Women’s Magazine Snubs Females to Honor Biological Men

The Washingtonian’s Women in Washington October magazine was supposed to feature 150 notable women in the United States. Unfortunately, two women missed out on the honor of being listed because woke editors decided to showcase two transgenders instead. To add insult to injury, one transgender was featured on the magazine cover instead of a biological woman.

Granted, the two transgenders listed by the magazine do have some notable accomplishments to their name. One is a U.S. Air Force sergeant and linguist, while the other created a successful satellite radio business and later launched a NASDAQ-listed pharmaceutical company with facilities throughout the United States and Canada. However, that doesn’t change their biological sex. They’re biological men, and the fact that they are listed alongside women in a women’s magazine is not lost on anyone.

The snubbing of outstanding women in favor of recognizing men who want to pretend they are women isn’t just limited to this incident. Many men who have been unable to win sports competitions have declared themselves to be transgender, competed in women’s sports, and won first prize and the glory and accolades that come with such placement. The trend is depriving female athletes of the opportunity to excel in their chosen fields. This is particularly true in instances where the transgender women athletes do not have to undergo any sort of transition before competing in sports. Transgender women who want to compete in the Olympics must undergo transition therapy to ensure they do not have an unfair advantage over “cisgender” (read: biological) women athletes. Many states do not set down the same requirements for women’s sporting events at educational institutions.

Thankfully, many women are standing up to woke trans activists to say that enough is enough. These aren’t just “conservative transphobes.” World famous tennis player Martina Navratilova is a lesbian, and she has vocally stated that transgender women who compete against biological women are cheating. Feminist Natasha Chart has accurately pointed out that a man can never be a woman. Unfortunately, even left-leaning women who dare to stand up for women’s rights are sidelined or maligned by woke activists.

The Washingtonian’s Women in Washington October 2019 issue is meant to honor women for their many accomplishments. In many ways, it does just that. Historically, it has included women such as Ivanka Trump, Kellyanne Conway, and Stephanie Grisham along with notable liberal women such as Ruth Bader Ginsberg, Sen. Elizabeth Warren, and Speaker of the House Rep. Nancy Pelosi. Even so, the sad fact remains that the magazine didn’t publish a list of 150 of the most notable women in the nation. It published a list that includes only 148.

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8 responses to “Women’s Magazine Snubs Females to Honor Biological Men”

  1. I am a sixty year old WOMAN. I was born female and have always been female. That does not mean that I have always conformed to society’s then-current idea of how a female should dress or conduct herself: I was quite a “tomboy” as a youth and have demonstrated over the years–as an adult–that I could physically outwork many a male contemporary. But I did it as a FEMALE. The two confused males may have earned the right to be honored for their accomplishments, but NOT in an article honoring WOMEN for their accomplishments. There is a time and place for everything, and this certainly was neither the time nor the place to honor these men. People can use various means to try to disguise their true identities and/or genders, but ultimately, God is the one who determined what their biological identity is. To think that they, mere humans, know more or better than the Creator of the universe and all within it is pure hubris that I cannot in good conscious support.
    There will always be certain biological anomalies, some of which can be detrimental to the individual involved. For example, a health issue required that I undergo a hysterectomy some years ago. But my henceforth lacking a uterus did not suddenly change my biology and/or change my gender.
    One of Evil’s best tools is by sowing seeds of confusion among people. We are currently seeing a political and social avalanche of that. This magazine cover and its accompanying story is an example of that.

  2. The correct spelling of WOKE should be WUSS. Since we can’t execute transgenders…they should have their own activities separate
    from everyone else, including their own restrooms. Stay off the streets and away from all children.

  3. Unfortunately Michael they are doing just the opposite. They have introduced “gender” courses in elementary school telling children that their “gender is fluid”, that they can be whatever they want anytime. Going as far as teacher telling boys that they are in fact a girl! They are bringing child molesters now turned into Drag Queens for Story hours at libraries and schools. Keeping them away from our children is not their plan. No, they try to convince parents and children that drugging them and mutilating their bodies is the right way to go in order to live a free life and not be forced to live the life “assigned at birth”.
    Males identifying as women can now enter battered women shelters, girls’ locker rooms, and win women sport competitions, not just bathrooms even if they have a penis.

  4. Enough
    Women work hard to accomplish their goals, as do the men. Let the men even those who think they are women, be recognized in their own magazine. We are becoming a nation of nothings because women want to be men and men want to be women so nobody knows what they are. Children are being taught that there is no gender, you do it yourself.
    The whole world is in big trouble and doesnt have sense enough to see it and say no more.

  5. So the magazine is touting the accomplishment of these two as being those of women, when in fact they are the accomplishments of men. Does that mean the magazine feels that it must seek out men for the honor?

  6. NO CHILD should be subjected to such grownup issues!! For adults to play into a child’s wish to be “other than how they’re born”
    is “criminal” and lose parental rights!! Doctors who submit to medically and surgically altering “any child under 21” should be in prison!!! THIS FAD has gotten too far out of hand and needs to be stopped. Praying that Trump will soon make it a LAW that, NO DOCTOR,
    CAN DO ANYTHING RELATED TO ALTERING A CHILD, ILLEGAL, with a life long prison sentence. ANY TEACHER who
    addresses GENDER, the same sentence!! SCHOOL IS FOR LEARNING, NOT DESTROYING A CHILDS LIFE!!! I say “FAD”, because there are “MANY” who think it’s a “neat idea”, but there is a much “deeper agenda” by the gays to get into a child’s head for their “”own satisfaction””……………it’s SAD!!!!!!!!!! There should be “NO HOMOSEXUAL TEACHERS IN A CLASSROOM WHO MAY PREY ON KIDS”!!

  7. The feminists are now marginalizing women, in a blatant manner.
    In other words women, who were born female biologically, are less than women who pretend.
    Disgusting, abhorrent and disgraceful.
    Thank you for regressing back to women’s suffrage.
    The woke, are still asleep at the wheel.

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