Election 2020: Trump or Biden, Who Can Defeat the Communist China Threat?

Everyday people may not realize it, but the United States has been entrenched in a war for economic and political supremacy with China for decades.

Massive trade imbalances and influence-peddling made people grimace. But the realization that American lives are now dependent on the communists’ willingness to supply medication and equipment was a rude awakening.

“Perhaps we were naïve about China’s virulent strain of Communism, or triumphalist after the Cold War, or cravenly capitalist, or hoodwinked by Beijing’s talk of a ‘peaceful rise,’” Secretary of State Mike Pompeo reportedly said. “Whatever the reason, today China is increasingly authoritarian at home and more aggressive in its hostility to freedom abroad.”

Cancel culture rioters and Democrats may be focused on tearing down statues, but the next president will be tasked with defeating China’s power grab. It’s either that or start learning how to bow and scrape as your freedom is erased. What voters decide in the November presidential election — between incumbent President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden — will likely determine whether America defeats another totalitarian regime or falls.

Led by Arkansas Senator Tom Cotton, a recent hearing called “US-China: Winning the Economic Competition” compared historic adversaries such as the former Soviet Union, Nazi Germany, and World War II Japan. Although the U.S. dispatched these threats to freedom through bloodshed and a protracted cold war, they pale in comparison to the danger posed by the People’s Republic of China (PRC).

“At the height of its power in 1980, the Soviet Union’s economy was 40 percent of the size of the American economy,” Senator Cotton said, noting that in 1943, Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan had a fraction of U.S. economic strength. “Today, China’s economy is two-thirds the size of our economy. So, China is richer than any adversary we’ve faced.”

And wealth means power in the 21st Century, perhaps even equal to bombs and bullets. The U.S. leads the world in terms of the most powerful and combat-ready armed forces. With a military budget approaching $1 trillion, the U.S. has the most airplanes, fighter planes, and 24 aircraft carriers. China, considered the third most prolific military, has nearly double the soldiers.

The next president is highly unlikely to be sending America’s sons and daughters to fight Red China because the battle is already on our doorstep. A global corporate war has been raging for decades and the U.S. was losing badly until President Trump stood his ground and beat back the communists in the recent trade war.

“(T)he economies of the U.S. and its allies are deeply connected to the Chinese economy,” foreign affairs expert Professor Walter Russell Mead recently told the U.S. Senate. “Given the party’s ambitions, other countries have no choice but to monitor Chinese investment and financial flows, to audit supply chains for key materials, and to eliminate strategic dependencies on China, and to eschew the use of Chinese tech that threatens their telecom and infrastructure security.”

It would have been unthinkable during the Cold War with communist Russia to allow deep corporate investment in the U.S. But that’s precisely what disgraced former President Bill Clinton facilitated by shepherding the PRC into membership in the World Trade Organization. His flawed reasoning was to bring the Chinese to the table and end their blatant intellectual property theft. Instead, gaining membership only emboldened the communists in Beijing.

Then comes Obama-era sidekick Joe Biden. He sees an opportunity for his family to become wealthy by yielding to Chinese ambition. A deal is brokered that puts Biden’s son, Hunter, into corporations that are showered with more than $1.5 billion in Chinese investment. Clinton may have been foolhardy, but Biden sold influence.

In exchange, Biden took the White House lead on crafting the Trans-Pacific Partnership, a multinational trade deal that would have solidified China’s economic supremacy. President Trump scuttled the deal and bludgeoned the PRC with massive tariffs until they cried uncle.

Recent incidents such as evicting China’s spies from a Houston consulate highlight the growing tension. The Trump Administration has hardened the country’s defenses and pushed for complete self-reliance. The communists have been desperately trying to steal American business innovation patents and secrets.

“Our action to direct the closure of PRC Consulate General in Houston was taken to protect American intellectual property and Americans’ private information,” National Security Council spokesperson John Ullyot reportedly said.

At stake in November is not statues, kneeling for anthems, or arguing whether masks stop the spread of COVID-19. Freedom and economic power hang in the balance. Joe Biden and the previous administration sold us out, and he’ll do it again if Americans let him.

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15 responses to “Election 2020: Trump or Biden, Who Can Defeat the Communist China Threat?”

  1. ❤CHRISTrumPence and all their US TRUMPlican Lawmakers US2020Reelected Landslide

    is WINNING the demoncrat party/China deadly terrorist threat/affair
    Amen & Amen❤

  2. The difficulty in this election lies in the fact of gross ignorance. The majority of rural America and American blacks do not have a clue as to what’ s truly happening. Not a clue! They will vote for ANYTHING democrat because they see Mr. Trump as an arrogant womanizer AND because their families have voted democrat for 7 generations! Folks, that’s it in a nutshell !!!
    Mr. Trump is NOT a politician. Thank God! No, Mr. Trump is a highly
    intelligent economical BUSINESSMAN !
    AND Mr. Trump is without doubt and without apology a truly patriotic American who has a backbone who will stand his ground against ALL enemies both foreign and (especially) domestic —- right here under our noses. I am at a loss to understand why democrats want to destroy everything American !!

