Democratic Socialists of America Credit Pandemic for Growth in Membership

by Kencf0618

The Democratic Socialists of America, the party behind Rep. Ocasio-Cortez’s political rise, is seeing a surge in membership thanks in large part to the COVID-19 pandemic. At least, that’s what they’re telling us…

About 10,000 people have joined the party since March 2020 alone, an amazing surge given the fact that the party’s current membership stands at a mere 66,000 members.

Party leaders note that the fear and anger surrounding the pandemic and ensuring lockdowns are driving recruitment motivators, and it’s not hard to see why. Many people who work at minimum wage jobs that expose them to the possibility of catching the novel coronavirus are jealous of middle-class and upper-class workers who can earn high wages while working from home. Others have been furloughed or even fired as companies shut down or reduce their workforce.

Still, others are upset over the fact that Republican governors are leading the charge to reopen state economies, as they fear that reopening too soon could lead to a rise in COVID-19 cases and deaths. Naturally, DSA party members and recruiters have been playing on these fears while at the same time offering aid and assistance to those in need. The result has been a wildly successful recruitment drive.

Remember: many furloughed or laid-off workers are actually making more with unemployment benefits thanks to the CARES Act than they would by working. Instead of seeing reopening as an opportunity, low-wage workers see it as a threat. This is the perfect breeding ground for factions like the DSA.

This shift towards the far-left should be worrying for anyone who is concerned about the long-term fate of the nation. As Venezuela has clearly shown, socialism doesn’t solve the world’s problems or bring about equality. DSA leaders who are pointing to shortages of toilet paper and hand sanitizer to claim that capitalism doesn’t work have naturally failed to note that socialist countries tend to have the same problems normally.

Capitalism isn’t what is bringing about shortages. The problem lies in the fact that the United States doesn’t have a genuine capitalist economy. Scores of government rules and regulations make it impossible for people to simply get out and earn a living. Lockdown orders were just icing on the cake. Many of these same rules favor large corporations that use their power to snuff out the competition.

Granted, it’s not just the fallout from the COVID-19 lockdown that is driving DSA membership. The suspension of Sen. Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign has left many of his supporters disillusioned and in search of new ways to express their ideas. Even so, the fact remains that socialist activists are using the economic pain and hardship many people are facing to promote ideas that would make the pain and suffering exponentially worse.

Socialism has been tried in nations all over the world and has failed miserably every single time. Now, an entire generation with no memory of the horrors of the Cold War are falling into the same trap.

Featured image by Kencf0618

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7 responses to “Democratic Socialists of America Credit Pandemic for Growth in Membership”

  1. Stupid, misguided people! When they are freezing their keesters off and would like a little heat from clean natural gas, Just Say NO. And the next time they want to take a plane ride or in a petroleum fired vehicle, Just Say No. That’s the way you wanted it, so live by what you preach.
    If you people don’t like your minimum wage job, do something about it. Get off that lazy keester! That’s the way our economy works. We are not a socialist country and I pray to God that it stays that way!

  2. There is not a surge in popularity. But there is a surge in stupidity. These people have just been on the sidelines and now came out. Another planned piece of propaganda set forth by the left.

  3. People need to quit looking at short term losses, and look to the FUTURE . . . Socialism/Communism is NOT the answer! Just WAIT until you’ve paid an EXCESSIVE price (WAY too high taxes, etc.) and you’re not accepted for medical procedures, handouts, etc. because of their POLITICAL stance. And, Socialism/Communism is pretty near HARD to stamp out. One WARY Patriot. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  4. Any one who believes this mentality, ought to get the virous, maybe the Biden/Sanders old brain drain might make young ignorant old.

  5. it is a crying shame that there are so many uneducated lowlifes out there that wish to only get handouts while hard working americans are going to have to pay for it. they are hypocritical just like their socialists politicians. this is an absolute disgrace

  6. Democratic socialists of America are NOT democratic by any stretch of the imagination. They are progressive leftists next to a communist state. Capitalism is not responsible for shortages. Government interference in the economy is. If the U.S. had a fully capitalist economy there wouldn’t be shortages. People who join these groups are not going to be better off. Just look at Cuban socialism and Venezuelan socialism and you will see the results. Nobody benefitted except the party bosses at the top of the pyramid. You are being misled and lied to if you think this is a solution. You will end up with far less than you have now. Communist China is a police state that allows capitalism to flourish as long as it does NOT interfere with party’s political control. The communists know that capitalism works best for the production of goods and services to provide for an extremely large population of 1.5 billion people especially to avoid unrest. So it just that the communists are being smart about it. They separate politics from capitalism but it is not as good as a free-market state where citizens can express their opinions on the economy and government and elect their own candidates to public offices. Some countries have a constitutional monarchy left over from an anachronistic time where monarchs had a great deal of royal power that has since been diluted with the election of a prime minister to represent the interests of the country’s political people’s party.

  7. I would think a taste of the Communist, fear lifestyle, dominated by power hungry governors would change their mind. They need to know that this brief, shut down is similar to what the Jews experienced under Hitler. Many of our ancestors have written what life was like in a Communist country. My family reminded me of the fear of confinement, and the threat of being continuously watched. You live in fear, never knowing if your fight for survival, would cross paths with government rules. I hope as they begin to get back to their lives, they will appreciate the freedoms they have in America.

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