The Media is Trying to Pretend That it DIDN’T Defend Violent BLM Riots

The fake news media has had a field day hyping the Capitol breach that saw protestors overrun Congress and delay the Electoral College vote certification. If not for live video footage of the incident, one would think this was the bloodiest day in American history.

In reality, outlets such as CNN and others have again suspended reality to attack conservatives. What happened during the course of a few hours pales by comparison to the riots, looting, violence, and murders, that ravaged American cities in the name of the Black Lives Matter movement.

CNN — widely considered the leader in fake news — ran a hyperbolic headline that reads, “The Week that Shook America.” Reuters, an outlet that trended to the far left in recent years, pushed liberal propaganda in place of fact-based reporting with this headline: “If Rioters were Black, ‘Hundreds’ Would Have Been Killed.” The fact the police did not kill “hundreds” of Black Lives Matter rioters during months of nationwide 2020 incidents seems inconsequential to the left-wing narrative.

It’s abundantly clear that unscrupulous journalists are furthering the talking points of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, facts be damned. Biden recently grandstanded, claiming to quote a conversation with his granddaughter for theatrical effect.

“‘Pop, this isn’t fair. No one can tell me that if that had been a group of Black Lives Matter, protesting yesterday, they would have been treated very, very differently than the mob of thugs that stormed the capitol,’” Biden reportedly said.

The irony of this make-believe conversation couldn’t be more telling. When Antifa took over city blocks in cities to create no-go zones for law enforcement, police officers were ordered to stand down by Democrat politicians. West Coast prosecutors refused to bring felony charges against violent offenders because they represent the radical left-wing voter base. That’s what Biden, Harris, Pelosi, and the liberal power-bloc is not talking about. But the conservative protestors who entered the building are being treated “very, very differently.” They are being swept up by federal law enforcement officials across the country and charged with multiple offenses.

Many were simply let into the facility when Capitol Police relented. The photos trending on social media show a bunch of hooligans and pranksters sitting at Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi’s desk, feet up, and prancing around with her lectern. These conservatives, whose emotions boiled over due to the widespread voter fraud that occurred, did not maim, murder, or burn the houses of Congress to the ground like Black Lives Matter protestors. Did they act like miscreants? Certainly. And they’ll stand in front of a judge, unlike many in the ranks of Antifa and Black Lives Matter.

During the campaign, Biden and Harris painted a picture that the election was about the “soul of the nation.” Their version of America’s soul is dark, twisted, and seeks to punish conservatives far more harshly than liberals. If this was the week that “shook America,” citizens should be more concerned about a Democrat-run government united with the establishment media and big tech who are engaged in lies, propaganda, and the muzzling of conservative voices.

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42 responses to “The Media is Trying to Pretend That it DIDN’T Defend Violent BLM Riots”

  1. The demonrats and fake republicans damn protesters who overtook the capital and demand justice. Then tell me, does that include the blm and other groups that were there with them? You know —the same ones who are in the pictures that show them “rioting” with the other MAGA “terrorists”. YOU know—-the ones that you watched burn cities kill people loot stores burn down businesses knock people out of wheelchairs come up behind people and hit them with bottles throw anything at police who were told to “stand down” because they were “peacefuly” protesting? The ones that piglosi says ” people do what they do” Seems like you need to decide .You can’t call one group “rioters and terrorists ” and another group ” peaceful protesters” when they were BOTH in the SAME pictures in DC..? And now you want to impeach our REAL President Donald Trump for starting this problem at the Capital. YOU TRAITORS need to get your stories straight. YOU ARE only doing this out of hate. Piglosi is a bitter old used up hag that just needs to let go. She probably was a bitch to her kids like she still is now. For years you backstabbers have hated Donald Trump. And now you will do ANYTHING to take his right away to run for office again. Why are you so afraid of him? Maybe because he could finish what he was just getting STARTED—FINISH getting all the dirty secrets you have done to America for years? And you call PEDEPHILE Joe someone who is going to “bring our nation together” ? That’s a bigger joke than your whole party. And one day EVERYONE will get the biggest laugh at YOUR expense.

