Trump Readies Civil War Against Do-Nothing Establishment Republicans

Republicans basked in the glow of MAGA policies that drove unemployment and poverty rates to historic lows. They embraced former President Donald Trump’s America First agenda that secured the nation’s energy independence. Yet, many yearned for the do-nothing days of the past when Washington, D.C., elites put their own interests ahead of the people they swore to represent. It appears Mr. Trump is preparing yet another Republican Civil War that will stamp-out political elitism once and for all.

Recent reports indicate that Mr. Trump amassed a $31 million war chest through his Save America leadership PAC. The revenue is collected primarily through online resources and will be strategically invested to ensure the 2022 GOP field enlists Trump-endorsed Republicans in wide-sweeping primaries.

“We are in the process of putting together a more formal schedule for candidates who want to come get his endorsement,” senior Trump adviser Jason Miller reportedly said. To date, the former president has met with “folks with the ability to contact him themselves.”

Washington, D.C., elites that opposed Mr. Trump after the 2016 elections quickly found themselves disenfranchised. For example, former Arizona Senator Jeff Flake effectively joined Democrats in their “resist and obstruct” movement. Flake found his political career at an end after opposing the bold America First agenda that finally put working families ahead of special interests.

After the last impeachment hoax, several Republicans thought it prudent to rejoin the D.C. narrative and criticize Mr. Trump. They find themselves outsiders now, terrified of the prospect Mr. Trump will not endorse them going forward. Those fears are grounded in reality.

In the 2020 election, Trump-endorsed candidates won their primaries at a rate of 98 percent, and non-incumbents succeeded 22 out of 23 times. Many of the primaries were not even close after Mr. Trump offered support.

A recent Suffolk University-USA Today poll reportedly indicates that nearly half of Republican voters would leave and join a third party created by Mr. Trump.

“We feel like Republicans don’t fight enough for us, and we all see Donald Trump fighting for us as hard as he can, every single day,” a Wisconsin Republican reportedly said. “But then you have establishment Republicans who just agree with establishment Democrats and everything, and they don’t ever push back.”

Nearly 80 percent of GOP voters said they would not support a candidate that voted to impeach the former president and half of party members say politicians need to remain loyal to Mr. Trump.

Senator Lindsey Graham is reportedly meeting with Mr. Trump to discuss the 2022 elections. The South Carolina Republican has remained loyal, even though he respectively disagreed at times. Many believe Sen. Graham hopes to secure an endorsement and help the party regain the Senate and House in 2022.

“I’m more worried about 2022 than I’ve ever been,” Sen. Graham reportedly said. “I don’t want to eat our own.”

It appears former President Trump has drawn a line in the sand concerning D.C. elites. The days of business-as-usual Republicans are over. Either fight for working families tooth-and-nail through America First policies or vacate the premises.

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39 thoughts on “Trump Readies Civil War Against Do-Nothing Establishment Republicans”

    1. The number of people still thinking Biden actually won the election is mind boggling. BIDEN DID NOT WIN PEOPLE! Jeez.

      Trump won it it EASILY. That being said, I have zero hope for voting going forward. Trump vetting candidates is pointless in a system that can dial in the votes they want to “win”. Trump could not beat their fraud when HE was in charge. Surely no one thinks we can when they are in charge.

      1. You are probably correct, but we need to try. The GOP still exists, but needs to answer many questions, about how they were unprepared to combat cheating?
        Why Dominion existed and how to get rid of it? How to combat mail in voting? Why poll watchers in Georgia left the building without being ankle deep in water and everyone going out together? Etc. We must keep on fighting to try and save the country.

  1. Go President Trump go. We the true patriots are for and are backing your policies. The true beleivers are stepping forward to be counted and voicing their opinions that are good for ANERICA and the citizens. Unfortunately my state had a traitor in our midst, cassidy and he is feeling the wrath of the true patriots of louisiana. I understand cassidys beleifs of his own, but he shall also learn that he is employed by his constituency and should vote for their agenda, and that was not for impeachment. But the true SWAMP of republicans is showing their true alliance and we the PEOPLE shall vote them out of office. We the true patriots shall support your agenda we just need a strong leader as you to lead and listen to the voice of AMERICA.I do not condone violence, but if my familys freedoms are tried to be taken, i shall fight to take america and her republic back.WOUNDED VIETNAM VETERAN MARINES SEMPER FI MAY GOD BLESS AMERICA and for those who do not feel this way,KISS MY AMERICAN ASS.

