Buttigieg, Sanders Lead Iowa Caucus After DAYS of Delay in Vote Count

After massive delays related to a faulty app by Shadow, Inc., the initial results show Pete Buttigieg with a narrow lead in the Democratic presidential field in the Iowa Caucuses.

The results from the Iowa Democratic Caucuses from the delegate count indicate that Buttigieg is in the lead with 26.9 percent, followed closely by Bernie Sanders with 25.2 percent. Elizabeth Warren finished third with 18.4 percent, followed by Biden with 15.4 percent and Senator Amy Klobuchar from Minnesota trailing the candidates.

Senator Bernie Sanders from Vermont is a close second with the party votes with 71 percent of precincts reporting. But, while Sanders may be short of votes from his party, he leads in the popular vote with 24 percent of the vote versus Buttigieg’s 21 percent, Elizabeth Warren’s 19 percent, and Joe Biden’s 15 percent.

On Tuesday, it was still not announced when Democrats would release the total number of votes received.

These numbers do not reflect the initial popular vote totals in Iowa. The way the caucuses system works is that the supporters of “non-viable” candidates who do not perform well in the first round of caucusing are allowed to change their vote in future rounds to support another candidate. Those vote totals will then determine how many delegates each candidate receives from Iowa at the Democratic National Convention.

On Monday night, even before any official results were released, Buttigieg claimed he was “victorious” at the caucuses. Sources from Buttigieg’s campaign told Fox News that the preliminary and incomplete results confirmed that Buttigieg performed well in key rural counties.

Senior Sanders adviser Jeff Weaver said that their campaign was “gratified that in the partial data released so far, it’s clear that in the first and second round, more people voted for Bernie than any other candidate in the field.”

Meanwhile, Klobuchar’s campaign manager Justin Buoen posted on social media that the results “make clear” the presidential contest “is a five-person race.” He added that some of Klobuchar’s “strongest counties haven’t been fully reported and the current data doesn’t tell the full story.”

Due to the limited data released by the Iowa Democratic Party and the closeness of the political race, Fox News’ Decision Desk has not yet been able to make a final announcement of the winner in the Iowa caucuses.

However, Buttigieg’s campaign announced Tuesday afternoon at an event in Laconia, New Hampshire, that he was victorious, noting the new vote count.

“A little later than we anticipated, but better late than never, official verified caucus results are coming in from the state of Iowa,” Buttigieg said. “They’re not complete, but results are in from a majority of precincts, and they show our campaign in first place.”

Buttigieg added: “No matter what happens next, this much is undeniable: that fact represents an astonishing victory for this campaign, this candidacy and this vision that you all have been a part of.”

Although the results are not yet complete, it doesn’t look good for Biden, who was once considered the front-runner in the race.

“I don’t see how Biden recovers,” an ex-2020 presidential campaigner staff member told Fox News. “His whole argument is electability. If he can’t do well in a state like Iowa, how can he do well on Super Tuesday?”

If the current numbers hold steady, Buttigieg and Sanders look like the two that will be headed to the next presidential primary showdown in New Hampshire.

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7 responses to “Buttigieg, Sanders Lead Iowa Caucus After DAYS of Delay in Vote Count”

  1. Smokin’ (Chokin’) Joe going up in flames now that they lost the SHAM. Their gopher didn’t help them with that waste of money impeachment , now his loyal PALS are going to to let him take a dive. Gotta love brain dead Leftists

  2. Bernie “leads in the popular vote with 24 percent of the vote versus Buttigieg’s 21” so by Hillary’s “I won the popular vote so I won the election” standard, Bernie was the winner. Has her defense of Bernie’s Iowa win started yet? It seems they should be on the same side on this issue despite loathing one another.

  3. Are these the same gang and machines that will be counting the national election ballots, if it is you can count on a very tumultuous election.
    I do not believe “WE THE PEOPLE” will continue to be tolerant of these progressive, communist, fascist democrats illegal and unconstitutional shenanigans. So prepare for an all out resistance from THE PATRIOTIC AMERICAN.

  4. MY MY aren’t they doing so well,We have a communist and a sexual pervert on the Democrat side running for president,and trailing along behind another socialist and an over the hill politician that doesn’t know where he is most of the time,if any one of them should ever win the white house,that alone would be reason to start a civil war,does anyone want this kind of leader in the white house,I don’t.

  5. Hi Buttigieg,
    You are a maltese descendent, Your surname in Maltese is a hen, and actually you did like a hen. keep it up.

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