Keith Olbermann Says Trump Should be Put to Death

Keith Olbermann — a political and/or sports commentator depending on what mood he’s in — cut a video of himself calling for President Donald Trump to be put to death over his handling of the China-born coronavirus pandemic.

According to Olbermann, Trump is directly responsible for the death of each COVID-19 related death. But, the former ESPN presenter didn’t stop there. Apparently, everyone remotely connected to the president — even those that casually support him — are undesirables in our community and must be punished.

“The task is twofold: the terrorist Trump must be defeated, must be destroyed, must be devoured at the ballot box, and he and his enablers and his supporters and his collaborators and the Mike Lees and the William Barrs and the Sean Hannitys and the Mike Pences and the Rudy Giulianis and the Kyle Rittenhouses and the Amy Coney Barretts must be prosecuted and convicted and removed from our society while we try to rebuild it and to rebuild the world Trump has nearly destroyed by turning it over to a virus,” he said.

Olbermann, who once upon a time could have been mistaken for the MSNBC answer to Bill O’Reilly or Sean Hannity, has become an obscure figure in political media. He mysteriously vanished from the commentary community toward the beginning of the Robert Mueller saga when he made the bizarre claim that his work was done because he was so sure that Trump was going to be shipped off to prison at any moment. Obviously, it didn’t exactly work out that way.

To be fair, hyperbole has always been part of Olbermann’s schtick. But, when you spend the entirety of your career calling everyone to the right of Leon Trotsky a fascist, those fiery words lose their effect after a while.

We can’t think of a good reason to take what Olbermann is saying seriously, but it is another example of just how unhinged the left has allowed itself to become.

Here’s the clips from the DC Shorts.

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149 responses to “Keith Olbermann Says Trump Should be Put to Death”

  1. Apparently Olbermann thinks Donald Trump is responsible for the spread of Covid-19 the whole world over, not just in the USA. This idiot needs to have a frontal lobotomy.

      • …Hell IS where their (his) thinking comes from! Olbermann is an idiot…unfortunately, too many idiots these days have access to a microphone.

        • wby hasn’t the secret s we rvice already arrested this nut case.

          Lets be honest if your a liberal / democrat your mentally ill. Can you imagine being so brainwashed and stupid you would vote for joe the pedophe, rapist, serial sexual predator, broker’s, influence seller over donald trump.

          All liberals / democrats are very sick people.

      • Hey D, I didn’t realize they released him from the asylum. His Dr. must be Fauci. Please put him in a straight jacket and put him back and take Dr. Fauci with him.

    • If Donald Trump should be put to death then the other presidents should too. They call him a liar the other ones did all don’t like him because he is putting you all in your all can’t buy him.


      • Impossible…the KKK, Antifa, this guy, the mainstream media, and the Lie-beral DEMONocrats are in the same syndicate. Headed by Gorge Sorrows (George Soros); his money has made them all UNTOUCHABLE !

      • but the kkk is a democrat organization. In fact antifa and blm are the modern rebirth of the kkk. Gbey likely love olberman.

    • What a LOSER “Keith Olbermann”
      I never heard of this guy before.
      Does he have a Secret cure for Covid-19?
      If so, he can save the world, then he has blood on his hands.
      Alot of hate and divide coming out of his mouth.
      Who is giving him air time?
      What a waste of groceries.

    • what about the flu that caused more deaths during the Obama term in office, nobody screamed to the media about that. Trump was following the advice of the little rat that called himself a doctor and still had ties with Obama, Biden, Bill Gates, and China where the world wide virus came from in the first place. You want to blame Trump. You had better relook your information and fall down and KISS Trumps feet for the job he has done to keep the USA as healthy as he has

