WATCH: BLEXIT’s Back the Blue March Shows REAL American Unity

At such a difficult time in America’s history when the mainstream media is trying its best to divide the nation based on race and politics, thank God for those who have the faith and strength to attempt to bring all Americans together.

On Saturday, October 10, hundreds of people across all ethnic groups and from various walks of life gathered to express their support for America’s law enforcement community. Several speakers, including Cadance Owens, the founder of the BLEXIT movement, addressed the crowd.

And in the first public appearance since being released from the Walter Reed Medical Center, President Trump made a brief rally-style speech on the White House’s South Lawn. Following the president’s address, the Back the Blue supporters marched peacefully through the streets of DC.

Demonstrators waved pro-law enforcement banners as well as US flags and chanted pro-Trump and pro-American slogans. Many of the supporters wore matching Back the Blue T-shirts as well as the iconic “Make America Great Again” hats.

As the event was coming to an end, the march’s leader led the crowd in a rousing singalong of the Star-Spangled Banner. The atmosphere was joyous, and there were no reports of any violent incidences.

Candace Owens, a black woman, is frequently vilified by the intersectional left. Her crime seems to simply be thinking for herself, and realizing the plain truth that black Americans can vote for whoever they want. No one — regardless or race, ethnicity, or religious orientation — is beholden to any political party. She works alongside Charlie Kirk of Turning Point USA, which typically does speaking events on college campuses.

Here is some smartphone-captured footage of the event. In it, you’ll see Candace address the crowd — packed with people the mainstream media doesn’t want you to know exist.

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10 responses to “WATCH: BLEXIT’s Back the Blue March Shows REAL American Unity”

  1. Great news. Those of us who believe in law and order need to continue these rallies to support those who protect against such organizations as BLM and Antifa.

  2. Thank God there are a few people like Candace that isn’t afraid to speak out for rights and justice for america. BLEXIT is all about bringing everyone together

  3. BLEXIT and Candace Owens and Larry Elder are what it’s all about! BLM cares NOT about Black and brown lives but, rather, exploits its very ‘chant’ of Socialism and Marxism to the total exclusion of Democracy with ITS freedoms! DO NOT BE FOOLED > Socialism IS Communism! FOLKS OF EVERY COLOR I SAY TO YOU > DEMOCRACY PROTECTED BY THE RULE OF LAW IS THE BLESSED LIFE!

  4. I work for the Republicans here in N.C. Some of the finest men and women among us are Black. I am honored to be. Republican.. I support all lives except BLM

  5. There also is an ASIAEXIT (Asian Exit) from the Democrat Party. The Democrat elites are helping no minority group. They are only helping themselves to gain more power, steal all of the government money, and control the people. That is not what we want.

  6. People of COLOR are seeing THROUGH the hypocrisies and the LIES of the Democrat party . . . Just look at their RACIST past! The People of color AREN’T STUPID – They KNOW what’s going on and see what the Democrats are doing and are LEAVING the PARTY in DROVES. THANK YOU, Candace Owens for a job well DONE (and others as well)! One Grateful Patriot. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  7. Candace, you are a rock, an angel, you are part of God’s Army. You are leading, a very important part of God’s Army, you are reaching out to a very unique, & special, group of his children. They are able to see, through your eyes, what God want’s them to see. That the evil, corrupt, left wants to separate us, into groups, & teach the groups to hate each other. But God Loves All of His Children, & he wants us to Love One Another, As We Love Him. When we were small, we learned a song in Sunday School, remember? Red, Yellow, Black, & White, We Are Precious In His Sight. Watch a group of little children, while they play, or talk, they do not see race, or color, or anything but other little children. We can learn, an enormous amount of truth, love, & caring, from them. What do you say? Lets allow the children, to lead us, for a change, & to love one another, as Our Father in Heaven, Loves Us. God Bless America, & God Bless All Americans.

  8. I LOVE Candice!!!!
    She speaks the truth and it all sounds so simple! Why are there people that don’t get it? Are Americans that stupid?? Thank you, Thank you, Thank YOU, for caring enough about your country and your people, to show us what is happening.

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