GOP Barrels Toward Civil War To End Establishment Party Elites

President Donald Trump remade the Republican Party in his own image, a stand-your-ground conservative who puts hard-working Americans and country first. When the real estate mogul and television star entered the political arena, the GOP was a festering sore of RINOs and political elites who put their agendas ahead of voters. Many still remember the so-called “Never Trumpers” in 2016 and 2017 who were summarily shown the door. That door remains wide open. In the final days of, perhaps, the greatest president of a generation, any turning away from Trumpism will be seen as treason to the party.

A recent Wall Street Journal analysis of the Trump Administration’s final days points to a rippling effect that will impact the mid-term elections in 2022 and beyond.

“A Republican senator or House member, one party leaders are eager to see retain his or her seat, will be challenged in a primary by a disciple of President Trump,” the Wall Street Journal speculates. “Such are the forces being unleashed this week within the GOP, where the prospect of a virtual civil war suddenly feels real. This internal struggle engages the president and his family; lawmakers courting the support of Trump loyalists; and a conservative Republican establishment embodied by Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell. Part of the struggle is ideological, part is simply about power.”

With Democrats winning the Georgia runoff elections and assuming control of both houses of Congress, the stakes have never been higher for conservative values. President Trump will continue to set the party’s tone and agenda while dangling the sword of a 2024 run over incumbent Republicans. Even in the late days of office, he has made it abundantly clear no quarter will be given for disloyal, do-nothing Washington insiders within the party.

Making an example of Sen. John Thune of South Dakota, the president rang in the New Year with a tweet.

“Republicans in the Senate so quickly forget. Right now, they would be down 8 seats without my backing them in the last Election. RINO John Thune, ‘Mitch’s boy’, should just let it play out. South Dakota doesn’t like weakness,” Trump tweeted. “He will be primaried in 2022, political career over!!!”

In Arizona, the state’s GOP rejected the elitist platform of its most prominent politician, deceased Senator John McCain, and threw down the ideological gauntlet. They stated the GOP is “never going back” to the party he represented. It “is now, and forever will be, one for the working man and woman!”

And that is the very foundation of Trumpism, the American greatest created by working families and a political agenda that could be summarized as “either you’re American, or you’re not.” The home team doesn’t live in Washington, D.C. They live in the towns and cities across the landscape, earn an honest wage, and are patriots to the core.

Trumpism points out that the Washington Swamp — some career GOP politicians included — are nothing but deadbeats lining their pockets with taxpayer money and enriching themselves through influence peddling. While Democrats fight to maintain this corrupt status quo, civil war has been declared within the GOP. Politicians will either fight tooth and nail to put ordinary Americans first or prepare for a fight.

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63 responses to “GOP Barrels Toward Civil War To End Establishment Party Elites”

  1. I agree that our elected politicians have forgotten their “Oaths”, of working for their American Taxpaying Citizens, they work for themselves and not for the working class. They go too Washington too make money for themselves, instead of fighting for Americans, they work for “Pork Barrel” projects that put money in their and their friends pockets and too hell with the Taxpayers. I think that what just happened at DC, is just the beginning of what over half the population of the USA are feeling. These politicians should listen instead of denying what just happened there. I agree, they should not be violent, but with Big Tech censoring “Free Speech” , along with “Fake News Media”, and then “Allowing our Elections to be RIGGED” , and then having our Supreme Court too not even address or allow any “EVIDENCE of the FIX” too be heard or looked at, “We the People” just can’t let it go. My opinion is , as a taxpayer, it are you politicians who “MOCK the Taxpayers” , that are “causing the Division in our Country. I pray for our “Freedom’s” granted by our “Constitution and our Bill of Rights” to be followed, which brings me back too these “Politicians from both isles”, too listen and act as your “Oaths” require .

    • I have a very hard time understanding why our elected official’s don’t just have new elections in the contested states and ended it I honestly believe they would rather have a civil war it’s crazy

      • I sent an e-mail to my senator on that very idea. Never received a response. Even though she’s a republican (Whig) who also owes her re-election to Trump, she joined the Dump Trump republicans (Whigs). I sent her a second e-mail stating that she and the rest of the Dump Trump republicans (Whig) have proven voting is a waste of time. I feel like I’ve been sold out by the republican (Whig) party which I have been voting for since 1980. If there is going to be any future elections, maybe time to dump the republican (Whig) party and start a new party to replace the republican (Whig) party.

