Far-Left Feminists Demand Democrats Select a Woman for Vice President

Gender matters more than any other factor when it comes to picking a vice president, at least according to some Democrats.

As the race to be the Democratic nominee for the 2020 election continues to narrow, some are demanding that a prospective vice president be chosen. Instead of listing important factors like alignment of values, experience, or voting records, the most important factor appears to be that the candidate be female.

This week, over 24 female leaders are insisting that whoever becomes the Democratic presidential nominee choose a female running mate. They don’t really care which one, just that she is a woman. In a recent letter to the Democratic National Committee, the group EMILY’s list, along with the Working Families Party and the American Federation of Teachers stated that women are essential if Democrats hope to defeat President Donald Trump in the fall.

“Democratic victory in 2020 will depend on record-breaking participation by women,” they wrote. “Women are the backbone of the Democratic party. Women are a majority of Democratic voters, volunteers and donors.”

In the letter, the women demanded a number of commitments from the eventual nominee and the DNC committee. They want a female majority in the future cabinet, increased investments in women-led issues and other, more general perks. The future nominee should also “lift up and honor the voices and leadership of women serving on your campaigns, including staff and family” and “develop a platform for women who are undocumented and refugee; disabled; lesbian, bi, queer and trans; urban, suburban, rural.”

This letter comes as the formerly diverse Democratic field has narrowed to Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders – both elderly white men.

“Put simply, it is time for women’s leadership. In 2018, we delivered the largest recorded gender gap and the largest female congressional delegation to the Democrats,” said Heather McGhee, one female leader who signed onto the letter. “These demands represent the minimum the party and nominee will need to do to keep the momentum going.”

While the letter and list of demands does not name any specific women, it came just after the last one in the race dropped out. According to AFT president Randi Weingarten, who signed the letter last week, Elizabeth Warren’s dropout was a disappointment.

“Regardless of where people were, there was just a melancholy. There was both a sadness and a determination about what was happening with the need to have female voices out there,” she said. “And so by the end of the dinner, we thought let’s just do some work in common.”

The letter demands a female nominee, along with the other women’s issues factors detailed above. The writers imply that if their demands are not met, the Democratic Party will not get the female support – or the votes it needs to win – in the fall.

There has been no official response from the DNC, Joe Biden or Bernie Sanders, and the womens’ groups next steps remain to be seen.

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17 responses to “Far-Left Feminists Demand Democrats Select a Woman for Vice President”

  1. The DNC needs to be careful here. One of the reasons for Trump’s election was that a large number of people did not like Hillary Clinton.

  2. Who do they want? Hillary ” The Wicked Witch of Arkansas ” Clinton, Michelle ” The Much ” Obama, Elizabeth ” The Native American ” Warren or Kamala ” The Fake Black ” Harris. Good luck Democrats, see you at the finish line in November after President Trump wins reelection victory of 300 or more ELECTORAL COLLEGE VOTES.

  3. This is pure sexism against guys. If the only criterion for choosing a vice presidential candidate is that only a woman can be chosen, it is open bias against guys. Competency, values, ability to be elected, and other logical criteria should be the guiding principles to chose a vice presidential candidate. Around the world, guys to the backbreaking jobs of society, do the dying in only-guys-die military battlefields, endure anti-male family courts, and other discrimination, and now only women can be political candidates? After decades of man-hater feminism, it’s time for a change…

  4. The democrats will sink this country into oblivion should they be allowed to run this country!!!! May GOD help us if they do!

    • They are trying to do just that, with Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer refusing to vote on the Bi-partisan bill to give an economic boost to our flagging economy due to the Corona Virus.

    THE Democrats are ready to blow their brains out with (HATE).
    Democrats try (NEW WORLD ORDER).

    • As a male, I’m tired of the “man bashing” the Democrats have regularly done. Without the help and support of men, the female causes, mostly out of line, would have failed (WNBA, equality in the number of college sports for males and females). For the Democrats to pander to a small number of radical females just for votes so they can turn the USA into socialism is pathetic. But what’s new? They have done that for years. A suggestion, why not try to succeed on your own? You’ll be amazed on how good it feels!

  6. Why is it so important to chose a woman running mate for Biden? The DNC doesn’t have much sense anyway. If I were one of them I would want the most qualified candidate and it would not matter whether a man or woman. But all of their discord is good for us, the Republicans! KAG 2020!!!

  7. Just like a bunch of stupid women making demands that could destroy our country.
    The last thing i would want is a women vice president or president.
    All the tax dollars would go for redecorating the white house every week, she would need a hundred assistance
    to hold her tea cup, brush her hair, and on and on. And of course she would have to spend 95% of her time shopping.

  8. We want LEADERS, not WOMEN ONLY! . . . If that doesn’t work for FEMINISTS, I have a WORD for them – TOUGH ! We Americans DON’T CARE what they want. And That includes ME. TEAM Trump and his allies 2020.

  9. Biden is enough of a absentminded fool without adding a women to the recipe.
    My lord what is this country coming to. Biden has cheated his way along with his son hunter
    with credit card deals to cheat people. Getting a job with a company he knows nothing about.
    Getting thrown out of the service for being a doper. Is this the kind of person we want running our country.
    All the words from his mouth are lies. like he got thrown in jail because he was waiting to greet Mr. Mandella.
    Like he said his son was killed in a war when really his son died from brain cancer. The list goes on and on.
    People open your eyes or should i say dial 911 and tell someone stol your brains.

    • Biden is beyond his expiration date and should be discarded like a carton of sour milk! He can’t summon up those dead brain cells to carry him through a conversation. Is this what the American people need at this time?

  10. I would love to see a female president or vice president BUT its more important its someone who can and will do the job great. These idiots just want a female, black or whatever president/vice…that is SAD.

  11. Yeaah ! We passed the (useless and counterproductive) ERA in turncoat VA and now we mice will roar (with apologies to Jean Seberg and Grand Duchess Peter Sellers)(ya know, Leo McKern (she who must be obeyed) was in there, too)). Thanks Jack Arnold.

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