Vanderbilt Penalizes Students for Defending the U.S. Constitution

Far-left universities have, for some time now, been pushing the theory that the Constitution was meant to perpetuate white supremacy. Vanderbilt University, however, has taken matters one step further by including an incendiary “true or false” question on a university quiz asking students, “Was the Constitution designed to perpetuate white supremacy and protect the institution of slavery?” Students who answered “no” had their answers marked as incorrect.

The university has tried to defend its actions by stating that the question was meant to “stimulate discussion” and that students were not penalized for their answers. However, it’s hard to understand how students were “not penalized” when the question was on a quiz, and the number of questions marked wrong will have a direct impact on their score.

It’s also hard to understand how university professors teaching history can ignore basic facts about the Constitution and how it came to be. While it is true that the Constitution failed to put an end to slavery, it also introduced basic freedoms that are taken for granted today but were far from commonplace in the 1700s.

The initial statement proclaiming that “all men are created equal and endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights” has changed countless lives for the better all over the world. It helped put an end to the status quo in which kings and their powerful allies ruled nations and behaved as they pleased without fear of outside interference. It opened the door to religious freedom at a time when governments commonly jailed people who didn’t adhere to the state’s official religion. It established freedom of the press so that journalists could freely report on what was happening around the world without fear of retribution.

Generations over time have been able to build on the foundation laid down by the Constitution to bring about freedom and equal rights for people of all skin colors, genders, and ethnic backgrounds.

Did the Constitution provide freedom for all or create a white supremacist culture that protected slaveowners? Because the United States has a Constitution, one can answer the question as he or she sees fit, without fear of retribution. At least, that’s how things are supposed to work in a free nation.

Granted, the Constitution had its deficiencies — and Founder acknowledged this. This is why the document came with a system for amendments. Realizing the American dream doesn’t work against the Constitution — it brings us closer to its original vision. This is why freedom fighters such as Frederick Douglas and Martin Luther King Jr. had nothing but praise for the document — even if the system it presided over didn’t live up to its own ideals.

What we’re seeing in Vanderbilt is revisionist history meant to undermine any sense of unity or national pride. It does nothing to advance civil rights or any sort of justice for the disaffected. It’s a vile method and it needs to stop.

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29 responses to “Vanderbilt Penalizes Students for Defending the U.S. Constitution”

  1. I agree with David…drop all of their Federal monies. If they receive any monies of any kind from the State of Tennessee, payments to this un-American school need to cease. Students should either leave or not apply. This is an aneocortical institution. For them, this one question receives an F as in another failure at an institution of subterranean learning, not tertiary or quaternary education.

  2. Just what I was thinking David. Any learning institution that stands against the constitution should have its federal funding cut off.

  3. I highly value the whole of the conception of the American Republic; in part, the American Revolution had allies, meaning, France, Spain and one permanent ally, Russia.

    France and Spain did shift later.

    The old enemy: The East India Co., which had the monopoly of the slave and opium trades. Also, it had a stable of hired ideologues.. they wrote horrible books. One, by J.S. Mill, “On Defence of Pederarasty (British spelling), Karl Marx and others. Benjamin FRanklin wrote about the English practice of pederasty (child sex + killing small childtren after absuninf them sexually. That is what Our Fathers opposed… something better.. The US-UK alliance denies the Declaration of Independence — it came as soon as Predient McKinley was killed… his killing as announced for months before it happened.. all XX Xentury evirels came later… etc. Americans, wake up, you have been under attack since 1901, when THEY killed Pres. McKinley… THEY were rewarded for their crime.. America is taking a hit.. the defense: The Declaration of Independence..c

  4. The Constitution was meant to be changed, but made it difficult.. Bipartisan changes to the Constitution and to enact laws was intentionally made to be difficult by discussion and compromise. Not one party majority or by Supreme Court decision. Supreme Court was meant to be the least powerful of the three branches of government.

    This is the best reasoning..
    By Robert Longley
    Updated January 16, 2020

    Amending the Constitution was never meant to be simple. Although thousands of amendments have been discussed since the original document was approved in 1788, there are now only 27 amendments in the Constitution.

    Though its framers knew the Constitution would have to be amended, they also knew it should never be amended frivolously or haphazardly. Clearly, their process for amending the Constitution has succeeded in meeting that goal.

    Constitutional amendments are intended to improve, correct, or otherwise revise the original document. The framers knew it would be impossible for the Constitution they were writing to address every situation that might come along.

  5. Who, among the Founding Fathers, had an interest in chattel slavery? The answer is clear, and the individuals’ names are part of the historical record. They came from the southern colonies. Their offspring, if 1829, became the Southern Democrats. And we have had nothing but problems due to these people and their sympathizers since! It must have been exasperating for the founders who desperately wanted nothing to do wiht the “peculiar institution” of slavery to have to put up with those of their colleagues who would block the Constitution unless they got their way. Fast forward to today, with nonsense like this biased “quiz.” It is all due to the dirty Democrats. These SOBs stop at nothing to achieve political power. Their vile, fetid party must be abolished and replaced by any organization that will truly be “loyal opposition.” It should have been done at the end of the (first) Civil War. It wasn’t and we suffer the horrid consequences today. All of the insurrectionists, the dirty dem leaders and any other traitors need to be rounded up, tried for treason, and if convicted they shall be executed. Forget “lethal injection.” Build gallows and hang them. In fact, sell tickets to the event and we can pay off the NATIONAL DEBT!!!

