Candace Owens Sues Facebook Fact-Checkers for Defamation of Character

Outspoken conservative commentator and political activist Candace Owens is suing Facebook for claims of defamation of character.

The popular Republican said that Facebook fact-checkers, whose job is to censor misinformation and flag it to be noted so, are targeting Owens posts on the platform, which has caused a major demonetization of her Facebook page.

“Quite literally a doctor gave his opinion about COVID-19, which I shared, and Facebook issued a strike on my account because they said only information that they agree with about COVID-19 … was acceptable,” she said. “I decided I was not going to give up and sit down. The fact-checkers … are activists for the left that shut down your speech if they don’t like it.”

“It is time to fact-check the fact-checkers,” Owens remarked. “I’m going to put these suckers through discovery and figure out what the relationship is that they have with Facebook.”

Facebook, however, says that Owens launched a website as an attempt to help crowdfund her new legal battle against the social media network.

Owens is raging war against overzealous online fact-checkers, but she also has a website called, which she created to advocate in favor of free speech; a liberty that is heavily under attack nowadays in American history…especially on social media.

“Our freedoms are being stripped away,” it says on Owens’ website. “The overlords of Big Tech are determining what Americans can and cannot say, share, like, and post. Support our legal efforts today as we fight back against Facebook’s fact-checkers, confronting those who are suppressing free speech, thought, and expression across our great country.”

According to Fox News, the commentator hired two attorneys to represent her in the suit – one of which is attorney Todd McMurtry, who worked for Covington Catholic High School student Nick Sandmann.

The announcement of her lawsuit was made via her Twitter account, which she captioned, “Guess what?! I am OFFICIALLY suing the ‘Fact-Checkers’ who are really just activists.”

This is not the first time the author’s social media account has been harassed and censored. In May of 2019, her Facebook account was temporarily suspended, according to a Facebook representative, due to a post she shared that was flagged for violating the site’s community standards.

The post said: “Black America must wake up to the great liberal hoax. White supremacy is not a threat. Liberal supremacy is.” The representative also said that the company quickly “restored Ms. Owens’ post and removed the block on her account after confirming that the content didn’t violate our policies.”

This type of censorship has been seen on the social media platforms of Twitter and Facebook and is obviously aimed at conservatives and top Republicans – including President Donald Trump. The platforms have done everything from banning pages, blocking posts that contain conservative website and links, and even falsely claiming that many (many) valid posts are incorrect. Facebook has also currently blocked the ability to even “Like” and post that they don’t agree with, which was evident during Rudy Giuliani’s speech on November 19, 2020.

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42 responses to “Candace Owens Sues Facebook Fact-Checkers for Defamation of Character”

  1. The law suit is long overdue. Facebook deletes what they don’t like about what you post if it relates to anything patriotic. I posted what Teddy Roosevelt said about becoming an American citizen, they removed it. I posted a copy of the law regarding disrespecting our flag, and they removed that, too. Good luck, Ms Owens.

  2. Good for Candace! Parler is where to go now. Devin Nunes is an owner. Parler was created for this reason, to give conservatives a place to go and not be censored. Also, why support FB and big tech if you don’t have to?

    • If conservatives post for conservatives, isn’t that like preaching to the choir? We need to be able to express our opinions to the public at large to make a difference.

  3. About time FB and its so-called Fact-Checkers (Censorship) learned that they aren’t the Big Dog they think they are. I got bounced off of FB and I don’t even know why.

    Keep it up, Candace put it to them!

  4. Candice Owens has balls bigger than planet earth.FaceBook’s so called ‘Fact Checkers’ are anti-Trump/anti-conservative leftists that have been bought and paid for to flag anything that the leftists don’t agree with,even if it IS the truth.All of the leftist Silicon Valley social media platforms are acting as publishers,which they are not,and not as an open platform for all.It is past time for congress to remove social media’s section 230 protections so people who have been censored can file class action lawsuits against them and force them to comply with people’s constitutionally protected right to free speech.

  5. You go Candice! What a breathe of fresh air you are to conservatives. It’s long past the time FB pay for stopping the truth from being told. Our liberties are at stake in America and I’m so thankful you have the power and courage to stand again at those who would see America and it’s freedoms destroyed!! Praying for the Lord to pave the way for you.

