‘Woke’ Starbucks Coffee Campaign Promotes Sex Change for Teens

Super Blow mega ads are nothing new, and in recent years, brands pandering to an increasingly progressive base have aired ads that are more and more progressive. Starbucks is the most recent brand to jump on the woke bandwagon with their recent transgender ad, which aired during the big game.

This ad was produced for Starbucks UK, and is designed to promote awareness and acceptance of gender change in young teens. Starbucks’ ad focused on the name used by the main character of the ad – the child’s life is changed when their new name is called out in the store by the barista.

Starbucks takes down names for orders (which many people find annoying), and the brand says that the naming is more than a convenience — it is a sort of welcome to customers. So hopefully, the teen in the commercial gave the correct name at the start, so the barista called out what was on the cup.

“At Starbucks, writing your name on a cup and calling it out is a symbol of our warm welcome,” the UK division of the Seattle-based brand captioned the ad on YouTube. “It’s a small gesture, but it’s symbolic of what we believe in.”

The ad comes alongside a new campaign for transgender customers, entitled #whatsyourname. According to Starbucks, the name campaign is designed to encourage young teens to use a new name (of another, preferred gender) in public.

The ad features a young teen with a buzz cut, who is given a cup with the name “James” after ordering at Starbucks. You can actually give the barista any name you like, so the using of the name provided is not unusual, but the ad showcases earlier instances where the child’s original name “Jemma” is used instead. This is done by others in the child’s life, including her parent. A package delivery person (who uses the name “Jemma”, which is written on a package) and other service people also use the name “Jemma” again, provided by the individual or their family. The barista at Starbucks, though, does not question the name “James” when the teen provides it. (Though Starbucks employees are supposed to use any name provided, without question). The commercial shows this moment as a milestone.

Starbucks created the ad to make the store more welcoming to kids who want to change genders and be recognized with a new name.

“We discovered that they found Starbucks stores to be a safe space, where their new name was accepted, and they could be recognized as who they are,” the company states, adding it hopes the campaign will “address the transgender community’s lack of representation in UK advertising.”

Along with this new commercial, Starbucks is raising at least £100,000 for Mermaids, a UK-based nonprofit for transgendered youth. Additional clips from this campaign include videos of transgender adults sharing how they selected new names, entitled “Moving Portraits”.

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52 responses to “‘Woke’ Starbucks Coffee Campaign Promotes Sex Change for Teens”

    • “A Boy Named Sue” had absolutely nothing to do with so transgenderism; rather, it’s about the hate the boy has for the absent father who gave him a girl’s name and why he was given that name. Despite Daddy’s explanation, the exasperated boy ends with a list of boy’s names and “anything but Sue.” It’s tongue-in-cheek humor from a different generation.

  1. Well that’s nothing new, in Johnny Cash’s song “A boy named Sue” He was alright with that. Sometimes one might feel like a Sally or a Sarah, maybe even Judy or Joann. Then the next week Tom, Tim or Ralph. It all works. You are what you think you are on any given day so love with it. …

    • Louie, Louie….. Really? First off, in the song “A boy named Sue” “Sue” HATED the name, he wasn’t “alright with that”. Second off, we don’t live in a world were people live by their “feelings” and that we are what we “think” we are. We live in a world were people are grounded in what they are BORN to be! If you think you are other than what you are born to be, you have a mental problem that needs to be treated, NOT celebrated! This is a sly trick perpetrated by evil(Satan) to get a firm grip on society! The bible tells us about end time signs and one of them is “bad will be good and good will be bad”. Now whether you read the bible or BELIEVE the bible, it is written, sanctioned by God, therefore I believe His word. Continue to “BELIEVE” what you want, but personally, I would rather follow GOD’S word, than allow Satan to fool me!

  2. Another case of the tail wagging the dog. These people are in a minority but want to control the rest of society. I am against discrimination but this goes too far in the opposite direction. Easily manipulated teens are not mature enough to decide on becoming a different sex.

    • Good for you John. My wife and I refer to it as “Starpukes”. Their coffee IS 2nd tier until you get to the checkout at which point the cost far outweighs the quality. Starpukes is just so much horse hockey what with their pretentious desiignations of the size of the coffee to referring to their employees as “baristas”. Now Starpukes UK is pandering to teenagers who don’t yet have the mental clarity to know what sex they think they are? Boycott Starpukes!!!

      • Starbucks Coffee is intentionally scorched in order to achieve uniformity in flavor for customer experience. When scorched, the beans can only provide one taste, so those who love Starbucks can confidently find the same scorched product anywhere in the world. Starbucks customers just don’t know any better, and they are made to think they know something because they have fluency in the “baristas’” language. The self-important dilettantes feel superior to those who walk in and order a “large” coffee. You can almost hear the snide chittering that ripples around the tables, putting the lie to how “woke” those people really aren’t.

  3. Starbucks is second tier coffee. There are so many better local coffee shops without the anti American views. I haven’t purchased their coffee in years.