      • Because the like the old system that allows them to line their pockets, sell out Americans to large corporations and overseas interests, have a great pension and world class healthcare forever for serving just a few years, and get high paying “jobs” for family members. As an added bonus they don’t even have to work hard since lobbyists write most of the legislation they promote. They don’t even read it. In fact, they can’t. Who in the world can read some bill that is thousands of pages and arrives for your approval the day before you vote? It’s an easy gig that allows on to build fabulous offshore accounts that are unseen by the sheeple. Look at how much wealth many of them accrue on what is actually a modest salary on which to live in the very expensive Washington DC area.

        Even when you do try to buck the powers that be in the leadership of both political parties you are guaranteed to be shut down AND denied support for your re-election bid.

        • our forefathers did not allow taxpayers to pay members of Congress reason being is they wanted everyday working people to be making laws for “THE PEOPLE”. This is also why terms were 2 years because the elected people would need to get back to work and take care of their families not sitting in chairs doing what they are doing now getting fat off of our unearned income we are nothing more than a $$$ amount to them

      • Our vote system doesn’t matter anyway they would just rig it again. Votes DONT matter anymore. No, it is all about who tells the best lie while they are smiling at us,(thinking to themselves look at all the fools out here eating this shit up), and who has the most money to throw in the right direction so much has happened in the Dems party that was flat out Tression and nobody even batted an eye about any of it. No, a civil war is the only way to get rid of these people that are giving away our unearned dollars to everyone but the fellow Americans and clean up our own mess that we allowed to be created. This is what happens when we let all the little shit build-up starting with stuff like (what I remember I’m sure there were more things before this) taking prayer out of class, then no more pledge of allegiance in the classrooms then ect ect ect

        • There should be a limit on any Congressional & Senatorial candidate’s personal wealth, personal income & investments. Keep them at a level that’s not so far above their constituents that they are totally out of touch like Nancy Pelosi & Mitch McConnell & most of the rest. Start them out at a salary that would make it plain they’re not in it just for money, of course there’s always kick-backs & bribes! They receive a fortune in benefits but should have a basic health insurance plan, retirement plan, etc. that’s comparable to most US citizen voters. If they want better plans, they should pay for them like we do. Then, keep term limits at 8 years, same as a POTUS term limit. We really don’t want or need a while slew of octagenarians with really bad habits & criminal tendencies. Hell, at that age all they really care about are that their bathroom habits are fairly normal & that they remembered to wear their depends diapers in case of an accident in their pants or to put on plenty of cologne to mask the smell of not bathing! They don’t even care if they sleep through the whole session! Have them take a cognizance test to be sure they’re of sound mind. We see there’s definitely something going on in that area with Joe Biden. A physical, and psychological test ( Kamala Harris) should be mandatory. Biden appears to be frail, ill & suffering from dementia! Also a criminal background check should be required. Of course we can all see many of them are allowed to have or develop & retain criminal habits during their time in office, for which they should be removed. But, how many times has that ever happened?
          There are basic requirements for jobs that aren’t anywhere near the magnitude of running an entire country. For such an important job there really are no requirements! As we found with Obama, they don’t even actually have to be a US citizen, just some piece of paper that says it’s so!
          Think about the mind frames of the two who’ll soon be running our country!!
          We’ll all be fortunate if we survive Joe Biden & Kamela Harris & their expensive, greedy & criminal CCP agenda!

      • We CAN have new elections. The 12th and 14th amendments gives us, we the people, the right to demand and execute a new election by throwing out all ballots from the the first one. However, with what is happening in our Congress and Senate today, it will be ignored by the evil ones that are determined to put us into communism. Therefore, it is a must for us all to stand together and revolt or go to civil war BEFORE all of our rights are completely taken away. remember, China is waiting in our waters 100 miles from the California Coast and 500 miles away from Florida in the Bahamas. China has established bases in many areas of Canada and are now doing so in Jamaica and Bermuda and buying up much land IN the United States in Oklahoma, Kentucky and more states. They have already invaded us in the quiet sense of the word, just waiting for China Joe to welcome them in to take over ALL of America. People, you do not know or realize what you are doing, or dare I say-NOT DOING by allowing this to happen by sitting on your a$$es and letting yourselves be put to death by the evil D’s and China. President Xi is pi$$ing his pants in total excitement waiting to do us in. You all asked for it and I DO NOT feel sorry for any of you.

