What You Should Know About Kamala Harris & Other Expected Quitters

California Sen. Kamala Harris has thrown in the towel after wealthy former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg leapfrogged her in the polls.

Her departure from the steadily shrinking field of presidential hopefuls marks the first high-profile candidate to quit. She made a splashy start by culling together a crowd of 20,000 supporters that seemed to rival a Trump rally. Widely considered a frontrunner in early phases of the primary, Harris was expected to carry the bulk of her home state’s massive 495 delegates. But even a casual onlooker could see something was amiss after she took media darling Joe Biden to the mat in a nationally-televised debate.

In the debate, Sen. Harris went on the offensive by calling out the Obama-era number two on his self-proclaimed ties to reported Ku Klux Klan members and pro-segregation voting record. Biden was also instrumental in crafting so-called “three strikes” laws that leveled disproportionately lengthy prison sentences on African-Americans. Following the debate, Harris seemed to be on a direct path to the nomination. But a fierce backlash against her attacking the Obama flunky saw her turn sheepish, falter, and finally pull the plug after bottoming out at 1-2 percent in polls.

“To my supporters, it is with deep regret — but also with deep gratitude — that I am suspending my campaign today,” Sen. Harris reportedly stated. “But I want to be clear with you: I will keep fighting every day for what this campaign has been about. Justice for the People. All the people.”

Her exit leaves behind a string of other Democrat bottom feeders who are likely to also tuck their tails and quit. In the aftermath of the highest-profile women of color pulling out of the primary race, the diversity Democrats so highly tout will be almost non-existent.

With the former New York mayor and wealthy media mogul Michael Bloomberg blitzing the country with upwards of $30 million in political advertisements, both Sen. Harris and Sen. Elizabeth “Fauxcahontas” Warren took polling number hits. Harris dropped by 2 points, and Warren saw 5 points pilfered off as Bloomberg jumped in at 6 percent. What that does to the dynamic going forward is that the top five Democrat presidential hopefuls are all white. Sen. Warren is the only woman even remotely competitive, according to a recent Hill-HarrisX poll.

Liberal political organizations have already started floating gender inequality as the driving reason behind Sen. Harris being effectively ousted.

“It’s not hard to argue that Kamala and the other women have been held to different standards,” said Emily’s List official Christina Reynolds. “The campaign coverage has shown too often that men just need to have potential, while women must have met it.”

More impartial critics pointed to Harris’ uneven and poorly thought out policy positions. Some went as far as to call her campaign the most disorganized in recent history. All things being equal, she is still a relative newcomer to the national political landscape. Her exit leaves Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders, Warren, Pete Buttigieg, and Bloomberg leading the field. Democrat voters can anticipate New Jersey Sen. Cory “Spartacus” Booker, businessman Andrew Yang, former HUD secretary Julian Castro, and former Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick to quit soon. None of them topped 2 percent in the recent Hill-HarrisX poll, and that demonstrates that Democrats are not supporting minority candidates despite their national narrative. By contrast, support among African-Americans and Latino-Americans has been sharply rising for President Donald Trump based on fact-based economic gains.

Outside of Sen. Warren, who falsely claimed she was a Cherokee descendant, only Minnesota Sen. Amy Klobuchar remains in the top 10. However, her polling support is an anorexic 2 percent. Hawaii Rep. Tulsi Gabbard and Marianne Williamson polled at zero. Everyday Americans can anticipate these female candidates to fall by the wayside before spring. The Democrat voters appear to be disinterested in putting a woman in the White House.

Former Pennsylvania Rep. Joe Sestak, Montana Gov. Steve Bullock, Texas Rep. Beto O’Rourke, and others already quit the race after failing to garner enough support to participate in the national primary debates. These candidates, and the ones to soon cry uncle, all ran on anti-Trump platforms, gun seizures, diversity, and they continue to lie about free stuff.

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13 responses to “What You Should Know About Kamala Harris & Other Expected Quitters”

  1. None of them are worth being in office. Say this say that change this change that. Lies lies lies. Hate hate hate. AND THAT’S A TRUTH.

  2. As a woman, I find it disgusting that some people vote for women only because it’s a woman. I have never looked at color or sex, I look at issues and what the person’s past voting record is on issues. But then again, I have always been a Republican and have yet to find Democrat, male or female, that have the same opinions as I do. In my experience the only women who voted for a person because it was a women, or he’s so cute, have been Democrats. I’m beginning to think it’s only Republican women that vote on issues.

  3. Pam, you are right on. It’s stupid to vote for someone because of their sex, or race, or whatever. Even to vote for the person from your state is foolish if that is his only qualification. I believe Republican voters are more thoughtful, male or female. And I, as a woman, are more inclined to vote for a man to be at the top of the ticket. Like it or not, dems, there is a difference in the sexes and overall, men are better suited to lead. P.S. The Bible supports that point of view.

  4. ” kammie “, you have TANKED and are NO LONGER RELEVANT. I would say “good try” but I’d be lying.
    You deep-sixed the campaign ALL BY YOURSELF, with your self-righteous, all-knowing bombast of lies
    and ridiculous ideas for this country. YOU ARE YESTERDAY’s NEWS, GIRL …

    But I’ll make the same suggestion to you that I left for AOC — another near-fallen nimnul in the Democrapic
    Partie. Here’s what you can do to finally show us ” what you got “, before we turn the page …. simple, just
    TAKE OFF YOUR TOP and TRY TO DAZZLE US that way — it’s worth a try, don’t you think ?!?

  5. We are looking for a LEADER in the White House, not some POLITICALLY correct or connected POLITICIAN. POTUS Trump is making good on his promises in spite of the widespread opposition and ABUSE from the Democrats (and to a lesser extent, the RINOs), which SHOULD be locked up in HANDCUFFS for CRIMES against the POTUS, SEDITION and TREASON. This should include Dog Pile Schiff, NUTTY Nadler and Senile Nancy Pelosi in prison awaiting a well DESERVED trial, and sentencing AFTERWARD. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  6. President Trump seems to be the only one in D.C. working on helping America and Americans. A guaranteed 2020 win for Trump. He is doing this in spite of the nastiness, and uncivil behavior of the democratic dimwits. They seem to be on the time-share plan with their one operating brain molecule.

  7. I don’t know where these Democrats come from? Not this country!!! They’re representing just the opposite of what America stands for! Get educated and go to work and feel good About yourself instead of I ll give you this if you vote for me crap! Bernie and Warren! Welfare takes your pride dignity and soul away. Yes some people really need it but there are plenty living on the dole who don’t!

  8. Most the secondary and tertiary Democrat candidates never had the wherewithal to be Presidential candidates. Their inability to resonate with large numbers of people shows itself on the long, grinding process that is the campaign trail. Even the supposed ‘leaders’ have little to offer in terms of meaningful policy alternatives.

    None of the candidates grasp that deficit spending, excessive fiat money printing and ever-increasing piles of long-term debt are completely unsustainable. Ramping up public spending for the military when we are no longer in a cold war, unfunded mandates for public pensions, Medicare and Social Security will come to an unpleasant end for beneficiaries and some vague notion that the future will take care of itself without sacrifice and hard choices afflict both Republicans and Democrats.

    If Trump earns re-election, let’s hope that the voters supporting him also wipe out the Democrat majority in the U.S. House and increase the U.S. Senate majority, while electing more Republicans at the state and local levels. After what the Democrats have foisted upon us in this impeachment farce, they need to be placed squarely in the minority where they have little to nothing they are responsible for obstructing.

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