    • I guess he was listening to Pelosi blaming Trump for the virus, ignoring the fact that China caused it, sent it to the USA and other countries around the world. She is constantly blaming Trump, and the Dumbos that voted for her, believe she speaks the gospel !! (Democrat not Christian). The Democrats have been trying (as many know) to get rid of Trump, even before he was elected. They ignore the many great changes he has done. Of course the fake media does too. Would not ever give him credit for any changes, unless bad !!!. This guy is an idiot, as many in CNN are !!!. The are all Liberal, paid by Liberals. Would not dare print the REAL truth. And it is sad that our youth in colleges believe all this garbage. I heard a young guy, college age, talking to a street surveyor about Trump and his policies. This guy said: Trump is evil, has caused illnesses, has done no real good things, is the worst president ever. NOW, the all know none of that is true, but they are being taught at schools the same junk opinions !!. and the Liberal colleges are funded by China and Iran. President Trump is planning to stop these donations, and stop the government supplements to the Liberal colleges who are ruining our youth with lying information, changed history books, all over. Even middle school classes really don’ know our history as most do, from real high school classes. This is a shame. The Liberals are trying to ruin our history, destroy everything and remake the USA. That is what BIden wants to do, that is what Obama wanted to do: “Fundamentally change the country”. SO, the Liberal Democrats are behind it !!! . That is BIden’s plan. Vote for TRUMP however you vote.

      • The defunding of schools history started about 35 yesrs ago. My daughter is a teacher. 5 masters. She is aware of the history classes on WW11, one page. Nothing on WW1. She won’t teach indoctration. Last one hired because of her masters. About 5years ago she got a class from hell. Students harrasment, sexual harrassment and death threats. Very unruly and Principal wouldn’t do anything to help her. I told her to tell the principal I was hiring a attorney. She got hgt help. New Vice Principal, first day he got 17 kids . She got class straightened out and educated. Only 2 expelled, death threars, and sexual harassment. Middle school
        Now there’s no Law Enforcemen on campus, kid’s are not getting help.
        Kid’s can’t write, spell , no home discipline.
        All the program’s have been defunded. No vfc wood working shop, mechanic shop, FFA, sewing classes, arts, cooking, Explores program. They get out of schools and don’t know how to wotk.
        Talking to a friend who owns a gym. He was trying to hire someone to do cleaning. He had over 100 application and hadn’t found anyone.
        I was raised on a ranch, you learn to work. Goid education.


    • IT WAS OBAMA AND THE DIMRATS that had this turned lose on the world. The China lab test has killed people and will continue. News says that it was first made in the USA, then Obama sent it to China to further it, and from there, OOPS, it got away from them. NO ONE can control the spread of such a virus .Even from the beginning, it was meant to be DEADLY. Demonrats keep our borders open and others from around the world flock here because the Demonrats feed and take care of them with our tax money. The rise in Corona cases WOULD spike, when invaders who are sick with it keep coming in. As fast as Trump rounds up invaders from other countries and sends them back, the Demonrats flood us with thousands more. THEY will do anything t get the illegal vote. Killing and destroying America, and all races of people who are citizens here. Demonrats are a VIRUS, themselves. People need to stop turning them- upon our country . You should also need to be a High School graduate so that you can have a better chance to make a better decision.

    • Could it be that the good Mr. Olberman has already had a frontal lobotomy? That might answer any questions about his grip on reality. Or lack of said grip!

    • Not a Lobotomy, can’t do that on a person with no brain! He needs to STFU and move into Joe Biden’s basement. Then the two of them can rub the hair on each other’s legs.

    • I sincerely hope this deranged ,Marxist pile of rabid rat feces has a visit from the
      Secret Service ,and gets arrested ,resists and has his handed to him .

  2. Apparently, the crazy, leftist tree has plenty of nuts left on it. Too bad Round-Up is also toxic to those who use it.

    • Keith Olbermann has shit for brains. This mothetfucker is actually mentally retarded. His IQ has been measured at-69. Oh, he’s a faggot too. He loves to suck cocks.

  3. there should be mass executions I agree. But 98% are on the left, not the right. These crimes are bipartisan and go back 3 decades.

    • Joey and Hunter Bidumbass should be executed for treason. I hated Joey as my VP. He was awful. We had to watch him closely to make sure he didn’t do or say something really stupid like he is prone to do. He was an embarrassment to the White House.

  4. Why is it that any other person would have the FBI knocking on their door for threatening a government official, such as the president of the United States, yet crazy people of the press, among others, are able to be on video stating treasonous threats and left to roam free without any consequences for their actions?

    • Have not heard from Mr Olbermann for sometime. Must be losing his audience therefore he is throwing out some BS to get some attention.
      For sure, he has TDS

    • The KKK is coming for Joey and Hunter Bidumbass. They will have fun fucking these cocksuckers up. I am personally going to call my good friends in the KKK and ask them to pay Joey and Hunter a visit.