        • We the people have the right to abolish our government when our government fails us that’s the constitution, and when the scotus is afraid for there lives if they hear trump’s case our government and country is done ! so if it takes a real civil war to take it back so be it. I also agree we need a 3rd party now more than ever I’ll bet if trump runs on next time it would be a landslide

      • You are right! I also wonder why no judge was willing to listen to the Trump attorneys. If they did get into court the judge acted like they were wasting his time. I have decided they are really corrupt or bought off.
        When I went to school I was required to take history and government. I know how socialism and communism work. I am surprised my grandkids did understand the full concept until I started talking to them about it.. This is the first time in my adult life I am really worried where these people are taking USA. And we are supposed to be their boss!

  2. Hooray is all I can say. True Conservatives loved Trump and he did wonders for the country in his 4 years as President. Luckily time has told us that the liberals when they get in fail in the next election unless of course they win like now by outright fraud. It is now time to make a list of the non Conservative Republicans like McConnell and others who could give a rats you know what since they are multimillionaires anyway. True Republican conservatives will be throwing up over what the idiot in the White House and Pamela will try to put forth during their 4 years. Perhaps then the conservatives will stand up and get things back to where they should be.

  3. REALLY!?
    I just witnessed the neverTRUMP Republican Party helped just much or ever more

    about severely sabotaging President TRUMP Reelection and now helping to allow him to be stripped

    tarred and feathered and even potentially being charged with crime of such that will result

    in Donald J TRUMP’s imprisonment and death along with his family members

    and again, President TRUMP is being treated with all such disgustingness with help of the political neverTRUMP

    party that allowing him to be criminally charged, prosecuted and then sentenced to death

    and mitch the bitch mcconnell is gladly allowing this to happen to President TRUMP

    ending in his criminal death

    and this should have never been allowed and mcconnell really needs to stop this from happening

    to President TRUMP right now

  4. My feelings are there is going to be a civil war but it won’t be fought over the internet. I believe it is going to be more like the 1860 Civil War except it won’t be the South vs the North, will be conservatives vs liberals. I personally cannot understand why any American citizen could even consider voting for Sleepy Joe. The man is crooked as all get out and REALLY does suffer from some sort of mental issues. We have heard about the “never Trumpers”, now you will hear about the NEVER BIDENS.

    • Agree with you that a shooting civil war is coming. In some ways with the Antifa/BLM protest the civil war has already started. Even a GOP representative recently stated that the country is currently in a cold civil war that could turn hot. Things will begin to fall apart when Harris-Biden start implementing their lunatic ideas onto the country and then a secessionist movement will begin and when states start leaving the un-united states the shooting will begin. Failure to learn the lessons of the past means people are doomed to repeat them.

    • Joe didn’t win. He stole the election. He himself said 2 months before the election that it was already rigged. The rhinos have shown themselves so we know who they are. Everyone that turned on Trump after the demoncrats paid antifa to show up the Trump rally are traitors.

  5. thats all fine,well and good..but the time for polityics is over and i believe its time for freedom loving americans to stand up,band together and take up arms and march on washington and expel all the traitors in my government..i await the call to arms with great anticipation.there are literally millions of us and very few of the anti american pieces of shit..its time people,lets take up arms while we still can and take back our country while there is still a country to take

    • I am w/you in your evaluation. As patriots we have fought in many places in the world and never lost a war. Victory was stolen from us by politicians.
      Truman firing McCarther in Korea.
      Nixon giving in to the north viet nam at the peace table when they were brought to their knees and running out of ammo.
      Clinton w/our soldiers in somalia.
      Hillary and Benghazi. etc.
      Iraq and Afghanistan win and get out, not hang-out!

    • The problem is these crooked voting machines, the fix is in with them, first you must get rid of all of them, voter ID is important, and then they need to clean up this mail in voting, Stacy Abrams sent out out hundred thousands each time, the final counting should come down to bipartisan team of democrats and republicans, period, and none of this 6 feet away stuff or more when you are an observer. Republicans need to get tougher, trump is streetwise and a fighter, that’s what is needed. Every state should have the same fair rules for voting

  6. The communist/so called socialist are at our door and they will take our country if we sit back and do nothing. We must start in our states. The God fearing conservatives must run for government offices I don’t care how old you are get prepared now to run. Our elected officials have forgotten who they work for, which is We The People. Make a list of all who did not support our PRESIDENT Trump. The reason they hate him so much is because he fought for us the God fearing conservatives who believe in our Constitution a Free Republic and in Capitalism so that you can be whatever you choose to be without someone taking your freedoms away and telling you that you are not allowed. We have the 2nd amendment because of out of control government. It is time to prepare and stand up for our God, Freedom and Country.

