any fool that votes for Biden is blind or just too friggin stupid to see the Truth ! Voting for Joe and the Ho is voting to give our Great country to the evil Libturds of the demoRats party ! Trump 2020 !

  10. I agree with Junie-I pray that God will put a shield around President Trump, Pence and his leaders. I pray that God will protect them from the fiery darts of the devil and expose the left (and some on the right) for who they are-evil.

    I’m feeling like there will be a Trump victory. My only fear is the early voters did not get to see the Biden’s criminal behavior, the left’s destructive behavior and may of voted blue.

    I pray for a Trump victory Nov. 3rd.

  11. Trump should have prosecuted her beginning his first day on the job! When he wins this time he will be “broom ready” to clean house and he knows it!

  12. There is NO confusion when you’ve read the UN Agenda 21/2030 Mission Goals:
    1) One World Government
    2) One World Cashless Currancy
    3) One World Central Bank
    4) One World Military
    5) End National Sovereignty
    6) End ALL privately owned property
    7) End of the family Unit
    8) Depopulation and control population growth and density
    9) Mandatory multiple vaccines
    10) Universal basic income (austerity)
    11) Microchipped Society for purchasing, travel, trackiing and control/Implement World Credit System (China)
    12) Trillions of appliances hooked into the 5G monitoring system (internet of things)
    13) Government raised children
    14) Government owned schools, colleges and universities
    15) End private transportation (owning cars, etc)
    16) All businesses owned by government/corporations
    17) Restrict non-essential air travel
    18) Human beings consentrated into settlement zones
    19) End irrigation
    20) End private farms and grazing livestock
    21) End single family dwellings
    22) Restrict land use that serves human needs
    23) Ban natural drugs and homeopathic medicines

    This is why all this civil unrest and infighting is happening in America today! If not for President Trump, Crooked Hilary would already have begun the ‘enslavement’ of America, and the implementation of these New World Order Goals!
    Please share this information so Americans can understand the TRUE DANGERS of the DNC/Communist Party!

  13. Those who do not have the Spirit of Truth “The Holy Spirit”, will believe the lie. Pray for our country,family,and friends. Got is our only hope. Ask this in Jesus name,amen.

  14. Of course there are PARALLELS between them . . . They are CORRUPT Left Wing COMMUNIST Politicians to the CORE – just goes by a different NAME, like ALL Left Wing Democrats. One Enlightened And WARY Patriot sounding THE Alarm. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  15. This is just another attempt by the powers of hell under satan to make sure that the Gospel Of Jesus Christ does not go out to the entire world. This country provides almost 95% of the funding to missionaries and Bibles to the world and to the necessities of life to other people.
    The one-world govt is trying to conquer all of the world’s resources to strangle out the Word of God from going forth.

    Anyone who knows anything about God’s Word- is that “And I tell you, you are Peter, and on this rock I will build my church, and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it. – Matthew 16:18”

    And, if not one single human being decided to praise their Creator, Luke 19:40 He answered, “I tell you, if these were silent, the very stones would cry out.”
    God’s Word will always prevail no matter what enemy tries to silence it or stop it.

  16. Why The Strange Parallels Between Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton? these parallels are not at all strange: – both are thieves, swindlers and corrupt officials who sell our country for big money.

  17. Let us not forget their manipulations of their “Crooked Non-Profit Foundations” that served no purpose but to “Enrich themselves Personally” and the Clintons use of Tragedies to Enrich themselves and their relatives by their use of the “Relief Funds “that only brought “Relief” to friends and family and the people of Haiti are still suffering

  18. hitlery and her wife bill created the template for corrupt “charitable foundations.” influence-peddling was elevated to a fine art. the charities can rake in a $billion tax-free and give money only to friends and family. people in haiti are still waiting for all the help promised them by the clintons. they pay little to no tax as the elite, all the while complaining the “rich are not paying their fair share.” the difference is there are a trail of dead bodies in the wake of the clintons, while none we know of with the bidens.

  19. I agree 100% with Junie! Unfortunately, people won’t wake up to these facts until everyone is sitting in a commiecrat-controlled prison camp.

  20. Maranatha: Our Lord come. Time is short, Satan is having his way. GOD’s judgement is near. HIS word tells us: “as in the days of Noah, so shall the coming our Lord Jesus be.”
    Also, GOD states in HIS word:”the blood of innocents cry’s out to HIM, and HE will always
    remember it.”

  21. I see parallels between ALL Lie-beral DEMONocrats and the CCP. Are they crazy or evil? I think they are both. They are suffering from the insanity of satanity and are FUGITIVES FROM TRUTH ! Who but the insane would undertake to believe what is not true, and then protect this belief at the cost of truth? Truth is beyond one’s ability to destroy it, but entirely within your ability to accept it.

  22. I have to laugh now that the destroyers of America THINK they have won (TEMPORARILY) and are now calling for unity. Believe me, if this election is not turned around, I will give the cheating lying president (yes, the crook and his family), the same cooperation and respect they have given to PRESIDENT TRUMP. We, and all of the world, have seen how low the demoncrats will sink to gain power and control. Nutzy Palooozi, Chump Scummer, Adumb Schitt, Nutless Noodler, Killary and Slick Willie Klinton, should be in jail. And, the list goes on to include all who were in the obamawamadama administration.

  23. I Was In The Army For 6 Yrs. And The Navy For 6 Years ( 2Hon. Discharges ) I Fought For This Country That I Love. I Am 74 Years Old, I Am Pissed That Someone Is Trying To Turn This Country Into Communist Control. It Just Would Not Bother Me To Pick Up My M-16 And Some Hand Grenades And Help Stop This Influx Of Anti Americans And Communist’s. I’m Sure That All The Thousands Of Solders That Have Died For Freedom In All The Wars Would Agree With Me . So, I Say To All Those Anti AMERICANS ——Go To Russia Or China For A Couple Of Years And Try To Do There What You Are Trying To Do Here And Find Out That You Won’t Live Very Long . In less I Have Guessed Wrong, You Would TRY To Come Back To This Country That You Have Taken For Granted And Kiss The Ground You Are Walking On And Vote For TRUMP!

  24. Don’t know if anyone remember the book GENE BECK WROTE BACK IN 2000! CALL AGENTS 21? Today that book is worth reading! This all got started back in the 1940! But got push to the forefront with the help of the school system! In 1968 President Johnson pass a law divide the black family! Even this is still going on today! The Clinton were smart! Bill put Hillary on the HEALTHCARE SYSTEM. She then hired 300 of the tops scientific and DOCTOR to help put in place what CAN NOT BE REMOVE BY ANY OTHER PRESIDENT. Does Dr. FAUCI COME TO MIND? Even it was Bill Clinton and the DEMONcrat CONTROL Congress ( both House and Senate) pass the NAFTA BILLS TO BENEFIT CHINA AND INDIA! IT WAS BILL CLINTON WHO GAVE CHINA THE BLUEPRINT TO THE NUCLEAR WARHEAD! SO THEY COULD FIX THE PROBLEM IN CONTROLLING IT FLIGHT! NOW TODAY YOU HAVE TO be a FOOL TO BELIEVE THESE POLITICAN ARE LOOKING OUT FOR YOU! BECAUSE YOU DON’T HAVE MONEY OR POWER TO BUY THEM OFF!

  25. I watched this. Promises of if you signed up you would receive information such as 5G stocks and others mentioned. Never happened. Have emailed them after signing up for Oxford offer. No responses to my emails to receive the names of the stock.

    Buyer Beware………

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