Kamala Harris: I Will Snatch Patents from Companies that Don’t Obey Me

While the cost of medicine in the United States is extremely high and something does need to be done to lower prices, Sen. Kamala Harris’ assertion that she will snatch patents from medical companies that don’t follow her dictatorial orders is a frightening one.

At a campaign event in Iowa, Sen. Kamala Harris told the crowd that, if she is elected president, the government would lower drug prices to match average global prices for medicines. She then declared that she would seize patents from any pharmaceutical company that did not bow to her demands. When skeptical individuals in the crowd questioned whether this could actually be done, Sen. Harris stated “Yes, we can do that! I have the will to do it!”

There are some who would dismiss Sen. Harris’ most recent attempt to pander to the crowds as a desperate bid to remain relevant even as her campaign continues losing support. However, it’s hard to ignore the fact that the junior Senator from California seems to believe that a president should have near-dictatorial powers.

Sen. Harris may be a lawyer, but her fantasies about ruling via executive orders show that she doesn’t really care much for rule of law in the land. If Sen. Harris did manage to somehow win the Democrat nomination and then the presidency, one should rest assured that she will force drug manufacturing companies to comply with her wishes or face the irrevocable loss of their patents, which would then fall under the control of the Federal Government.

The California Democrat didn’t provide specific information about how she would steal drug company patents, but another Democrat presidential candidate did. Purportedly “moderate” Democrat South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg has said that, if he becomes president, drug companies that “price egregiously” would be targeted by the federal government’s eminent domain laws. The “Affordable Medicine” plan on his campaign website states that “patents are a privilege,” and that he would “judiciously exercise government rights to take away patents” if pharmaceutical companies don’t lower prices after negotiations.

The idea of snatching patents from companies that don’t obey government demands should appall anyone who cares about fundamental property rights and a fundamentally free nation. Stealing drug company patents and turning them over to the federal government to manage is akin to what banana republic dictators do when they nationalize industries at will. The results are never pretty as government bureaucrats, unlike trained and skilled industry employees, don’t have the know-how to manage a complex industry.

A government that thinks it can swallow up patents won’t limit its powers just to one industry. There are plenty of companies and industries that don’t fall in line with far-left talking points. What would happen, for instance, if fossil fuel companies fail to obey future dictates concerning their industry? Would they lose their patents as well? Other possible targets could include airline companies, vehicle manufacturing companies, and even architects and engineers who won’t build “green” buildings.

A free nation is meant to have free enterprise. Put in simple terms, this means that companies that create and patent a product should be allowed to sell their products at a profit. There are plenty of ways to lower drug prices without expanding government power. The Trump administration is currently looking for ways to create more competition in the industry in order to lower prices. Additionally, requiring doctors to prescribe generic drugs instead of expensive brand-name ones would go a long way in helping to reduce medical costs.

Sadly, the truth is that Democrats care far more about dictatorial control than the rule of law.

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20 responses to “Kamala Harris: I Will Snatch Patents from Companies that Don’t Obey Me”

  1. To USA, I continue to agreed with President Trump more and more, this are sick People that need to be renmove from being a Senator or in Congress, I guess she believes USA has become a China or Russia Communist Nation. I hope Californians see her for what she really is a Dictator trying to over rule the Law. It reminds me of Muslim BHO trying to implement Communist Muslim into the US Government. Wake up sleepy America because if we don’t they will rare destroy this Great Nation than surrender Power back to the People. Vote Trump in 2020.

  2. Fascism: A political system in which an authoritarian government does not own businesses and industries, but strictly regulates and controls their actions, output and rights – while forcibly controlling and suppressing citizens and their thought and speech via stringent laws, intimidation and even violence. Fascism is the manifestation of the regulatory state, centralizing power in the government rather than diffusing it among the people. Now practiced under the sobriquet Progressivism.

  3. People like her need to be locked away from civilization. The Democrats have turned into the communist that we were warned about in the past. Time for the American public to come together and take our country back. Trump is not perfect but then no one is, but he has done more than any “ politician “ has in the past to help this country that he loves.

  4. Who does she think that she is? Her comments and promises of anti-America hate will shove her and her comrades to the bottom fast. Loyal Americans and Patriots will fight her all the way back to her s hole in CA!

  5. Is this woman totally insane? The comments out of her mouth are worse than the rubbish out of her butt. You dimwit Dumbocraps need to grow up or go back to your cradles! America is much better off when the attitude is positive and constructive.

  6. I think that we need to be frightened of Kamala she might not know what to say but she will see Willie Brown and he will put something in her mouth just like he used too

  7. The voters on the left don’t care about freedom they just want free stuff. Socialism sounds great until reality rears its ugly head and the only people with enough to eat are the leaders and the few that entertain them.

  8. Remember? “Support and Defend the Constitution of the United States of America”.
    When, if ever, have any of these “Liberal” dictator wannabes done that?. They suck a $174,000 annual salary from the U. S. Treasury for doing what? Showing up to pester the President?
    How about a Citizens Job Performance Review? Attention all citizens:: Review your Congressman’s Job Performance.

  9. Harris reminds me of when Obama said “I have a pen and a phone” I knew then that he had become a dictator.. When Obama forced the largest corporation in the world into a 90 day bankruptcy I knew He had become a dictator, when he stole the G.M. Bonds from their owners–Pensioners and small pension plans–I knew he had become a dictator.. When Obama became the owner of General Motors Iknew he was a dictator and when the funds he received from the sale of those bonds and gave those funds to the U.A.W. to repay the debt he owed them for a loan for his campaign I knew Obama had achieved Fascism. I owned some of those bonds and part of my retirement income was from those bonds. Years later we were given a few common shares of G.M. and there was no dividends paid out by G.M. for years. Harris will not stop at drug patents–she will ultimately take private property–Venezuela and any communist country on Earth ALWAYS takes away private ownership of whatever the Elite Rulers want. Drug patents are INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY.

  10. Here it is again ,They don’t have any reguards for the law. Democrats think they can do what ever they want, if not they change the law, or make a new one. They want the power to rule this country. They do not care about you,Tey want to control you.

  11. What is this loone saying. No one in the USA needs to obey her. She is crazy. This proves what I have been saying. She is a.communist crazy. This is the USA not Iran.

  12. This is the same two-faced hypocrite who screams , rants and raves about President Trump separating families at the Mexican border ,but never mentions how she separated children from their mothers in San Francisco because the kids were truant from school. She sent the mothers to jail for their kid’s truancy and she couldn’t give a damn who took care of these kids while their mothers were in jail. She didn’t care that the mother was the only parent in the home. Now she wants to take her socialist agenda from California and implement it nationwide? Lets send this trash to a deserted island somewhere in the Pacific.

  13. According to FEDERAL law, she CAN’T steal Patent property . . . This is against the law in ANY form! she could ACTUALLY face CRIMINAL penalties for this. Actually, this is why she ISN’T POTUS material. she just needs to QUIT and go home – GAME OVER. Team Trump and his allies 2020 – KAGA (Keep America Great again).

  14. You go girl. Next up, I want you to triple the taxation rate of EVERY working American and then give it to illegal aliens and while your at it give them free health care at our expense. You also can open up concentration camps and exterminating chambers for all white conservatives who disagree with your policies. Also be sure to re-write the constitution eliminating our 10 bill of rights. Every communist Muslim American hating liberal will love you.

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