  7. i will never again vote for a republican again — at least u can depend on the democrats to at least stick to gether on issues — if u have 10 republicans in the room u will have 9 ways to approach issues — the dems have the house aquired the senate stoled the presidency and stacking the court — the repulicans just as well pack it up and go home cause from this day forward their vote wont mean dittly shit –this is virtually the end of the constitution — cause from now on the powers to be will control all the voting machines and the republicans have virtually accepted and approved these machines to be the proper way to hold elections — the news suppresses everything that dont fit their agenda — this is communism 101 in the making — till the media is collared and the deep state is eliminated it aint going to get any better — there is only one salvation to all of this crap — and the salvation can be accomplished by 2% of the citizens of the usa — agriculture represents only 2% of the population — if all farmers and ranchers and the trucking industry would band together and create a food embargo — they could bring this nation to its knees in 2 weeks time — and demand that until a fair election is done that the embargo would continue to exist — famine and hungary people think differently — even antifa and blm wouldd be begging for a fair and honest election to be held and insist that trump be reinstated as president of the usa

    • You sure said a mouthful in your post! I live in the mid-west where most of the food for this country is produced. I won’t starve. But if a food embargo is in place, count on George Soros to pay for food produced from other countries and have it shipped here. As long as the grocery stores are stocked up with very basic items (Michelle Obama food) the left will complain but will try to suck it up to outlast the food embargo while us mid-westerners still enjoy high quality REAL food that WE produced. Remember, AOC said “We don’t need farmers. We have grocery stores.” The food embargo will take more than 2 weeks but after eating Michelle Obama food for a month, even the stupid leftist will think with their stomachs instead of their empty heads. Just look at California. A state that could easily feed the whole left coast but because of enviornmentalist idiots that refuse to let their farmers water their crops, California is slowly becoming 1930s Oklahoma.

  8. Cut the crap ! Trump was for America first , and the democrates ??? They stand for nonsense , un-American politician’s are over ruling real Americans .

    • Actually Randal the democrats stand for doing away with most if not all of our constitutional rights and our free enterprise economic system. Actually combined they form the most successful economic system in government ever created by mankind! Our Constitution and free enterprise economic system are what has, in the past, made America so great. Make no mistake about that.

      Government can never do what free enterprise can. Only free citizens prosper.

  9. Go to Hillsdale College, learn what the constitution is ALL about. We only know part of it. It will keep us knowledgable and we will be armed mentally.

  10. This is all well and good, but there will never be an election ever again that isn’t rigged towards the democrats. Now that they have gotten away with the fraud, there will be a squeezing out of all Republicans, and this country will be a communist country by 2024. This should never have been allowed to happen. The democrats threatened judges and lawyers against working with our President, and should have been arrested. This is a travesty! The unconscionable conduct of the liberal/democrat society, will be remembered forever by the people who want this country to be free.

  11. Make no mistake about it the United States of America is at a cross-roads right now – today! Action can no longer be put off in hopes of everything working out. It will NOT work out!

    “The people cannot be all, and always, well informed. The part which is wrong will be discontented, in proportion to the importance of the facts they misconceive. If they remain quiet under such misconceptions, it is lethargy, the forerunner of death to the public liberty. … What country before ever existed a century and half without a rebellion? And what country can preserve its liberties if their rulers are not warned from time to time that their people preserve the spirit of resistance? Let them take arms. The remedy is to set them right as to facts, pardon and pacify them. What signify a few lives lost in a century or two? The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants. It is its natural manure.”

    ― Thomas Jefferson, Letters of Thomas Jefferson

    Why would anyone think Antifa and BLM (the democrats brown shirts) would not infiltrate the peaceful protest of 1/7/2021, to make Trump supporters look just as bad as they looked all last summer. There is absolutely no doubt we, here in America, are in the middle of a civil war even through our elected politicians do not or can not for some unknown reason see it. It is just that our side is not fighting yet! It is nearing time however to organize and take up arms against selected targets and begin to resist this conversion (AKA fundamental transformation) into a communist state. Make no mistake that is the goal of the so called democrats who are in reality communist! To them this is all about power. Their power over us! Although it did not start under Obama they became more open about it and outwardly aggressive about their goal during the Obama administration. Perhaps because he promised a fundamental transformation five days before taking office. These communists posing as democrats have become so sure of their success they no longer even attempt to hide their goals or their cheating in elections. The only thing that keeps socialist nations functioning for any length of time is an iron fisted dictator at the very top holding everything together with fear.

