Trump Accuses Democrats of Avoiding Senate Trial to Protect Bidens

President Donald Trump accused Democrats of avoiding an impeachment trial in the Senate in order to protect Joe Biden as well as his son Hunter, who served on the board of a Ukrainian energy company during Joe Biden’s time as vice president, which has recently come under scrutiny.

The president took to his social media account as the world continues to wait to hear when and if the Senate trial will indeed happen. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, (D-CA) has held back the two articles of impeachment which were abuse of power and obstruction of Congress, that were passed by the House in December.

Pelosi and Senate Democrats are seeking a guarantee from Republicans that a Senate trial will include several witnesses, including acting White House chief of staff Mick Mulvaney and former national security adviser John Bolton, who have both declined to participate in the House impeachment proceedings. The Democrats are also requesting the release of documents related to Trump’s supposed conduct towards Ukraine, which the White House has refused to provide due to the circus in the House.

“The Democrats will do anything to avoid a trial in the Senate in order to protect Sleepy Joe Biden, and expose the millions and millions of dollars that ‘Where’s’ Hunter, & possibly Joe, were paid by companies and countries for doing NOTHING,” Trump said via his social media account. “Joe wants no part of this mess!”

The president has already indicated that a Senate trial must include the Bidens as witnesses, as well as the anonymous whistleblower, whose complaint started the impeachment inquiry.

While Trump made social media posts from his Florida home on New Year’s Eve, it was obvious it was still unclear when a trial might start in the Republican-led Senate.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, (R-KY) is standing firm and insisting that senators hear opening statements by House impeachment managers and attorneys for Trump before deciding whether to allow either side to call witnesses. McConnell also said that it would be fine with him if Pelosi never transmits the articles of impeachment and a trial is not held.

In order to secure the witnesses they want to testify without McConnell’s approval, Senate Democrats would have to persuade at least four Republican senators to vote with them.

When asked about his position on what he would do in response to a subpoena to testify in a Senate trial, Joe Biden struggled with a clear answer. Early Saturday, he suggested he would defy such a subpoena and refuse to appear. Later in the day, he changed his stance and said he would abide by “any subpoena that was sent to me.”

The former vice president, however, insisted that there was no “legal basis” for him to be called as a witness in Trump’s impeachment proceedings. Republicans disagree, and think it is completely relevant to discuss the issue of the Bidens’ involvement in Ukraine and whether Trump abused his power when he asked Zelensky to launch an investigation into their seemingly shady dealings.

Lawmakers are scheduled to return to Washington next week.

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21 responses to “Trump Accuses Democrats of Avoiding Senate Trial to Protect Bidens”


  2. Let them “bring it on!” Then we’ll have HARD evidence against the Democrats (Pelosi, Nadler & Schiff as well as others) responsible for this impeachment SHAM (illegal COUP) to convict them of TREASON and Sedition, CRIMES against the POTUS and the American People as per the U.S. Constitution. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  3. The left isn’t ever made accountable for anything. They have given people permission to do unconscionable things starting with Maxine Waters telling everybody to do all this stuff. We are all voting for President Trump 2020. Stay strong and may God bless you and your family

    • I fully intend to vote for Trump 2020, as a former Democrat, people should wake up. There is no goodness in the Dem. Party anymore.

  4. They’re just dragging it out because they’re enjoying the whole fiasco so much. Think how boring their lives are going to be when it’s all over and done with!

  5. I just read an article in the survival (htpps://survival dated 6 January 2020, Author Robert A (Survival update. The world is yours). Now I understand why Nancy is holding on to the impeachment papers. It seems that she and her son Paul Pelosi Jr have some quid quo pro dealings themselves with the Ukraine in the same matter as Hunter Biden and Father. Very interesting. And why is this not put in the open or brought to the attention of the mayor TV stations and Hannity. Or do they know this already and trying to sweep it under the rug. To protect the democratic swamp on the hill.

  6. I have been a democrat for my whole life, and now in my 60’s I have changed myself to Republican. I see how bad the democratic party is and all they want to do is protect themselves. They do not care about the American people at all. And all they do is lie to us. They just cannot get over that their “fix” to get Hillary elected didn’t work and they are mad. Get over yourselves democrats your losers and will always be, you have lost the trust of American people,, except for the freaks in Hollywood who they coddle and lie to. Trump 2020

  7. i was a democrat until the last year of bommas term and i began to see the light that the democrats don’t care about the american people they just want to draw their big salaries and do nothing.glad i’m a republican now.

  8. Having been registered as a Democrat my entire life, I am glad that I decided to look closer at some of the decisions being made and who was getting the advantage based on the decisions made. I figured it all out and it goes to the highest level of their administrations over the years that they will do anything, legal or illegal to gain power and stay in power, They have no concern about the American people, especially black people who they only are concerned about when an election is coming up and then they disappear. It is SHAMEFUL that black people have allowed themselves to be used as a voting bloc in this manner, while having over 95% of them voting Democrat over many years. The Hispanics are being used also, but have started to wake up and see the light. Bring on the Senate Trial and lets hear the answers and excuses for not wanting to be questioned before the American people!!!

  9. The American people are finally beginning to WAKE UP to the truth. It makes me laugh, the fact when the democommies go after something on a Conservative or President Trump, it always comes back to bite them in the butt. They are the ones doing exactly what they accuse the Conservatives of doing. Protecting the bidens- yes, protecting the clintons-yes, protecting the obamas-yes! All 3 have been involved in espionage, extortion, TREASON, bribery and all other sorts of corrupt criminality. DOCUMENTED and PROVEN! How is it they continue to walk around and operate freely?

  10. I am so very thankful that more people are finally becoming aware of what the Democrats are really all about. They have accomplised nothing in my estimation for the past 3 plus years except try to find anything to try to get rid of Our President. They hve opposed everything he has tried to do. Still he has acomplished so much good for We The People
    President Trunp 2020 !!!

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