VIDEO: Conservative Host Busts VERY Common Myth About Trump

How many times have you heard your liberal friends say that President Donald Trump referred to white supremacists as “very fine people?”

If you actually still have any liberal friends, chances are that you’ve heard this almost weekly for at least three years. Trump’s post-Charlottesville remarks have been cut and edited into almost every ad for the Democratic Party, and it’s a story they still love talking about to this day.

But here’s the thing: it didn’t actually happen.

After the clash between far-left demonstrators and actual white supremacists in Charlottesville, President Donald Trump clearly condemned both sides of the conflict, pointing out that there were “very fine people” present that day as well that didn’t deserve to be caught in the middle. But this isn’t the story the media tells us. The narrative is that the President outright defended neo-Nazis — because he is one himself.

Conservative talk show host Steven Crowder took it upon himself to dispel this popular myth ahead of Election Day. He even disguised himself as a run-of-the-mill liberal (the beanie was a really nice touch) just to get people to talk to him.

Crowder has previously made a name for himself with his signature “Change My Mind” videos — and this upload follows a similar format. The best part is seeing liberals realize that they’ve been buying a pack of lies for years of their lives.

Watch the full segment below.

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7 responses to “VIDEO: Conservative Host Busts VERY Common Myth About Trump”

  1. Tell these people to take a look at Van Johnson’s Clip on YouTube regarding Trump will be the President if he follows thru with the 12th amendment!!! Their own Elizabeth Warren has a letter to Dominion Voting Machine questioning the accuracy!!!! It’s a Breitbart investigation piece…. OBAMA to the SC….. are we Court Packing…..this us so they are not all rounded up for the hail???? DEEP STATE…. also look at the BBC report regarding the White Supremacists…. more Blacks, Hispanics, and other Minorities voted for Trump other than the SUBURBAN WHITES…. the Republican Party is now considered the working person’s party…. listen to MacCarthy on this!!!! TRUMPISM is here to stay …. it’s not going away!!!!! And so is TRUMP!!!

  2. Media know how to cut the truth out of anything. And twisted to fit their NARRATIVE. Being on the DEMOCRAT PAYROLL every ELECTION YEAR. ONLY time these type of LIES COME OUT! WHEN THE DEMOCRAT ARE TRYING TO WIN AN ELECT. IF people just listened to them you will know that WHITE SUPREMACISTS WAS STARTED BY DEMOCRAT TO CONTROL POOR PEOPLE AND BLACK VOTER.

  3. Steven Crowder (or at least the clip posted here) failed to show the part of the video where President Trump made it clear that he was talking about both sides of the statue debate and not the far left vs far right. Of course, that still wouldn’t make a difference to some of these people.

  4. As much good for America and all our peoples the Republican Party does and wants to do more they are not the party of Americans due to the very fact that will wilt the very first time the Devilrats pounce on them. Until they, the Repubs Decide it’s time thay stand up to these Political bullies they will be continue to seen as the Republican Pussy Party. How many Dems are seen as DINOS com paired to the number of RINOS on the Repub side of the asile. This is how the Dems see Repubs as the Pussy Party and will bully them into being weak and submissive to them thru voting in Congress or crooked Presidential voting as we’re now seeing. Repubs were well aware this would be one crooked presidential run but Ali’s they just whined doing nothing till they got beat by a thug bunch wanting Socialism for a lifetime of power over America. They in-fact had many on their teardrop towels they carry turned on their own President that WE THE PEOPLE WANTED, and joined in with Dems Hate Trump. This is how they are seen as the RINO Party as well. Today’s Republican Party let Socialism come for us while they took the slimy money and did exactly nothing for Their President to be re elected but when he got scammed with crooked votes just once again whined but still doing nothing. Time all honest to God Republicans Clean the the RINOS as well as the two faced leaders in this Pussy Party are sent to the curb and real American tough as nails take the Wheel and teach Dems,socialists and haters they are now back and will actually Stand for the American People and our Constuition and freedoms No more Pussy Party just real Patriots.

  5. Sick of what this country is going thru because of those damn, power hungry at all cost Democrat party. Sick of their ideology, of their arrogance thinking Blacks & Latinos votes are theirs because they say so? All of us do not owe anyone our vote. We owe our families our vote. A vote for freedom to speak, to worship, to provide for our families, to live peaceful lives, happy lives, to life, buy a home, develop a successful business, go to school where they teach math, true history, science, english, spanish, music, no other agenda. We do not want riots, looting, killing of our children or destruction of property. We do not want Anarchy. The party that does not support our values we reject.
    Democrat Party is caught up with their own big egos, law degrees and dung as are some RINOs. Many conversations had in those beautiful marble buildings in DC are just talking circles with nothing accomplished. We want true representation or get out. We do not want our governors dictating to us. We can handle ourselves better than they can handle themselves. I have a right to my comments as those who don’t agree with me. My comment should not be censored.
    GOD says in His word that He will use the foolish to confine the wise. My prayer is that I would be one of those fools.

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