Senate Report Reconfirms Biden Family Ties to China

The liberal media has been keeping mostly quiet regarding the Biden family’s connection to China. Many of the left-leaning news outlets have seemingly intentionally let the story fall through the cracks, despite mounting evidence that members of the Biden family, including Joe Biden’s son Hunter, have benefited financially from business dealings in the People’s Republic of China. On the other hand, the Republican-controlled U.S. Senate is not allowing the issue to disappear so quickly.

On November 18, Senator Chuck Grassley, chairman of the Senate Finance Committee, along with Senator Ron Johnson, chairman of the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee, issued a supplemental report updating their previous report on the Biden family’s financial connections. The update came on the heels of new information that a Chinese company linked to CEFC China Energy, an extension of the Chinese government, sent millions of dollars to Joe Biden’s son, Hunter’s, business associates.

It seems that Hunter himself also had a personal connection with CEFC China Energy.

According to recently revealed texts between Hunter Biden and Tony Bobulinski, Hunter stated he and the chairman of CEFC China Energy, Ye Jianming had privately discussed a deal with the Russian government-backed company, Rosneft. In addition, the report stated Hunter met with Jianming in person and helped Jianming with employment visas as well as other matters.

But it goes deeper than that. The November 18 update states that a document handed over by Bobulinski and dated May 15, 2017, reveals that Hunter Biden was involved in CEFC China Energy’s efforts to expand into Oman. Hunter Biden “was key in relationship set up, messaging the good will [sic] around the chairman [Ye Jianming] and the non-conflict status of CEFC entry, ‘a bridge between two great nations’.”

The earlier report from the US Senate on September 23 suggested such personal and business connections between members of the Biden family and China could create more concerns over the possibility of counterintelligence and extortion attempts. You can find a link to download the supplemental and supporting records on the US Senate Committee on Finance website.

Many China experts agree with the committee’s findings.

The Epoch Times’s news program, “China Insider,” talked with Sheng Xue, a Chinese-Canadian writer. Xue said, “What we’re seeing right now is a series of problems about Hunter Biden that, if true, would pose a direct and serious threat to America’s national security, politics, economics, and policies.”

“China Insider” continued by quoting Gao Yu, a senior media professional in China, “This revelation [by the Senate] if known by the American voters, would shock them. The CCP has infiltrated to such a high level, to the vice president. Of course, it was the father who got the benefit for the son.” This, according to Gao, leaves the US vulnerable to China in the future.

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58 thoughts on “Senate Report Reconfirms Biden Family Ties to China”

  1. Why is it that all this evidence keeps piling up about Joe and Hunter Biden and their connection to China but nobody ever does anything . All it is is a bunch of TALK that goes nowhere . Joe Biden will ruin our economy more than it already is . People we elect to do something should start acting on these problems or are they being paid off as well …makes we the people wonder !!!

    1. The only real question you SHOULD CONSIDER

      1. The election should then be for Trump still in office with Biden defeated by disqualification by crimes in Russia and China, not Harris who was never running for President, or corrupt Pelosi, who is tied to Dominion voting machines and illegal voting ballots. Trump won the election handily with 74 million legal votes.

        1. biden should not even be there the corrupt bastard ,he is involved in ukraine and china i am sure his bank accounts would show how much he has been paid by china

    2. Just as hillary has never been punished this to will pass by for the Bidens!
      So many officials that are guilty have no fear of any kind of punishment.
      We elected them, we should have a say if they are found guilty.
      Don’t they work for us? Now that is a joke!!!

    3. Why are we still talking about this Biden Tied to China.
      This is so very scary to think that Biden could sell us out to the Chinese! Then we have Marc Kelly in Arizona doing the same thing!

    4. That’s because we in America have two sets of laws. One is for the corruption democratic which will allow them to get away with whatever they wish to do. The other one is for spineless Republicans to wait it out until the last minute. As for us we all screw. Got it?

    1. He is already impeachable. Since he outed SEAL team 6 as the unit that finally got bin lauden. Which is the definition of treason. I don’t believe there is statue of limitations on that particular crime.

      1. agreed plus all the armaments that went to ISIS and the MB – he is also the prime suspect in the burisma extortion requiring the ukrainian government to call of their investigating dog.