    • You wonder how people can be so dumb .It is certain that many, are! When you know Demonrats are sending us to AMERICA NO MORE, people can not SEE THE LIGHT. The rest of us are going down in that ship with them. THIS should make us mad enough to get out and vote for Trump and Biden. ALL of these lame brain idiots rolling around are really goofballs in the head.

    • Completely agree, Olberman should be booked and fingerprinted for . If Trump were somehow assassinated, would they be able to hold this commie POS liable for the following: Threatening the president of the United States is a federal felony under United States Code Title 18, Section 871. It consists of knowingly and willfully mailing or otherwise making “any threat to take the life of, to kidnap, or to inflict bodily harm upon the president of the United States”

      • Wylie, I think you should look up SEDITION. Olbermann didn’t threaten the president, per se, has incited the people to do it. Still a federal crime with prison as the bottom line, just a different part of Title 18.

  5. Wishing/wanting or even suggesting someone/anyone serving Our Country such as a President, Congressman/women, Military, Police, Fire, EMS, Citizen should die/put to death is a complete moron and should be made to go sociological treatment or confined to a mental institution for evaluation!

  6. This Olbermann thing HE should be prosecuted and hung but, first taken apart on a board cut up with the largest knife and then hung with what ever is left of his body.

    Who in the world does he think he is saying that about the President of The United States Donald J Trump the best President we ever had and he isn’t even taking a salary for his job this Olbermann thing has to go get his brain checked out and fast for making those remarks about Trump .

    The problem in this world today is that people have way to much to say about other people and also lie’s one right after the other and all the killing and steeling this has gotten way out of hand something has to be done about this and the man that will do it is Trump so Trump 2020 and God keep Trump from bodily harm because without Donald we have nothing.

    Have a great Day

    • Olbermann has a net worth of $25 million and an annual salary of $2 million. Someone is paying him a lot of money to act like a horse’s tail….and apparently are supporting these tirades of his. Follow the money. — And yes, i think this guy just made a threat against the President (and many others) and should be arrested and detained under the Patriot Act. Once people are held accountable, this crap will stop.

    • No, he should be sent to the butt fuck motel where he will be repeatably raped and forced to clean the toilets. The inmates will have fun fucking him up.

  7. Why are these people so angry? Olbermann should be banned from any TV station – he’s mentally unstable, unhinged, and pathetic.

  8. This is one SICK individual full of demon hate. This is what hate does to a person, and he will answer to God for all the nasty ugly things he’s said and done. God have mercy on his soul! He will endure Gods holy Wrath, and he will not know what hit him.

  9. These Democrats today are absolute lunatics. Where are these idiots bred from. Instead of having the wall built I think Trump should’ve had more insane asylums built.

  10. Oldermann is a complete FOOL ! The Virus came from CHINA ! Trump has done a fantastic job of containing this. It would not shock me one bit if it was found out the Democrats working in concert with China to release this on America and the world! U people would sell your souls to get power. (Sick bastards) ! I guess you don’t remember OBUMMER would send the IRS or other members of the alphabet to destroy their lives for speaking out against his regime! Have some RESPECT for the GREATEST president ever! Be carful what you wish for you commie! If the shit hits the fan some Patriot may give YOU a high speed cranial evacuation ! Oldermann you need to get on the next plane out of here with your Hollywood buddy’s and the rest of the America’s haters! Don’t threaten Me you POS I WILL get you a one way ticket to see your boy ALLAH. P.S screw u Oldermann! (TRUMP SUPPORTER )

  11. What is his problem ? Jealous !!!! What was wrong with people taking the precautions to protect themselves if anyone knew how dangerous this china virus really was ? Where was his ass when he should have been reporting the news to American people trying to get a grip on it before it was an full pledge epidemic since he is so smart and had the mic and spotlight on hiself you had the opportunity as well why didn’t you use it wisely instead of lowrating the President of the united state and wishing him death . Don’t think I care to hear anything you have to say anyway shape or form

  12. Funny, he never said that during the swine flu epidemic. 09 was the year. Barry, and the idiot were in the WH. It killed a lot of people, including young healthy children.