  4. You can call yourself whatever you want. You can even surgically alter your outer appearance. But you can’t alter your genetic makeup. You are born with either two X chromosomes or an XY pair of chromosomes and that will never change. Oh and, by the way, because of that there are and only ever will be two human genders. The liberals who lecture conservatives on not believing in science seem to have entirely scrapped the science of Biology when it comes to these points.

    • ‘Nuf Said Rodney!! You’ve Said it ALL !!

      Now that I’ve said that ~ All I’ve Ever said was: The BEST they can Do is Burn Beans.

  5. Well the sign is hanging out at Starbucks! Doors will soon be lock! Customer will head over to McDonald’s for coffee. Unless they are still stupid enough to pay five dollars for a small cup of coffee! You can change the outside of your body. But you can’t change the inside! God made you what he decided for you to be! Even on judgement day he will call you by the name your mother gave you! Even if you change it to something else. He still call you by the name given to you at birth

  6. No “chop, chop, snip, snip” for me! . . . I was BORN a man and I will STAY a man according to Biology, DNA (which CAN’T change – you are WHO and WHAT you are) and God’s word. I MAY have to start getting my “Café Mocha Grande” or “Frappe” somewhere ELSE. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  7. Never done Starbucks, to expensive from what I hear and so I will leave it there now that they have chose to tamper with what God made. They cannot change what God has made but they confuse and frustrate people. There is a day of reckoning coming for everyone and they CANNOT change that. God bless those who understand and commented regarding the reality of life, God made us in a certain way and no matter what surgery is performed or procedure charged by a doctor you are still who God made you and that is what is best for your life. God loves everyone

  8. Thanks to the greatest economic system in the world, Capitalism (where daily you are free to choose how to redistribute your wealth), I will never pay Starbuck’s prices!

      We are not to judge, but on the other hand, their gender status should not be so profoundly displayed in public, you don’t see regular couple’s extensively groping each other in public.

  9. I’ve never visited a Starbucks …although I have tasted their coffee several times. This, I believe, is a step in the wrong direction.Therefore,I have no future plans to ever visit a Starbucks.

  10. I can make a better cup at home. Tastes better and a whole lot cheaper. Haven’t been there for years and won’t go back.

  11. Until about two years ago I had a Starbuck’s gold card which I often added a hundred dollars to on a frequent basis. It was when Starbucks started openly pandering to all of the misfits and deviants among us that I stopped using it and going to small independently owned espresso places. They are also very overpriced.

  12. God made Adam and Eve, he did not make Adam and Steve, common sense, if he had we would not been here.

    You can’t raise cattle with all bulls or all cows it takes one of each and you will never change their gender, only God has that right and ability.


  14. This is just too unbelievable to me! What has happened to this world, has everybody gone completely insane? God said these things would happen in the END TIMES! The Enemy knows his time is short so he is really causing much confusion! These people really just need JESUS!


    Did you hear what Biden called you, “You Lying Dog Face Pony Soldier.” I would have said it, but I did want to insult Dogs and Ponies and Soldiers, who have a higher IQ than you..

    This world & American has gone mad under the open-hearted demonic democrats. I feel so sorry for you because you will have to answer to God pretty soon for your sin-filled foolishness. Without Bias, SEEK God with your whole Heart as you read the New Testament, seeking God to reveal Himself to you personally.

  16. Starbucks has joined the INSANE crowd of nasty Democrats.How sick can grown up people be?I quit Starbucks a few years ago when they started to slide down into the pervert ,sick and insane abyss

  17. Another example, of the moral decay of America.
    If it “feels” good. Do it.
    No repercussions and no consequences.
    Insanity, of the highest degree.

  18. Unfortunately statistics bear out that 40% of these people will kill themselves. All of the so-called freedom in the world, which is really rebellion against their God-given gender and against their parents, leads to madness and dispair.

  19. Well, I “feel” like I’m a male Rottweiler. Do I have a constitutional right to urinate on the fire hydrant in front of my nearest Starbucks? Maybe I’ll just squat by Starbuck’s door. AARFF AARFF. GROWL.

  20. I most definitely will not go to Starbucks again. I refuse to give you my money so you can advertise this way. I have tried McDonald’s lattes and they are just fine. At least I know I am not promoting such a stupid company policy as yours. No more Starbucks for me!!!!!!!

  21. First of all I am in agreement with all of you. As far as Starbucks, well, they have absolutely no right to tell a person what to do with their child. This changing sex on a child is horrific and not for the Demos who started all of this crap. Actually, got to thinking, Bug-Eyed Pedophile Adam Shifty Shift would make a great transgender. Crying Chucky. well, he’s done it already. (just kidding)/ But Pelosi, in changing her gender from Nancy Pelosi the female to the Wicked Witch of the West who really, and I mean REALLY needs to have a face lift and in doing so slip in a gorter on her neck and make her some family jewels along side of the hole her kids came out of. Yep Then she can change anytime to either a male or female. In othe rwords she can instead of screwing the American People she canScrew her/his self.

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