Fake News: Media Outlets Continue To Lie About Portland Violence

If everyday Americans had any doubt that the fake news media and Democrats are working together to lie and mislead the public, you need only look at widespread misinformation about riots in liberal-run cities. As violence, arson, attacks on police officers, and death counts rise, the fake news media continues to call these rampages “Peaceful Protests.” Instead of delivering fact-based accounts, they are even blaming the White House for sending agents to protect and serve. These are just samples of the propaganda fake news outlets are whispering in your ears.

  • Most Americans support national protests over race, poll finds ~ CNN
  • Peaceful protesters continue to clash with federal agents in Portland ~ CBS
  • Peaceful protest outside White House broken up by police ~ MSNBC
  • Peaceful Protesters With ‘Room for Rage’ Sympathize With Aggressive Tactics ~ New York Times

And yet for all these peaceful gatherings that the media would have people believe are sit-ins, banner waving, and marchers holding hands while singing Gospels, the facts highlight a dark and opposing reality. In Minneapolis, so-called peaceful protestors caused upwards of $55 million in property damage to more than 1,500 buildings, destroyed or burned upwards of 30 small businesses to the ground, and overran police precincts by hurling projectiles at officers and tearing down fences.

But again, you wouldn’t know it from reading fake news headlines. Here are some more examples:

  • Peaceful protesters demand justice, police accountability in downtown Minneapolis ~ ABC
  • ‘Exhausting, traumatizing’: Minneapolis protests push peace amid police confrontations ~ NBC
  • Peaceful Protests Overnight In Minneapolis ~ Morning Joe MSNBC
  • Scenes from peaceful protests around the US ~ CNN

Minneapolis businessman Calvin Horton, a black man, was shot and killed during the Minneapolis “peaceful protests,” as reported by Fox News.

In Seattle, Mayor Jenny Durkan allowed radical extremists to establish an Antifa no-go zone that blocked police officers. Violence, intimidation, and shooting deaths were called a “Block Party” by the mayor.

But, what did the media have to say about it?

  • Seattle Mayor Compares Autonomous Zone to Block Parties, Pride Parade, Says No Set Date for Officers to Return ~ Newsweek

“The community is at grave risk and the men and the women that provide that public safety service, they’re at grave risk as well,” Seattle police union president Mike Solan reportedly said. “Even after gunshots rang out and at least two teenagers were slaughtered, the Democrat politician refused to allow law enforcement to protect residents.”

Those with financial means hired private security, others were left to fend for themselves. One African-American mother is now suing the city for wrongful death after police were banned from maintaining order or responding to imminent threats. Her 19-year-old son, Lorenzo Anderson, bled to death on a Seattle street as armed radical thugs prevented first responders from coming to his rescue. Her son’s body was eventually loaded into the back of a pickup truck by civilians and driven away.

Only after President Donald Trump informed the rogue Democrat mayor that federal forces were being deployed did she finally allow Seattle PD to reclaim the area and restore safety.

At a Congressional hearing in which Democrats sought to undermine U.S. Attorney William Barr, Rep. Jim Jordon destroyed the false narrative and demonstrated that many of these protests are anything but peaceful.

In case you missed it, here’s how that conversation went:

Rep. Jordon: Do peaceful protests destroy businesses?

A.G. Barr: No.

Rep. Jordon: Do peaceful protests injure officers?

A.G. Barr: No.

Rep. Jordon: Do peaceful protests burn down buildings?

A.G. Barr: No.

Reports indicate that “peaceful protestors” are responsible for more than $2 billion in property damage. Officers have been hospitalized, livelihoods ruined, and civilians murdered. Despite this, the media is hellbent on lying about precisely all of it.

Featured Image by Tedder

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14 responses to “Fake News: Media Outlets Continue To Lie About Portland Violence”

  1. Who are the demons influencing these porchmonkeys to be allowed to carry on with non-violent protests of burning, looting, pillaging, taking their sexual lust out on those that do not want it, killing, etc., etc., etc. Daemons/demons are the angels from heaven that got threw out because of their protests; down here on Earth they’re manipulating their porchmonkeys. To them no life matters. God have mercy on us all.