  13. No big stretch to understand why Olbermann’s been fired by every network he’s ever worked for and rejected by most of the American public. Hopefully the Secret Service has made a visit to him since he just threatened the life of the President of the United States which is against the law. The fact that he has no grip on reality that China is the perpetrators of this pandemic and totally responsible for it while the rest of the world knows that. But he, instead, would rather threaten the life of the President of the United States and all of his supporters. This guy is not only a sociopath he’s totally psychotic and he continues to prove he is irrelevant and lacks any credibility every time he opens his mouth.

  14. Keith Ilbermann is a murderer and HE should be put to the death. He is one of the miost dangerous killers in the history of the US

  15. Keith Olberman is a hack a publicity seeker fake as a $3 bill. He’s not worth even mentioning he’s warped and demented communist liberal he should leave America and do us all a favor

  16. As a traitor to the Republic (we’re not a “democracy” you ignorant wretch!), you first commie – YOU FIRST….

  17. Keith Olberman is a certified nut and should be charged with treason for saying our President should be shot. Even far liberal MSNBC doesn’t want this guy around much anymore.

  18. Put Trump to death. You’ve got to be kidding me. Why do we have governors, lt.governors, and mayors. They should be the ones held responsible for how their states handled the COVID crisis. I live in New York State, need I say more.

  19. He should be looking over his shoulder 24/7 as he will not know when the “Equalizer “ appears !!
    Semper Fi

  20. Keith Olbermann is one sick ticket and should be in a mental institution. Then he brings on people that looks like they are already in a mental institution. Lady, we are not a democracy, we are a Republic. Senile people screaming won’t change America, the ballot box is how we change America. Right now America is working pretty well.


    • You speak of Obamas mansion near the sea. On a presidential salary, $250,000.pper year, WHERE DID HE GET THE MONEY TO BUY A MULTI MILLION DOLLAR MANSION? Follow the money…………

  22. This is a threat not only to President Trump but to most Americans!!! This man needs to be put into jail for his threats ASAP!!! If it were a demonrat they’d have had him thrown under the jail!!! But no it’s against Trump and TRUE Americans so nothing will be done!!! That’s bc EVERY 3 letter government office is against Trump and they’ve proved it over and over for the last 4 years as well as when Trump was running for President!!!

  23. If Mr. Olbermann is so hot to see our president and his supporters put to death, he needs to get his ass out of his ivory tower and get busy. I doubt he has the intestinal fortitude. Just in case he does, I would be most happy to meet him at a destination of his choosing. Signed, An American Deplorable.

  24. I’m sure this nut job is pro abortion. 61 million and counting since roe vs wade was passed. You have blood on your hands!!!

    • Yes, but we need to fuck him up first. He should be tortured to death and then his dead body should be thrown in the sewer where he was born.

    • Olbermann what do you have to say about the SWINE FLU? During Obama term as president? 12 thousand people died from it in the first three months! All your friends are mark NOW! What did Joe Biden do? Last I checked NOTHING! How about Pelosi telling the people to go celebrate the Chinese holiday when the virus was going on? How about CUOMO putting sick people into NURSING HOME? BUT REFUSE TO USE THE HOSPITAL ON THE SHIP HE BEG TRUMP FOR? OLBERMANN you just better stay where ever you are HIDING! You got a target place on your head! Your MOUTH is full of threatened aganist our President. But can’t understand why secret service has not arrested you!

      • unfair to the greatest President ever..Biden must go….America will be bottom up by December. God told me in 2016 that Trump would win and that he would win bigger the second term. I believe it was God because it happened. That man needs to be locked up. By his spirit he must have killed someone already..unbelievable rotten words. A concerned Canadian who loves America!

  25. I refuse to acknowledge this ignorant ass wipe with a response to his insane comments. He is an absolute nobody. Always has been except in his own mind. Where in the world do these idiots come from? Shame you can’t be prosecuted any longer for these types of threats against Our President. If it had been done to Obama those people would have been put under the prison.

  26. If the truth came out it probably would show that Pelosi, obama, hillary soros are responsible with China of creating this virus. Their last resort was to bring down the economy thinking that would destroy President Trump. Well you scum bags its backfiring. They are so afraid if trump is reelected then he will push to get them prosecuted. President Trump has done everything possible to stop this man made virus. He’s the best President since Reagan. So you scum bags you better pack your bags and get the hell out our country.

