President Biden’s Health Advisor Promotes More Lockdowns

Michael Osterholm, a member of President Joe Biden’s advisory board, has told NBC that restrictions and lockdowns could be put in place in the future to deter the spread of COVID-19 variations.

The adviser gave no specifics other than callously noting that the federal government would be shutting restaurants just as they’re beginning to open in some of the bluest parts of the country — including New York and California.

“What we have to do now is also anticipate this and understand that we’re going to have to change quickly,” he told NBC News. “As fast as we’re opening restaurants, we’re likely to be closing them in the near term.”

Obviously, this is very chilling news for people who work in the service industry — and everything else connected to it. Unfortunately, this isn’t exactly surprising — the new president has surrounded himself with people who are perfectly content with shutting down the economy indefinitely.

This is not the first time that Osterholm has pushed for a national lockdown. In November 2020, he called for the United States government to shut down the entire nation for up to six weeks, saying that the government could create a package that would cover all the lost wages for workers, lost earnings for small to mid-sized companies, and lost income for state and country governments. At the time, the Biden transition team dismissed the idea, saying that it “wasn’t in line with the President-elect’s thinking”.

Despite this, the current President does have an extensive track record of changing his thinking to suit political whims. For instance, in 2020 then-former VP Joe Biden promoted the role of the Constitution and said that the president could not act like a dictator. In January 2021, he signed a raft of charged executive orders to change policies to suit his whims to appease his party’s far-left voter base.

It’s staggering to think of the damage that another lockdown order would cause. One estimate has calculated that the loss of GDP growth in the United States due to government restrictions could lead to over 280,000 deaths. Tens of millions have lost their jobs and livelihoods. Children have lost the opportunity to receive a decent education.

Now, Americans are finally asking the open question: was any of this really worth it?

When one considers the fact that the mortality rate for COVID-19 in the United States is less than a single percentage point for anyone under the age of 70, it becomes clear that Draconian lockdowns are not only pointless — but downright dangerous.

Let’s not kid ourselves — Democrats including everyone in the Biden Administration understands the risk. Even California Governor Gavin Newsom is starting to buckle under pressure as the movement to recall him in his own state intensifies. New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is finally talking about re-opening schools. Of course, all of this is too little, too late. The damage is done.

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34 responses to “President Biden’s Health Advisor Promotes More Lockdowns”

  1. This madness just keeps getting worse by the day. Biden has already signed EO’s that will/have killed tens of thousands of good paying jobs.

    Dems prove once again they don’t care about American workers. Not one bit. Now their latest is listening to this fool about going back to the Dems major lockdowns once again. Killing heaven know how many millions of American jobs this time around.

    Remember Biden told us if some expert recommended he lock the whole nation down, he’d do so.

    Biden’s refusal to direct his mayor financial donors, the teachers unions, to return to their classrooms or look for other jobs, is going way too far in putting his donors over the lives and socialization of our children. The head of the CDC said was safe to do. Now the dem game is they want her there make it an ‘official’ policy. Like she gave the information she did because they think it’s her personal decision. These Dems have totally lost their minds. Their veil of deceit is very clear. The teachers unions own them.

    • The problem is, it appears that the National Guard is on the side of the leftists. If the National Guard was going to live up to their oath to defend and protect the Constitution and the nation against all enemies, both foreign and domestic, they would have made their move just before 12 noon on inauguration day, instead of protecting him. Now it is too late. And the top brass at the Pentagon will never issue orders to go after and arrest the Traitors, because the majority of the generals are “Never Trumper’s” themselves. We all might as well face the truth, the United States gone, finished, kaput.

  2. The democrats are as addicted to dishonesty, control and power as much as a pedophile is addicted to sex with young boys. Nothing moral, constructive or helpful to our country will ever come out of their “leadership”.

    • That is All It Has Ever Been
      From The First Democrat President On
      Every One !! Of Them !!!
      Has Put A Piece In Place
      For This VERRY Moment
      & For This To Take Place
      Rite Now
      But Blind People & Voters
      We’re To Blind To See It All
      Happening & Coming
      & Now
      What Do We Have ???
      A Piss Poor Future
      With Them In Power

  3. If they were truly concerned about COVID they wouldn’t be letting illegals with COVID crossing the border.

    • They are not concerned about the Chinese virus, they are concerned about power, absolute power. They are well on their way. They have effectively silenced opposition (First Amendment). Once they get your gun (Second Amendment), the rest of the Constitution is gone! Don’t let this happen.

  4. Covid was China’s gift to the DemonRats…especially with the enforced lockdowns that actually put so many out of work at jobs they can never return to…the nightly wetdream of any DemonRat is the people’s total dependency on the Government and Covid gave that a giant step forward. They want the American populace to be in the rice fields working for them to support their superior self-concept of the elitists who live in luxury. All Americans must fight this or our country is indeed lost.

