What Is PizzaGate?

For people who do not check in regularly on social media, an online storm has been brewing for the last seven weeks or so as a new scandal threatens to envelop Hillary Clinton and her inner circle, particularly her campaign Chairman John Podesta, his brother, lobbyist Tony Podesta and others.

In October and November, as part of one of its most recent “email dumps,” whistleblower organization WikiLeaks released incriminating emails belonging to John Podesta. While some of the emails were innocuous, many contained plainly odd references to food, which, when examined more closely, appear to possibly be a code for things quite separate from anything edible.

According to numerous guides published online, the “code” translates as follows:

“PIZZA” translates to “Girl”

“HOT DOG” translates to “Boy”

“CHEESE” translates to “Little Girl”

“PASTA” translates to “Little Boy”

“ICE CREAM” translates to “Male Prostitute”

“WALNUT” translates to “Person of Color”

“SAUCE” translates to “Orgy”

“MAP” translates to “Semen”

“The realtor found a handkerchief (I think it has a map that seems pizza-related),” read one such email. “Do you think I’ll do better playing dominos on cheese than on pasta?” asked another. Conspicuously, many of these emails reference Italian food, specifically pizza, pasta, sauce, hot dogs and, oddly, walnuts.

Ordinarily, these emails might not have been looked at so askance if it weren’t for other strange artifacts and coincidences. First of all, sighted in pictures of both the homes and workplaces of both Podesta brothers are a series of very disturbing paintings and sculptures. Many of the artworks have extremely dark themes such as cannibalism, satanism, sadomasochism and other apocryphal concepts. There are references to and even depictions of children tied up and restrained.

Even worse than all of this is photographs of children discovered on the Instagram account of James Alefantis, the owner of Comet Ping Pong, a pizzeria, concert venue and children’s gaming space in suburban Washington, D.C.

Many of his photos feature children and infants. In at least one of the photos, a small female child is taped down by her arms to a red table with masking tape; she stands in front of an adult’s legs in the background, which can only be seen from the waist down.

Alefantis was named the “49th Most Powerful Person in Washington” by GQ magazine, likely due to the political patronage of his business and his relationship to his ex-boyfriend David Brock, the influential founder of progressive watchdog organization Media Matters.

Next door to Comet Ping Pong is the Little Red Fox Café, owned by Lissa Muscatine, the owner of the adjacent Politics & Prose bookstore (see below). To the left of the Little Red Fox is Bucks Fishing & Camping, a restaurant also owned by James Alefantis.

And next door to Bucks Fishing & Camping is Besta (Italian for “beast”) Pizza, a pizzeria owned by Andrew Kline, a former Department of Justice attorney working in the Human Trafficking Prosecution unit of that bureau. Kline is now a senior advisor to President Barack Obama.

If the photos in James Alefantis’ account were an isolated case, there probably would not be such discussion around this topic on the Internet, but as it turns out, Alefantis is closely connected to both Podesta brothers, to billionaire Democratic contributor George Soros, to Hillary Clinton and to President Obama, all via personal acquaintances, his ex-boyfriend Brock and via Clinton fundraisers and Obama phone banks that have been held at his pizzeria.

Alefantis has visited the White House at least five times and has a personal letter of thanks hanging on his wall from Hillary Clinton. In 2013, Alefantis’ mother wrote a letter in support of a convicted child molester, Christopher Kloman, who had been sentenced to 43 years in prison for his crimes.

A picture posted to Alefantis’ Instagram account (which has subsequently been removed) depicts artwork showing a man with an erect penis playing ping pong with an alien in humanoid form that appears to be the same height as a child. On the wall, the words “Shut up ‘n F***” are visible.

After a series of crowd-sourced investigations, facts have begun to be pieced together exposing the connections between the neighboring businesses on the block that Comet Pizza lies on in Washington. The nearby bookstore Politics & Prose is run by Lissa Muscatine, a longtime speechwriter for Hillary Clinton. Her husband Bradley Graham is a writer for the leftist Washington Post newspaper. Both Bill Clinton and J.K. Rowling have had book readings at Politics & Prose. On the opposite side of the street from these businesses is Beyond Borders, a charity focusing on Haiti funded by the Clinton Foundation.

Visitors to Comet Ping Pong have noted some extremely odd parts of the interior. The artwork on the walls appears to depict aliens, children or both. In the basement, where tournaments of ping-pong take place, there were pictures on owner Alefantis’ Instagram account taken of excavation work being performed in the past. A picture of one part of the empty space was commented on as “The Kill Room.” Speculation has grown on social media that this excavation may have been for the building of secret tunnels to connect the businesses on the block together or to allow persons to be brought to Comet from other locations in secret.

Another piece of this affair, which has been named “PizzaGate” after the words appearing in the WikiLeaks emails, is New York performance artist Marina Abramovic. Abramovic, who is Yugoslavian-American, has been a denizen of the Manhattan art scene for decades, and her performances at the different art museums of the city have been legendary.

