Woke Oscar Ratings Collapse 20 Percent to All-Time Low

The 2020 Oscars aired last week, and they followed two major trends; presenters and recipients made a whopping number of politically laden, “woke” speeches and the ratings absolutely tanked. In recent weeks, both the Grammys and the Golden Globes saw massive declines in viewership, with double digit drops and a profound lack of interest from one of the most coveted demographics — adults aged 18-49.

The massive decline in viewership coincides with a huge uptick in politically charged, woke speeches and “jokes” by both presenters and recipients at these recent awards programs. Hating President Trump is also a common theme, and the more actors and actresses virtue signal, the fewer viewers the programs have. Once ratings powerhouses, awards shows, including the Oscars, now have ratings in free fall, with no end in sight.

Oscar’s ratings have been slowly declining over the past few years, including a modest decline just last year. The massive 20% drop this year came as a surprise; the show lost over 3 million viewers over last year’s broadcast. If the 20% dive wasn’t bad enough, the show’s ratings came in at 11% below the previous “lowest rated” Oscars broadcast.

Even before the broadcast, the Oscar’s chances of success looked dim. After several hosting flops and a public fallout with proposed host Kevin Hart late last year, the Oscars decided to go with no host at all.

This decision also aligned with the Golden Globes performance by host Ricky Gervais. Seeing an opportunity, the British comedian poked fun at woke Hollywood, aiming his ire at the over the top politics of acceptance speeches and at the stars themselves. After that broadcast, the Oscars may have decided that no host at all was better than one that mocked the participants.

The host-less Oscars descended into anarchy, with both winners and presenters prattering on about their political agendas, and lecturing the few viewers who bothered to turn up.

Those viewers who did tune in were treated to the same lineup of lectures and complaints as in previous years and other recent awards programs. From lecturing viewers about the climate and their food choices (we should all be vegan, according to one winner), winners took the stage not to give thanks, but to use it as a platform for their own narrow views.

The recent trend of plummeting ratings for awards shows neatly coincides with the use of these programs not for entertainment or even expressing thanks — but for lecturing viewers and airing grievances. Unless the Oscars and other awards programs realize this connection, they may not be able to sustain even the small audience they’ve managed to cling to.

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29 responses to “Woke Oscar Ratings Collapse 20 Percent to All-Time Low”

  1. I’m looking forward to NEVER I mean NEVER watching any of these shows
    Excellent point story but not one person in Hollywood will listen
    they are only getting participation trophies anyway
    The entire group can go down in flames

  2. Each year at the “Oscars” these phony, wealthy, so called elite people think because they are in the “movies” they somehow think they are more knowledgeable of politics. Many of them are against violence and the use of guns, yet, they jump at the chance to get a part in a movie showing over whelming violence with the use of guns. How hypocritical !!!!! Many openly degrade selected politicians but we never hear of any logical solutions.

  3. What good is a TROPHY when NO ONE is watching you receive it? . . . And for WHAT? POOR CONTENT which no one watches?!? I quit watching these HORRIBLY lousy shows years ago and I DON’T miss them, and I never WILL. The “woke” better WAKE UP! NOBODY wants to watch that GODLESS content. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  4. Thee supreme egotists are all downhill racers.. They are getting what they deserve, finally. It was a long time in coming, however, their doom is aimed straight to both their faces.. When they all pass on, nobody will notice.. *Good riddance!…

  5. Never need to watch those assed pat themselves on the back. Their movies are disgusting and they are libtard demorat socialists. They should all go to the streets.

  6. Stopped watching award shows a few years ago. Politics should be kept out of their platform. I’ve stopped watching DeNiro movies, Jim Carrey comedies, Alec Baldwin, Barbara Streisand, now Brad Pitt and the list is growing day by day. How pompously stupid are these people? All great actors but very dumb. My friends express similar views. Is it any wonder why these award shows are losing big time? The good news. I’m enjoying reading again.


  8. The limo-liberals camera time is diminished as they show us just how empty they are when not in character
    These talented but emotionally and mentally hollow people can’t understand why any thinking person cares much about them and their opinions, while they openly dis Americans on an awards show
    Why not just spit on the audience, and then condemn them when they don’t show up next year?