    Furthermore, they are coming after our guns (they must if they want total and complete power over the people and it is obvious that is their goal) and that will be the straw that breaks the camels back here in the United States. Americans, yes even many naive (ignorant?) democrat supporters (who support these socialist, communist politicians, but do not realize they are supporting communist yet) will fight to preserve our liberties as well as gun rights it is obvious these democrats intend to do away with many if not all our constitutional liberties (many of them God given rights). If not the constitution and free enterprise altogether.

    This is exactly how so many hundreds of millions of citizens were murdered by their own governments in Europe and Asia during that bloody twentieth century. Once disarmed those seen as a threat to the regime were rounded up and murdered (it did not even have to be true that they were a threat they were rounded up and murdered because there was no longer due process). China, Russia and Germany, pretty much in that order, were the worst but there were many other nations as well. However, this is just a small part of history these so called democrats do not want the American citizen to know. The infiltration of our education system has been going on for many decades and the American politicians ignored it or at least saw no danger in it. They were wrong and now we could lose the greatest nation to ever exist on earth because of their selfishness and laziness. Many members of congress have not done as their oath require for over a hundred fifty years or since the civil war.

    ANYONE who thinks what happened in Europe and Asia during that bloody twentieth century could not happen here is totally mislead and completely wrong! If these so called democrats manage to confiscate our guns it will. We are nearly there now! The hate in the eyes of these so called democrats is very obvious. Remember just one thing the citizens in Europe and Asia did not think it could happen there either. They were wrong and paid a horrendous price for their mistake. There is just one very serious question here “will we repeat their mistake and pay the same kind of price?”

    In the final analysis however there is at least one definite fact here. The Americans who supported President Trump, at least some seventy-five million of us, will be seen as a threat to these democrats power and will have to be done away with just like what happened in all those countries in Europe and Asia during the bloodiest century in mankind’s history, the twentieth century. So will Americans decide to fight and some die for freedom or will they give up and millions perhaps as many as a hundred million be murdered by these power hungry hate riddled socialist (communist) democrats?

  12. My beliefs have never changed. I believe in free speech. I believe in heterosexuals, I believe in treating thy neighbor as I would like to be treated. I don’t see color. I just see a person & what they stand for. I believe we should be able to bear arms to defend ourselves & our families. I believe in telling the truth. I believe we should all ban together & cancel our FB & Twitter accounts. And all other social medias that are owned by the liberals who are trying to control our freedoms. And most of all I believe in God & I believe God should be involved in our schools & our government. I believe those who do not believe in God do have that right but they do not have the right to take God away from us believers.

  13. Boy cot sports they are traitors to this country just like media and actors you watchthe rich will get richerand the poor will get poorer it won’t get better too many brain washed people

  14. Commiecrats & “Republican” gasbags have just created a new form of government in Amerika. It’s called a Criminalocracy!

  15. I say close the mouths of CNN MSNBC CHRIS WALLACE. and the rest of the left wing Idiots. And stop the schools that are brain washing are kids in a left wing directions.

  16. I agree, the stolen election by fraud within the Democrat party, trying to take Americans freedom of law and order, worship of God and open borders to millions of illegals with diseases and no mask to be fund with taxpayers money, Republicans us war veterans and police have a right to fight the communism of the new corrupt Democrat party, we will not be silent.

  17. I’ve said it a dozen times before, and ill say a dozen times more the only way to get out of this dilemma is to separate the two parties in this country, a President and Vice President for the Republican party , and President and Vice President for the democratic party , then the democratic party will destroy itself…….

  18. The next two years will be very trying and revealing. I think the Dems will find that “we the people” aren’t taking this false election lightly. We need a “new” Republican party (or a “MAGA” party) to get rid of the RINOS squatting in the Congress. The last 4 years are a lot of BS. The Dems’ Socialist path won’t cut it with hard-working Americans who love this country. Before the virus, the US was headed toward its glory days with excellent growth and unemployment. Now we’ll be expected to pay for all the freeloaders who want to move in. This country should be run like a true business, NOT a charity, with everyone working to advance our lives. I LOVE TRUMP and looking forward to his leadership during the mass we’re in now!