    • Very nicely said, even though I don’t condone violence, hatred but the way things are in the world today, disrespect, everywhere you go, people are rude, prejudice, hateful and what I don’t like is I’m allowing me to act rude, hateful right back. I use to be a people lover, but Now, U have to constantly fight my own mind and strong moral values, my Lord is not pleased with.
      I can’t believe no one’s compared the BLM, ANTIFA movement before, you are so right in. I love my God, I love my “America”. We all can’t wait until the day before we die to change immediately, it doesn’t work that way. We must have a moral compass inside that will come outwardly.
      I am literally sick of the news, there is nothing but Hate, Violence, and as we were saying earlier, this does not even compare to the violence with BLM, etc. they would even murder Policemen out with their families. Kill some trying to help someone else in the streets, beating our law enforcement and citizens in the streets, with such heart breaking stories, if even their black descendent, demolishing, destroying the businesses they “worked “ for to better themselves and their families and wonder why there is no respect or love for one another. I’m so glad I have a personal relationship with the creator of our universe, the one and only that has a plan for all and it is not hate.
      Something has got to give, or we will destroy one another, or we are…. God is not pleased, don’t mess with him and his people, think about the flood.
      I pray without ceasing for the good, bad and the ugly, and for myself to follow the good and for our beautiful, bought and paid for lives “America”. “God Bless America“, but he is a jealous God, don’t disrespect my Savior. A-Men

  2. Pelosi comment to the looting and burning of cities and destroying peoples lives was (WELL PEOPLE DO WHAT THEY WILL DO) can anyone else see what is wrong with this picture. Biden has no right to take the office as president! In fact he should be in a nursing home.

  3. B L M should be completely responsible for all costs related to B L M destruction , everything ! From burning building’s , cars , looting , killings , and super spreading the China virus , in every city town and state .

  4. Plain and simple the Democrats are Hippocrates. Using organizations as their puppets. Anyone doing the bidding of the Democrats is there puppets. The real domestic terrorist is antifa and George Soros. Since he funds them and pays them to Riot. The day will come when BLM turns on the Democrats because they figure out they are being used like puppets and promised much and getting nothing in return. Then and only then can we tell the difference between Antifa and BLM. I support America not domestic terrorism regardless of the name used. We all have the right protect ourselves and property. We were founded on God We Trust if we lose this we are lost. You don’t have to believe in this to live here but at the same time you should not try to change what created this country. We’ve proven we can all live in peace. The Democrats want the history books statues and everything removed maybe it’s because in history they were the dividers and aggressors. And they fear their puppets will become aware God save us all God Bless America

  5. From everything that I have read and seen with my own two eyes, It seems that nasty and the gang are terrified that the contents of their computers will come out, and all of their bullshit will be exposed.
    Why else would they not want President Trump to finish his last 9 days.
    He needs to declassify everything, and put it all on the table.
    neither Heels to the headboard, nor joe mcsnifferson will ever be my President. Thieves and charlatans should not be rewarded for their obvious misdeeds.
    Im still holding on to hope for the insurrection act, and military tribunals for all of those traitors

    • Gen McEnierny said that there were emails on Puglosi laptop that showed she was in contact with the CCP up to the time they convened to make their vote. She is trying to very quietly sell GE who makes our fighter jet engines to China. The deal was supposed to happen in Pakistan but got shut down. Guess now we know why she was pushing so hard to send all those millions of dollars to Pakistan for gender studies. If anybody needs to be impeached it should be her.

        People stuck in their homes had a choice of TV or the internet, original videos were saved on cable boxes, for BLM actual riots, and the slow walk to Congress, where many were dressed differently and instigated most of this, (not from twitter) and people who were actually looking for facts online, can find the facts verse BS,
        Imagine how many people copied the BLM and Antifa movement, with over 2 trillion dollars in damage, not including damage to statues, injuries, deaths, looting, arson, they were armed, had helmets, high grade gas masks, all promoted by BLM and organized on twitter with encrypted messages, that only those organizing the riots had, and their recruits got encrypted message codes, used to start protests that tuned violent all in one day in 32 cities, they used this to get large groups together to cause the damage, looting, injuries, deaths, and were not even detained when arrested.
        Insurance will not pay for items looted (stolen) and most did not have insurance against riots,
        where was the FBI then, even before and after the 2016, where were they then, today is nationwide hunt for people who protested, a group of agitators were in the group that slow walked to Congress Building, anyone traveling by airline would have no way to carry any type of weapon,

        who will pay for damages? look into a mirror

  6. The Democrat Party has become nothing more than a criminal syndicate ripping off taxpayers. There is no law that applys to them and they invent crimes to apply to others. Joe biden calls for unity, what a joke, then supports Piglosi in impeaching the President. If McConnell is still majority leader at the time he should not allow it to even come to the Senate. Nancy Piglosi is a danger to the country. She has been doing this crap for so long now she feels she is omnipotent and can impeach a sitting President with no violations, just on her sayso. Well, Americans have grown tired of this garbage and if she continues the next assault on the capitol will probably be to remove her.

