Twitter Will Censor Trump If He Claims ‘Early Victory’ on Election Night

While Democrats and progressize organizations are loudly proclaiming victory for Joe Biden, months in advance of the actual election, in private, they may not be so sure. From Hillary Clinton speculating what should be done if President Trump “refuses to leave the White House” to the most recent move by Twitter, there seems to be a lot of internal concern about the upcoming election.

In a recent move, Twitter took steps to let followers know it was ready to act if President Trump tried to declare an early victory. While they did not explain why this would be the case, they did take the time to reassure their progressive audience that they would be quick to censor the President on the very day of the election.

According to Breitbart, the social media giant has already come out to say that they have planned to silence the President — during a critical election evening — if possible. What would be the reason for this unprecendented step? According to the Twitter Blog, it is to protect the rights of users from false information.

“In recognition of the changing circumstances of how people will vote in 2020, and in line with our commitment to protecting the integrity of the election conversation, we’re expanding this existing framework. The goal is to further protect against content that could suppress the vote and help stop the spread of harmful misinformation that could compromise the integrity of an election or other civic process.”

If he has the expected commanding lead over the increasingly forgetful Job Biden, President Trump should avoid calling out this success or indicating he is closer to victory — unless he wants to run afoul of the site’s new guidelines.

Twitter has explained that they feel that an early victory call by the president could influence late voters (and those voting by mail, but it is unclear how that influence would work). While the law applies to “everyone” it has been specifically cited as relating to President Trump. There is no mention of an early Biden claim to victory or success impacting the overall fairness of the election process.

According to Twitter, the tweets (that have not happened yet) about the election (that has not happened yet) could be subject to removal or reduced visibility on one of the most critical days of the year — election day:

“Misleading claims about the results or outcome of a civic process which calls for or could lead to interference with the implementation of the results of the process, e.g. claiming victory before election results have been certified, inciting unlawful conduct to prevent a peaceful transfer of power or orderly succession.”

The brand has indicated it is willing, ready and perhaps even eager to censor or silence the President at will. This is not the first time that Twitter has censored or lowered the visibility of the President’s tweets — and will likely not be the last, as we roll towards election day.

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11 responses to “Twitter Will Censor Trump If He Claims ‘Early Victory’ on Election Night”

    • They have abrogated their special status by restricting free speech. They violate our constitutional rights by doing so. Their license needs to be threatened and or removed. Other, honest community platforms have and will step forward.

  1. They should only have 24 hours after election night to count mail in ballots. After 24 hours announce the winner. If there’s votes not counted by then oh well. Everyone should vote in person.

    • On election day, the president needs to have the military, marines even, to protect the White house and keep the progressives from forcing him out of the White house, if they try. How arrogant of them to ignore the vote of WE THE PEOPLE!! The military will support President Trump!!

  2. Twitter, Facebook and Google should be dismantled as they are supposed to be a means of communication for all without interference regardless of subject matter. They are not to interfere in what is a constitutional right–>freedom of information, freedom of speech among other freedoms. They are acting like spies and making decisions based on what they think is right or appropriate. Someone outside this leftist group needs to start another site which can be used with civility, appropriate language and for debate, ideas, thoughts and information. My concern is even when Trump wins this election by a landslide, somehow the Democrats will claim one thing or another and not concede to Trump’s win.
    A leftist, liberal Satanic Trans guy in New Hampshire ran as a Republican. The guy was very transparent as to his beliefs and his agenda. We need to read up on every candidate before making our choices. We cannot take for granted that they go under the title of Republican and assume they go with our values and vote for them. We have to beware as there are wolves dressed in sheep’s clothing.

  3. I 100% AGREE with every thing written above,What right does Twitter, Facebook, and Google have to pick and choose who can voice their opinion or not and still claim they are open to serve us ALL They are obstructing the freedom of choice. Don’t they understand they are going to lose a great number of people over this move. We are still a FREE NATION to make these choices.

    • Twitter your censoring of what the president has to say or his supporters in fact does interfere with our First Amenment bvb right to free speech it also makes it even more obvious you ste biased left leaning media which is not in the best interest of voters. It will be just like other media that allow liberal suporerscand even Joe Biden to lie to the public daily. I really had hoped Twitter would be more supportive of the constitution and Bill of rights.

  4. Are they all going to deal with the Democratic campaign equally? That is will Joe Biden and cadre also be banned similarly as has been intimated/stated re GJT and his supporters?. If the answer is no , then I do believe they can be challenged as actually interfering with or using vote suppression tactics against a candidate (DJT)

  5. TWTR, FB, and GOOG do not appear to be be aware that the 1st amendment to our Constitution provides for free speech for All American citizens, a group that includes Donald J. Trump. Their antics at times like this suggest they have not learned this. The truth may simply be they don’t care about the rights of All Americans. Earlier in this string of replies it was mentioned the above three heavy-handed entities should be broken up. There is nothing wrong with the concept implemented by the above three, the problem lies in the politics of those who are in control of those entities. Point is, if they were dismantled (TWTR, FB, Goog/Alphabet) others, hopefully with more balanced views on politics, will move in quickly to fill the voids created by the end of those companies. On this basis my voice joins those calling for such dismantling. As a final point, it is obvious that Donald Trump is one of the Americans being impacted by the current wave of politically motivated hysteria at the hands of a few partisan operators who have the ear of millions.

  6. Hey, true red blooded Americans, S*&t can twitter,facebook and all other social media platforms and see what the Dems do next. I would be hilarious!!!

  7. Now we can see in full force just how far the communists have run amuck in our country. The democrats have joined them “full force”. Who thought that they would join up with them in destroying America? I wonder what awaits us around the corner—it can’t be good.

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