Chinese Researcher: At Least 80% of COVID-19 Cases Will Enjoy Full Recovery

Infectious disease expert, Dr. Wang Guoqiang spoke at a press conference at Peking University saying that even early data about the COVID-19 virus was promising in terms of recovery rates. Based on a sampling of discharged patients from ground zero of the outbreak in Wuhan, 6% had recovered fully after having been declared to be in critical condition.

Dr. Guoqiang said, “This shows that cases in serious condition can be treated and discharged after receiving treatment. That has given us great confidence. We have expert teams supporting Wuhan, especially those transferred from intensive care units. This should reduce the mortality of critical condition patients and improve recovery rates.”

Earlier this month, the New York Post reported even more promising news on recovery rates. They write, “Average healthy people who get the virus might experience a dry cough, fatigue, and fever and be in bed for a week or two at most.”

Professor Anna Yeung-Cheung of Manhattanville College said, “You stay at home, you’re not going out, and if it gets more serious, you check-in.”

NYU professor of medicine Dr. Marc Siegel predicts that the recovery rate will approach, “the high 90s.”

At the time of writing, the latest update from the CDC has it that there have been over 10,000 COVID-19 cases in the United States, and 160 of those cases have resulted in death. Of those cases, at least 149 are reported to be travel related, 129 are reported to have resulted from close contact with an infected person- and the rest are still under investigation. These numbers are expected to change as more testing kits become available.

Dr. Yeung-Cheung said, “Each virus is like people — they have their personality. The interesting thing about this virus is it’s not that difficult to kill, like Ebola and norovirus, using a little Clorox solution or Purell.”

She added that another promising thing about the virus is that the young are doing even better with Coronavirus than they tend to do with a severe strain of the flu.

When it comes to the economy, the toll is only slightly more serious, but it is not worth panicking over. Shipments from China have slowed dramatically. But that is to be expected. Also, the brunt of the Chinese shipping slowdown came during a major holiday season for the country when shipping normally slows down. The outbreak made this normal slowdown worse than it normally is- but it is not indicative of a dire recession.

Americans have been avoiding the malls, hoarding toilet paper (of all things), and frivolous spending has taken a hit. This too is not dire news for the healthcare system or for the economy. What it means, if anything is, Americans should curtail their spending for the Spring season.

Our advice is to reign in spending until Summer. Give the virus and the panic time to cool down. If you’re going to stock up on supplies, stock up on non-perishable food, first aid supplies, and ammunition — and leave it to the CNN watchers pull each other’s hair out over the last roll of toilet paper.

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6 responses to “Chinese Researcher: At Least 80% of COVID-19 Cases Will Enjoy Full Recovery”

  1. I hope so! We don’t deserve this! I love my country, very happy about the pres. Has things in the right order! Everybody needs to be at their most helpful to each other….all we need is love! Thanku God! ✝️

  2. China has figured out how to achieve world dominance by using their sub-microscopic warriors that leave no infra-structure damaged,but eliminate enough target population to come in and take over with minimal resistance from the surviving populace.

    • Bill B youve hit it on the head. Question is, what can we do about it now? Remember, the Chinese powers are fundamentally dumbasses

      • Have a Worldwide boycott on Chinese goods this should send them a Clear message they either need to be fully open and transparent to the whole world, Or be ostracized by the whole world.

  3. Stop buying Chinese Toilet Rolls ! Simple retribution 😉

    Take the Wuhan Challenge – Where did this all Start ? ……..

    Time to “Keep Your Distance” Folks – Then we’ll all get the chance to discuss this next year.

    God bless All – Keep your Faith !

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