    • Not talented, either. I stopped going to movies when they started badmouthing Bush. Only problem is, they still make money on NetFlix, cable, etc. which are automatically included without a choice made by any of us.
      Even Obama, fake arrogant Pres & First Lady are getting paid millions for a talk show on NetFlix. Disgusting. Makes me want to throw up. How about his “at some point, don’t you make enough money?” Obama’s also has a producing company, just won an Oscar for an anti-American movie. He bought an 8 million house in DC & 12 million (or more)house in Martha’s Vineyard so he can hang with the other elites. Now that F. Er is trying to take credit for Trump’s economy. If ANY DemonCrap wins election, they will immediately destroy our economy and increase global warming because fracking will be stopped and we will be back to buying from mid-east again. BTW, how much of those Billions Obomass gave Iran did they give back to him in kickbacks? It was all paid in cash . How the F did he get access to our tax money to pay an enemy of our country? (Definition of Traitor)- should be in jail and so should Hitlery.

  9. The woke gang both in Hollywood and on the Dem stage have become the joke . Whatever power the Wokes hav had they are rapidly losing it. No one takes them seriously anymore!

  10. Even if they got rid of the political BS, the shows would still be mostly worthless since they really aren’t about talent so much as what is popular. If the movie release doesn’t fit into what is called the Oscar Window, it isn’t even considered. Yea, that’s real fair.

  11. You do have to marvel at the stupidity of these elites who depend on an audience for a living but alienate more than half of that potential audience by spouting their inane politically charged diatribes. Hey many people didn’t care for Obama, who the Hollywood limosine liberals fawned all over. If these “actors” are depending on me to spend my hard earned money going to their films I hope the aren’t holding their breath waiting for me to attend.

  12. Haven’t watched in years. These bigots fly around in jets wasting fuel then shoot off their mouth about saving the environment while surrounded by trash on the streets outside their gated mansions. Old movies on TV are free, so why should I pay to watch the current crop of filth, violence and trash?

  13. Not only do I not watch any of these shows;. I use to be a once a week movie goer and I have not been to the theater in 3 years. I refuse to let anyone have my money that wants to call me names. I will meet anyone of these so called experts on politics head on. They can’t answer one decent question. All they can do is mouth off to captive audiences. I’d like to see any one of them in person come at me. And, I won’t lower my self to name calling. Thanks for having a place for us to air our views

  14. I don’t watch any award shows, And I don’t watch any movies at all, With stars like tom cruis,Richard Geer< George Colooney, And a Host of other down right poor actors. I have not been to a theater in20 yrs. At 84 you just don't care about the small stuff any longer.

  15. I haven’t turned on my TV in 3 months. When I do watch TV it is not movies or these Godless sitcoms. When I turn it on I watch real police arresting real criminals the way it should be. I am not an actor and could not play their parts like they do but when it comes to opinions I have them just like they do. When ask why I think what I do I can answer that question and I can back up all of my opinions with facts not feelings. I never have nor will I ever watch the oscars or the Golden Globes or any of that other junk.

  16. These Hollywood elites think they are rulers ,like the Democrats. Sorry we don’t Until the actors stop telling us how we should vote, then I will not watch the Ocars or the Globes. Just because they think they have a little fame and there big money makes them the Rulers of us is totally wrong. They can stay in there own little movie or show, we wont watch. Someday maybe they will get the hint.

  17. Just PRAY for advances in computer abilities where a computer will totally construct the actor or actress for EVERY role and that construction is the actor/actress. We are very close. Then when actresses and actors are holding signs at exits from highways MAYBE a few more people will look at them. Maybe.

  18. The Oscars have been on the decline for several years … that being said .. it is in a vortex of self inflated egotistical persons who think they have the market on how to solve all the world’s problems. They forget they are just actors and that their skill set has nothing to do with “reality”. Perhaps that is why after November 2016, the dose of reality that was served to these very same actors and those they supported, was more than they could handle.

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