  7. TRUMP SIGNED THE INSURRECTION ACT ON JANUARY 9TH! THE U.S. MILITARY IS NOW IN CONTROL OF THIS FRAUDULENT ELECTION! Special Ops agents went into the Capitol with the “Antifa actors” and STOLE NANCY’S LAPTOP (along with others)! That stolen laptop is WHY they are trying so hard to impeach Trump, but they don’t have enough time! GET OFF THE MAIN STREAM MEDIA LIE MACHINE. JUST TURN THESE TRAITORS OFF AND COME TO GAB! The last free platform standing because they DO NOT USE BIG TECH SERVERS…THEY HAVE THEIR OWN!

      • I am practically holding my breath for some signs as previously forcast…where are all of the arrests resulting from declassification of liberals email; where is the Emergency Broadcast System activation. It must be done NOW or else conservatism within our government will be lost forever. GOD SAVE US FROM THE REVENGE OF THE LEFT!

  8. It stands to reason! The Left-Wing Media has learned from Democrats to “flip-flo” and lie to achieve their goals! Democrats have been doing it for decades, I’m surprised it hadn’t happened much earlier!

  9. Nancy Pelosi was the ringleader in the destruction along with Joe Biden, Kamala, Adam Shiff, Chuck Shumer and Aoc-maybe a few more, too and then they blame it on us! They are sick. Insane. Scared sh*tless about what Trump is going to expose. And they should be. They are going to Gitmo, that is for sure!

    • Has Everton noticed that the national news shows photos of whit people that have been arrested at the Capitol. Mr. Sullivan a top BLM was arrested for protesting and inflicting violence. Never did any of the stations abc, CBS or NBC show his picture. I call one station and left a message about this matter . This is the number to ( new york) 1888-460-7477, or 1-646-256-5457. You can leave a message. I saw the photo of Sullivan on my phone.

  10. I’ve long said that. She , if anyone at all, is the most deserving of removal for her seditious , insurrectionist, treasonous and Un-American acts .

  11. I have said it before. NEVER TRUST THE MEDIA! They only trying to DESTORY AMERICA! None of them are worth living! Their HATE is deep and their price is foolish! Like trying to win a gold medal! Jim Acosta is the worse one I have ever seen! Hope someone follow him home! Do what need to be done! If BLACK PEOPLE stop being STUPID PEOPLE. THEY WOULD KNOW WHAT REALLY HAPPENED IN THEIR COMMUNITY. No media is going to tell you the truth, because it DOESN’T SELL NEWSPAPER! JUST like the DEMONcrat had been using YOU BLACK AND YOUTH TO DO THEIR DIRTY WORK! YOU HAVE NOT SEEN ANYTHING YET! TAKE MY WORDS FOR IT! I HAVE BEEN STUDY THESE POLITICAN SINCE I WAS A HIGH SCHOOL JUNIOR. IT ALL ABOUT POWER AND CONTROL OVER THE PEOPLE! And these DEMOCRAT are following in the foot step of the party from the 1940- 70! Keeping the POOR UNEDUCATED PEOPLE FROM HAVING A VOICE IN THIS COUNTRY! BUT YOU FOOL BELIEVE ANYTHING FROM A DEMOCRAT OR RINOREPUBLICAN WHO ONLY GOAL IS TO CONTROL THE PEOPLE!

  12. If these idiot reporters look at the video of the breach, they could see clearly several antifa members front and center. I am talking about the one breaking the window and some fighting with police at the barricades. Biden WAS right about different treatment for BLM rioters. First there would be no DC police because Bowser would not have them stand up to BLM. Second the capital police would have been told to stand down. Third there would be no charges against them.

  13. No need to give any comments about subject because some asshole on the otherside can’t handle it when somebody REPEATS WHAT THEY WROTE IN THE PAST!

  14. Patriots rise and stand up to the communistic leadership that is trying to destry our great REPUBLIC.All companies that are refusing to listen to the REPUBLICAN side should be BOYCOTTED. I am dropping ATT

  15. Lets get out ALL of the footage of the BLM and ANTIFA RIOT’S and lets began rounding them ALL up As Well. They are Law Breakers TOO! Burning buildings down? Breaking into Police Stations and taking them over? There is plenty of VIDEO FOOTAGE Of ALL THESE CRIMES. LOOK. If you round up the RIGHT? Then lets get busy rounding up the LEFT! … WHY NOT?

  16. Things are so far out of skew…I don’t think we can ever recover! The immoral and unethical demons have had way too much time (years) to set their plan in motion and they have the backing of the biggest criminals all over the world. We are too honest and expect the same … of which will never happen from the left. They live and breath propaganda and lies to carry out their agendas… corruption and destruction of the United States of America. Not sure if it is due to bad drugs or pure evil.. but it is here and it is out of control, and I can’t visualize a way out. Have faith that this is as it was to be…seek peace in your life.