  6. I was once one of Candace Owens FB friends. I left FB because they censored my post, deleted many of them and I got tired of it. Hope Candace wins against this creep. Their so called moderators are Liberal biased Democrats.

  7. Wheels within wheels, within wheels. Facebook donates to John Podesta’s Center for American Progress. On top of that Zuckerberg and his wife donate again via Chan Zuckerberg Initiative LLC. All the Silicon Valley billionaires support Podesta’s outfit. GS Open Society supports Podesta. Podesta is the Democratic Party ideas man, although he didn’t manage to get Hillary elected.

  8. The funny thing is Face Book can fact check me all they want because I fact check myself all the time. Just like the rigged election. If you can not see it, your blind as a bat. lol.

  9. Hope Facebook is forced pay a fortune.

    This was not the first time the fact checkers have blatantly lied about content for no other reason that it contradicted the false BS certain politicians spouted.

    I recall several videos where individuals clearly said certain words only to have the “fact checkers” insist they never said what the video clearly showed them say. As if I am supposed to ignore what I hear and see just because the “fact checkers” lied about the videos content.

    Then there was the post where they did nothing but post a photo of the box of masks showing the WARNINGS the manufacturer put on the box (many as a result of wrongful death lawsuits) again because the manufacturer contradicted the politicians on the matter of wearing masks the “fact checkers” called it misinformation. In fact one warning was a time limit on how long one can SAFELY wear one and it was not 24/7 for months.

    As if the politicians with no medical training and no information about the masks or lawsuits concerning them knows more than the mask makers.

  10. Google interrupted my viewing of BLM members assaulting Trump supporters in D.C. stating that ;I din’t have enough computer memory to continue to download the “AD” AD?? I really would like to ring their little pencil necks.

    • Candace: You have more guts than the entire congress. Of course they are taking money from big tech. These slimeballs that call themselves “liberals” are just communists in liberal covers. I deleted F/book, twitter, and google from my computer. good luck with this fight. The next fight we need to get into is term limits for those do nothing people in our congress. If you want any proof of their devotion to just getting re-elected just look at what is going on. Outfits like big tech just run around deleting our freedoms and ability to have fair elections and its all being done because Washington allows it. We don’t need that for those morons to be there 30 or 40 years.

  11. Just don’t use FB,, learn to live with out them… most of my friends gave up on FB years ago and we don’t even miss them at all.. nothing in the world could hurt FB more than to be abandoned,, that would wipe that silly smirk off of Zuckies face !!

  12. Good for you Candace… that Zuck has got all kinds of people on his board who are not even Americans… it’s time someone took that traitor down…. hooray for you Candace…. I’ve been fact checked so many times with my China Virus posts that it’s incredible..,, I guess they don’t like us using that word …. CHINA…. maybe because his wife is of Asian descent…. my posts were legit ..:. They were copied from the information that the Ministry of Health in India had posted on their website…. oh well I can’t fight CITY HALL!!!!! I am praying for you all the way…. this man has to be taken down…. all of them Dorsey and the Google Man too…. they are a cancer to our Democratic way of life…: who appointed them gods anyway?????

  13. If trump doesn’t win this bull crap election and doesn’t run in 24 pence and you would make a great team for 2024. The American people would once again have a chance for our freedom again. You go girl

  14. HUGE THANK YOU CANDACE! Conservatives like me are wondering why our Republicans are not stopping this. Also, why are they not helping OUR PRESIDENT. I, for one, wish Trump would start his own party, THE MAGA PARTY, and leave all these paid off politicians behind. Half of our nation would switch parties and his hands would not be tied by any crooked organization. If the actual true vote is not established Americans will stop voting. Why bother when our vote can simply be changed by the machines that our states paid millions to corrupt the process with. I pray that you can make a difference here and cause changes that we so desperately need. Please know that the Christians are praying for you and our country – we can no longer trust anyone but God.

  15. Thank you Candance for speaking out and demanding the “fact Checkers” be challenged. Many times I have made comments that these goons have told me that what I have stated is false or just once they said that what I stated was partially false. Numerous times FB has put me in “Jail” for stating something “Does not Meet Community standards. Our freedom of speech has been shuttered by Zuckerburg and his minnions..If Joe Biden is successful in his illegal ascent to the WH, this country is doomed and will never be the country I have spent my 79 years on earth. I am ready for God’s Rapture rather than live in the country that was founded on Judea/Christian principles which we are about to lose.