  6. The sooner these universities are denied taxpayers funding, closed downed and the so called teachers banned from the classroom the better.

    • “Give me a child for the first 5 years of his/her life and they will be mine for ever” (Vladimer Lenin). This applies to all students of all ages !!

  7. Well, another school has to be put on the list of those I will not allow my grandchildren to attend. Actually, there are currently only the following universities I will allow: Hillsdale, West Point, Annapolis, Air Force Academy, Coast Guard Academy, Merchant Marine Academy and my own Alma Mater UNC (Univ. Of Northern Colorado) which is about to be taken off the list.

  8. In no way, shape, or form should this or any other like-minded institution receive even ONE RED CENT of our tax dollars. This is reprehensible! We should all make sure none of our students ever consider Vanderbilt without being warned of thier socialist/leftist tactics. God save the republic!

  9. No to these blood sucking Universities that can’t teach OOPS that’s K thu 12th . where that starts. UNIVERSITY OF HARD KOCKS one year get out and get JOB

  10. How do you take over a country without conquest by military violence. You train up the children of the people of that country in the values, taboos, and mores that you want that society to have and when enough of those children have been trained and educated in your ideology and world view you will have overcome the people without the need for a militay conquest. And yes, it is a generational attack needing true believers with patience who are willing to wait for years to see an outcome. WE are now witnessing the result of years of infiltration into our educational systems which have brought us past the point of no return. This question posed by this university is simply a flagrant example of that result. The answer to if we have any chance to survive this tragedy can be found in a pamphlet written by Frederic Bastiate titled “The Law”. It was written during
    the time when the French were turning to socialism around 1850 but you might think it was written yesterday .

  11. Defund that Vanderbuilt and fire the person responsible for this act of treason. put any sanctions possible to make them comply to the truth. Teachers are there to teach FACTS not their personal opinions. They are poisoning our children and destroying the future of this country!

  12. I knew professors were instructing students in the wrong direction — mentally, emotionally, financially, politically, and worst of all, Biblically, which encompasses all of the above ! ! ! ! Our country was not founded on individual opinions, but rather on Godly principles. We need to get back to the way it was — Progressive action is not wise PROGRESS, but rather poor DIGRESSIVE action ! ! !

  13. Too many professors are egotistic pulling that kind of nonsense. Truly need professors that are about teaching true facts not biased opinions. Students need to know that their voice is respected and through dialogue & reason can come to conclusions or agree to disagree, without exclusion or retribution. God fearing men who were great thinkers were who instituted the constitution that thought of every which way where if it (the constitution) could fall short would not be easy to amend without serious and thorough consideration.

  14. Why do these school keep hiring foreigners professor or LEFTIST PROFESSOR? It show how STUPID these COLLEGE leader are! Don’t belong in their 200k position. If anybody can prove that the CONSTITUTION LAWS WAS WRITTEN FOR WHITE PEOPLE ONLY! I would be happy to see THEM challenge CANDACE OWENS ON IT! OR BEN! I BET THEY CRY LIJE LIKE A BABY FOR MOMMA! BY THE WAY WHAT ARE THE FIRST THREE WORDS OF THE BILL OF RIGHTS? YOU DON’T KNOW? THEN SHUT UP! THEY ARE —– WE THE PEOPLE!


  16. That shit really pissed me off I AM PROUD OF OUR HISTORY and for people to teach kids that this country is racist and the constitution is about white supremacist is rediculous. This country is not perfect we have some things in history that we were wrong but this country is meant for everyone. TEACHING KIDS THIS SHIT AND LIES WILL START A CIVIL WAR DO VOTE TRUMP

  17. Ok, So-called Professors of who knows what.
    Fake Schooling and/or Teachers (Unions).

    Remember the TV Show Father Knows Best?
    How would ” YOU” enjoy “YOUR” Children/Students “Not liking you on “Facebook Twitter” because you “failed” to educate them?

    You know what goes around comes around . is hell if you don’t know what to do because of not being “Properly Taught” .

    Secrets in school are for “cheaters” (VIS-A-VIS) not professionals.

  18. The female so-called Professor testifying against Judge Kavanah was reading (like teaching a class) not upset (although 25years later) so if something actually happened, why wait 25yrs?
    ✓ With “Equal/Womens” rights today why/where is the need for a “Professor” to make false accusations?

    Secrets in school are for “cheaters” (VIS-A-VIS) not professionals.

  19. This has been going on for decades. That’s part of why we are seeing the types of Governors, Mayor’s and Attorneys General we see in Marxist Democrat held States who use Terrorist organizations like BLM and ANTIFA. All parents need to demand investigations of schools in grades K- 12. And fire the teachers and Principals when this brain washing is found. I read an article yesterday about a school teaching students as young as 7 that had a black and a white child talking and a black man had been shot by a white policeman. The white student asked why he had been shot. The answer was because he was black. No real explanation was given for what had happened to cause this response by police. We need to stop the left brainwashing of our children.

  20. These colleges should be cleaned out of their communist personal and the students educated to the fact they have been brain washed to their own demise.

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