  17. Forgive them Father, they know not what they do….history repeats itself. My question is when will the woke people finally wake up?

  18. All conservatives should stay out of Washington next week because if anything bad happens they will be blamed for it. If we are not there who will they blame. God Bless President Trump.

  19. We need to include the tech companies as well as Amazon on the list of conservatives’ enemies. They are destroying the country!

  20. The MSM can pretend all that they want to, but a spade is a spade. We know the truth and must proclaim it. We have a right to free thinking in our country, so we need to exercise that right. Although the MSM is trying to dictate the narrative, that will only happen if we let it. Therefore, if someone says something different, we need to correct them. Right now we are seeing the law and the truth being set aside. We cannot allow that to happen. It will only happen, if we stand down. Personally I do not attend protests, but I defend our right to protest. I applaud the protestors that went to Washingtons & it is laughable to look at the contrast between how the MSM covered the BLM riots and the MAGA protests. It is also laughable to say that the election wasn’t rigged. Years ago I saw what was happening to the media & turned to Fox. I have now stopped watching Fox News too. I read The Epoch Times & watch Newsmax. If they change their format, I will leave them too. I will continue to keep my mind free from their lies. Beijing Biden, nor his Communist comrades will ever rule me or my family.


  22. It’s time to boycott companies like Facebook who contributed $300M + to companies that influenced the Election and judges as well. Both Facebook and Google for their part in suppressing free speech for all citizens. Firefox is my default browser now. Facebook is partly responsible for the de-evolution of the American family as far as I’m concerned. Zuckerberg stole and patented the technology for Facebook from the inventors. Unethical. One of the biggest heists in US history. Why would Zuckerberg feel any remorse about helping steal an election? That’s what he’s good at. Stealing. Twitters a joke. Never had an account with them and not sure I ever will. I no longer watch the fake news and find these people disgusting. There’s a large list of bankers that died while Hilary and Bill were in office. Bills concubine found murdered, himself a violent rapist. Look up the Juanita Rodriguez interview if you want to hear about it firsthand. If you don’t look past the fake news you’ll realize too late that it was all there. All the information was within your reach. If you quietly allow your freedoms to disappear and do nothing then oh well. The folks who showed up at the Capitol? At least they had the guts to do stand up against this corrupt election. They’re the real heroes. Not these puffed up elitists in Washington making a career out of stepping on Trumps head. His only crime was love of country. Start boycotting Chinese products. I did this at Christmas. It’s possible but you have to commit. Support Republican companies that have been discriminated against like Goya and My Pillow. Show these creeps that we can have strength in numbers too. Do what is within your power to do. Drop their stock and drop them on their heads. Ask yourself if they deserve to know you.

  23. If you have all these facts (which are true) to remind people of what went on this summer, why don’t you have any knowledge or power to have someone who is important enough to insist that all the rioters from summer be rounded up. Every night throughout the summer, I sat and screamed at my TV watching the destruction and “protesting” that was happening and wondering in disbelief that no one was doing anything to stop the heathens that roamed our streets. It wasn’t just the 3 cities everyone talks about. I’m from Richmond, Va. We are ruled by nasty, lying democrats who did not one thing to stop the destruction that happened to our once beautiful, historic city! There was no one to help the intelligent citizens who were being terrorized into staying locked behind their doors. NO ONE!! So when things are being destroyed by democrats, who the hell do we call for help? They burned and looted here every night, while the news people were filming it all. Tell me what’s to be done to demand justice for the destruction from BLM?

  24. You know my grandfather came from France to the United States with all his relatives and move to a place called Valrico Florida small place Picture Perfect 1950s. Once when I was a young boy he told me Billy you don’t have to earn my respect. When I meet you you have all my respect. You have to earn my disrespect by your actions. Will Biden Pamela Pelosi Schumer Facebook and Twitter and all Communists platforms and all the real butt holes and the Senate and the Congress. Trump earned respect. So it’s about time that they give it to him. They started giving him disrespect even before the White House day after November. Even before the election. Please excuse if I misspell things because I only have an eighth grade education I’m 74 years old but I know right from wrong. And respect!

  25. china paid all the fake new stations $ 2 million to lie about trump and praise biden also reasearch biden and the kkk you see videos of biden saying the kkk are good people and nancy pelosi also— back in the 1960 it was biden that started the busing of black to other schools. and the stop and feist black,,but now it seems that biden doingalot of black ass kissing

    we need to help trump get back in office imn 2024m and we need to boycott all the big tech company and boycott all the fafe news

    we all need to research the omterest

  26. jan 6th the it was not any trump supporter that were rioring and breaking window and entered the building those were anti trump they pose and dressed as supporter there was antefa and other hate group the democats controled

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