  19. Time for a constitutional convention. Install term limits, strip Congress’s pensions. Place them on S/S with the same cost of living raises we get. If a president wants secret service protection let the recipient provide the space for them to stay. Not like the Clinton’s who rent them space to cover their mortgage. Protection coverage is for four years after leaving the White House. Security clearances are lost when you leave government service. Congressmen who leave the government after term limits are banned for life working as lobbyists.

    Admirals and generals after retirement should be banned from going to work on government contracts with companies like Electric Boat, and Boeing.


  21. Until we take back control of schools, all of our protests will remain meaningless as our kids are being indoctrinated into communism. Jimmy Carter started the central control of teaching with the founding of the Dept of Education. Control must go back to the states and local governments which can do away with cancel culture and reinstate Civics and American History. Currently the USA is being erased from their minds. It may take secession to make it happen. Texas is already promoting the idea and most of the Deep South and Wyoming, the Dakota’s, and most of “fly over country” will follow as the Constitution is ignored by the Democratic-Socialist Party. We will never again trust election results. It is time for a drastic change.

  22. Need make a list of who needs a f…..bullet in the head. Like alexAndria casino kotex. Muslims in congress. Joe and biden hunter the crackhead killery clinton

  23. I am extremely disappointed as I am a vietnam veteran that fought for my country and now to watch it be destroyed by left wing extremists. We are about to be ruled my a socialist, communist presidential regime that has no idea of what they are embarking on.
    Everything I believe in and fought for is about to be eliminated and become a thing of the past. The Biden administration is going to destroy this awesome country and all that it has stood for. God help us, we are in for the darkest days this country has ever experienced.

  24. TERM LIMITS! . . . it’s about TIME. The SWAMP is getting “GOOIER” by the day, the Socialists/Communist are becoming bolder, and it’s time to GO BACK to the U.S. Constitution. All of the FOUNDING FATHERS gave WARNING about this, and it’s TIME we HEED them. One Enlightened Patriot. team Trump and His Allies 2020.

  25. All of you have made excellent points. A lot of us just helped elect some of these to office again and have found most of them like politicians when push comes to shove they turn on who elected them. We all know this election was stolen, Democratic are corrupt and evil, Media are liars, Hollywood is worthless, BLK and Antifa was in DC and was in the Capitol. They set us up and we let them. This rally was peaceful until the Democrats and Soros sent in their goons. I also want to point out that once our President said for us to go home we left. We did not rampage, burn, kill or destroy any thing. With over a thousands of Patriots there we left peacefully. Antifa was heard urging people on to enter the capitol. Our President did it tell us to go inside the capitol. Now these chambers are locked down right so how did they get inside? Why would you shoot the through the glass when they could not get in? Why would you even try to when you saw the Capitol police had guns amied? You are all correct and we as Americans need to stand smart. Our swamp is going to try and pull us under make no mistake.about that. They have certainly read all we have posted and have listened in on phone calls whether it was cell phones or land lines so we need to be smart. I suggest we all do away with all social media!! Do not be so trusting that you have runaway mouth. We as Americans have a right to defend our country and our freedoms. Too many Americans have died giving their lives for us to be free. They did not say what is your race, what do you believe or what can you do for me. They heard the call and they went. Smarter not stupid Time to show our strength. President Trump thank you and you are not forgotten !!

  26. Pls doublecheck to verify, but I read someplace this week that a President who has been impeached twice is not eligible to run for that office ever again.

    This would explain the Democrat’s rush to impeach ASAP. because they are afraid that when all the truth comes out, they would lose the next election if Trump decided to run.

