White House Trade Chief: Lockdowns Are Deadlier Than the Virus Itself

The Trump Administration’s top trade official has sounded off on prolonged economic shutdowns preferred by Democratic governors.

This week, director of Office of Trade and Manufacturing Policy, Peter Navarro told Meet the Press, “Early on in this crisis, the C.D.C. which had the most trusted brand around the world, let the country down with their testing practices. Not only did they keep the testing within the bureaucracy, but they also had a bad test. And that set us back.”

He indicated that we know the official wisdom about the outbreak has been faulty. But he goes on.

“We also know we’ve locked down hospitals for everything but COVID. Women haven’t been getting mammograms or cervical examinations. We haven’t been able to do procedures for the heart or kidneys. That’s going to kill people as well. That’s going to not only take a huge toll on the American economy, it’s going to kill many more people than the virus ever could.”

If there’s one thing we can take away from all this, it’s that leaders who have been on the side of lockdown mandates have either been grossly incompetent or they have been indulging themselves in the sadistic abuse of power.

We have learned much about the Novel Coronavirus over the last three weeks. We now know that people who obeyed lockdown orders in large cities had a 60% higher chance of contracting the disease. We know that countries and states where lesser to no lockdown guidelines were put in place had the same infection rates as those that enforced the strictest lockdowns.

Sweden, for example, did not use any lockdown measures. Yet their rates of infection remained about the same as they are all around the globe. Also, death rates per infection remain surprisingly low at around 0.3%.

The lesson here is that stay-at-home orders make populations more vulnerable to the Coronavirus, not less. Most importantly, we have learned that vitamin D and open-air are our best defenses against this virus, and those are the two things you cannot get while locked up in your house.

It’s almost as if the official recommendations were designed to make us sicker… but that would be conspiratorial… so we can’t say that.

But the most interesting thing about the outbreak, some might say, is the fact that any doctor, nurse, or healthcare professional who came out of the medical system with claims contrary to the mainstream claims from the W.H.O. and the C.D.C. were silenced on social media. Viral videos of doctors claiming shelter in place orders were harmful were taken down outright. Anyone reporting such claims from doctors who had been on the front lines of the fight against the virus had their accounts banned. In addition to this, no contrary health care professionals have been interviewed on any mainstream news network.

Despite this wide-ranging cover-up, the truth about the nature of this disease is still coming out — at least to those willing to listen. But the practical effect we can expect from lockdown orders are not mysterious and cannot be covered up.

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4 responses to “White House Trade Chief: Lockdowns Are Deadlier Than the Virus Itself”

  1. Can’t think of a reason why all schools, stores, businesses, sports, community centers, etc in not in full operation right now. The only reason appears to understand the limit they can push us before we revolt.

  2. If a person is truly feeling ill, he/she should stay away so that others don’t get sick whether it’s Covid19, regular flue or just a bad cold. If necessary, contact one’s doctor for assistance. We need to get back to normal. Our children have been exposed to harmful items on the internet; satanism, pornography, etc.

  3. Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness is impossible under a Authoritarian Political System. In the US it is called Abuse of Power. Based on the US Constitution, every US Citizen has the right to choose. When politicians take actions they should not forget this. YES, when citizens are threatened, they should be protected; but this protection should be done with the people’s rights in mind. The politicians may have the right to govern, but in the US, the US Constitution gives the people rights that should NEVER BE ABUSED. Making a person a criminal for not wearing a mask is clearly abuse of power. Every US Citizen who knows the risk and still refuses to wear a mask this is still their right to choose. I contend that a person who carries a gun can not EVER BE DEEMED a criminal, as this right is clearly stated in our Second Amendment of our US Constitution. Restrictions and regulation relating to the type of arms is not even stipulated in our US Constitution, thus government is abusing a person’s right to bear arms when government defies the Second Amendment. The only time a person can be deemed a criminal is when they use a form of arms to commit a crime. This is true with every Amendment to our US Constitution. “Congress shall make no law….” is quite clear, but Congress makes laws anyway. This is Abuse of Power!

  4. Danny Poe, you forgot the most important amendment of all. Our freedom of religion. There are some smaller churches that may have to close there doors permanently because there was no income to pay the pastor, janitor, etc. N the church can’t make up for lost wages. There are other churches to attend, but every closed church door gives way to satanic intervention. Praise to God Almighty does bring some kind of protection for that community whether it be natural disasters lessened or less crime. Yes, even most criminals have some small fear of God. This younger generation needs to know that someone still knows that God will prevail in the end. I’m thankful President Trump is backing the churches and our other freedoms.
    Our right to bear arms is second. Criminals would have guns regardless. And without guns our government would turn into dictatorships .

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