  16. Good for you Candace! These people need a good judicial beatdown! I hope the final result involves not only a restoration of free speech, but a large payout by them as well. Hitting their bank account might be the only thing that restores our freedom of speech, and God knows they have plenty of it. We know how well they obey free speech laws, even if a judge finds in your favor. Here’s to millions in fines and compensation….You go girl!

  17. Truly wish Candance all of GOD’s Blessings in her crusade to put a stop on FB’s censorship.I was just called a BOT and my post wasn’t printed.Twitter is the same.

  18. Get rid of the “Fact Checkers” they are biased and liars. Go Candace Go! Shut them down and take all their money.

  19. Good Job, Candace! Go Get ‘Em! We are entering a period in the USA where the corrupt, disgusting Democrat Party is Hell Bent on Wiping Out Our Constitution! Unfortunately, we also have a Chief Justice of the Supreme Court who is as Corrupt as they are! I hope this case doesn’t reach there before you get resolution, because JOHN ROBERTS WILL SIDE WITH THE CRIMINALS WHO MUST BE GREASING HIS POCKETS! UPHOLD THE CONSTITUTION BEFORE WE ARE ALL COMMUNISTS BECAUSE OF THE GARBAGE THAT IS GOING ON!

  20. The hellhole of injustice in America! Thank GOD I do not use them ! Liars I DO NOT congregate with, I believe in judge Janine Piro “Don’t lie to me”! Something to be very PROUD of!

  21. PRAVDA aka Facebook has blocked me at least three times for replying to a socialist uneducated troll. They let the instigator spew his verbal diarrhea without censorship, however when you “fact-check” their propaganda FB blocks you immediately because your answer didn’t meet their socialist revolving “standards”. Last time they blocked me some pointy head said it didn’t meet their so called standards? Also said he wasn’t a “fact-checker” and the real checkers would be in Monday morning. They need a very rude awakening!

  22. I remember when everyone loved the idea of the social medial crap, now look what this social media crap is causing. Wish someone would start a new social media network so all who believe in the USA will delete their FB Page and move on to another.
    Fact of the matter is that all who I have heard were leaving FB, just like those who said they were leaving the USA when TRUMP won, are still out there and they will stay there until they have a good alternative.

  23. The Government needs to break up these Social Medias or hit them with very big fines. I thought we have freedom of speech? I agree they need a very rude awakening! How many times is Congress going to bring them in, and nothing
    ever comes of it except they lie. There fact checkers are a joke!!

  24. The Government, as it is today, won’t do a damn thing about the social media and big tech companies. Why? Because they have spread around so much money to many of our elected officials to insure that they are protected against the people. No, I’m not saying that all our elected officials are corrupt, but there’s enough to prevent what the honest people of this country want. Just look at the election. How does a person who spent more time under ground than a mole and do nothing, beat a person who has spent almost four years making our country great and never accepted a salary to do it? Too many of our elected officials are there to steal and make corrupt money, and not do the honest jobs to which they were elected. The honest elected officials only find their hands tired because of dishonest and corrupt people who more interested in money than helping the people.

  25. Good you you Candace, most Americans stand behind you in this endeavor to stop the tech invasion of free speech. They need to be targeted by every conservative that has been affected by their bias and deliberate attempt to shut down freedom of speech. Most government officials are in the pocket of these speech suppression violators and they too need to be taken down and destroyed. The funding of colleges/universities that practice this free speech suppression should loose any and all government funding. In fact for the price/cost they charge for students to attend these biased and liberal colleges/universities should never receive ANY tax dollar funding. You go Girl we agree and support your lawsuit against these anarchist – nihilist – fascist – marxist, Amereican constitutional haters!!!

  26. I am reading your book now, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. I will be reading it more than once and have recommended it to others. FB needed called out on their bias We all need honest, true information to make good decisions in our lives.

  27. FB is like socialism – it sucks you in with the promise of something nice and then slams the door once you’re inside. We all fell for it when we opened accounts and believed we had an equal platform for free speach. Now is the time for every censored user to step up and share their proof, whatever it might be, and help bring FB / Zuck to its knees. Simply walking away and going to another platform isn’t doing anything to hold them accountable. Expose the corruption to its core. Candace is a great leader, lets all get behind her and refuse to accept these ongoing attempts to snuff out conservatism!

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