  27. It’s shocking to me to see what has transpired over the past year! I have watched cities burn for days, and people killed, only to see ‘fake outrage’ when a tiny, tiny percentage of a ‘MOSTLY PEACEFUL PROTEST ” at the capital be labeled an act LIKE PEARL HARBOR! Really? How stupid do our elected officials think we are? As cities burned for days with looting, rioting, etc., these were called “Mostly peaceful protests”, when we heard of people being shot, some were MAGA hat wearing people in fact. These mostly peaceful protests were throughout cities in Oregon, Michigan, Washington, and other places, yet on Thursday, hundreds of thousands of people were respectful, and peaceful. There is now video imaging of Antifa, and possibly BLM, at the doors of the capital, breaking windows, while MAGA Trump supporters were trying to stop them, yelling NO, it’s Antifa, stop them, don’t break those windows”! A TINY percentage of people caused the problem Thursday. Yet this ‘Mostly Peaceful Protest’ has been labeled a terrorist act? What ridiculous hypocrites. But oh, of course Pelosi, Shumer, AOC, etc., called this all Trump’s fault. Never in my lifetime have I seen ANY PRESIDENT in our country treated so shamefully as Trump has been. It is beyond the pale. And I think Zuckerberg is going to cause an all out civil war. Please look back to Nazi Germany people, censorship of the people began first, then the taking away of weapons, etc., LOOK AT HISTORY PEOPLE. These Tech platforms are condoning all out censorship. It’s crazy. This is America where free speech is supposed to be one of our greatest liberties, along with free and fair elections, WE HAVE LOST BOTH HERE! And yet our weak and ridiculous SCOTUS (Yes, I blame Roberts, who is a joke sadly), is doing nothing to protect free speech or fair elections. It appears these people in DC care about keeping themselves insulated and overpaid. America left Britain because they didn’t want rule from a King or Queen, yet we are being ruled now by hundreds of them out of touch in Washington! They vote themselves exempt from rules we are required to live with. THEY SHOULD NOT BE ALLOWED TO PASS ANY LAW THEY ARE NOT ALSO SUBJECT TO!!! Think about it people. They want to take away our right to bear arms? Yet they will have armed protections. This is going to lead to the middle part of America going to war, or succeeding from the Union, we are in a very dangerous place. Please don’t tell me the election was fair. Please don’t tell me Zuckerberg should decide what speech I am allowed to see/hear. Please don’t tell me these bureaucrats should decide what rights I get to have, THIS IS AMERICA, we don’t stand for this. I agree with you above: Install term limits, strip Congress’s pensions. Place them on S/S with the same cost of living raises we get. When they leave, they don’t get paid for life, that is RIDICULOUS! This is why they care more about staying up there than voting the way constituents want. Half the country is furious right now, and not happy to be ignored. I’m beyond disappointed with McConnell, and many many others. Romney is an embarrasment!, there are so many to be ashamed of! They just caved! There is a video shown on OAN, an agitator taped stating he was ‘paid’ to start an incident at the capital. He would not name who paid him, yet he said it was ‘an organized group’. So this appears to be the work of radicals, and a few Trump supporters, and yet the wimpy Republicans played right into their hands, and stopped any momentum that could shine light on voter fraud. We are doomed. I still support Hawley, Cruz, Johnson, and a few other patriots up there, but most of them need to go, it’s so shameful. How sad!!! I AGREE WITH SO MANY OF YOU, I think we need a FREEDOM Party, that supports the Trump freedom loving voters, and this party will just Crush the Republicans, and can WIN, but we have to clean out all the voting machines, and we need to put some people in jail! No more mail in ballots, ID at the polls, etc., has to be done. We have to raise arms and fight if they try to push through full open borders, no voter id’s, no 2nd amendment, etc., Our Republic is in danger! Trump was correct that China is our biggest danger, A,mericans need to WAKE UP.


  28. I love the starting a new party suggestion! There are a few Republicans l still support but the list continues to shorten as some take off their mask and show the rino they are. Mcconnell, Graham, Pelosi, Schumer, Schiff, etc have spent a lot of years together in Washington and I believe they have a “system” where they share the spoils! All of them need to be impeached as they are no friend to we the people! We citizens are the only ones we can count on to bring our country back to the constitution….where these people continue to lead us is good for them and their ilk but not the citizens who pay for their betrayals. Enough

  29. Seems like a large percentage of the people writing here and on other posts all have the same feelings and ideas about what’s not good in America. Now we just need to find a way to get the energy in place to make the right decisions it will take to get our country moving in the right direction. Who do we trust to do that…it will take a different person than our friendly leader…he has set the path, now we need a warrior or two to take us to a victory. The far left is going to be the biggest obstacle as they try to styful our 1st amendment rights as we sleep tonight. They’ll never get our guns without a war. So…it ain’t going to be easy to whip the fools left to run America….but we have to be smart and crafty and stick together. Identify the leader and let’s finish draining the swamp. Locked and loaded in AZ.

  30. I believe if Jesus came back and walked the earth POLOSI WOULD HAVE HIM CRUCIFIED AGAIN. SHE IS JUST THAT HATEFUL.

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