  27. President Trump is correct. We need to bring back insane asylums. Democrats are the party of violence. Even if they were to cheat and win the election, they would still be violent. They have no concept of the word peace. They are selfish, power hungry, money lovers who hate America. I have never heard people threaten a president like the rinos and dems have done through his entire presidency. A man who has done more to save this country from ruin than any president I know, including habeas corpus Lincoln.

  28. Let the TRUTH be told. Didn’t dr. FAUCI AND OBAMA given China million of dollars to INVENT THIS CORONAVIRUS? Then had China to KILL the 33 years old doctor who was about to tell us what happened! Wasn’t it DR. FAUCI WHO SAUD TGE SWINE FLU WAS JUST A COMMON FLU? EVEN WHEN IT KILLED 12 THOUSAND PEOPLE DURING OBAMA TERM! What the difference here? Let see if you can TELL! First OBAMA BLACK AND A DEMOCRAT, AND DR. FAUCI WAS ON HIS BOARD. TWO TRUMP WHITE AND A REPUBLICAN! IS THESE AN ATTACK AGAINST WHITE MEN? BY DUMB RACIST WHITE LIBERAL SOCIALISM SUPPORTER? I CALL IT LIKE IT IS! You can’t accept that? Go cry a river !

  29. Leith Olbermann needs his head examined. That’s like saying 911 was caused by President Bush. This is a war put on us! Is every war going to be blamed on whoever president is in office at the time?

  30. WOW!! Olbermann is quite possibly the dumbest person I’ve ever heard speak. What a bunch of deranged individuals.

  31. If Olbermann was an air breathing human he would have suffocated from having his head so far up his a$$.

  32. Keith Olbermann threatens to prosecute Trump, condemn him to remove, destroy, devour him at the urn without oil, and swallow him. Here is such a wonderful “Menu” the moron Olberman ordered himself for lunch.

  33. this guy is a a$$ hole….want to blame someone for the virus??????Blame the democrats ,they gave that lab 3 million plus to develop that virus. the thing was supposed to end Trump. ..The Dems say everything wrong is Trump’s fault. Biden wins ,we all got to the bread lines .all he ants to do is raise taxes on anything and everything….the dems say all Trump does is lie,BUT I BER TO DIFFERE

  34. I think Keith Olbermann should be arrested for making this statement and be banned from making any such stupid statement to any news source in the future, It’s ignorant people like this that causes all the hate and violence in our country.

  35. BOOBerman is a twisted piece of work. He must have been so coddled as a kid, that anything that gives him nightmares turns into the boogeyman! Trump is his boogeyman at present.
    Do you notice how easily Democraps spurt out the most ridiculous comments ever, like they think the world cares about their twisted rhetoric? WE DON’T!
    But there is a hospital with a padded room with BOOBerman’s name on it. He can bounce off those walls and have a good ole time…he, himself, and his enormous twisted ego!

    Question for you: If I remember correctly, in the recent past, if any person ever “threatened” our President, they were arrested as a threat to our President! So why isn’t BOOBerman arrested and thrown in that padded cell?

    Why are these schizophrenic Democraps allowed to walk free after they say statements like BOOBerman? Something needs to change here…and change fast! If our govt can’t take care of schizos like Booberman, maybe Patriots need to step up and do the job for it? What do you think?

  36. What a vile evil man. People like him should never be in a position to interact with the public. I think he needs professional help and lots of it.

  37. Mr. Olberman is crazy..crazy like a fox. He knows exactly what he’s doing. He’s actually helping Trump get re-elected, but he just has to make his bosses happy in order to get attention and earn his pay. He’s actually attracting the attention of Trump supporters so they will go and vote! So let’s give him hell just like he wants so he can earn his keep. After the POTUS wins, he’ll just simply fade away into the night and enjoy his money while we delight in victory. So give him hell, gang, and remember to vote correctly!

  38. IS there a law against him saying that? Jail time , I hope.. What a moron.. maybe he is a racist and does not like what Trump has done for minorities!!

  39. And somebody really cares what this person has to say because ?? This is a prime example of why we cannot legalize Opioids, or is it Dopiods?

  40. Reminds me of that girl that married her brother. You know, now he gets to be an American Citizen.
    The girl that wears a turban with snot running out of her nose.
    Or is that shit from her brother’s ass.
    Nope, turns out she washed her face and that’s a gold nose ring.

