Over 50 Protesters Arrested Following Derek Chauvin’s Release

More than 50 protesters were arrested during demonstrations held against the release of former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin.

Chauvin, who is being charged with second-degree murder for the death of George Floyd, posted a $1 million bond last week. The conflict set the stage for nationwide protests alleging Chauvin intentionally killed Floyd for racial reasons, and that the encounter is evidence of systematic racism within police departments in America. Since that time, many demonstrations have turned violent, resulting in more animus between police officers and members of the communities they protect.

The direct cause of Floyd’s death has been challenged. While many Americans have been told that Floyd was killed while Chauvin was subduing him by pressing his knee onto his neck, a private autopsy revealed Floyd had a substantial amount of drugs in his system — including fentanyl — at the time of the encounter.

Despite this, Chauvin has been disavowed by nearly every public figure — including conservative politicians. Nevertheless, the Democratic Party has managed to turn the incident into an election issue, with presidential candidate Joe Biden and others suggesting that Republicans like President Donald Trump are empowering racism within police departments.

It’s important to note that the George Floyd case is still ongoing. However, prosecutors in the case may have overplayed their hand. By charging Chauvin with second-degree murder (as opposed to a lesser charge like manslaughter), prosectors are now tasked with proving that the former police officer intended to kill Floyd during the encounter. So far, no evidence of this has been made public.

Politicizing incidents like these will do little more than sow further division in America. Black Lives Matter, the organization behind many of the most notable demonstrations throughout the country, has lost much of the public approval it had during the immediate aftermath of Floyd’s death. Americans had a rare opportunity for unity — but that seems impossible now.

Watch the coverage on the ground below.

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11 responses to “Over 50 Protesters Arrested Following Derek Chauvin’s Release”

  1. ALL decent U.S. Citizens support the police and Derek Chauvin. Floyd was trash and it is past time to make America Clean again!!!

  2. Just another excuse to act like animals. Floyd is NOT a hero or a victim. He was a career criminal who was resisting arrest. The officer was clearly in the wrong and we know it, but making an excuse to act like animals is insane. Liberal bullshit. Let this play out and the former officer will have his day in court.

    • Watch the complete dashcam. Floyd was complaining that he couldn’t breathe before he ever exited the vehicle because he was overdosing on drugs and the autopsy confirmed it. It had nothing to do with the Police.

  3. Every riot BLM terrorist start gives Derek Chauvins defense attorney more ammunition. Of course the libtards are too stupid to see it.

  4. GOSH I’ve watched the body cams from the incident, AND I guess there are a lot of people who need hearing aides and eye glasses or they’re just plain stupid!!!!!! George Floyd was messed up on Fetanol and speed, a very deadly combination!!!!! Maybe it was abuse or force BUT not Murder

  5. While the facts pretty much speak for themselves, yes Floyd was a useless full time thug and criminal with a long arrest sheet. Yes he was black,but a huge majority of these arrests and resistance are caused by blacks. So, they bring ALL this down on their own heads but to admit this is so, they can’t cry and whine. Now, I will be comfortable in saying that a HUGE number of the American public, black and white, know this is true. And I will be comfortable in saying that this HUGE number of citizens watching all these “riots for equality” can see that they are NOT. And, they have to realize that these actions can and will continue as long as the ones looting, burning, threatening, assaulting and bringing fear and strife into OUR homes and cities are continually coddled and placated by OUR govt. officials. This is prosecutors, police chiefs, mayors, governors and up the chain! People, we have seen what happens to ANYONE that attempts to protect their homes, property, lives when forced to deal with this mob. They ARE arrested and fined and forced to surrender their LEGAL weapons and thrown back to the wolves that are now being informed by the local media. I am saddened and relieved, that the general American citizens have continued to refrain from stepping up and doing the job of the people that we “Elected” or were placed in positions of power BY the ones elected. We have a president that has tried to reverse this trend of “Sheeples” running certain positions of power. But, before this finally ignites into an ugly chapter in this wonderful country we can VOTE out the ones that have allowed us to get to this point AND from day one, INSIST that we, the citizens should never be forced to endure this again. The gloves HAVE to come off and the hammer dropped on all these bipedal animals. Yes, the Army has to be released where necessary to not just arrest, fine and release, but arrest, HOLD, fine HEAVILY, and hand down LONG sentences for insurrection and terrorist activities! WHY in the coming days should we and the store owners and insurance companies (which we will start paying in increased costs that will be spread to all customers) while the ones causing all this happily skip down the lane to do it all over again? INSIST that they are jailed, FINED and finally forced to pay the price. Watch your TV”s and news outlets you trust…….this can’t continue to the point its an every day occurrence that someone is allowed to feel put upon because they are a certain color or nationality. Plain and simple, you break the law, you do anything where you have an interaction with the police and you run your mouth, you verbally abuse the police or assault them in ANY way, you are open to be treated in any way necessary to bring this interaction to an end. IF an officer has over stepped and is PROVEN to have, in a court of law, then the law will handle the problem, NOT THE MOB! The happy crap that “It’s our right” has got to end. You have a right to VOICE your opinion, not destroy others property or cause havoc!!!

  6. They simply need to shoot the violent protestors and killers on the street that are threatening others lives. Do this a few times and they will get the message. This slap on the hand business is not cutting it!


  7. Can anyone answer the question: – “Why absolutely all the people allegedly killed by the police were drug addicts, criminals, rapists, robbers and murderers?” – is this just coincidence?

  8. The reason they act out is in those particular states and city’s the local government has had a blind eye to them and the thing’s they do. Here in the State of Washington I was told by a drug dealer that they pay the cops off to just let them do there thing as long as they dont caught leading to somebody’s death. But even there has been a lot of un-solved homicides that the cops just dont have time to solve. I am not saying all cops are on the take but what I am saying if there is cops that turn the other way there actually running inference for the drug dealers and the police department they work for? How many times has a law biding person goes to the local police about a problem in the community and nothing happens and then the person that reports the problem becomes the target of abusive. Now its a election year look at Seattle Washington they pay a Pimp to be the middle man and our democratic governor goes along with it, the system is broke on the west coast Washington & Oregon “Portland” and its wide spread with the city’s mayors and the cops on the take, the good person dose not really get bothered but people on drug’s get shook down for money and people trafficking drugs and whores, just pays the locals fuzz off no arrest, with no records. These are Demarcate ran city’s and towns.

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