  2. I agree. I want to see someone who believes in the working class. I want to see someone who will stand up and push back against the swamp. There are too many lazy sit on your a** politicians in the Republicans party.
    Thank you president Trump

  3. I love you, Mr. Trump. America first is all about giving government back to the people. That is why he is popular and that is why he will continue to win. He does not fight for himself, he fights for us. Sadly, too many Americans live their lives by their feelings with their brains in neutral, lead by the Mainstream News story line oblivious to the history that is unfolding before our eyes. Someone in Politics that is taking the power from the politicians and giving it back to the people. There is money and power in the consolidation of a mindless population. As it is right now the money and power go to the Democrats and the complacent Republicans, this is the house they have built over the past 30 plus years and they are all comfortable in it. They are liars and frauds, elected to run the government for Americans, but have sold themselves out to line their own pockets at the expense of the general population. Mr. Trump, you are an answer to Prayer.

    1. I totally agree with you. So sad he’s not still our president. I think of how much more he could have accomplished with 4 more years. I feel that people voted by their feelings instead of what was best for our country.

  4. Thank you for your service. I agree, this country is headed for the commode with democraps running it. Time to impeach congress and all those traitors. Since they tried to convict Trump for inciting violence, the Democraps can now be impeach for their threats and rhetoric.

  5. Good job President Trump. Thin out the useless fat that does nothing but hoover up taxpayers money. The slogan should be : Do your job or get out. Now, if only someone had the decency to do the same within the demoncrap party. Of course that will never happen. Cheating, corruption and lies are the very fabric of the demoncraps. You have exposed that FACT to the world, and they don’t care. That proves just how filthy they really are.

    1. May God continue to bless Mr. Donald Trump abundantly so he will be the best president again to make USA great again.

  6. With hiding Biden at the helm the ship is lost at sea, only a man like Trump can put it back on course and bring it home.

    1. My first choice, and what the spineless pathetic GOP deserves, is to be dissolved and replaced by a Patriot Party. I know that’s not gonna happen, there are way too many stupid RINO pussies who are needy to be liked and admired by those who loathe and ridicule them. They are content to “lose with dignity and class” their entire lives. So that leaves the only viable option, purge the GOP of trash like Liz Cheney, Gov. Kemp and Sen. Cassidy. It’s not gonna be easy, we have to stay focused and get good candidates to beat these RINO traitors in the primaries.

  7. The future of America is dependent on Donald Trump. He is our voice and our Hero. He is sacrificing everything for America and unlike the Democrat would be leaders does not need to lie and steal from the rest of us. He does not see the office of the president as the keys to the vault where they can set themselves and their family up financially forever.
    The man can act as spoiled, uncouth, and partisan to a fault, but he is the only man from either party with the brains, courage and determination to face up to the self-centered and evil forces that would rather destroy this country and our heritage to enhance their own financial and political welfare.
    May God save and protect Donald Trump and those that follow him and May God Save America!

  8. I stand with President Trump. Its way past time to get these lowlifes out of office and get people in there that care first about the American people. I will fight to keep my family safe. The liar politicians your time is about up. We the people are all done letting you get away with stealing from us. I don’t like violence but I will stand firm with President Trump and we the people.

  9. Thank you for your leadership as President. You are greatly admired. Keep up the good work. We are praying for you and are grateful for all the positive things you accomplished as President. Good bless you!!

  10. Mr. Trumph…

    This (your) battle is not a “sprint race” ….but a “marathon”… and you’ve GOT TO…
    remember to pay close attention to your physical and mental health.

    [Please..] Set aside time to rejuvenate your mind and body with … (hard) aerobic exercise.

    It could (will) ONLY do you good.


  11. If the party does not get rid of the RINOS, ie mcconnell, mccarthy, cheney, romney, sass, murkowski, collins and the rest of the back stabbing RINOS then it will be same oh, same oh. They are the ones that allowed the democRATS to gain control of the senate and keep the house. They do not have the best interest of the American people. Until you get them out of the party, you will be fighting an uphill battle. Americans are sick of them and will not provide money to support these WORTHLESS COMMUNIST! First order of business should be to find a way to kick these POS to the curb!

  12. As someone who survived the Nazi era fled communism more than 60 years ago, I dread the apparent development of a similarly totalitarian system in the U.S. Here are some similarities between communism/Nazism and the current situation in the U.S.:
    1. Censoring: Both the Nazis and the Communists confiscated all short wave radios, which were the 1940’s and ’50s equivalent to today’s social media;
    2. Free speech: people observed, or reported to have made negative comments about the system were penalized;
    3. Highly qualified people were eliminated from high level positions or placed in low positions under low qualified individuals favored by the system;
    4. Text books – particularly on history – were drastically revised in line with the ideals and ideas of Nazism/Communism;
    5. Both school children and adults were required to attend regular “re-education” seminars on Nazi ideas and Marxism-Leninism;
    6. Books, including classic literature,, containing topics that seemed contrary to their ideology, were banned;
    7. The “Free” elections were completely rigged. Although a very small, and ever decreasing number of citizens wanted to vote for politicians running the system, the election results in their favor was always reported to be “over 95%”.
    8. Politicians, clergy and celebrities who were out of favor, or fell out of favor as time went by, were publicly condemned – sometimes to death – by a kangoroo court.
    The similarities go on… Note that things got progressively worse over time.