    2. Yes, indeed, he must be impeached!!!
      The question is which of the Republicans would be doing the right thing and proceed with an investigation???
      Hard to tell !!!
      Too soft, have no spine, not interested in fighting
      for the good of the country anymore…
      still hoping that our President and his team will be able to show enough evidence to reverse the electorate votes !!!!
      God Bless our President!!!!

    3. I do not want Biden or Harris as President never i pray they will not get to be President
      if Biden is impeached Harris will be the president i don’t want that

  2. President Trump tried to tell the people but the media said he was lieing about what was going on with the Bidens. This just what the main stream media has been doing for four years, just so people would hate Trump and want him out so they could finish what Oboma started to kill our country.

  3. Biden is the nightmare that China dream up against America. DEMONcrat party has move far left in their role of destory AMERICA. By using school system and foreigners teacher in higher learning to destory the TRUTH on AMERICA history. We can put that BLAME on the family of these young people. Mother and father has FAILED to RAISE their children in the AMERICA way of life! Which is FREE FROM GOVERNMENT CONTROL! It is not hard to see it in the school system of middle school and high school. Most teacher ARE NOT QUALITY TO TEACH THE COURSE. So school system CHANGE the history book to book FOREIGNERS THINK OUR HISTORY SHOULD BE ABOUT! Public school is CONTROL by GOVERNMENT AND TEACHER UNION. NOT THE BEST CHOICE FOR CHILDREN TO HAVE IN TEACHING ABOUT AMERICA OR LEARNING MATH. But this has been going on for a long time. But was push harder with LIBERAL SOCIALISM SUPPORTER GETTING INTO THE SCHOOL SYSTEM. Northern fool moving South to begin their training in the school system. With the help our the TEACHER UNION. Then after a few years they finally are able to move back to the NORTH school.

  4. President Trump has the authority under the EO he signed in 2018 to declare martial law, suspend Habeas Corpus, Suspend the election because of foreign influence, arrest those including, Joe Biden for treason, and others involved in stealing the election. This includes Governors, Secretaries of various states, Judges, representatives,Senators, Mayors, and any others involved in this rigged election. They can be held without bail and forced to face military tribunals. Treason is a crime punishable by firing squad. Those so arrested also forfeit ALL property to the government. This includes the social media giants as well as private citizens and corporations. I am hoping he does this before Biden and the Communist cadre he is assembling are allowed to assume the White House. I belive he is waiting and giving the Supreme Court the opportunity to declare this election null and void because of the illegal stealing that took place and to order a new election. Failing that he must activate the Executive Order and declare Martial Law or the nation we know as the United States of America will cease to exist.

    1. Pelosi has already made an attempt to overthrow the USA Government with the Company she holds one million dollar of
      Crowdstrike, ,Shawn Henry, President(no evidence, just exfiltrated bullshit) accompanied with Russian, Perkins Cole’s Company.

      China is another big step to confront and any affiliated connections thereto.
      I’m with you on declaring Martial Law and needs to be done before the Electoral College Votes.

      Uncle Albert

    2. A Resounding Yes to Suspend election due to Fraud etc. We must take our country back. They’ve been poisoning the minds of our youth for far too long this exactly what was done in USSR Hitlers Germany and it’s crazy that it was deliberately executed on our soil But we can still stop the spread NOW not in 4 years. I believe that’d be too late G-D Forbid.

    3. You would think that having ties to a foreign nation would automatically disqualify someone to be president of the United States. Especially since those ties were not disclosed or confirmed in a public statement, Biden and any of his family members should be excluded from any position within the US government that would require access to Government or Military secrets. Of course our first hope for survival is that the Supreme Court will, because of obvious frauds involving mail in voting and the dominion voting machines declare the election null and void. Then schedule a new election with proven American patriots as monitors and full openness and access to “raw” ballots. I am sure that it would be worth it to all American Citizens to pay a few more bucks in taxes to get a new election that was free from the corruption of special interest groups looking to become wealthy at our expense.

  5. I cannot imagine how the Democrats can want him to run the country!!! He has done nothing but looted the country to make his family wealthy…. this tells the kind of people that want him to lead…. they are all of the same ilk …. so shameful..,, this is where America has landed itself …. way down in the gutter.,,,. Is this what we all want…… no way…. disallow him from becoming the next tenant of the WHITE HOUSE!!!