  41. These statements are dangerous and he should be fully investigated! Goodness I do not like some people but I can’t understand hate to this level. Bottom line is President Trump has done more to help the people in America than any politician of any party in my 71 years! How about being appreciative for the millions of people who do not receive a salary like yours? How about acknowledging the Obama administration and others did not handle these issues worth a flip in their time in office? How about just shutting your hateful mouth for a change!

  42. He is just regurgitating the nonsense that reptiles like nasty piglosi and cuck shumer are telling them to. They are puppets of the CCP. The entire world is seeing this and wondering how long President Trump will put up with it. I am too.

  43. Keith Olbermann has a cold,black heart in which Satan himself occupies.The U.S. will be much better off when he and his kind are sentenced to burn in hell.

  44. Keith Olbermann has obviously been deprived of blood flow to the brain, so now he has had to revert to just waking up in the morning and since he’s double jointed, immediately sticking his head up his ass! Doing that allows him to live in his little fairytale land and think that he has some relevance. He was a lousy commentator on ESPN, and if ESPN fires you, it is a sure sign that you are mentally deficient! Therefore, have pity on poor Keith, for he knows not what he speaks! After all, these days, he needs a six man search team to help him find his own zipper! That’s why he’s constantly in a state of wet diapers! But let’s give him credit where credit is due…he was the 2019 winner of the Don(na) Lemon, “I look cute in a girlie dress award,” given to the most brainless turd in journalism!

  45. This is what happens when an UBER nutcase speaks . . . nothing of ANY sense comes out. WHAT ELSE is NEW? Maybe he needs to join AOC at the same place BARTENDING. One Wary Patriot. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  46. Keith Olbermann is a real mental case, and he needs to be put in a mental insitution . the liberials cannot stand that he is
    doing more than any President since.

  47. What’s wrong with thus people!! This guy Olbermann he is the one should be put to death cuz not even a brain transplant would help him he’s got so much hate! Anger and rage against the president, send him to hell hell!! Cuz i’ don’t want him in my country! He insulted offended the president he is the one s.o.b. bastard peice of shit!!!

  48. China had American help in making this virus. Obama sent money to them to use for the development of a virus. Once they had done this they cut off any travel within their own country but let planes travel freely to America and Europe. I don’t see how they could blame Trump for any of this. It was the Democrats who had a hand in helping China create this virus and spreading it world wide. Put the blame where it belongs.

  49. This is so pathetic! Its like acid eating up the celluloid! Olbermann is a very sick man and together with the people he interjected in his stupid video it is only proving that these people need help. Does anyone know of any good psychiatrists with whom appointments can be made for these poor sick people. I don’t suppose they realize how unhinged they sound. But normal people do. And to conclude, sticks and stones may break my bones Biden but your names will never hurt me. It is funny being called a deplorable chump. Just think what it will look like on the history page of Biden’s last shot. You should have stopped your nonsense after the debacle with Obama and your double header. Can any of you now dredge up a little dignity at least to leave the stage

  50. why is he not have been put in jail for what he said now if one of us said that they put one of us in jail he is as stupid as stupid can get

    • Who is Olbermann?????? He is a nobody . He will go down in history as a nobody when he does not have a job for what he said….if he is on TV turn him off .a socialist is a loser .there are demons on this earth and he fits the pictures .they are raising their heads .

  51. Keith Olberman is a disgusting person and should be removed from everything that he’s involved in! He should also be persona non grata wherever he goes! As well, if it’s illegal to suggest someone be put to death, he should be given whatever penalty there is for such a statement! He is one hateful man and one that i’m sure that most, if not all!, of us would be pleased to see the last of him!

  52. President Trump did and is doing what no other President has in 3 1/2 years. So proud to have a President that takes his job seriously and responsibly. Obama catered to the hollywood elites inviting them to parties in the White House at taxpayer expense celebrating himself for sticking it to us with the Iran deal. Hillary presidency would have destroyed the integrity of this nation had the voter looked away, but we saw what could and would happen. Glad we voted for Trump because we cannot let politicians get away with murder (literally), enrich themselves by selling our national assets to foreign entities and much more. Trump got in the way of their plan to exploit our country in every sense of the word. That Olbermann, is what happened. We are citizens of these United States we voted for President Trump because we wanted change for the better which Hillary did not offer. Unlike Keith we saw what Hillary had been doing and what a disaster we would have had if she would have been elected. He needs to learn that he is entitled to his own opinion, but he is not entitled to that of the American people. Actually America would best be served if the leftist and Democrats weren’t part of this America. A Biden win will be our country’s demise. Mark our words.