  13. #3 I find most highly qualified people have for a long time been placed under idiots called management. Nothing new there.

  14. There are millions of American citizens behind you PRESIDENT TRUMP. We look forward to your wisdom and business sense to lead our country again. Keep on doing what you do best….America first. And continue to clean out the swamp.

  15. Dear Mr President you have been the most successful president of all time. Unlike some of your predecessors you have served this country and its citizens in the most difficult and dangerous times. I pray you will return to once again be able to lead us to what we experienced during your administration, peace and prosperity.

  16. Please vote all the Mitt Romney republicans out of office. I think of when I voted for Romney for president what a mistake the guy is worthless. We need for the people and country politicians only. Keep fighting for us please President Trump. God bless this beautiful America. I left out United with Biden it was lost. So let us fight to get it back. Then again it will be the, ” UNITED STATES OF AMERICA”.

  17. I stand with President Trump 110%. He is what we need and I pray every day that he will run again n 2024. I just hope our country survives long enough for him to take back the White House and help restore AMERICA FIRST, The so-called Republicans who voted to impeach him need to be gone. And Mitch? He is a disgrace to not just our party but to America as a whole. He is a spineless, go-along to get-along RHINO and I want him out as the leader.
    Let’s all to whatever/whenever we can to help President Trump. We can not be afraid to stand up and voice our opinions and support our beliefs. That’s what got us in this mess to begin with. We are strong, we are resilient and we are patriotic. God Bless President Trump and GOD BLESS THIS GREAT COUNTRY WE LIVE IN.

  18. Mr. Trump indeed is an extraordinary man, a self-made billionaire (from real estate) who instead of being with the rest of the “elites”, freely chose to think of the country, the people, our values and traditions. He knows who built this country and under a capitalist system, knows why we stood out on top, among the nations of the world! It makes me sick to see 4 years of prosperity and being respected in the world again being wiped away by evil, self-centered and power hungry traitors to our unique, exceptional existence. It makes my blood boil to see gasoline prices rising up to $3.00 a gal and climbing again because of having to buy mid-east oil again, instead of using our God-given resources (just to satisfy a bunch of environmental wackos). Our God given rights are being snuffed out and nobody is doing anything about stopping it. Only a miracle will right our ship-of-state and allow us to be “the beacon on the hill” once again.

  19. The majority of Americans are for President Trump! We had definite proof that the election was rigged and our do nothing SCOTUS failed Americans and the truth while some being paid off or threatened! The proof was there but they chose to let the democrats continue with their cheating! They have done it for years but slipped up in 2016! They had their fake ballots ready but not enough to exceed the number of Americans that came out to vote for President Trump! SCOTUS has given them the green light to continue their cheating and communist ways!!

  20. Ur the best PRES IN MY LIFE TIME
    please to take out those turn coat money grabbing bums
    Mcconnell etc was a rat always one
    Stay strong u have to have a swivel head when dealing with those Back stabers
    Getem sir!!!!!
    No way u lost like u said corruption is wayyyyyyy deeper than u thought but u can defeat
    Those treasonOus creeps!

  21. The Dems and GOP have been swamp creatures for too long. Case in Point –Chenney and Kinzinger and Mittens and the Turtle. They have been there long enough. There are Dems who live in the Swamp and get rich off the American people. They have no idea what it is to work for a living.

  22. I will vote for PRESIDENT Trump as many times as he can run. Or even if he will be permanently placed as our leader. We love you DJT and your family.

  23. Anyone who thinks there will be anything to save by 2022 is deluded. If Donald Trump goes all out and gets the election fraud overturned up to and including the military doing their job, defending the Constitution, then I can see this. Otherwise, it’s a complete pipe dream.

  24. I miss my President. I believe that the Good Lord put him in that chair in the Oval Office to show the difference between a great President and a moron.
    Case closed . I’m praying for you and that time will go by quickly. You’ll always be my President. Hurry back, we all miss you. Love you,. Julie

  25. I am almost 90 years old and you have been the best President in my lifetime. God Bless you and your Family, President Trump – Thank you for your Service to the United States and the Common People – you are truly appreciated.

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