  6. The ” MEDIA ” is the enemy of the people as are the DEMORATS, now with the corrupt BIDEN in the mix, we will be in for more lies and corruption and our COUNTRY will become an arm of CHINA. These people in the DEMORAT Party are not only evil they are dangerous to our rights and freedoms. Biden in not ” lunch box Joe ” he is nothing but a liar and has had 47 years in Congress to ” perfect” his lining of his pockets with crimes of not only corruption but somewhere I suspect a case of TREASON. Biden is suffering from dementia, and the DEMORATS will use him as their ” wind up doll” to get their radical agenda. This election was a FRAUD on the people of this Country and we will pay dearly when COMMUNIST CHINA IS WITH BIDEN. Better WAKE THE HELL UP FOLKS.

  7. Joe will sell out America, again. He has done it before and gotten away with it! It may not just be China and Russia, I’m sure Iran will have a need for Hunter’s services!
    I believe Kamala owes a lot of “favors” too!

  8. Sorry but the dems have and will keep on selling out america to China and other countries flashing cash to these fools. The dems keep pushing their BS for $$$..that’s all it takes to get your way with the dems.. the more they do and get away with the more they will try. they thumb their nose at their fellow Americans.. Stab them in the back for a #$$…these bad deeds need to be punished, not swept under the rug as the media has done the past several years. The media needs to clean up their act as well. If a lie Don’t print it or put out over the airways. Hold them responsible for what they put out there .Hold them liable for their actions.Biden will wreck everything Trump has gained over the last 4 years.. Obama is pulling Bidens strings.

  9. All we’re going to see is Obama and George Sorros agendas for the next 4 years if Trump doesn’t get to the Supreme Court soon. Everyone should pray for all of Trumps attorneys. We need them now more than ever.

  10. Nothing will be done to Biden and his son. Look at Hillary Clinton, her E-MAIL SCANDAL, URANIUM MINE BEING SOLD TO RUSSIA, Libya fiasco, THE PAY TO PLAY SCANDAL. The list goes on. And nothing has been done about it, NOTHING. Obama and Hillary alonge with the Rice, having the FBI investigate the Trump campaign. Investigating meaningless allegations on Trump. And the man comes up clean every time. This is the cleanest President in history if you agree or not. Durham has closed his investigation, with no indictments, excuse me 1 indictment. This shows me that the DOJ, FBI, AND YES THE CIA, are corrupt. This will be a really sad day for this Republic will no longer be secured under the Biden . Open boarders, so more criminals can come in, crime will sky rocket. Taxes will go even higher, we will ne taking less money home. More people will be home less, just look at California. Jobs will more then likley being sent back overseas. Yes I will support marshall law being called, and the elections redone. And poles guarded to make sure that there is no ballot stuffing. And burn those Dominion voting machines. This is just one persons comments. AND JUST TIRED OF THE BS.

  11. I, for one, demand that Joe Biden and his son, Hunter is given the death sentence and they are not the only ones that deserve the death sentence. The fact is that you and I will go to prison before any of “them” go to prison or be put to death! It’s to the point now where the citizens have no voice, no rights and are worth nothing. People with money get away with everything. America is not the free and good country that we are made out to be. We can be, if evil people would leave things alone. Time will tell as to what is going to happen in the near future. I do know for a fact, that neither Joe Biden nor Kamala Harris will be president. You will see that very soon and that’s because Joe made the statement of conceding to Trump in exchange for no one in his family being prosecuted and he be allowed to keep all the money he was given from China and the money he stole from Ukraine. It has been confirmed.

  12. Does anyone believe that the master Puppeteer, Obama & the Misses are not involved? This nest of intrigue must be cleared before Bidden is considered for the presidency!

  13. TREASON!!!!We used to take care of people that committed treason, but now with the Fake News covering for those that have obviously committed treason, we the people will never be able to convince the left that their candidate has committed HIGH TREASON. So we have a traitor now for our President. God Help Us.

    1. Just wondering why the allies about President Trump are still being rehashed still today. There was never anything true about the whole deal. Why when we have proof about sleazy pedophile weak old Joe and Pamela and hunter”cokehead” Biden and taking money for selling out our country goes unnoticed? This fool committed treason and the election should be declared illegal. Biden is a criminal and he should be shut up and stripped of his “President elect” title now. He wasn’t elected and he knows it. He should be made to tell the truth in a court of law— he’s no better than anyone else. Just think a treasoner could be running our country in just a month from now. PRESIDENT Trump was right all along. And hi now and will always be my President. Biden is a disgrace to our country and I will NEVER use his name with the word President associated with that scum of the earth and his whole campaign.

