Antifa-Supporting Seattle Mayor Asks Courts to Block Recall Vote

Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan applauded violent Antifa rioters as the seized control of precincts. Calling teen shooting deaths part of a “block party,” Durkan distorted First Amendments right to assemble to include creating a lawless caliphate in the city.

She’s apparently not a big advocate of other citizens’ rights, because she recently petitioned the state’s high court to block a lawful recall. The Democrat mayor is fast-discovering that residents want a leader who maintains law and order, not one who supports domestic terror organizations.

“Following the most widespread civil unrest Seattle has seen in decades, petitioners submitted, and the trial court approved, a charge that Mayor Durkan ‘failed to institute new policies and safety measures for the Seattle Police Department’ with regard to the use of chemical crowd control measures,” the mayor’s defense lawyers acknowledged, after failing to block the petition in a lower court.

Following the forced occupation of the section known as CHOP, residents began a petition to recall Durkan. It’s been widely reported that the Antifa-loving mayor allowed armed members of the group to expel police from the section. Thuggery, assault, sexual misconduct, and murders occurred as police were ordered by Durkan to stand down. The mayor rejected offers for assistance from state and federal officials. But when violent offenders showed up in her neighborhood, then she ordered the Antifa-takeover broken up.

A website has been created called that details how the radical mayor allowed outside offenders to seize control of city streets, encouraged rioting, looting, arson, and forced the police chief to stand idly by and watch. According to the reportedly 100-percent volunteer effort, Durkan received only 11 percent of primary voter support and as few as 27 percent in the 2017 general election. The recall volunteers point out that upwards of 52 percent of voters did not cast a ballot on her behalf. Those realities have Durkan again running scared. That’s why she recently had her team of lawyers file a motion with the Washington Supreme Court to deny residents their recall rights.

“Mayor Durkan has, at various occasions, expressed in statements regarding the recall petition a sentiment that she is very busy running a City, too busy to deal with recall. This is easily solved by choosing to accept the decision of the Superior Court instead of using the Supreme Court as a tool to suit her purposes,” states.

Pro-recall citizens have every reason to believe that the state’s high court will be weaponized against them. It is largely filled with leftists who also support the violence in Democrat-run cities across the country. The state’s supreme court already gave Mayor Durkan a reprieve by preventing the recall volunteers from gathering signatures until after a late-September hearing. It’s abundantly clear this ruling was granted to help Durkan rebuild her political clout in the city and avoid being ousted.

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22 responses to “Antifa-Supporting Seattle Mayor Asks Courts to Block Recall Vote”

  1. These leftists will undoubtedly either re elect her or elect a further left candidate the next chance they have. portland will have a choice of their far left activist mayor or someone who is proud to say she is Antifa. Can’t fix stupid, I just hope they do not move to my home town or state.

    • Seattle, Portland, etc. are nothing but battlegrounds for Leftists to destroy anything that is good and righteous. THESE RIOTS ARE NO LONGER ABOUT BLACK LIVES MATTER, BUT ABOUT MOB RULE WHICH IS A WHOLE DIFFERENT BALLGAME!

      Wake up Portland inhabitants! Those rioters are NOT EVEN HABITANTS of your own city, but OUTSIDE deviants bought and paid to go into Portland AND DESTROY, BRING CHAOS, AND HATE! Your mayor is nothing more than a slug who loves her lifestyle and will sell your lives to keep her lifestyle flowing. More than likely she is getting PAID HANDSOMELY BY THE HEAD SLUG TO IGNORE THE RIOT’S DEVASTATION! KICK HER TO THE CURB FAST! Then rebuild everything she destroyed. She is the BIGGEST LOSER EVER PLUS A LEFTIST DEMOCRAT ONLY INTERESTED IN HER OWN LIFE, NOT YOURS NOR YOUR LOVED ONES. REMOVE HER ANYWAY POSSIBLE…AND GET YOUR CITY BACK!

  2. The Last Democrat who believed THE BUCK STOPS HERE was Harry S Truman. When the populace elects someone with with the cranial capacity of a child, this type of behavior is not unexpected. See also the mayors of Chicago, Los Angeles, New York City, etc.

    Appeasement never works, at any level.

      • So very true. A child could have run Oregon better than that halfwit mayor and made Oregon a great place to live. Instead this ignoramous mayor sat and watched her City burn. What’s up with that? Is she being PAID by someone to do nothing but let outsiders come in and destroy her city and her people. If so, that is one mayor who deserves to be tossed out on her head…fast…with no mercy! Hopefully the people of Portland wake up and see who she really is and remove her any way possible before too much more damage happens…

        • If Portland inhabitants can’t remove her legally…well, perhaps they will find other methods that work too? Be creative…and leave no trace.

    • She needs to be removed along with lighthead from Chicago, training wheels from Portland, the 2 MORONS from both N.Y. & CA. The common thing with all these cities is they are demoncrap run!!! I guess her ‘Summer Of Love’ didn’t come to fruition. With all that rioting, looting & murder, so much love. What a POS!!!

  3. Well the doc sure has “Jenny hooked” because otherwise where are her pupils?

    Mayor Durkin can be ” removed ” and/or ” replaced ” with a judge’s order the same as Detroit when complicit in violent acts and not allowing law & order for “Public Safety”…

  4. Teachers Unions?
    Who’s really teaching anyway?
    Think about it… Reading, Writing, Arithmetic & English? American USA Standards?

    Are we joining the EU or what? Let’s keep the USA Independent like our ancestors faught for.
    I APPRECIATE being FREE however IT COSTS…
    2 World Wars and numerous war actions and a non-declared action.

  5. There two way to look at it! One you are a dam FOOL who think out your azz. But not intelligent enough to see or understand you will be the LOSER . Two you don’t know what you are supporting! But just wanted to be part of these lying leftist bullshit! Mayor took an OATH TO PROTECT AND SERVE THE PEOPLE OF PORTLAND. BUT HAS TURN HER BACK ON THEM! IF SHE IS RECALL SHE SHOULD FACE A FIRING SQUAD!

  6. Typical Democrat they like all this chaos because it looks bad for Trump! They are willing to let our country burn to keep Trump from getting the recognition he’s so deserves! Trump 2020❤️!


  8. I live in Texas, and I agree with everything said. All of the radical left democrats need to be removed from office at all levels of government either by vote or by force!!

  9. No court, even the Supreme Court of a State can ignore the law. There are multi reasons a court or Justice will not or can not ignore the law. First, it will destroys all support the Court has for law. When that is gone, there is no court and no protection for those elected to sit on the court. Second; every member of the court is subject to recall or impeachment. The impeachment process is the most peaceful, but then it is based on LAW, and the Court has ignored the law. The court can make up reasons for their decision but even that has to be based on FACTS, not political belief. History tells us that the only one who succeeded was Stalin, and he murdered between 40 and 50 million of his own people to hold it. What court or justice would even consider that?

  10. Time to be rid of her. But I’m betting that she will win next time round, or someone even more extreme than her will win. That’s the nature of leftist politics and the sheeple who follow it.

  11. This woman does not deserve to be the Mayor of a city of sticks, much less a city of real live people. There has got to be a way to have her recalled, sooner rather than later. She is a pore excuse of a person, let alone the Mayor for these good people of Seattle. She gets tax paid security, while leaving the citizens of Seattle with no police protection. She makes me sick!

  12. Who cares about Portland? Let it burn to the ground. They voted the commie bitch in now they have to l8ive with their choice She should be recalled, tried for murder and then executed asap..

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