    • Marsha, I do not appreciate the comment about rural Americans, and American Blacks. We know what is going on and we are standing for our country by voting Trump and Republicans all the way! Did you hear about the Black American Trump supporter that got killed in broad daylight because he was a Trump supporter? Everyone I talked to says they are voting Trump because they want their ole United States of America back again.
      MAGA! MAGA! MAGA! President Trump took no salary while in office and as far as I know, no other President has done this. He doesn’t need it as he is a rich businessman who can get this country back to being the top country in the whole world again! He has to stop China from taking over the U.S. and pushing all their commerce in this country as well as buying America all up. They are trying to destroy us from within our own country. He is putting a stop to them!
      Our voting for him has nothing to do with him being a womanizer! What he has done in the past is over with and we are moving forward. Some of us country bumpkins are smart enough to know that our country is in economical crisis as well as spiritual crises. I am not talking about religion, although it’s the case as well, in my opinion! People are struggling with decisions about working, paying bills, and putting their families at risk for the COVID-19. ( I am retired). I wouldn’t want to put my family at risk for anything in the world. Once again, Trump is being blamed for not acting quickly enough on this COVID-19, which is ridiculous! No one man can stop the spread of this virus! Oh, and who started this evil virus? China! It was retaliation because President Trump put high tariffs on China.
      Furthermore, I wished the Trump wall could have been built around the whole United States because we need to stop the influx of undocumented immigrants! Yes, I understand that MOST of our ANCESTORS were immigrants as well. But, we have in place a system of vetting them, unlike our ancestors. In other countries such as Canada, they WILL NOT allow anyone who is a criminal to stay in their country. So why should we? If they want to come into our country, we need to make sure that they are willing to acclimate as an American way of life; not bringing their beliefs and ways and force us to be like them. THAT IS NOT RIGHT! This is OUR land, OUR beliefs, our way of living! They moved here to get away from their old lifestyle.
      There is so much more to say, but I don’t want to sound like a know it all, because I do not know it all. However, I do have enough common sense to know what the differences are between our candidates for President!

      • I believe that a lot of Americans, both black and white are clueless about what is at stake in the coming election! They only see what the media is putting out there and actually believe the lies they spew! They do not realize that a Democrat win would mean that American freedoms would be gone and Big Government would tell us what we can and can not do! Socialism would be the new way of life for all Americans. Our Constitutional rights would be gone!
        Ask anyone who has lived in a Socialistic country what it was like! The unions tell their members how to vote and most of them vote the way they are told. They do not do any research about what they are being told. This is a real shame. I want our Freedoms and our Country to remain as our fore-fathers intended it to be! They warned us about the politicians we have in the House today. They warned us about big Government. President Trump is for the people and for America! He has put China and other countries in their place! He said he would make America Great Again and he is doing just that!!!

      • Well said! Difference with immigrants years ago and today are that years ago they came and made their livelihood with nothing but what they came with. No hand outs. Today they want us to support them while they make money by no paying taxes and taking our jobs. All Trump wants is to vet them but once again de turned it into racism. Their go to. He reduced the price of drugs for America, which will greatly help seniors and those who are sick. Some people choose between medication or food this will be a bless but the democrats don’t care again.
        I believe that China set this virus free with the democrats help. China had to start paying tariffs, democrat need to sink economy and record low unemployment. Dr. Fauci creates this virus sent it to China and Obama paid 4 billion of our Money for it. How did Fauci and Gates know he was going to face a pandemic in 2017? This was a backup plan in case impeachment didn’t work.
        It amazes me that nobody seems to care or talk about what Obama did to incoming president. They don’t care about Biden’s corruption. They don’t talk about Hunter or Reid. These need to be brought up in a debate. But we all k ow that Biden will not debate. I’m sure they’ll send his VP choice. He may let everyone know who it is on November 2nd.
        Something has to be done about our educational system. They have allowed the Chinese to infiltrate and indoctrinate their ideals. Look what it has done to our youth. Saudi Arabia is another on. Any school accepting money should not be given our money. Trump needs to kick China out of the World Trade Organization. They can’t be allowed to buy anymore property. They definitely should not be allowed to go to our schools, especially science or computer programs. They steal everything out from under our noses and democrats know it yet protect them. I wonder what the price they were paid. I’m sure it’s their souls in the end. But their goal is to change our constitution and it amazes me people don’t see it. They just keep repeating what the democrats say even though the proof is right in front of them.

  3. Trump sees the big picture which is Chinese domination world wide if they are not contained. The U.S. military is the main reason they have not succeeded. Let the Democraps succeed and they will gut our military and sell America out. Then it’s game over. Time to smell the coffee and wake up.

  4. Biden would be a disaster.In addition to riots we also have to contend with Talib, AOC, Omar,Pelosi, Schiff, Schumer Waters. If Biden wins, it will be China number one, USA number ten.

  5. Senile Joe Biden is not only a TREASONISTIC Traitor, but he is ALSO a PUPPET to the COMMUNISTS. Don’t vote for him if you VALUE your country!. One Wary Patriot sounding THE alarm. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  6. Everyone who supports President Donald J. Trump will need to stand up and be counted in the November election! If you value your freedom and love your country–Trump is our man. I believe, as a conservative Christian, he has been put in place “for such a time as this.” Vote Trump Pence!!!!!

    d e m oRATS = Pelosi / Schumer / Schiff / Nadler / Blumenthal & ALL of their SCUMBAG RUNNING MATES WILL CONTINUE to GIVE AMERICA AWAY to ALL of the AMERICA•HATERS = BLM, Rioters, “Protesters”, Looters, Murderers, Rapists, FREELOADERS, LAZYWORTHLESSBASTARDS, etc !!!
    -IF- they are not stopped &/or Biden wins, the Wonderful USA we have all grown up with WILL BE NO MORE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    ANYONE who votes for the d e m oRATS WILL REGRET IT FOREVER.

  8. ,I pray to god Trump wins this election if not this country is gone Life as we know it will be a thing of the past,Biden has demetia his vp pick will be president and Kamala Harris or Susan Rice are not fit to lead our country,Republicans should go after the democrats and expose then for what they are

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