      • Also To Eliminate!!
        The Population That Will Stand AGASNT THEM !!
        Less Population To Deal With
        That Will Fight
        Easier To Take CONTROL

    • The climate change hoax wasn’t working so they used the virus to care the hell out of a gullible public. The sheeple are so easily manipulated.

    YOU !!!! VOTED !!!!

  6. If they follow the science as they say, they would know that lock downs do not work. The vaccines we have work on the variations as well as the original virus. 99.9 of us are not in any danger and we know who the other .1% of us is. They want to rape our country economically but don’t want a healthy economy. That’s just plain sick and stupid.

  7. The election was obviously fraudulent! What kind of banana republic is this that this is not being checked out?! I mean, if the election was not fraudulent, why all the fuss about checking it out? You’d think they’d want to clear their reputation! What kind of banana republic is this that there is going to be an impeachment trial of a private citizen? This is setting a precedent to ignore the Constitution whenever the comrades want to make a scene! Trump is being raked over the coals for something he never did and the demoncrats were babied throughout all their “snowflake” riots when Trump was elected in 2016!

    • Oh, it’s being checked out, just that the spineless pathetic GOP won’t fight back. This will only hasten the much needed, long overdue purge of the Group Of Pussies!

  8. Make no mistake Microsoft News is biased and against Trump and most Conservatives. They have no place to reply and let them know you disagree with their policy. What makes them think that they know what is right and what is wrong? Who appointed them to play God, which they play very poorly

  9. This circus clown ,Bozo Biden is just sinking this country further into debt with China and his good buddies in the CCP, let`s face it ,this clown is jumping through hoops to please his master of ceremonies PRES.ZE of the chinese communist party, Biden is so compromised it`s disgraceful ,where is the 1.5 BILLION $ that china gave commie Joe and why are not the DOJ + FBI investigating these matters ? your guess is as good as mine! Are these agencies also compromised? WE patriots want to know . but I feel we will NEVER know the truth. ,Just like the side show freak ,this circus will be one big failure when the carnival tent finally comes down

  10. Now if you voted for Trump you will be booted out of any military branch. The demoscum dictators are already doing it. The stand down orders are to purge the military of conservatives and only far left supporters will be allowed.

  11. Democrates voters did you really vote for what’s going on ? Or are you told to do as I say and think ? Either way , you voted for it ALL ! Is it good for our country or good for the leading government officials ! Who have they helped in America , other than helping themselves to gratuities . There Making millions from these lobbyist . I’m voting for global warming because I’m freezing here . It’s a cycle of Earth’s ration in the universe , God made it . And it was good .

  12. I believe Michael Osterholm is possibly a foreign agent for the Chinese Gov’t and s/b investigated.

    Looking at all the facts that have been made publicly available and connecting the dots you see the following:

    China released a biologically developed virus in it’s Wuhan bio lab on the US/world in order to devastated the US economy and get back at Trump and keep him from being reelected.

    Once they realized this would not prevent his reelection they hacked into the results of the US election and altered votes.

    ABSOLUTE proof of this is now being shown on OAN news channel in a show called ABSOLUTE TRUE. I have watched this 2 hr show and it has convinced me beyond a shadow of a doubt that China did in fact alter vote totals in order to enable a biden victory. I INVITE EVERYONE TO WATCH THIS SHOW BEFORE IT IS TAKEN DOWN BY BIG TECH AS i AM 100% SURE IT WILL CONVINCE YOU OF WHAT i AM SAYING.

  13. There are many components to Their Plan. One is to put as many Americans out of work as is possible, as quickly as possible. Unemployed people are too busy eking out whatever money they can just to provide for their families. Thus, they’re not going to be a problem. Another reason is to actually kill as many Americans as is possible, as quickly as possible. This is a pillar of the eugenics stratagem to reduce the global population (the same satanic practice is now well afoot in all the major countries.) A third reason is to make as many Americans completely dependent on the Government as is possible, as quickly as possible. This ensures obedience just for survival.
    The vaccine is tainted, contains “markers” in the form of microdust and DNA-altering agents that will forever change “who you are.” You will be “trackable” and thus, controllable. Let us start the revolution by first refusing the vaccine, by demanding the Republican Party put fighters in control (ex. Matt Gaetz, Jim Jordan) and rid the Party of the abettors complicit with Their Plan.

  14. Do all this talking not TAKING ANY ACTION.
    CALL ,,,MEMBERS OF THE HOUSE 202 224 3841
    SENATE,,,202 224 3121
    DEMAND a complete AUDIT,, INVESTIGATION in the 2020 Election and for IMMEDIATE EMPEACHMENT OF BIDEN, HARRIS, out of OFFICE, they are both criminals.

  15. This issue has been discussed all over the internet, thru congress, and the world. We need everything open-schools, workplaces, schools. What is needed is some commonsense from the public. Everyone needs to wear a mask and be mindful of our fellow citizens. Closing down just puts people out of a job and makes the goal of halting the virus much more difficult.

  16. even if they gave us the full 2000 dollars it would not quite equal the 339 dollars a month that the people got in the 1990s on welfare !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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