But recently, her art has grown much more disturbing, as Abramovic has been captured in photos from her events surrounded by what appear to be human cadavers lying in trays of what seems to be blood, possibly mixed with other bodily fluids.

At these events, Abramovic, along with New York celebrities such as Lady Gaga and rapper Jay-Z, cut into the “bodies,” which turned out to be elaborate cakes shaped into extremely realistic forms and consume the “flesh” of them in what would appear at a distance to be a cannibalistic ritual.

Making things even more frightening are other photos that feature Abramovic holding a dead ram’s skull with its eyes still attached and cradling a blindfolded child’s face in her hands.

On other photos, graffiti written in what looks like blood is smeared on the walls to spell out messages. “With a sharp knife, cut deeply into the middle finger of your left hand. Eat the pain.” one read. “Fresh morning urine sprinkles over nightmare dreams,” said another.

The style of these messages is reminiscent of those left by the followers of Charles Manson scrawled on the walls of the homes of their murder victims Sharon Tate and Gary Hinman in the infamous 1969 “Helter Skelter” killings in California.

It should be noted that in some photographs circulating on the web, John Podesta has a bandaged middle finger on his left hand. Of particular note to PizzaGate followers is a WikiLeak-ed email invitation sent to Tony Podesta from Abramovic inviting both him and his brother to a “Spirit Cooking” dinner at Abramovic’s home in New York City.

“Spirit Cooking” is a phrase Abramovic has used in the past to indicate the cooking of food along with organic bodily fluids and excretions. While Abramovic has denied any connections to Satanism (she instead prefers the term Luciferianism), her Twitter account until quite recently was “Abramovicm666.”

Along with all of this information, it’s been revealed that in Haiti, a woman named Laura Silsby was arrested by the Haitian authorities for attempting to traffic 33 kidnapped children out of the country. She was arrested and jailed by the government.

Subsequently, Silsby hired lawyer Jorge Puello Torres, a man who in the past has been charged with child sex trafficking in El Salvador. What’s even stranger than all of this is that Silsby’s name appears vividly in a number of Hillary Clinton’s emails. Clinton asked her aide Huma Abedin to assist Silsby in setting up operations in Haiti and the Dominican Republic and update Clinton personally on all the developments.

Also, it should be noted that both Hillary and Bill Clinton traveled on the jet of convicted pedophile billionaire Jeffrey Epstein to Epstein’s notorious “Orgy Island” located in the U.S. Virgin Islands. On many occasions, they were accompanied by young women, some of whom were underage.

At least one underage woman, Virginia Roberts, has claimed that she was held captive on the island and forced to perform sexual acts with famous politicians, members of royalty, businessmen and academics. Roberts has given extremely detailed accounts of this activity (which included sexual orgies) and confirmed Bill Clinton’s presence on the island when she was there.

With all of these connections, one is naturally left wondering if the Clintons are somehow connected to an international pedophile ring that involves Satan worship and/or possibly even murder.

Crowning the available evidence is that the logos of Besta Pizza and Little Red Fox contained imagery that is internationally recognized as symbols for child sexual abuse, according to manuals used by the FBI.

Of course, online discussion of these matters has generated enormous interest in these issues, and almost daily, new facts are added to the case. James Alefantis has given a few half-hearted denials of the accusations in interviews to The New York Times and National Public Radio, but as more connections have been uncovered and new evidence has come to light, Alefantis has become more defensive.

Andrew Kline’s Besta Pizza business removed artwork and symbology identified with child abuse after a tremendous outcry online.

Of course, it should be pointed out that as of yet, there is no “smoking gun” in this case; there’s no live witness to any sexual or violent acts, nor have there been any pictures found of such acts, nor have there been any emails which directly reference such occurrences. Without any of these things, there can be no legal or criminal charges made against any of the people in this case.

But that hasn’t stopped people from trying the Clintons in the court of public opinion. Reportedly, both the Clintons and the Podestas are furious about the allegations surrounding PizzaGate, but they haven’t issued any public statements publicly about the brouhaha, despite the topic being a top trending one (albeit unofficially) on numerous social media outlets. If one Googles the word “PizzaGate” or searches for it on YouTube, tens of thousands of results will come up.

Whether PizzaGate is “real” or not remains to be seen. But for now, the Clintons’ and the Podestas’ silence on the issue and Hillary Clinton’s extreme struggles to effect her election recount speak volumes.

Could the Clintons be afraid of being prosecuted over a new scandal when Donald Trump gets into office? Does Hillary Clinton have more to hide beyond her seemingly endless existing issues? Time will tell.

For now, however, the Democrats’ (and President Obama’s) cries about “Fake News” appear to be a partial attempt at quelling the attraction to this and other lurid stories. Needless to say, it will be extremely interesting to discover if there’s indeed any truth to speculation about “Pizzagate.”

~Conservative Zone

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