      1. Why aren’t the Biden’s, Clinton’s, Comey, Justice Department, Obama, Soros, and the countless number of people involved in past suspicions being aggressively investigated and charged ? If they had been this election wouldn’t have been rigged. GOP get some backbone! You can be sure that if you all do not support our President to the Max , you will not be re elected . Governor Hogan Maryland should be fired due to his liberal statue. He fooled the people who elected what they thought was a Republican but he never supported the President. Come on people! Do your jobs we elected you to do! Next election we need to bring in new candidates, the current GOP is as a whole, ineffective.

  14. Biden doesn’t have to deny anything anymore. His behind is fully covered with the finest armor. AND I doubt he will serve very long before the democrats remove him and turn it over to Harris. AND THAT’S gonna be a trip. Barack Obama has already picked the new Vice.

  15. just think how these democrats operate. reference gov. Como they rewarded him with an Emmy award for sending old folks to nursing homes to get infected and die. he should have received an enema award(he needs a laxative real bad) instead of a emmy award


  16. If the attorney General and the Supreme Court don`t do the right thing to stop this coup on our country by China and the Dems. America will not survive. Trump will have no choice.
    Trump will have to declare Marshall law to save America.

  17. Will the $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ BILLIONAIRES $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ buy the verdict? Will America be bought? Will we become full fledged Slaves? Will Black America allow themselves to once more become Slaves? Will White America give up without a fight. Stay tuned to America is for Sale. Who will buy it?

  18. No surprise here! Joe Biden would pimp out his deceased mother if it served to enhance his “bottom line.” There’s nothing new under the sun!

  19. China is the biggest threat to our nation and our new president and his family have been french kissing the communist Chinese government for years now and there seems to be no one in Washington with the will to fix these issues.Well the Chinese don’t love Biden because the hair on his legs stand up when he swims with children but because of the past and future favors they are owed. they know that their man is now the president of the United States and it’s time for Biden to payback China and they will collect.The reason the democrat politicians and their puppet voters were upset that trump became president is not because of all of that personal hate and rage for him but because they knew that their long time trail of evil would get exposed and they had to disrupt law and order to cover their tracks.The vomit is starting already because a new poll says that Biden’s popularity rating is higher already than Trump’s ever was. How can a guy that hid out and refused to answer any questions about his policies get elected to begin with and now how can a guy that is the president elect and he still refuses any details about his policies have a high approval rating. I guess those idiots giving him the high rating must feel it is better if he does nothing because at least that way he won’t screw anything up

  20. Welcome to the United Banana Republic of America, where you are free to be as stupid, crooked, & blind as you want to be! Just pray, if caught, you go before a liberal judge

  21. The DOJ, FBI, CIA, ATF, IRS are All Corrupt! They have been infiltrated by socialist liberal DemonRats! Biden is Corrupt as Hell and compromised by foreign countries. Biden is a Traitor that has sold out our Country for profit and personal wealth. The whole Biden crime family needs to be tried for Treason. The DNC is behind this coordinated effort to fraudulently steal this election. Conspiracy- One or more persons who conspire to do certain acts.

  22. Trusting Nancy Piglosi and Chuck Shumaker and Old Joe Biden to run the US
    is a destruction in the making for our Constitution and Freedoms. both LOST
    with these Socialists with their lack of honesty and Democratic Press Support
    that continues to endeavor to destroy President Trump and his record
    achievements for the US while under continued attacks all proven as worthless by Law.

  23. All of us need to pray that the United States Supreme Court will do the right thing and deem President Trump the Winner of this Election and do it Swiftly. There is more than sufficient proof that fraud was committed in this Election. 75 million Americans voted for President Trump and he was leading by amazing numbers in the states where the fraud occurred late at night and the next several days. 75 million plus Americans are not going to accept Biden and Harris to represent our Country. This fraudulent Election literally makes me Sick as well as Scared (have had nightmares) about what will happen to our Country if President Trump is not deemed the Winner by our United States Supreme Court!!

  24. I agree with almost everyone joe is a traitor why is he still in the running for President?What else do we need to get rid of him? Trump won by a landslide let’s go with it!

  25. If this had been been published about the Trump family every newspaper, tv news and every thing else would be running it in this country. But as others have already stated Hillary hasn’t been brought to any fair justice so we can be sure this will be swept under the rug like most other things about the democrats.