  53. So the NAZI Keith Olbermann thinks Trump should be executed for the libtards biological terrorism.
    1st The window to control or mitigate covid-19 was sabotaged by the National Socialist aka democrats with their attempted coup led by nazi poop lousy.
    2nd Any and all attempts to control or mitigated the spread of covid-19 had already failed due to the criminal actions of sanctuary cities. and supported by their respective states brain dead governors.
    So by Heir olbermann own flawed logic any one that supports the liberal obviously oppressive and communist agenda should be executed.
    Heir olbemann you are out of your uniform in your picture. You should be wearing a brown shirt with twin lightning bolts and a twisted cross on the collars.
    The dumbocrats are the ones at fault for all the covid-19 death’s

  54. Who is Keith Olberman and why should anyone care what he thinks? He is obviously .mentally unbalanced and yes, he should be arrested. But look at Jane Fonda and those other two insane lunatic women on his video. Why would any same, responsible person vote for anyone who has lunatics like these supporting them. Vote for a free America, vote for President Trump to be re-elected.

  55. This is insane. This person should be arrested and locked up IMMEDIATELY for inciting

  56. K.O. hasn’t had an original thought/statement in his career(?), certainly, and perhaps his entire life. That being said, he obviously rode the backs of several other idiot broadcasting/entertainer(?) brother/sister halfwits who thought that concept was worth anything to anyone in this world than their brother/sister TDS wardmates. Nothing but a slimeball.

  57. Olbermann better pray President Trump remains in good health, otherwise, he’ll be hanged, drawn and quartered by a number of Patriots!

    • Yes indeed, the man is dangerously dellusional, consumed with hatred. These types of people are capable of anything!

  58. Olberman should be FIRED IMMEDIATELY FROM ANY JOB HE NOW HOLDS. He should also be investigated immediately for threats against the President. This is an outrage and should not go unpunished. Keith is an embarrassment to himself, his family, friends, and colleagues he works with… and an embarrassment to our country.

  59. When anyone wishes for another to die or be put to death, that person making those claims should also be ready and willing to dig his own grave!

  60. Olberman is a graduate of one of the finest private high schools in Tarrytown, NY and its’ Board and parents should disenfranchise this careless, moron instead of inviting him back for events at the school. Better yet, throw him in jail, forget due process and forget the key after you throw him away. What a waste of a human being.

  61. He wants to get you excited. He is baiting you. It’s all about the clicks. It would be best to ignore him and he’ll go away.



  64. Why haven’t the secret srvice already arrested this crazy democrat lunatic and tossed his liberal ass in prison for life.

  65. This certified idiot exemplifies the looney left. He is probably lobbying to be Joe’s press secretary. Unfortunately Joe won’t need one back in the Delaware basement bunker.

  66. He should be deported from the country. I wonder how anyone would have handled the virus better if they were in the President’s place back in January? You can thank God that YOU, you ignorant anti-American, that you were not handed that responsibility, that someone with a strong back bone, and our best interest in his heart was at the helm. I think your American citizenship should be revoked and maybe you can go live in Cuba, Venezuala or China for all I care..Somewhere the socialistic realities of life can hit you hard on the head. You are a moron, and I think such a threatening suggestion should be cause to at least get you thrown in jail. I wonder what would happen to you if you said these very things and were living somewhere where Socialism is “alive and killing millions”. Go to Hell…hateful thing

    I’ve been posting for almost 3 months and have watched these free media platforms everyday! Posting some info myself! BUT NEVER SEEN SO MANY MAD, ANGRY AMERICANS! GOOD!
    An American Flag flies over a rebuilt GITMO! This ‘actor’ bought and paid for to spew LIES about our President has a CELL WITH HIS NAME ON IT! Wonder what kind of ‘reporting’ he’ll be doing from there on Nov. 4th? NONE!

  68. Keith Olberman. I, too thought he was dead. And I approved. He was a bumbling mass of hate 20 years ago. Apparently he still is. The Secret Service definitely be keeping a close watch on him as well as alll of the other raving mad Libs that will be crawling out from under their ricks and dumpsters tomorrow fouling the air with their pustulance.

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