  2. BLM protesters have been used from day one by the outside forces paid to go in and destroy cities and hurt people. BLM is backed by Marxist hiding behind BLM …People like SOROS ,and Bloomburg are paying these people to do this crap.They send in to the cities they want destroyed,palletts of bricks,baseball bats ,fire works,anything they can do damage with.The So called leaders ,who are dumbocrat,sit by,tie their police hands and then cry DeFUND THE POlice. what do you think it would be without police???? Just like the virus ,the numbers were and still are being played with.We have NO TRUE READING on the number of real cases and those they claim to be and are not..Yes this virus is bad but not bad enough to close down the country..and ruin the economy.All this started over a drugie,thief,abuser and counterfit money passer.Yes I am Sorry this happened but he brought it on himself.as does most who fight the police and show them no respect.As the old saying goes if you can’t do the time don’t do the crime,and this is true today.All the police are on edge,because every kid on the street can and a lot do have guns and are just dumb enough to use one to ruin their lives forever or get their life cut short.

  3. And the juvenile mindset has been propagated, promoted and praised by lazy parents and public employees. Our local school boards and educational administrators have been cheering for the wrong teams (bully and elite memberships… gangs) for two generations. Three generations … since the traditional family and historically sound ideals have become unsophisticated.
    Now it is only acceptable to defend the deviant.

    And the rest of us just have to live with the behavior of undisciplined, spoiled 14 to 40 year olds.

  4. It’s disgusting and also beyond belief that people would want to be involved in this form of unacceptable behaviour!

  5. A first step would be Term Limits for all politicians. This would help bring accountability to our so-called leaders. The media and the democrats are out of control and need to be stopped NOW. Would be so sad to look back and have to say,”Why didn’t we see this and stop it early on?” (remember Hitler, Stalin Marx etc)

  6. Yes, and the peaceful ones of us will be left with the mess and paying for all of the burned down buildings.
    Burning down a federal courthouse should be against the law, shouldn’t it???? Where is the law up there?????

  7. Send in The National Guard to round up all of these idiots and deposit everyone of them into our Prison System for 10 to 15 years behind bars!! They’ll learn their lesson real fast.

  8. Since those cities allowed these so called peaceful protest, with that kind of damage they should not expect the federal government to pay or help out with restoration. Just so they know, the damage is non existent. They allowed this riotous behavior now take the consequences. Clean up at your own expense, not the federal government. Tired of the appeasers and spineless people in local & state government making provisions for a select few instead of the law abiding citizens. The only problem is there’s a catch 22 for those people who did not participate in the thuggery. I hope the locals remember that those elected officials are being paid by their taxpayer money. The officials are employees and they can expect protection and more since that was their pledge when they chose to take the position.

  9. Well, I wonder when “Free Speech” becomes liable slander by omission of true facts?

    Oh yah gotta mention someone personnally for that right, so we have another legal beagle loophole to argue about.

    Oops, wait a minute. We forgot about “Freedom of the Press” so that’s the loophole because their NOT in a legal court anyway.

  10. Free speech is not free when it costs ANY Lives period quote UnQuote.
    Democrats over talk just like rioters, however rioters only riot when it’s dark, so step into the light.
    Do unto others as you want them to do to you.

    The TRUE STORY of Floyd’s death NOT RACIST,
    ABOUT working at the bar. THE BAR is the key reason for Floyd’s death.

  11. to quote Mz I’m a good catholic Nancy Pelosi, “smear, smear, smear till the media picks it up, then It becomes real”
    Satan is alive and well on planet earth! Just look at all his helpers in the senate and house of representatives. When will this nation wake up and realize this is as much a spiritual battle as physical. and we need to enlist the power of God.
    It’s time to get down on your knees America before we loose our precious country

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