  26. I hope the Republicans will jump on this. Trump went thru 4 yrs of Russian collusion Non-Stinvestigatedop. No Proof!!!!
    So legally Sleepy Joe should be investigated also. There is way more evidence that China may have been involved with his election.

  27. Canada is allowing China to mass troops on our northern border. This is another step in the ”Globalization” of ther United States. Get ready to pay for the rest of the world with your retirement funds.

    It’s YOUR fault all of you who voted for Biden.

  28. Do the people who voted for him love China more than they do the USA? Looks like it does’nt it???? They should’ve known before the election with everything that went on in the news and blogs!!! Just goes to show that people only see what they want to see. Bet they will look next time and see what they actually see. If there is a next time!!!


  30. Let’s be honest here we know who won the election fair and square and it certainly wasn’t Biden or Harris the sad thing of it is is our president has been poked and prodded current 4 years which still no evidence had been located nor found President Trump has done more for us than any presidential that I can remember due to my age the president still fight for the American people the only thing that I see that Biden is doing is sleeping somewhere in a corner and practicing his lines puppet Joe Biden has no clue of what to do or what to say now for our president the real president he just gets up there and speak what’s on his mind but the thing and the difference is it’s the truth what I say shame on you people for voting for Biden and Harris when they come in we starts falling apart again just remember it’s your fault you voted for Biden you voted for Harris I’ll stand strong to tell you today I voted for Donald J Trump both of these people should not be allowed to be anywhere near the United States White House neither one should be able to walk in the doors consider them self elected president nor vice president they have screwed our nation our people and they robbed us of votes that we should’ve gotten there is no way that those ballots that Biden out beat !!!!out beat !!!! Barack Obama which was another joke well we all know how that happened to because of the fake ballots both Biden and Harris want to undo what President Donald Trump has done for us this is all uncanny but as a Christian I believe the truth shall set us free with goodwill good hope and great faith let’s not forget Jesus Christ is the one that owns this world but he chose Donald Trump to be the president of the United States of America and he chose for President Trump to run another four years!!! God bless our President Donald J Trump……..

  31. I am sorry to say but this election is done. the Supreme Court is a laughingstock. the judges appointed to it say all the right things to get there, and then they push the communist agenda. I do not trust any of them. my faith in humanity is dried up. there are very few real patriots left. the rest have been brow-beaten into the ground, or threatened into silence. everyone with eyes can see this election was stolen right out from under our noses. yet the MSM and demon rats continue to say, “fairest election ever”. with videos proving just the opposite!! not one person has questioned the demon rats as to why they stopped the vote counting, not one election official has been called to testify as to their actions. smells to. high heaven, right? if I can think up questions to ask, why can’t any of the so-called lawyers do it??? why can’t anyone ask Barr if he has seen the videos or listened to the I.T. experts about the amazing spikes for Biden after the counting stopped and resumed?? Pelosi and biden both said it would appear that Trump won the vote, only to be defeated with the mail-ins. and biden has yet to be asked about his statement that he had the best voter fraud organization in political history. put them under oath and ask these questions. also ask the dominion v,p. who said to antifa that he fixed the vote so Trump would never win. as biden would say, C,mon man……..

  32. For the truth shall set you free!!
    That is what God wants for man but unfortunately the devil is appearing to be on the rise w the popular votes of the democrats. This rise in immorality and deceit and injustice is the devil’s handwork and the democrats are working hand in hand with him. Sorry folks but this trend is only hastening the end of the world. But good news for God fearing believers – we have a promise of eternity in heaven. Those who voted Biden/Harris have a promise too. Eternity in Hell!!

  33. The one who is guilty of doing nothing is our Attorney General William Barr who does nothing just tells Americans it will take too long. I do not give a rats that it takes too long as long as it is done or our country is going down the cracks. Where is the other guy who was investigating ? He has definitely disappeared. All who have commented on this site are smart enough to post your comments but the ones in power are the one who are guilty of doing nothing ! Is it that they too are involved in such corruption and crimes ? They all need to be investigated and bring a stop to all their crimes, treason, sedition, corruption and crookedness. We as Americans are really fed up do something about this or get the hell out of America and leave us all alone so our country can prosper again, and GET PRESIDENT TRUMP TO FINISH ALL HE HAS TO DO TO MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN AND PROTECT IT FROM ALL THE AXIS AND EVIL DOERS.

  34. Democrats want one world order full filling gods word they only care about money and them selves praying for Trump to be our nex president

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